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    Review and analyse attached case and write 1500 words report answering following questions using 4 of the attached frameworks: 1. What customer segment(s) should DJI target in (a) the near future (e.g., the next five years) and (b) in the longer term (e.g., beyond the next five years) 2. How would you assess the attractiveness of the drone industry

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    Create a standard operating procedure as part of continuous monitoring on a day to day basis as a cyber security analyst. I have a sample template attached. Here's the link for the admin guide below: [url removed, login to view] This specific SOP should cover the following: 1.

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    Topic: Multilayer Perceptron project Write a multi-layer perceptron project in the language of your own choice. This project can either be fundamental research OR research into an application 1.) present a theoretical treatment of the problem you came up with (this means math) and implement your solution by computer language of your own choice

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    We need a script for the law office with login system. Also, we need to activate or deactivate the user status. currently, we have three departments 1. LEVY 2. SECRETARIAT 3. CALL CENTER After login the system for LEVY and SECRETARIAT department; 1. report page with ONE TEXTAREA and SEND button for send staff reports. AND display the TODAY

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    We need to send and receive SMS messages with our users. For security reasons we cannot use a cloud based solution. We have 2 GSM Modems with Wavecom Q2303A/2C/2C2. You will write an application that will run on a Windows / Linux machine (please specifiy your choice). The Modem will be connected to the serial ports. You are expected to identify the

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    ...can write blog posts on below topics: 1. Oracle database cloning using RMAN - Hot cloning (with same name cloning, with different name cloning) 2. ASM queries you must always have as a RAC DBA (check no or disk groups, disks, online, offline, redundancy, mount/dismount diskgroup, add/remove disks, rebalancing, size etc etc etc.....) 3. How to connect

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    Homework for next week • Write a 2‐3 page draft / proposal of the 10 page final individual report • you will get feedback • Topic: design of a visualization, • e.g. infographic, dashboard, visual analytics, etc. • a working prototype is optional, e.g. in Tableau, D3, etc. • Discuss • Task type, audience, etc. &bul...

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    Write two programs to simulate two–factor authentication. The two programs do not communicate by any means. The implementations need to be such that they are consistent and could operate on different computers. The programs need to be written in Java or C/C++. You should give a file [url removed, login to view] containing instructions on compiling and executing your programs

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    My name is Sachin Yadav and I need a BE project which is totally based on website having a compiler I mean in such a way that our system can compile a code and must satisfy the test cases Or constraints (I.e test cases Or constraints can be set by us there should be an option for adding new test cases by admin module)and problem statements are also

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    A competency demonstration report is A series of Three episodes report and finalized with Summary attached: Each Episodes consists of (1000-2500 words) Please read below details carefully CDR Format: · Continuous Professional Development: Any courses, certificates, conferences, seminars, private study (1 Page Max) · Episodes:

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    ...Max) · Episodes: You need to write three episodes, each episode could be a Task, Project (previous or current, full or partial), Engineering Problem 1000 to 2500 words. No large amounts of technical material · Episode Contents How you applied Engineering Knowledge and Skills

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    A) Write a report setting out method of construction, construction sequence and your assumptions. In addition, you must submit a sketch/sequence diagram for the construction sequence proposed. Remember that if you need to make your own assumptions regarding method of construction, sequence, resourcing and choice of any additional activities, these should

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    Activity: Based on any UK companies Prepare a management report of 3,500 to 4,000 words* on an organization within one of the following industry-sectors**: [url removed, login to view] and courier activities H53 [url removed, login to view] and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles G45 [url removed, login to view] and broadcasting activities J60 [url...

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    nstructions: 1. Prefer you to use Python 2. Doesn’t have to be super in depth. He wants to see your thought process and scripting ability. Directions: Write a script which will create a tmpfs mount of a certain size. Have the name and size as parms passed into the script. Check to make sure the mount does not already exist, and

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    ...produce ONE report that will contain THREE sections. Each section will cover a specific marketing issue. Each section should be approximately 750 words (plus or minus 10%). The aim of the report is to test your ability to analyse information you have collected from a variety of sources. Completing the report will allow you to develop a deeper understan...

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    ... Create a new Database using the Data Schema I will provide (2 tables - products table with 42 columns/data points, deals table with 63 columns/data points approximately) on my server. The tables are linked by the Product ID field (relationship). 2. Create scripts (PHP or otherwise) that can do the following, in this order: - Download a compressed

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    ...content of a course is always compromised by time and space constraints. As students/investigators you should have the opportunity to further explore related topics and practices than the course schedule and focus allow. This project therefore requires you to do some independent research on organizational communication. TASKS I. Write a five to ten

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    You are requested by your manager to prepare a business intelligence report on customer’s purchase behavior. There are two data sources available: customer status and customer transaction, which are stored in two csv files separately. You goal is to write a Python program that can output certain business insights (be creative and critical). Requirements:

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    1. A shell script is a sequence of shell commands written in an executable script file. Executing this file instructs the shell to execute all commands in the order of their appearance in the script file. There are several shell scripting tutorials available on the web, e.g. search by entering the keywords Linux shell script tutorials. Go through one

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    ***PROPOSALS WITHOUT ALL QUESTIONS (1-7) BELOW ANSWERED WILL BE IGNORED** ***PROPOSALS WITHOUT PRICING AS REQUESTED BELOW WILL BE IGNORED*** We are looking for a comprehensive SEO and content marketing solution, that includes the following each month: 1. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Competitive citation research Title Tags, Headers (H1, H2

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