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    ... The core of the site will focus on offering laptops, computer systems for sale. Also, consulting services will be available on teh site. I want e-commerce on the site for buyers to buy various hardware and software systems. The basic format will be a heavy CRM software systems and laptops. I need sql DB not ACCESS. The e-commerce must be secure

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    We have a requirement for a flash or shockwave game (more of an interactive tutorial actually) that will teach the core components of the networking, and serve as an introduction to network security fundamental. We are really looking for the developer to show his/her creativity on this, and come up with a way of presenting the information that is interactive

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    ...[login to view URL]" I want an interface that the users in "ALLUSERS at [login to view URL]" can log into and add, delete user under their OU. If you look at the attached ZIP I hashed out the basics of what I need. This should be a quick project in ASP.NET with some ADSI scripting, though the tool choice is up to you... you can do it with ASP and VBSCRIPT for all I ...

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    As a veteran ASP developer the migration to .NET has been very painstaking for me. I have purchased books, and read tutorials, and yet I have no idea as to how to approach even the simplest project in ASP.NET I need a very concise document consisting of what the ASP.NET equivalents of certain ASP tasks are. I don't need line by line code

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    ...Tool to make CD/DVD Covers DVD Transcoder 9to5 , a SDK (Software Developer Kit) that transforms a DVD from 9 GB to 4,1 GB. Avi2Mpeg, a SDK that converts an AVI Video to an MPEG (VCD, SVCD, DVD) Video. We need a cool illustartion design like the XP Icons. Please do a mokeup if you want the job. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...(version 5). To see a different and more extensive presentation, you can go to: [login to view URL] This presentation shows you the quality of what we want when converting to Flash (although this is much larger than we need) We are converting the 2-3 pages found at [login to view URL] to Flash (version 5), so I'm hopeful you

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    I require a developer to create a VB .NET class to send messages to a third party application. The class will be used to automate a casino program to place automatic bets. It will use the William Hill Casino (Classic, not Sports), which you can download for FREE at: <[login to view URL]> (When downloaded, you can

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    This is a pretty easy job for an experienced developer. I want to populate a tree structure and allow for retrieval, insert, delete and update to database capability. I've done some research on the best way to use persistance with tree structures and found "Modified Preorder Tree Traversal" method. A search on the internet will tell you

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    ...Transmitter** We have a need for a GPS device that transmits its signal over 802.11b (WIFI). In researching a method to produce a device, I have compiled a list of components that we would like to use ??" taking the GPS serial data and transmitting that over WIFI using a serial to WIFI adapter. Both units come with developer kits. GPS with serial output

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    ...controls and looks it will also be provided by third party components we have purchased the licenses for. so all we need is a developer that puts everything together for us in either visual basic or visual studio .net (either vb .net or c#) all the software packages have to have a resource file and the capability of the user to change to a different

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    ...suite of JSP-driven charts and graphs for providing summary information to our customers regarding the jobs they have submitted. For now, the first task is to develop a JSP application to display bar charts indicating job activity. The data source will be a single MS Access table (attached). We are seeking a developer who will not only be able to address

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    ...in retrospect, I should have started with Invision Power Board (IPB)... The VWAR is the standard VWAR 1.5.7 code. and EZPortal is just like Litedirector in IVP. I simply want to change away from Phpbb to IVP 2.0. The current implimentation is PhpBB with EZportal by Smartor, and VWAR 1.5. The new implimentation will be IPB 2.0 with it's

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    ...PHP application that performs order fulfillment operations for a company that sells wedding and baby shower guesbooks. There is a vellum sheet template and custom pages templates. Vellum Sheet - When an order is placed, they recieve a free vellum cover sheet for their wedding guestbook. For order fulfillement, the vellum sheet is printed and packed

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    ... We need a com object/dll by using we can hook APIs of Windows. We want to use these dlls/com object for making our s/w. The s/w we want to make requires Socket, File, Registry APIs hooking. The dll should work on all windows Platform like 98/ME/2K/Xp/2003. We need developer for long term relationship. If any queries let us know. The dll injector

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    ...**without the Video chat** room **if you don't** want to develop this video chat room. Or you could bid this project **only for Video chat room** also. <[login to view URL]> is created only to explaine the project to the RentaCoder Developer. The web site must be redesigned professionally by the developer. 1. Online School : When the teachers

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    [[login to view URL]][1] is a prototype designed and built in Flash. We want to convert the site to either HTML/DHTML, preserving but speeding up the functionality. We would like an accurate quotation from an experienced developer/designer. The successful candidate will be appointed to work with us in the long term to evolve and maintain the

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    I need a simple PHP content management system that I can use and re-use for small websites. Needed Features: -------------------------------------------------- 1) The ability to create, edit, and delete pages 2) The ability to create, edit, and delete textual content on a page with no knowledge of html 3) The ability to edit content in

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    ...architect/programmer myself and originally, intended to develop this application myself. However, my priorities have changed a bit and I need an experienced Java architect/developer to outsource the coding to. The benefit is that I will be able to provide you with concise functional and technical documentation. The downside is that you are not likely

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    ...but then I get a background from the form (see secon picture). I need this fixed as soon as possible, so all buttons are shown correctly. The developer of the component did not want to help. He just said it shoudl work. Maybe it has to do with the font setting. The setting is the same on mainform and tabsheet, but still did not work.

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    ...generation websites. I am looking for template based sites that I can reuse. The goal is to start small, then integrate all the sites into one site so customers can choose which fits their interests. I am looking to create leads for fishing guides. Each reusable template will be a new location (body of water). I want to start small, with a couple

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    I am seeking a developer who has knowledge in vc++, mingw compiler and the flash/swf format, the developer should be quick and responsive. The application is very stabel, optimized and supports many formats, please see below are things which should be done/added. 1) Finish current mode as it needs to be finished, missing parts are to make

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    I have an MS-access application that I developed for a US-Based Placement firm that specialize on Babysitters / Housekeeping / Companion placements. The application is being used locally by the company’s employees today. What I want is to **allow some extra functionality from the company’s website**. The company SysAdmin will upload the Data MDB file

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    ATL Server ISAPI Extension DLL Stream Files (Download) **Goal** Users need to download files off my web server (IIS 6.0 / Win2K3), but I don't want to give direct IIS file level access. I want to be able to control whether they are allowed to download the file or not. **Summary of work** Create an ATL Server (ISAPI Extension only) not the Web

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    ATL Server ISAPI Extension DLL Stream Files (Download) **Goal** Users need to download files off my web server (IIS 6.0 / Win2K3), but I don't want to give direct IIS file level access. I want to be able to control whether they are allowed to download the file or not. **Summary of work** Create an ATL Server (ISAPI Extension only) not the Web

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    We need some graphics and a logo for a booking / ticket sales system we have made. We want to create the impression that the software is "out-of the box" (even though we will probably never actually make the cardboard boxes). Below are some links to examples of what we need: <[login to view URL]> <[login to view URL]

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    ...3d (animation) software that is a depiction of a 3d mobius loop that I can rotate in space three dimensionally and the mobius loop has some customizable text along the surface of the loop that scales, moves, and is attached to the loop in fixed and desired locations. 2) The software the developer uses can be anything the developer desires. Example:

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    ...**without the Video chat** room **if you don't** want to develop this video chat room. Or you could bid this project **only for Video chat room** also. <[login to view URL]> is created only to explaine the project to the RentaCoder Developer. The web site must be redesigned professionally by the developer. 1. Online School : When the teacher...

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    ...all the associated Dot Net project and solution files. PLEASE! do not repond with "Here's where you can get this program, now pay me." We don't want to deal with a broker. If you're not a developer and you're not skilled enough to do this job, please don't respond. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in exe...

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    This bid is to develop features for a Java tool that's being developed for TikiWiki, an Open Source application. I'm also a developer but have little experience with Java and 3D, so I hired another coder to write this first version we have. The tool is for navigating the wiki in a visual way, the goal is to be a wikibrowser, like the one available at

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    HI, I need an experience java developer to write a summary of some java coding. Here is how it works: Prodivided Material: java source code, excel spreadsheet Purpose: Currently, there are a lot of dynamic sql statement in java code (direct call). I have created some excel documents which has all sql statement (select, update, delete

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    ...app - just loops through the form variables and sends via email to a specific email address. We are seeking a ASP developer who can update the form handler to send HTML emails in a specific form order and format. In a nutshell, we want the email sent to look as much like the actual online form as possible. The actual form is located at: <http://216

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    ...We are building a stand-alone Invoicing application and require some developer tools built (visual basic 6) that will allow us to incorporate printing functionality into the application. (Print Preview + WYSIWYG editor) We have several PNG files that serve as printing templates for the application. What the program will do is load the appropriate template

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    We are seekinga developer with knowledge in the creation of MSN Messenger plugins and .NET alerts. We are seeking someone with that type of knowledge. If you do not haveknowledge or experience in creating these plug-ins, than please DO NOT big on this project. Below is what needs to be done : 1) A MSN Messenger plugin which can be clicked

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    We are looking for Authors for webbased Trainings for the following themes: 1. Standard Office Apps (not only Micosoft) 2. Standard Tools (Antivir or DVD-Burning) 2a. Any tool or program 3. Operating Systems 4. Programming languages 5. Backoffice Server Progams (all OS) 6. Networker skills 7. Soft skills Languages (one of them):

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    Web Site Design Hi, I am looking for an experienced developer to create a high-quality web site for a start-up (left-of-center) radio talk show in the USA. This should be a turn-key product. Site must be posted at [login to view URL] upon completion. Prefer development and testing done at [login to view URL] (to view work in progress). Code should be properly commented

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    ...redesigned. I want the design of the site including colours and buttons to be CSS based so that it can be changed easily in future if necessary and applied to existing web pages in the application easily. I would prefer it if navigation buttons also were based around the CSS standard rather than image based so that pages load quickly, however I want it to look

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    In an Access table are 10 - 15 fields. I want a bound continue form (select) with 4 or 5 fields and a link to an unbound form that is used for editing the selected record. When on the unbound form the save button is clicked not only the record is saved but also a log is written to a logfile. Both forms need to be international usable (all labels

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    ...have a MySQL database containing all of the vulnerability information as well as the publicly available source code for computer security vulnerabilities (often called “exploit code??). We will also need a simple easy to use web interface for updating this database. We have our own archve of this data located at <[login to view URL]

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    ...windows services for that, the program interface must be like the TuneUp System Information too. Information in tune-up.com. We will include icons and design the final look and feel of the program. The product must be in Visual Basic 6. We want to buy already developed programs because we don't have time to wait for a developer to create a

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    Hello I'm Yaser zia sistani And Iranian c# Developer Program that i want : c# app with source code that let a user in an intranet manipulates its data in a sqlserver database like ms access but with easier ui and not complex thinks and not very simple which means: 1-create and manipulate sql server tables,views,stored procedure,relations

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    ...have a Java Applet that allows the inputting, save/load and simulation any program in assembly code. It must provide a controlled environment for users to enter the code (ensuring its syntax correctness) they want to simulate, and then save it to disk. It must also be capable of accepting parameters from the webpage in which it is embedded, such as grabbing

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    ...server, also MySQL (another database). -Site/cart is done using ASP -Cart is a Charon Cart V3 [login to view URL] Questions for you: Site Review Suggestions...overall and specific to shopping area. Database What do you suggest as far as the database? keeping the Access one or upgrading to SQL

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    ...currently has a simple patient management system which their organisation uses network-wide. The application is an MS SQL Server backend with an MS Access front end. We want an internet based application to be created using Classic ASP or ASP.net where users of the organisation can browse to a website, login and gain access to the system. The

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    I have an inspection program on an excel spreadsheet that needs to be made into a database application that will use 3 different devices to operate. My goal is for the user to be able to input customer and crane information on the server. Sync it with the iPaq, and be able to view reports of inspections. I need to have these reports in a nice format

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    I want a replication of [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] We have a selection of frames and matboards that can be applied to posters . The system should give the option to view the framed image and to also place orders. We had a developer take on this job who did a terrible job and did not complete the work , so only bid if you are confident that

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    The developer who is working on one aspect of this project is not experienced with ASP.NET and left with fragement of codes, only. You are to pick up and complete the part. There are other developers working, so you need to follow the name convention and coding style used throughout. This work should be easy for experienced ASP.NET developer

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    I am a small software developer who is looking for a solution. I need and OCX or straight code to do the following in VB6 1) Open customers's default email client 2) Pre-load subject & body with a variable$ 3) add an attachment - variable pointing to attachment location 4) the customer then fills in the TO: address and sends. My customers

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    ...used within the application. They are role-specific. Currently Compiere has a Swing client interface and a web-based interface. We are not satisfied with either, and instead want a new interface based upon XUL ([login to view URL]). The task we require is to create a Java routine that will take a user’s authentication credentials and window selection

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    We are looking for website statistics gathering and data correlation app. Basically we want to integrate the type of data collected in a standard website logging app like Webalizer ([login to view URL]), create series of website site feedback forms and surveys that determine customer satisfaction and then we would like to have an application

    $100 - $500
    $100 - $500
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    I require a developer to produce easy to use functions in a module (*.bas) file that will allow me to easily pass info to the functions on all aspects of MySQL management such as creating databases and tables, adding, retrieving, modifying and deleting records. For example, to create a record I want to be able to use a function call such as CreateRec(database

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