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We need a custom billboard design for a high rise building project in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We are adverting an observation deck & event space that is under construction. The bill...

63 $300 USD Sep 26, 2022 1 day, 23 hours Post a contest like this

Hello, I am looking for a video editor to take ~6 hours of attached footage and make it into three videos of different lengths showing how a caricature is made from start to finish. I ...

12 $200 USD Sep 26, 2022 2 days, 21 hours Post a contest like this

Technology Company established 14 months ago in the Dubai, UAE Main activities Information Technology Infrastructure Cloud and digital transformation Cunsulting and Services Website...

983 $250 USD Sep 26, 2022 1 week, 5 days Post a contest like this

I need to recreate this 6 second video clip to use for a facebook ad. It cannot look identical as this is not our ad. layout can be the same, the ad is the same, the verbiage wil be the...

53 $200 USD Sep 26, 2022 1 day, 15 hours Post a contest like this

I would like someone to create a digital paper like the examples shown here. I would like them very close to the ones attached in terms of texture, etc. Please keep in mind that place...

30 $50 USD Sep 25, 2022 4 days, 7 hours Post a contest like this

The resort is located in Gangtok, Sikkim , INDIA. Also prefer drawing in Auto CAD format if possible. Inital drawings can be in sketches or 3D. I require help in two parts: PART 1 Ple...

2 ₹20764 INR Sep 25, 2022 2 weeks, 2 days Post a contest like this

Read!!!! Pls make a packet design- That is simple and Nice Not Just a logo! I need Ther Hole packet design! Size is: 114x64

88 $100 USD Sep 25, 2022 5 days, 4 hours Post a contest like this

Need a creative, yet simple logo for our new Mobile Beer Bar In SWFL. Name we are thinking is “Hoppy Mobile Bar” by Hopsized Brewing Co. This will a small replica of our taproom. C...

180 $50 USD Sep 25, 2022 1 week, 5 days Post a contest like this