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    ...Knowledge of Github -> Good knowledge of JIRA -> Utilises Scaffolding, refactoring, version maintenance -> Significant React Native experience -> Proficiency in TypeScript -> Ability to test and review own work -> Experience with CRUD operations and API implementation -> Know online offline data sync -> Experience with POS technologies -> Familiarity with Deep linking and in-app caching -> Work with sql for mobile data management -> Ability to write well documented code -> Maintain Documentation -> Always Uses industry standards and best practises -> Preferably work on Mac device, as you will be required to work on iOS app too -> Knowledge of PostMan -> Proficient in React Native, with an understanding of Typescript for efficient de...

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    ...trends and content management systems. Key Responsibilities: - Front-End Development: Develop responsive, high-performance, and visually appealing web interfaces using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js. - Back-End Development: Build robust, scalable, and secure server-side applications using languages such as Node.js, Python, Java, or PHP. Manage databases using SQL and NoSQL technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL or MongoDB. - API Development & Integration: Design and implement RESTful and GraphQL APIs. Integrate third-party APIs and services. - Version Control: Use version control systems like Git to manage and collaborate on codebases. Testing & Debugging: Write unit, integration, and end-to-end tests. Debug and resolve application issu...

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    I'm in need of a .NET Core developer with strong MS SQL and Bootstrap experience to work on an ERP system. The main goal of the project is to create a comprehensive ERP system with several key modules: Key Modules: - Sales and Invoicing - Inventory Management - Human Resources and Payroll - Production Planning Your role will involve: - Developing web applications - Database design and management - Implementing responsive design using Bootstrap The ideal candidate should have experience with: - .NET Core - MS SQL - Bootstrap - ERP development - Database design and management - Responsive web design. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please get in touch.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer familiar with Typo3 v4.5 and PHP to help address a specific issue with my site. The Problem: My site's log size is growing too large, and I need to find a way to clean the log and prevent it from growing abnormally in the future. For now the SQL disk usage growth is from 5.5Gb to 11Gb , in just 2 days. Site and Error Details: My site primarily functions as a content management system, and I make changes to it on a weekly basis. In PHP's "sys_log" there is a main error connected to the way the Typo3 v 4.5 works and here's the most common error: "Core: Error handler (FE): PHP : Non-static method t3lib_TStemplate::sortedKeyList() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /ho...

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    I'm looking for a Wordpress plugin that will connect to an SQL database, fetching and displaying the data in a user-friendly way. The plugin should allow data to be filtered and sorted by different criteria, and should present the data in a table or chart format. Key Features: - Connecting to an SQL database and fetching data - Displaying textual, numerical and date/time data - Providing options for filter and sort - Presenting the data in a table or chart format. The plugin should include: - Dropdowns for filtering data by category - A date range selection option - A keyword search functionality. Ideal skills for this project: - Proficiency in Wordpress plugin development - Strong SQL and database management skills - Knowledge of data visualization techniques...

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    ...types, including service providers, end-users (passengers), and administrators. Key Features: - User Management (login, signup) - Admin View - Booking Facility (From/To, Date, Passenger) - Invoicing - Reports - Edit, History, Cancel, Update of Bookings in User & Operators Skills and Experience Required: - Proficient in Node.js and Angular for front-end and back-end development - Experience with SQL Server for database management - Prior experience in building aggregator platforms or booking systems - Strong understanding of user authentication and authorization - Ability to create an engaging and user-friendly landing page - Strong communication skills and a proactive approach to problem-solving This project will involve creating a seamless user experience for all stakehol...

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    I am currently in need of a Postgres SQL expert who can proficiently handle database design and modeling specifically for manufacturing production operations. Key Responsibilities: - Design a robust and efficient Postgres SQL database that can capture and track production quantities. - Create a blueprint that is adept at handling large sets of data, ensuring there are no lags or errors when accessing it. - Set up systems to track quantifiable aspects regarding production such as quantity of items produced. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven expertise in Postgres SQL architecture. - Strong background in managing databases for manufacturing production. - Adept at database design and modeling. - Excellent problem-solving abilities, with an emphasis on understanding ...

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    Data qc checks sql

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    I need a skilled SQL developer with a strong track record in query optimization to refine and enhance the performance of my MSSQL database queries. This is an urgent project that I need completed ASAP. Key Requirements: - Expertise in MSSQL: You should be well-versed in using Microsoft SQL Server and optimizing queries on this platform. - Query Optimization: You should have a proven ability to optimize database queries, reducing their execution time and enhancing their overall performance. Please provide samples of your previous work in this area and give an estimate of how long it will take to complete the optimization of my queries.

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    I have a .bak file that I need to be converted to a CSV SQL file. I'm not sure what database management system was used to create the .bak file, and I don't know the original file extension before the conversion. The final SQL file should be in CSV format. So, I need someone with the skills to efficiently handle this conversion.

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    I'm looking for a highly skilled SSIS developer to help me with a data integration project. The ideal candidate should be proficient in data extraction, transformation, and loading. Key Responsibilities: - Execute data extraction from multiple databases - Transform the extracted data to meet the past. Data Sources: The primary source of data for this project is multiple databases. Experience with working and integrating data from various databases is a plus. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in SSIS with hands-on experience in data extraction, transformation, and loading - Previous experience with data integration projects - Strong understanding of database systems and SQL - Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills - Effective communication and colla...

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    I have a JSON file that I need to be converted into a SQL database. The conversion needs to be done quickly, ASAP. Key requirements: - Extracting and transforming data from a JSON file - Setting up and populating a SQL database (MySQL or PostgreSQL) - Ensuring data integrity and consistency Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in working with JSON files - Expertise in SQL database management (MySQL or PostgreSQL) - Experience in database design and implementation - Ability to deliver within tight deadlines If you have the necessary skills and can get this done urgently, I would love to hear from you.

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    We are seeking a seasoned Data Engineer with 5-10 years of experience to assist in interview preparation. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in database management, data analytics, and cloud services. Expertise in Python, SQL, and data visualization tools such as Power BI and Tableau is essential. Familiarity with Azure, Apache Spark, and ETL processes is required. The role involves providing guidance based on a detailed resume with extensive experience in data engineering and business intelligence. If you have a deep understanding of data structures, algorithms, and cloud-based data solutions, we want to hear from you .I am currently seeking a part-time arrangement, with less than 5 hours of work per week. Key requirements and deliverables: - Conduct online video s...

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    I'm in need of a skilled React.js & Laravel developer to work on a project. The project involves building a web application in React.js. The ideal candidate should have: - Strong skills in React.js, and Laravel - Casino Game development - Slot game development - MS SQL server - Strong problem solving and communication skills - Excellent in English and Korean Please provide me with your portfolio and a brief description of your experience with React.js. It would be great if you could share some code snippets from your previous projects.

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    Please write 3 SQL data quality tests that would catch those incorrect intervention recommendations to ensure that patients are receiving the interventions as per the business rules above. Explain the tests please and what they are doing. See attachment for table details and explanation.

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    ...frameworks: or React.js for web application. - React Native for mobile application (iOS and Android). - **Backend:** - Flexible with backend technology (Node.js, Django, Ruby on Rails, etc.), as long as it integrates well with the chosen frontend technology. - API development for seamless communication between frontend and backend. - **Database:** - Flexible with database technology (SQL, NoSQL). - **Deployment:** - Should include deployment to cloud services (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.). - Scalable architecture to handle growing number of users. **Preferred Qualifications:** - Proven experience in developing and deploying web and mobile applications. - Strong understanding of frontend and backend technologies. - Ability to integrate third-party services and...

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    I'm eager to create an intuitive and engaging web application centred around information sharing for students. This interactive platform requires: - User Authentication: A secure login system to ensure user integrity. Experience with OpenID or similar is beneficial. - Database Integration: Experienced developers in SQL or other database management systems is crucial, the app will need to seamlessly store and retrieve data for its users. - Payment Processing Systems: The app should be able to safely handle transactions. Familiarity with common gateways like PayPal, Stripe, or others would be beneficial. The ideal candidate will have a robust background in full stack web development, particularly with applications targeted towards student users. Experience in creating educat...

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    I'm in need of a skilled individual to assist with deploying code over AS400, which is also known as IBM iSeries. The successful candidate will be proficient in Java, SQL database management, and CL scripting for task automation. Key Skills Required: - Java Expertise: I require assistance with deploying and managing Java code on the AS400 system. Your understanding of the AS400 environment and how Java interacts with it will be crucial. - SQL Database Management: You'll be responsible for managing and maintaining the DB2/400 database. This includes deploying changes to the database schema and ensuring data integrity. - CL Scripting and Automation: You should be able to write and automate tasks using Control Language (CL) on the AS400 platform. Any prior experience ...

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    This is part of a problem that I am trying to solve for some time now: Need to run SQL queries against a MariaDB database on a remote machine from within FileMaker server (on a Mac). For that I need ssh and/or sudo for the FileMaker server user. As a sidenote: ODBC works with FileMaker server, but it is far too slow and not really useable. Furthermore FileMaker’s SQL is somewhat limited. I'd like to directly query the remote data base. What I need works perfectly fine in bash: Mac Terminal => ssh into remote machine => Query MariaDB data base. It also works fine using a FileMaker client: FileMaker client => bBox Plugin => shell command ssh => Query MariaDB data base. However, it doesn't work on FileMaker server! The reason is that...

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    I'm seeking an expert SQL developer to primarily work on database design and query optimization for my Microsoft SQL Server environment. Key responsibilities: - Database design: You'll be working on less than 10 tables, ensuring the structure is efficient and scalable. Knowledge of normalization and database design best practices is crucial. - Query optimization: Proficient in writing and fine-tuning complex SQL queries. Your role will involve enhancing query performance and overall system efficiency. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong expertise in Microsoft SQL Server - Proven experience in database design - Proficiency in query optimization techniques - Understanding of normalization principles - Prior experience in handling small-scale databas...

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    Looking for a Freelancer: Project Support Tech Stack: , Node.js, , PostgreSQL. Issues: Speed: Slow loading after recent changes. Database Migration: .sql file migration needed. Text Fixes: Minor corrections. Feature Testing: Report Data/Analytics, warning renewal. New Features: Cancel subscription button, Stripe payments integration. Bots: Test and fix features (SM-submit, sm-scanner, ai face, Google, Bing, rr). Browser Compatibility: Chrome issues, mobile responsiveness for other browsers. Homepage Format: Minor adjustments. Notifications: Possible small errors. Subscription Limits: Verify correctness. Bot Image: Update needed. Orders: Test and fix all bot orders. Server Migration: Move bots to new server, install SSL. Server Connection: Link bot server to main server

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    I need a developer with a strong background in Crystal Reports 2008, Visual Basic 2008, and MS SQL Server 2005. The primary goal of this project is to optimize performance for handling bulk data using select queries. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Crystal Reports 2008: You should be comfortable working with this specific version of Crystal Reports, as the reports will need to be integrated into our application. - Visual Basic 2008 Expertise: Your experience with Visual Basic 2008 will be crucial in ensuring that the Crystal Reports can be smoothly embedded within our application. - MS SQL Server 2005 Skills: I need someone who is proficient in using MS SQL Server 2005, particularly in optimizing performance for select queries handling large amounts of data. - dyn...

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    ...Architecture Design: Design a scalable architecture that includes virtual machines, databases, networking components, and storage solutions on Azure. Ensure high availability, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery capabilities are incorporated into the design. Azure Services Implementation: Provision and configure virtual machines (Windows/Linux) based on the workload requirements. Implement Azure SQL Database or other suitable database solutions for data storage. Set up Azure Virtual Network (VNet), subnets, security groups, and network security policies. Configure Azure Load Balancer or Application Gateway for load distribution. Implement Azure Blob Storage or Azure Files for scalable file storage needs. Security and Compliance: Implement Azure Security Center for continuous s...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Data Analyst with expertise primarily in data visualization utilizing PowerBI. My specific project will involve drawing data from an SQL Server source. Here's what I am looking for: - Experience working with SQL Server as a data source. You should be comfortable with the process of connecting and extracting the required data. - Proficiency in PowerBI. As this is the visualization tool to be used, it's crucial you have a strong command of its features and utilities. Knowing how to convert raw data into meaningful visualizations that can drive decision-making will be a crucial part of this role. Your ability to deliver insights that are both accessible and impactful will be highly valued.

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    Our team is looking for a part-time (10 -20 hrs a week) proficient Qlik Sense developer to assist in data modeling, visual...Sense developer to assist in data modeling, visualization, and scripting, as well as data extraction, transformation, and insertion into SQL. Key responsibilities include: - Data Modeling and Visualization (based on detailed design docs). - Scripting Qlik's reload and creating/updating MS SQL database. We will provide all the necessary design documents, data sources, and infrastructure for the project (you will get an RDP connection to one of our dev servers). Skills and experience in the following areas are necessary for this project: - Proficiency in Qlik Sense with a solid background in data modeling and visualization. - Skilled in Qlik...

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    We have recently discovered some significant security vulnerabilities in our app. The issues include Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, SQL injection vulnerabilities, and Session management vulnerabilities. The main concern is the potential impact on our application and, more importantly, our users. Therefore, we need an experienced Yii developer to urgently address and resolve these security glitches. Key Requirements: - Proficient with Yii framework - Strong understanding of web security, especially regarding XSS, SQL injection, and session management vulnerabilities - Proven experience in successfully resolving security issues in web applications - Ability to work quickly and efficiently, as the task is time-sensitive. Your expertise in identifying and mitigating su...

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    C# project. I have a pos system has few errors need them to be fixed. C# and SQL 2008. API work very small thing. 1 When printing the orders. It has repeated words. 2 we need to add a slider to the design and half and half form. 3 add another bottom to “Split Bill” when we pay making sure we spilt the bill. Some people want to pay half of the order and another wants to pay other half. Or in another word when I go out with my wife. I pay for my food and she pays for her food. So we must have select options to pay whichever item I want. 4 postcode lookup api not working.

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    Need help in creating template/checklist for creation power bi dataset /data model for power bi dataset. What should all testing we should do before publishing the data set in live as technical data analyst. Source of the data will be sql , excel, apis.

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    ...developer or development team to create a comprehensive mobile application designed to streamline customer loyalty programs for businesses. The app will centralize loyalty information for various businesses, making it easier for customers to accumulate and redeem points. Key Features: User Registration and Account Management: Secure user accounts with the ability to track client information (using SQL). QR Code Integration: Unique QR code generation and scanning functionality. User Interface: Intuitive and user-friendly design with different profiles for business managers and clients. Payment Processing: Integration for handling payments within the app. Requirements: Experience in mobile app development (iOS and Android). Strong understanding of database management and securit...

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    ...solid skills in database integration, particularly with SQL Server. I have my VPS hosting set up and ready to go, but I'm looking for someone who can assist in finding the most suitable database for my project within this environment. Key requirements for this project include: - Expertise in ASP .NET Core development - Proficiency in database integration, particularly with SQL Server - Ability to assess, recommend, and implement a database for an ASP .NET Core project within a VPS environment The successful candidate will be able to provide insights and guidance on selecting the right database for my project, and then efficiently implement and integrate it into my existing system. Ideal Skills and Experience: - ASP .NET Core - SQL Server - Database archit...

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    I need an app on Google App Engine using Python3, Flask, HTML, and SQL. The application must authenticate a Gmail user, check if the email is in an SQL table, and display the user's email and user ID from the table on the screen.

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    I need to locate a SQL database on a remote server for application development. The main goal of this project is to pinpoint the SQL database on the remote server. Here are some key elements and tasks that are involved: - Access and explore the remote server: You must have experience in working with remote servers and SSH access. - Identify and confirm the SQL database: You are expected to be proficient in SQL databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or other SQL-based platforms. - Report and document: Once the database is located, you will have to provide detailed documentation regarding its location, structure, and any other relevant information. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficiency in SQL databases, particularly targeting SQ...

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    ...responsible for structuring, cleaning, and analyzing our local databases (SQL server, Oracle). - Dashboard Creation and Customization: I need you to craft visually appealing and intuitive Power BI dashboards that are tailored to our specific gaming platform needs. - Report Generation and Distribution: You will be expected to automate our reporting process and ensure the right stakeholders receive the right insights at the right time. Desired Skills: - Proficient in Power BI: You should have demonstrated experience in developing advanced, interactive Power BI dashboards. - Strong Data Modeling skills: A deep understanding of data structures and the ability to identify patterns and insights in complex data sets. - SQL and Oracle knowledge: Experience working with local dat...

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    I'm seeking an experienced professional to host 2 x websites for demo purposes for the next 2-3 months. This involves setting up the website from a backup, which includes code, MS SQL server data and scripts. The job ideally requires installing SSL on the server. The hosting site does not have to be 24x7 or high bandwidth... it's just going to be used to demo 2 existing website. Each website is approx 100mb with a 30mb MS SQL server backup data. The websites will be used to support our UI/UX designer understand our concept. Once done and he/she has created a design, we will then go out to market to build the 2 websites from scratch. Bidders must confirm that their fee includes hosting of the two websites on a windows server (for approxima...

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    I have a single URL that I would like a professional Penetration Test (PT) report for. The report should provide a detailed analysis of all the weaknesses and potential attacks that can be exploited on the website. Key Requirements: - Focus on the provided URL - Detailed report with technical descriptions and without mitigation strategies - Analysis of SQL Injection and XSS - Examination of DDoS attacks and network vulnerabilities Please ensure the report is comprehensive and easy to understand. A background in cybersecurity and previous experience with penetration testing would be beneficial.

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    I'm looking for a PHP developer to set up a dynamic website with a blog/news section. The website will primarily feature a blog, and ideally, I would like to manage the content using a Content Management System (CMS). I have backup of entire website from earlier server with SQL DB so just need to setup it on new server. Key Requirements: - Dynamic website setup - Blog or news section implementation - Integration of a Content Management System for blog updates Ideal Skills: - Proficient in PHP - Experience with dynamic website development - Familiarity with Content Management Systems This is a straightforward project, and I'm looking for someone who can execute it efficiently and deliver a functioning dynamic website with a blog section.

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    ...(5+ years) as a GIS Developer/Architect. Proficiency in ESRI ArcGIS suite of products (ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise). Strong skills in GIS data visualization tools (e.g., Tableau, Power BI, Mapbox). Experience with cloud platforms, particularly Azure, and familiarity with Azure Maps and Google Maps. Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, React.JS, C#, and SQL. Experience with GIS web development frameworks (e.g., ArcGIS API for JavaScript, Leaflet). Strong understanding of spatial data models, geoprocessing, and spatial analysis techniques. Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Strong communication and collaboration skills. Preferred Qualifications: Experience with additional cloud platforms (e.g. Azure). Familiarity ...

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    Website User Data Extraction 4 days left

    I am looking for an experienced professional who can help me perform SQL penetration to extract specific user information from a website, including name, email, contact information, and billing address. Key Requirements: - Experience: A successful freelancer should be proficient in SQL penetration and data extraction. - Access: Given that I do not currently have access to the website, you must be able to use limited information and provide results. Required Skills: - SQL Penetration - Data Extraction - Hacking - Experience with similar projects

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    I'm looking for a skilled Python programmer to help me with a dataset. I need the data cleaned and analyzed, with the output in JSON (as well as csv) format. Task/project will be provided in a very small batch and will continue depending on the results obtained and upcomi...organized, and provides valuable insights. Ideal candidate for this project should demonstrate: - Strong Python programming skills, with experience in data manipulation and transformation. - Proficiency in data cleaning techniques, especially in handling missing values and duplicates. - Previous experience in data analysis and visualization would be a plus. -Basic knowledge of Numpy, Panda, RE, SQL etc. would be required to perform the work. -Knowledge of Jscript, D3 and basic data analysis technique woul...

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    I am looking for a professional who can adeptly set up an Azure Web API - specifically a RESTful API - to an Azure SQL database. I have created the database and API on a free Azure subscription. Database is currently servicing a WPF application successfully Key tasks will include: Connect the web API to the SQL database

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    ...integration. Responsibilities: • Web Scraping Development: • Develop web scraping scripts to extract business listings from Google. • Implement browser automation using tools such as Selenium or Puppeteer. • Handle dynamic content loading, pagination, and CAPTCHA challenges. • Data Cleaning and Storage: • Clean and structure the scraped data. • Store data in the provided database system (SQL or NoSQL). • Algorithm Development: • Develop algorithms to identify newly found businesses from the scraped data. • Implement machine learning models for predicting new business entries and detecting changes in existing listings. • Continuously refine algorithms to improve accuracy and performance. • Integration and De...

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    85 bids

    ...Knowledge of Github -> Good knowledge of JIRA -> Utilises Scaffolding, refactoring, version maintenance -> Significant React Native experience -> Proficiency in TypeScript -> Ability to test and review own work -> Experience with CRUD operations and API implementation -> Know online offline data sync -> Experience with POS technologies -> Familiarity with Deep linking and in-app caching -> Work with sql for mobile data management -> Ability to write well documented code -> Maintain Documentation -> Always Uses industry standards and best practises -> Preferably work on Mac device, as you will be required to work on iOS app too -> Knowledge of PostMan -> Proficient in React Native, with an understanding of Typescript for efficient ...

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    17 bids

    I'm seeking a proficient PHP developer with experience handling MySQL databases. The task involves uploading new data to an existing database within PHPMyAdmin. The new data is provided in a SQL file, hence the ability to understand and execute SQL code is essential. Key requirements include: - Proficiency in PHP and MySQL - Experience with managing databases through PHPMyAdmin - Strong SQL skills to execute the upload - Attention to detail to ensure the upload is successful The new data does not require validation or cleaning before upload, meaning the process should be fairly straightforward. The successful candidate will be able to efficiently and effectively complete the upload, ensuring the database remains intact and functional.

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    I'm in need of an experienced system administrator who can assist with a CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8.4 upgrade. Additionally, the server is currently experiencing database connection errors, so I need these issues resolved as part of the upgrade process. Key requirements: - Upgrade CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8.4 - Resolve database connection errors - Experience with cPanel - Strong understanding of Linux servers and database management I'm looking for someone who can handle this task efficiently and effectively. The ideal candidate would be communicative, detail-oriented, and able to provide clear explanations of the steps taken.

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    31 bids

    ...Nodejs and SQL developer who can help me take my existing ETL application to the next level. Key Requirements: - The main focus of this project will be adding new features to the existing ETL application. - The new features specifically include robust data validation and error handling capabilities. Simple application, all the features for the application will be provided. Person who has worked on similar application will be preferred. ( ETL type application ) Application will consume data from Zoho books and load it not a DB with some custom logic , which will then be used to show some custom analytics and reports. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Prior experience in enhancing applications, particularly ETL applications. - Proficiency in Nodejs and S...

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    $13 / hr Avg Bid
    9 bids

    I'm in need of a data analyst who is skilled in MySQL to help me fetch data from my SQL database and perform trend analysis. The primary goal of this project is to extract valuable insights from the data. Key Requirements: - Proficient in MySQL: You should have a strong background in MySQL and be able to easily navigate and extract data from an SQL database. - Trend Analysis: The primary goal of this project is to perform trend analysis. You should have experience in working with trend analysis and be able to provide meaningful insights. - Deliverables: I prefer to receive the results in raw data files - so I can further process and visualize it. Feel free to include any relevant experience or past projects as part of your bid. Looking forward to finding a skilled and ...

    $18 - $150
    $18 - $150
    34 bids

    ...Tools: Tableau, Power BI, Python (Plotly, Bokeh), and R (Shiny). 6. **Big Data Technologies**: - Managing and processing large-scale data using distributed computing. - Technologies: Hadoop, Spark, Hive, and NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Cassandra). 7. **Data Engineering**: - Building and maintaining the infrastructure and pipelines for data collection, storage, and processing. - Tools: SQL, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, Apache Kafka, and Airflow. ### Applications of Data Science 1. **Business Intelligence and Analytics**: - Improving decision-making through data-driven insights. - Applications: Customer segmentation, sales forecasting, and market basket analysis. 2. **Healthcare**: - Enhancing patient care and outcomes through predictive ...

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...Tools: Tableau, Power BI, Python (Plotly, Bokeh), and R (Shiny). 6. **Big Data Technologies**: - Managing and processing large-scale data using distributed computing. - Technologies: Hadoop, Spark, Hive, and NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Cassandra). 7. **Data Engineering**: - Building and maintaining the infrastructure and pipelines for data collection, storage, and processing. - Tools: SQL, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, Apache Kafka, and Airflow. ### Applications of Data Science 1. **Business Intelligence and Analytics**: - Improving decision-making through data-driven insights. - Applications: Customer segmentation, sales forecasting, and market basket analysis. 2. **Healthcare**: - Enhancing patient care and outcomes through predictive ...

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    11 bids

    ...experience in application development using C#, ASP.Net Core, and/or ASP.Net. • Proficiency in Angular , HTML, CSS, SCSS, Tailwindcss, and Bootstrap. • Solid understanding of JavaScript, jQuery, Node.JS, and TypeScript. • Experience with RESTful API design and development on .Net Stack. • Familiarity with popular Relational Databases like MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL/MySQL. • Ability to write complex queries, stored procedures, and triggers on MS SQL Server/PostgreSQL/MySQL. • Experience with Entity Framework Core and/or Entity Framework. • Proficient in code versioning tools, specifically Git or GitLab. • Strong knowledge of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. • Familiarity with software development methodologies and des...

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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