Bangladeshi Graphic Designer Shares a Few Tricks of the Trade

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Dhaka, Bangladesh local, Eshad Salauddin, has worked as a graphic designer for eight years now and still feels ecstatic every time he works on a project. He sees these projects as opportunities for him to grow as an artist.


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Like everyone else, Eshad once started as a newbie who had to put in the hours to learn the advanced aspects of graphic design. Yet, he was not deterred by the task. He devoted countless hours to learn the craft and succeeded in doing so.


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After developing his graphic design skills, Eshad started looking for projects to work on. He attended a short course that introduced him to online freelance platforms and from that moment on, he leaned towards working as a part-timer on Freelancer.

A Better Opportunity

Working multiple jobs was something Eshad had to do because he had to support his family. Eshad’s full-time job required him to stay in the office from 9AM to 5PM. Once he got home, he would sleep for about four to five hours, then wake up to start working on his part-time projects.

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Sticking to this daily routine for over a year, Eshad observed that his part-time earnings were starting to overtake the monthly salary he was receiving in his day job. “Since I had some long-term projects I was confident in, I quit my office job and started working full-time at Freelancer,” enthused Eshad.

When Eshad started working full-time as a freelancer, he was very aggressive in bidding for projects and working on them. Once a design contest was posted, he immediately started working on an entry he could submit.

Spending the last three years working constantly as a freelancer has placed Eshad amongst Freelancer’s elite. He is a member of the Preferred Freelancer Program, which consists of only the best freelancers in the world.




Since the retirement of his father a year ago, Eshad’s family needed even more support from him. He continuously strived to work on more projects and join even more contests. Despite the deadlines and complicated requirements, Eshad kept his composure and drew inspiration from the love and support his family showered him with.


All the hard work Eshad has put into freelancing has paid off. He is now able to provide for his family’s needs, and even shoulder the expenses of sending his younger sister to school. Not only that, he has also spent his hard earned salary on new household appliances, a top-of-the-line smartphone, and a new gaming computer set that he uses for work and online gaming.

So, how did Eshad get to where he is today?

Getting To The Top

An experienced freelancer like Eshad knows a thing or two about attaining success. To be awarded projects on Freelancer, his advice is:

1. Have a professional cover letter

Eshad believes that the cover letter should be given utmost importance because of the impact it makes on the employer. It should contain the freelancer’s background and a few questions about the project.

Employers have a tendency of hiring freelancers who are keen on details and sending cover letters with project queries give them the impression that you have gone through their specifications.

2. Voluntarily send your updated portfolio

Instead of waiting for an employer to ask about your credentials, submit an updated portfolio or even just a link to your Freelancer portfolio. The extra effort of voluntarily sending it goes a long way.


3.  Communicate with your clients

When the employer comes knocking, be professional and communicate. Whether you accept the project or not, make it a habit to talk to employers.


Eshad has built a successful career with these three guidelines and has no plans of slowing down. His dream is to put up a graphic design business someday. With the dedication he exhibits on Freelancer, he’s bound to accomplish everything he sets his mind on.

“I’ve changed my life for the better, working on Freelancer. That’s why I recommend others to work on the site as well,” ~Md. Salauddin Eshad

Are you in need of a design? Hire Eshad and have that design made.

Posted 23 December, 2016

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