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    I'm looking for a senior AI engineer specializing in Machine Learning, to help me set up an efficient GPU environment in my GTX 1660Ti laptop, specifically using NVIDIA CUDA. Key Responsibilities: - Set up a GPU environment using NVIDIA CUDA for a Machine Learning project. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Machine Learning. - Expertise with NVIDIA CUDA. - Previous experience in setting up GPU environments for ML projects. This project requires someone who has a deep understanding of both Machine Learning and NVIDIA CUDA, to ensure the GPU environment is optimally configured for high performance in the Machine Learning project. Your prior experience with similar projects will be highly beneficial.

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    I'm currently using Ubuntu as my operating system. I'm looking for someone who can create a Dockerfile and make it accessible via Dockerhub. For project: Please note that the Dockerfile should be...looking for someone who can create a Dockerfile and make it accessible via Dockerhub. For project: Please note that the Dockerfile should be created in a way that is easy to use and accessible to others. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Docker and creating Dockerfiles - Understanding of Python, particularly Python 3.7 - Experience in setting up CUDA for GPU support within a Docker image This project is ideal for someone with experience in creating Docker images for Python projects and using GPU support.

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    ...would like to use the coiflet1~5 freely depending on the input). The only language that can be used is cuda, and we would like you to create x,y,z parallel or two types of x,y parallel code, using the following website as a reference. Also, we would like you to use this namelist to set the xyz number of images and other parameters for coiflet3-5, and to input all the data. (Please do not use C macros to set values). If possible, all arrays to be handled should be newelist. If possible, please treat all arrays dynamically with new/free and do not use static arrays (small arrays in the kernel are acceptable, but please make them as dynamic as possible). %83%88%E5%A4%89%E6%8F%9B

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    1. Hi, I'm seeking to comprehend this Flash Attention paper. 2. The paper contains many computer science concepts, such as IO complexity and the process of storing memory into HBM versus SRAM. I suspect that I may even need to grasp CUDA programming to thoroughly understand the content. I'm keen to discuss this paper and its concepts with someone who is well-versed in these areas, and to review the paper together. 3. Ultimately, I hope to gain sufficient knowledge to implement the content into my elementary, large language model, which I may create from scratch, and witness its faster training rate, among other things. 4. If you've read up to this point, please include "I know how to do it" at the beginning of your proposal. 5. If our collaboration pr...

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    I need a Python expert to help me with a CUDA issue on my PC. I plan to use CUDA 11.5 and have not yet installed the necessary GPU drivers. Your responsibilities will include: - Ensuring that the installation of CUDA 11.5 is successful - Configuring my PC to detect the GPU - Troubleshooting any issues that arise during the process Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience with Python programming - Proficiency in working with CUDA - Prior experience installing GPU drivers and resolving compatibility issues - Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills Please reach out if you can assist. Your expertise will be much appreciated.

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    I have a raw data stream arriving on my Nvidia Jetson Orin device via /dev/video0. The stream is in Grayscale (RG12, 12bit) format and I need assistance in creating Python code to receive this stream and make it available in a CuPy array. The...Jetson Orin and store as an array - Use Python 3.9+ for the codebase - Process the data array for real-time monitoring - Do not copy data between CPU and GPU memory, as one frame is 17MB in size Ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Extensive experience with Python, particularly in real-time data processing - Prior experience with Nvidia Jetson devices and GPU computing - Proficiency in CUDA and CuPy for GPU memory management - Strong understanding of Grayscale data processing - Good communication skills for clear updates and coll...

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    I'm in need of a skilled individual who can help me set up OpenCV on a Tesl...language. The solution you provide must be generic enough to ensure that OpenCV can be installed on any other GPU in the future. Key Requirements: - Installation and setup of the latest version of OpenCV on a Tesla T4 GPU, leveraging CUDA and cuDNN. - Ensure functionality is maintained for Image Processing and Video Analysis. - Implement the solution in Python. - Provide thorough documentation for future reference. Ideal Freelancer: - Should have significant experience in working with OpenCV and GPU setups. - Proficiency in Python and a good understanding of CUDA and cuDNN. - Previous experience in configuring and deploying OpenCV on various GPU models. - Strong background in image processi...

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    I urgently need an expert, ideally possessing extensive knowledge in CUDA, cuDNN, and Anaconda, to help configure my Windows system. the GPU cuda was working , and wen I tired to use ViT (Vision Transformer) and I installed I got some error and does not work any more Key requirements include: - Setting up CUDA and cuDNN on my Windows system using Anaconda. The specific Anaconda version being used is yet to be determined. - Comprehending the exact statuses of the graphics card installed in my system. - Demonstrating how to utilize the GPU in Jupyter Notebook with Vision Transformer (ViT). The essence of this project is to gain a grasp on how to leverage GPU resources efficiently and then apply those skills into the Vision Transformer. The task requires a high le...

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    ... This promises to be an adventure into the world of blockchain technology, distributed consensuses, and GPU programming. Precisely, I need somebody with experience in the following: - Understanding blockchain basics. No prior experience with blockchain is necessary, but it would be advantageous. - Implementing Proof of Work as the preferred consensus algorithm in our project. - Being adept at CUDA GPU programming techniques, we will mainly focus on memory optimizations, asynchronous operations, and multi-threading tasks. For this project, proficiency in GPU programming and a deep understanding of distributed system principles will be crucial. Your theoretical knowledge in blockchain technology is beneficial. If you are willing to embark on this ambitious project, your expertis...

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    I am looking for an experienced developer who can use Cython to wrap my existing CUDA code. This is a relatively simple code that is currently used for data analysis. Task: This is done in Linux (ubuntu). I had a old cython code that used to be able to connect with the CUDA code, i think the newer version of CMake changes had made it impossible. I have attached a small reduction of the code, it is pretty much just calling a CUDA kernel from the Python using Cython. The CMake builds, but when the Cython is imported the symbol cannot be found. (to build you need to define an environment variable CUDAHOME points to your nvcc) Steps: 0 (optional) you can Make the cuda code inside to check if it works (1) run (with CUDAHOME env var) (2) run (fail at this point a...

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    I urgently need an expert to install CUDA on my Ubuntu Linux system for Tensorflow and Pytorch

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    I urgently need an expert to install CUDA on my Ubuntu Linux system for Tensorflow and Pytorch

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    skilled ffmpeg expert to work on a live transcoding project. - CMS should be built in laravel. it should use nginx for hls streaming with user pass and ip restriction protection. it should have all encode decode options for h264 and h265 with cuda / nvenc encode /decode i have system wit 4x rtx quadro 4000 so the system should have also option to select from wich gpu wich channels are going to transcode. it should have realtime datalogics like incoming outgoing network metrics realtime each gpu utilization of encoder/decoder graphic based utilization of ram and cpu. page with show all live streams/offline streams with options restart stop delete edit buttons streams should show with realtime datas like uptime speed codec bitrate connected users on stream count. user managem...

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    Hi I will generate the CUDA code for you Regards

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    Seeking an expert in CUDA development with proficiency in C++, specializing in GPU programming. This project involves the following: • GPU programming in C++ • Strategies to introduce parallel algorithms in a GPU-friendly manner The ideal candidate will showcase the ability to optimize code to run various algorithms efficiently and in parallel using CUDA. Strong background in GPU-specific matrix operations and image processing will be a bonus but isn't mandatory. This project revolves around perfecting performance and reliability, and is an excellent opportunity for those adept in the mentioned domains.

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can set up CUDA and cuDNN on my Windows system with Anaconda, along with a demonstration of how to use the GPU in Jupyter Notebook. Key Requirements: - Installation of the latest versions of CUDA and cuDNN - Configuration within the Anaconda environment - Successful demonstration of GPU utilization in Jupyter Notebook Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in working with Windows operating system - Strong experience with Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook - Prior knowledge of CUDA and cuDNN installations - Ability to demonstrate GPU utilization in Python Note: Your bid should reflect both the installation setup and the demonstration process. Please provide an estimated timeline for the completion of this project.

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    I'm looking for a skilled Python developer with experience in GPU programming using CUDA to assist in a project that involves image processing and data analysis. - I have a python code and I need to modify it to work with GPU the code takes an image changes its pixels one by one and each pixel change calculates new image hashes if images hash satisfies some specs it save image and code ends. this is whole python code is doing now. it is a 40 lines code. very simple for someone who knows how to code on cuda.

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    ...headaches. To set the scene, the videos I'm dealing with are low resolution and have short durations. I've customized the ffmpeg settings for the conversion process but it seems like my attempts are doing more harm than good. Here's where you come in. I need an expert to handle the optimization of the ffmpeg settings for the GPU. I am not looking for a quick fix and not necessarily to address the CUDA error right away, but primarily to set up a robust and efficient conversion system that will prevent such issues in the future. Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience with ffmpeg - Knowledge of GPU settings - Experience in dealing with memory issues - Patience to optimize until the best setting is found - Experience with video websites or adult co...

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    I need an expert in ffmpeg & CUDA for fast video encoding. Optimized encoding commands need to generate MP4 files that are similar in size to downloaded videos, but the encoding process must be expedited via GPU usage. Key Requirements: * The result should be in MP4 format. * Video quality and encoding speed are crucial. * The target video resolution is 480p. Ideal Skills: * Extensive knowledge of ffmpeg and CUDA. * Experience in video encoding, particularly fast encoding. * Detailed understanding of optimizing for video quality and speed under specific resolution constraints(i.e, 480p in this case).

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    I'm in need of a freelancer who is proficient in converting MATLAB Signal Processing programs into CUDA using GPU coder. Not just any freelancer, but one who has hands on experience using a Jetson Nano, with the CUDA toolkit already installed. The complexity level of the MATLAB program to be converted is intermediate, so it's essential you are experienced yet up for a bit of a challenge with your DSP skills. Key Skills: - Proficiency in MATLAB and CUDA programming language - Familiarity with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano - Experience with intermediate Signal Processing - Hands-on expertise in GPU coder

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    I'm looking for an expert who can help in installing CUDA, cuDNN, and spconv in order to ensure my image recognition model runs smoothly. The model should be installed on a Windows WSL machine, which I will give access to through AnyDesk. Everything is already installed on it, but for some reason it doesn't work. I need someone to go through all the things again and check the versions to see if they are compatible. This is the link to the model : If you can do it and have experience in doing that, contact me!

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    As an individual working in the signal processing industry, I'm currently running a project that needs some expert technology adaptability. The project involves: - Converting an existing Matlab code into CUDA. - Ensuring the code correctly executes Fourier transforms when run on a Jetson Nano platform. The ideal candidate for this assignment would have: - An extensive working knowledge of Matlab and CUDA. - Strong experience in handling signal processing tasks, especially Fourier transforms. - Proven experience in dealing with the Jetson Nano platform. - Excellent debugging skills to ensure the proper functioning of the transferred code. If you possess these skills and experience, feel free to submit a bid. Looking forward to working with a proficient and dedicated f...

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    I require a skilled professional comfortable with Linux system administration. A very important part of this project is the Installation of FFMPEG with CUDA support on an Almalinux 8 server, implemented on a 1080ti card. Key Requirements: - You must be comfortable with Linux server administration, specifically AlmaLinux 8. - You must be able to install the latest version of FFMPEG. - CUDA support on the FFMPEG must be duly enabled. - The main goal after installation is to achieve top-notch video encoding performance. - Professional experience or technical understanding of video encoding software and processes is a plus. - You must have prior experience or know-how dealing with Nvidia graphics cards, particularly the 1080ti model. I have root/administrator access to the s...

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    I require a proficient CUDA programmer to rewrite an existing Python program. The primary purpose of the software is to perform data analysis. Key Details: * The type of analysis hasn't been disclosed but expect handling diverse data sources. * Time is of the essence, I need the rewritten software ready ASAP. Ideal proficiency: * Deep understanding of both Python and CUDA programming environments. * Previous experience handling data analysis software will be advantageous. * The ability to deliver under tight deadlines while maintaining the quality of work is crucial.

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    I have developed a computer vision code for 3 cameras to detect a specified object using a mask that I setup. The code is working but it is very slow. I also tried with Nvidia CUDA, but it did not give the expected results, I want someone to check the code and make necessary optimizations to make it as fast as possible.

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    I need a highly proficient CUDA expert who has deep experience with both C and C++. - The precise field of application for this project was left undefined; it may involve fields as diverse as image processing, data analysis or machine learning. - Given the lack of specification, adaptability and a broad understanding of CUDA in various contexts is a must. - The project is urgent and I'm seeking someone who can start immediately to deliver results as soon as possible.

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    I am seeking a seasoned CUDA developer to design a custom CUDA kernel for machine learning purposes. Specifically, a variant of flashattention. - Key Responsibilities: - Develop a CUDA-based kernel for deep learning. Ideal candidates should have experience in algorithmic development, with a deep understanding of Transformers and have previous exposure to CUDA programming. Candidates should be able to demonstrate a track record of success in similar roles.

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    I have a simulation in Python/CuPy of electrons in a wire that I want to translate into Rust (or Vulkan, or OpenCL, or CUDA, or Julia or fix the Python so it uses far less memory, maybe calling PyCUDA) and make a major modification. The simulation calculates the coulumbic forces between all pairs of electrons every delta-t and then after that uses the force to calculate the new positions and velocities. It also outputs a graph showing the density of electrons at each slice of the wire at each delta-t. From this I can see how fast a signal is propagating down the wire in the simulation. I have tried to allow for the propagation delay between the electrons by using the velocity to estimate where the electron would really have been back in time and calculating the force from tha...

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    I'm looking for a skilled CUDA programmer to develop a specialized tool designed for finding Bitcoin mnemonics. This tool is targeted at users with a strong understanding of cryptocurrency security and recovery processes. **Key Requirements:** - Compatibility with Windows OS. - A command-line interface to ensure straightforward usability for those familiar with terminal commands. - Ability to read and process data from a text file where the necessary inputs for mnemonic recovery will be listed. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in CUDA programming for leveraging GPU acceleration, which is crucial for speeding up the mnemonic recovery process. - Experience in developing command-line interface (CLI) tools, especially those involving complex data processing....

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    ...specific focus on simplicity and speed, requiring a professional capable of handling the nuances of server management and Python applications. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Python with a solid understanding of its ecosystems. - Experience with AWS, particularly EC2 instances. - Knowledge of Linux server management. - Familiarity with version control (Git) and deployment practices. - Cuda Project Requirements: - Deploy a Python Github repository onto a Linux server in AWS. - Ensure all necessary dependencies are installed and configured. - Verify the deployed application runs smoothly and efficiently. - Complete the project within the shortest possible timeframe. Additional Information: - The exact Python libraries and dependencies required may be specified at a ...

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    ...seeking a skilled developer who can create a standalone function leveraging GPU acceleration via CUDA to generate 32-bit random numbers. This capability is crucial as a helper function in our ongoing projects. Here’s what I’m looking for: - **Primary Task**: Development of a C++ standalone function that generates a block of 32-bit random numbers using NVIDIA's CUDA technology. - **Application**: This function will serve as a helper component, potentially enhancing our processes in simulations, though its design should be versatile for various applications including data analysis and cryptography. - **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proficiency in C++ programming. - Solid experience with CUDA and GPU programming. - Understanding of random...

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    Hi, I have +7 years of experience dealing with machine learning algorithms and worked on multiple projects in this field, Please contact me to discuss more. Have a nice day

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    ...should detect the number of GPUs and work accordingly. I have missing wif codes. for example, the last 12 characters of a key are missing. or the middle 5 characters are missing, so I need the source of this code. I am using Windows visual studio 2022. Those who want to do this simple project, please contact me. Driven by quality, efficiency and creativity, the ideal freelancer should have: - Cuda - A Solid foundation in C++ - Windows Visual Studio 2022 - Capabilities to harness the power of multi-GPUs Although we're asking for intermediate level experience, we're open to professionals who can demonstrate capability beyond their years. Emails without direct comments on your relative experience will not be answered. Ensure your experience in C++ programming is clearl...

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    ...Computation: The project involves optimizing certain computational functions to run on GPUs. This task requires a skilled programmer with experience in CUDA programming. The role is open to individuals who can work on a project basis and will be compensated accordingly. As a computer science graduate myself, I possess a foundational understanding of programming principles, so I am not a complete novice in this field. I am looking forward to collaborating with talented individuals who are eager to contribute and co-create a robust solution. Skills Required: Proficient in JavaScript and familiar with its frameworks Experience with GPU programming and CUDA Ability to explain complex code structures in simple terms Experience with POW mining programs is a pl...

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    I need a specialist to setup the CUDA Package on my Ubuntu efficiently. Key project tasks involve: - Downloading and installing the latest version of CUDA package - Ensuring compatibility with my existing NVIDIA GPU The ideal freelancer for this project will have: - Experience with Ubuntu 20.04 - In-depth knowledge of CUDA and its latest packages - Familiarity with NVIDIA GPUs - Ability to work swiftly and efficiently Your task is to ensure successful installation and configure the environment to use the installed CUDA software seamlessly. Also, I would appreciate a quick brief or walkthrough after the installation is done.

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    I am looking for an expert in DSP who can convert Matlab code to Cuda and run it on Jetson Nano. The purpose of this conversion is to utilize the GPU capabilities of Jetson Nano. The main goal of this project is to improve the execution speed of the code. The expected timeline for completing the conversion and running the code on Jetson Nano is 4 days. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Expertise in DSP - Proficiency in converting Matlab code to Cuda - Experience in running code on Jetson Nano - Knowledge of GPU capabilities and optimization techniques If you are confident in your abilities and can meet the specified timeline, please bid on this project.

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    ...consists of clean WAV files, synchronized meticulously with the corresponding video and transcripts text for the audio. input for the model: transcripts .text model: deepface deepvoice deep corporal mov lipsync Desired Output: - Generate a video like 5sec max Level of Personalization: - Highly personalized (based on text) Preferred Programming Language: - Python,cuda, c, c++ Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in AI and machine learning - Proficiency in Python programming language - Experience in video synthesis and generative AI models - Ability to personalize video output based on user behavior or preferences - Knowledge of deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch - Familiarity with computer vision and image processing techniques

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me install CUDA/cuDNN and other necessary software for my dual RTX 3090 system. Hardware Components: - I already have the necessary hardware components for the dual RTX 3090 system. Operating System: - The system will be running on Windows. Applications: - I will primarily be using this system for deep learning purposes. Skills and Experience: - Experience with installing CUDA/cuDNN and other software on Windows systems. - Knowledge of deep learning frameworks and libraries. - Familiarity with optimizing system performance for deep learning tasks.

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    ...Widevine DRM implementation is a big plus. - ´╗┐´╗┐Proven knowledge on WVD file creation. - This is a challenging role that calls for a keen detail-oriented mind and great communication skills. If you are a tech-savvy professional with an in-depth understanding of these languages and tasks, we'd like to meet you. - Skills Required - C Programming - Software Architecture - C++ Programming - Python - CUDA...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me install Desmond on my Linux GPU VPS. This project is for personal use and I have a general idea of the installation process, but I need advice to ensure it is done correctly. also need to install Cuda core for GPU support. Requirements: - Install Desmond on a Linux GPU VPS - Provide guidance and advice throughout the installation process Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Linux and GPU VPS - Experience with installing Desmond and other software on a Linux system - Strong troubleshooting skills to ensure a successful installation

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    Parallelizing the given C++ sequential code to run on Nvidia GPU using CUDA.

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    Rust CUDA GPU engineer Purpose of the project: We need to GPU (CUDA) accelerate a Rust library we are using. Attached is the profiler showing CPU usage. Specific issue to optimize: Speed Deadline: Yes, within 2 weeks Skills and experience required: - Strong proficiency in Rust programming language - Experience with CUDA and GPU programming - In-depth knowledge of code optimization techniques - Familiarity with performance profiling and analysis tools - Ability to identify and resolve bottlenecks in code - Understanding of parallel computing and concurrency concepts - Strong problem-solving skills - Excellent communication and collaboration abilities (main repo) (from profiler)

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    I am looking for a Linux installation and Python-related projects. This project requires expertise in both Linux and Python. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of Linux installation and Python programming cuda installation curl

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    I am looking for a programmer with experience in C++ to help me with a project on KMeans Clustering - Parallelization with OpenMP, MPI, and Cuda. Requirements: - Proficiency in C++ programming language - Experience with KMeans Clustering algorithm - Ability to parallelize the code for efficient processing Dataset: - I will provide the dataset for the clustering analysis - The dataset size is expected to be medium, ranging from 100MB to 1GB Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of C++ programming language - Familiarity with KMeans Clustering algorithm - Experience in parallelizing code for efficient processing If you have the required skills and experience, please reach out to me. Thank you.

    $150 (Avg Bid)
    $150 Avg Bid
    15 bids

    ...What is required is that you have a very strong understanding of all C++ concepts and computer graphics programming expertise since this is what my plug-in revolves around. To give you an example, one of my current challenges requires serialization / deserialization of data. Other challenges require help with optimization, object pools, UI, and more. GPU programming knowledge like OpenCL, OpenGL, CUDA would be great because I know nothing about it and would love to be able to eventually implement it. Finally, you should be especially strong in mathematics so as to help with algorithms and of course have a strong understanding of fundamental computer graphics concepts. So basically, I need someone who is well experienced in most aspects of software development using C++. I can c...

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    $20 / hr Avg Bid
    28 bids

    Hi, I have a script that extracts data from pdf files using easyocr. The script is not working on linux server. I have also tried it on windows but it does not work. It shows this error "Neither CUDA nor MPS are available - defaulting to CPU. Note: This module is much faster with a GPU." "Killed" I need a developer who has the experience of working on this kind of system so that he can run this script on the server. Please bid only if you are confident that you can fix this issue. I dont want experiments with my server. Thanks.

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr Avg Bid
    20 bids

    Hi, I have a script that extracts data from pdf files using easyocr. The script is not working on linux server. I have also tried it on windows but it does not work. It shows this error "Neither CUDA nor MPS are available - defaulting to CPU. Note: This module is much faster with a GPU." "Killed" I need a developer who has the experience of working on this kind of system so that he can run this script on the server. Please bid only if you are confident that you can fix this issue. I dont want experiments with my server. Thanks.

    $23 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $23 / hr Avg Bid
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    I'm looking for a freelancer to develop parallel algorithms using the CUDA programming language. Previous experience on CUDA programming is not required, but the freelancer must have a Beginner level of knowledge. The project need to be completed within 1-2 weeks.

    $78 (Avg Bid)
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