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How to hire the right freelance telemarketer

Hiring a telemarketer for your sales campaign will amplify you ROI, but only if you hire the best candidate. We show you how to do it efficiently.
Mar 10, 2020 • 5 minute read
Updated on Mar 16, 2020 by BluLitmus
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Learn how to hire the right telemarketer for your sales campaign  

Telemarketing is an effective outreach strategy because customer service is integral in the customer's buying journey.
Most customers prefer to converse with a human before committing to a purchase. The art of telemarketing has evolved over the years with video calls now becoming the new norm. This means prospective customers can now have a face-to-face conversation with sales agents which adds another

The benefits of telemarketing 

Even though telemarketing itself has existed for as long as telephones have been around, the prospects of the application of telemarketing are now rapidly expanding. Research is increasingly pointing towards the potential vested in telemarketing to generate major returns and amplify the impact of already running marketing campaigns. 
Here are some of the best benefits of telemarketing. 
Cost-Effective – Telemarketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing. Due to the high response rate of telemarketing campaigns, you can achieve an impressive ROI. Telemarketing also allows you to tailor each sales pitch to each unique individual, thereby increasing your chances of success.
If you hire employees you will also need to invest in an office space, as well as telemarketing software and hardware, hiring freelancers will avoid all of these overhead costs since the freelancers will be using their own equipment for the job.
Trackable Results – Whether it is a video advertisement or a simple flyer, it is impossible to gauge user perception. Telemarketing allows you to know exactly how the conversation went and what went wrong. It is a great way to reconnect campaign outreach data and subsequently use it to track results and optimize the outreach campaign itself. 
High Response Rate – Due to the nature of telemarketing campaigns, they are a great way to get a very high response rate with your marketing efforts. With other forms of marketing, it is often up to the users to respond to the offers being made. However, due to the nature of telemarketing, the probability of potential customers responding positively is high. This allows companies to increase customer interaction and subsequent sales. 
However, to reap the benefits of telemarketing, you need to have a solid telemarketing. And to form a solid telemarketing, you need to know how to identify potential winners when canvassing. 

Why hire freelance telemarketers?

Of all the requirement options, hiring freelancers is the most efficient option. Here's why:

Affordable rates

Freelancers are not full time employees, so there is no need to commit to a salary, or pay any benefits. You are also not obliged to keep them on board, simply hire on a project by project basis. 
Freelance platforms also give you the liberty to post projects with detailed budget guidelines to allow you to hire the right people for your project at affordable rates.

Timely delivery

Quality freelance platforms allow employers to track the performance of freelancers and only release payments after they are satisfied with the completed work. Employers can now ensure that their freelancer's follow through on the time of the delivery by binding them to the milestones for your project.

Wide talent pool 

By tapping into the freelancer pool you are not limited to by geographical location. The best telemarketer for your sales campaign may be located in a different country and that can no longer stop you from hiring them and benefiting from their superior talents. 

Portfolio analysis

Before hiring a freelancer, you can evaluate their historical telemarketing projects by listening to any audio conversations they may have published in their public portfolio, this will give you great insight into their sales capabilities and confidence. 

Past reviews

Thanks to the feedback feature on freelance platforms, you get unfettered access to the reviews from previous employees. Past reviews provide a window into the quality of their work and how trustworthy they are. 

Payment security

When working outside of a formal platform, there is never a guarantee that the work will be completed to satisfaction and that payment arrangement will be honoured. Freelance platforms quell these fears by utilising an Escrow payment model, payment is only released when the employer is satisfied with the freelancer's work. 
Freelancers also have peace of mind knowing that they platform is being managed by a third party that ensures both employers and freelancers are treated fairly
Aside from simple payment security, employers also have the added convenience to pay using a range of different payment options online. 

Time zone adjustment

In many industry segments, it is mandatory to have 24/7 marketing coverage for your employees. At other times, the prospect client market is in a different time zone than you. In those cases, it can be really hard to find employees willing to work odd hours and carry out the marketing objectives. By working with freelancers, you get to have the added benefit of hiring across the globe with people available literally 24/7. This means you have complete coverage across the clock in all areas of the world. 

Important hiring considerations 

While conducting your hiring operations, it is important to prioritize quality over other factors. A lot of people end up making initial mistakes that can prove costly later. Here are some important considerations you should keep in mind while working with a freelance telemarketer.
Avoid Spam – There is nothing worse than getting repetitive calls throughout the day. Make sure that your telemarketing process is streamlined with formal ethical boundaries to ensure that your prospective customers do not get bothered by your marketing efforts.
Formal Tone – By evaluating the history of your hired freelancer, make sure that they have a proven history of delivering quality service with the highest levels of professionalism. The people you are hiring to handle your marketing are in essence, a reflection of your company. You don’t want your brand to be associated with unprofessional marketing attempts. 
Digital Approach – Whether it is the calling mechanism or the call-recording mechanism, it is important to implement digital tools to maximize the accountability and traction within your telemarketing campaigns. 
Even though all the considerations made above can feel like a major hassle when starting, they are going to prove worthwhile when your telemarketing campaigns experience success in the future. Professionalism and high service quality go a long way in ensuring the success of your campaigns. 

Hire a freelancer telemarketer for your sales campaign

Hiring a telemarketer will help you squeeze the most value out of your sales campaign, hiring a freelance telemarketer will only multiply your profits.  
Explore a wide range of proven telemarketers at We connect you with millions of qualified professionals with a proven history of exceptional service. 
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