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    For this project you will write a Java program that will play a simple game of Dragon Trainers.  The rules are simple: each player has three dragons that they have trained, and each dragon is tied to a particular element.  Each player has a Fire Dragon, a Water Dragon and a Plant Dragon.  Each player picks one dragon to put out in front of them to ...

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    I need a Java Programmer with GUI experience. The whole project needs to run on osx (so Java is preferred, if you can come up with an alternative solution, throw in your ideas ( must still run on osx)). The Project: The bare concept is a "working" but including almost no external functions game client for presentation reasons. When starting the

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    Basic edition and implementation of a simple Dice Chess Game with using Java and Grafic User Interface of Java in an object oriented design and uml diagram of that design like attached program below.

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    Need to write fairly simple program in Java, that will scan live stream of a card game and when it sees certain pattern - collects info.

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    Write a JAVA program to implement a simple “Hi-Lo” game using a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Your game should ask the user to enter their bankroll. Your program must verify that the user enters a positive real number. If the user did not enter a positive real number, continue to prompt them to enter their bankroll until they do so. Af...

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    Need to write fairly simple program in Java, that will scan live stream of a card game and when it sees certain pattern - collects info.

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    I'm looking for someone who can program a game on a web page, where users compete for prizes. The game has to be flashy and interactive and responsive. It is a simple game, where the user should try to guess a number. We have the game programmed in Java and it works in console mode. Our goal is to make it interactive on the web.

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    ...require a Java program that creates an animation of cubes randomly dissembling and reassembling themselves into one big cube. The smaller cubes should be flying in from the sides. Something like this: [url removed, login to view]:3/3p The program should

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    I require a Java program that creates an animation of cubes randomly assembling themselves into one big cube. The smaller cubes should be flying in from the sides. Something like this, but needs to be X, Y, Z axis. [url removed, login to view] The program should display the animation and also save the animation as a movie (mp4

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    Simple version of a 'hangman' game as a web application. Requirements As a user I want to be able to start a new game. As a user I want to be able to guess a character for an ongoing game. As a user I want to be notified when the game I am playing ends (win/game over). As a user I want to resume an incomplete game. As a user I want...

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    I need a programming task done which involves making a small game in java. It uses the program processing and uses coding, simple coding like pixels and variables, conditionals, functions, arrays and strings. It's not that difficult of a project, and should take only about a couple of hours or less.

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    [VERY SIMPLE BUT URGENT] I am looking for someone who can create a game or a clip in Alice3d. It's a very simple task and should not require much work as Alice is a drag and drop program. Java experience is not necessary but helpful.

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    Simple java Snake game. Needs to be in BlueJ program! Functionality 1: The arrow keys move the snake around the playing field. Collecting food makes it longer and gives the user points. Each item of food adds 1 additional point to the score and 1 square of length to the snake. Functionality 2: When the snake hits itself or the wall, the player loses

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    Can anyone do this project in 6 days on eclipse with only these library

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    I need a Top Ten Scores functionality implemented for Cassandra database using Spark with a spark cassandra connector. The Idea is simple: 1. we have a table of game events in Cassandra, with gameId, userId, timestamp and score; 2. we need a Spark job running periodically to calculate and populate the Top Ten Scores table in Cassandra: CREATE

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    write a Java program named BullsEye as a simple target shooting game. See the screenshot below for an overview of the project. Your program should meet the following specifications: The target consists of three rings: a white outer ring 150 pixels in diameter, a black middle ring of 100 pixels and a red inner ring of 50 pixels. Each mouse click

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    Hello and welcome to my website called GameMods. I am trying to, as the name may suggest already, set up a website that does feature Mods for games, game news, walkthrough videos and lets plays and also manuals for people having trouble with games and guides for troubleshooting and modding. While the site itself may be nothing new and there are

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    Hello Freelancers, I would like a simple Java Code for the game "Hangman". I will later upload the code to a "Java for beginners" website so I need explanations next to the code you will write as notes so the user will be able to understand what each command is doing. It is a really easy project on Java. The only critical part is that ...

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    I need someone with a basic understanding of Java who would be able to program a simple hang man that had its own GUI. In this hangman game I would need a system where buttons could be pressed to guess for letters, and an array for the possible words to be guessed would have to be stored in a txt file. Furthermore, I would like it so that there was

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    you will implement a simple Tic Tac Toe game using the Java Swing class. The GUI will consist of a 3x3 panel of buttons representing the board as well as a status text field at the bottom that displays which player’s turn it is and whether a player has won. Your game should support play between two players and does not need to implement any sort of

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