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10 great examples of websites built with Wordpress

You can build a stunning website on the Wordpress platform. Here is a collection of 10 sensational Wordpress designs to ignite your creativity.
Jun 22, 2020 • 7 minute read
Updated on Sep 16, 2021 by Ruchi B.
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Need inspiration for your Wordpress website design? This will help.

It was in the middle of 2003 that Wordpress was launched, a quaint software system destined to completely transform the world of websites.
Cut to 2020, and more than thirty percent of the web is powered by this CMS platform. With everyone from celebs to corporations opting to use Wordpress for their website needs.
And not without reason. It's Simple to learn, easy to use, and perfect for websites of all sizes. Today, Wordpress is the staple platform choice of web developers the world over. However, the true power of the product lies in its versatility: every Wordpress website is so very unique, you wouldn't be able to recognize a site as built with Wordpress even if it were staring you in the face.
Don't believe us? Well, to clear your doubts, here's a list of the top ten Wordpress websites on the web. You might have even visited some of them before.

10 best Wordpress website designs

1. The Star Wars Official Blog

10 best Wordpress website designs
We begin our journey with a blog set in a galaxy far, far away. Steeped in the Star Wars theme, this official website is certainly a welcome destination for Star Wars fanatics and budding web developers alike.
The site incorporates a literally stellar theme, with a dark background and Star Wars nuggets thrown about. The Star Wars blog is the best place for keeping up to date with all news related to the franchise.
Navigationally fluid and with advanced plugins and perfectly SEO optimized to rank for multiple Star Wars related searches, this is a site that you must visit at least a few dozen times your life. And when you do, may the force be with you!

2. Awesome Motive

10 best Wordpress website designs
This is the company behind some well-known brands such as Optinmonster and WPBeginner. The Wordpress development expertise of Awesome Motive creators is clearly evident throughout the website. 
The homepage of the site features a clean, minimalistic design that gets the company's message across wonderfully. The active animation of a small business that's growing with the aid of internet technologies is representative of the company's operating model.
With clean and clear fonts, a well-positioned menu, and crisp design patterns, this is a website that uses Wordpress's capabilities with impeccable expertise.

3. Middle Child

10 best Wordpress website designs
Based in Philadelphia, Middle Child is a sandwich shop that's known for its quirky vibe and warm welcoming atmosphere. The developers of the website have fully customized a Wordpress theme to effectively represent this vibe to the world. 
The green-and-white color scheme evokes a feeling of joy (and maybe a little hunger too). The floating smiley face welcomes all visitors to have a taste of their delicious offerings. The site also uses enticing images of menu items that make you crave for a quick meal.
What's more, the menu itself is effectively animated, and uses clear, bold fonts to control the visitor's attention. On a technical level, this site uses Wordpress's animation and plugin capabilities to the fullest, giving us a website that's as tasty as its menu items.

4. Vogue 

10 best Wordpress website designs
This fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine needs no introduction. Its Wordpress website exudes the world renowned sophistication and finesses of the brand.
The white background of the site contrasts wonderfully with the colorful fonts and vibrant images that have been used in the site. Couple that with clear navigation, fluid transitions, and effortless searchability, and you've got a website that's meant to turn heads.
Built using React and the Wordpress Rest API, this is a website that all serious Wordpress developers would do well to study minutely.

5. The Walt Disney Company

10 best Wordpress website designs
Yes, you read that right! Mickey Mouse has made his home at Wordpress as well. The Walt Disney Company hosts its website with Wordpress, and to great effect. 
The developers have made ample use of white spaces in this site to create a clean and easy to digest element arrangement. White fonts meld with the background images in an aesthetically pleasing manner. 
Navigationally, the site is effortless in its operation and has been crafted to grab the users' attention. Plugins, themes, and fonts apart, the sheer appeal of the Wordpress aesthetic makes this one a site to remember.

6. Katy Perry

10 great examples of websites built with wordpress
The Pop Icon's official website is a treat to visit, and you might just want to live there. Characteristic of Katy Perry's signature style, this site's amazing customization makes it hard to believe that it's built on a Wordpress platform.
The homepage image displays the artist's latest hits, and navigation is smooth and effortless. The site has so many interesting features that you can easily spend hours browsing from page to page, trying to decide which merchandise to buy as you listen to her 'Roar'.
Behind the scenes, the website makes judicious use of Wordpress plugins for SEO, maps, and security. But the secret sauce lies in the Katy Perry theme that was custom built for this project. Without a doubt, the creators hit the mark home.

7. The New York Times

10 great examples of websites built with wordpress
The New York Times is one of the biggest names in media houses around the world. Such an auspicious company has chosen to establish its web presence on a Wordpress platform.
From science to politics and beyond, this website has it all. The news items are all arranged immaculately against a white backdrop, courtesy the nytco custom theme created in house. Along with that, the site also uses Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, and other relevant plugins.
The result: a smashing website that gives the impression of reading an actual newspaper. The fonts, the mosaic design, are all geared towards making the website resemble a physical newspaper as closely as possible.

8. Smart Chameleon

10 great examples of websites built with wordpress
A digital agency that delivers smart digital solutions, Smart Chameleon uses the Elementor Page Builder to great effect. The design itself is stylish, and yet it doesn't compromise on the functionality of the website.
Using custom colors, clear images, and prominent fonts, the website clearly gets the message across. Even the white outline along the "Start a project" button ensures that the CTA is the first thing that you notice.
The website uses the Astra theme, which has both free and paid versions. Plus, the flip-card effect in the portfolio section ensures that potential clients are delighted by the work samples. All-in-all, a great example of Wordpress mastery.

9. Noformat

10 great examples of websites built with wordpress
If Wordpress customizations are what you're looking for, the Noformat website is an elite example. Black-and-white in color, the website homepage features a brilliantly designed eye that follows the user's cursor around, a highly addictive and very clever UX strategy.
While the homepage is certainly "eyeball grabbing", the stark white, cycling fonts that depict Noformat's services are also pretty attention attracting. The remainder of the site also incorporates similar brilliant element animations.
Using wonderfully scrollable transitions and creative parallax designs that don't intrude upon the site's navigability, Noformat delivers a stellar experience that Wordpress aficionados should swear by.

10. TechCrunch

10 great examples of websites built with wordpress
We end our list with the world's leading tech blog, and without much pretense, let's get to the basics. Wonderfully organized and minimalistic in appearance, this website uses lightweight elements and fonts to ensure fast loadability.
The site is built using the custom TechCrunch theme and uses some popular plugins such as Jetpack and Akismet. Together, the site works to operate as a hub of tech news from around the globe.
Now that you've seen this selection of the top Wordpress websites, we're sure that you're ready to launch a Wordpress site of your own. However, don't hurry, for we're not quite out of the woods yet.
Building a Wordpress website takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Only then can you build a stellar Wordpress website.
To make sure that you can do so effectively, here's a nifty guide to building Wordpress sites.

Wordpress Builders Checklist

The following are some of the steps that you must take in order to ensure that your Wordpress site journey starts off without a hitch.

Choose a Theme

The first step towards building a Wordpress website is to choose a Wordpress theme. There are thousands of themes that are available online, both free and paid.
However, if you're in the need for customized effects, you can also get a developer to create a custom theme for your site. This'll ensure that your site gets a look and feel that's unique on the web.

Select plugins

Next, based on the requirements, choose your plugins. Like themes, there is an innumerable number of plugins that are available online. If needed, you can also ask your developers to create a specific plugin for your website.
While choosing plugins, you need to be careful though. Since anyone can create a Wordpress plugin, just downloading and using any plugin can pose a severe security risk for your site. So be sure you download the plugins from credible sources, and ensure they are regularly updated.

Setup SEO

Next, remember to set up SEO on your site. Just building a Wordpress site is not enough, you need to ensure that your site is visible to searchers, and SEO is the best way to ensure that your site remains on top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).
For SEO, there are a large number of plugins available. But by far, the best one is Yoast SEO, one of the widely used and most user-friendly plugins on the market.

Select hosting

The final and most important aspect that you must consider is that of hosting. You need to choose an appropriate hosting provider for your website. The choice of hosting obviously depends on your hosting needs and requirements.

Final Words

Building a Wordpress website can be a fun-filled experience, one that's as enriching and rewarding as creating a painting. Nothing matches the thrill of watching launching your website and then seeing your first stream of visitors roll in.
Taking inspiration from the above examples, you too can begin your Wordpress journey. Just remember to keep this checklist in mind, and your creativity free flowing. 
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