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    We have a project where we have the code to communicate with our two devices, but we need to write the "Glue" to combine them together into a USB composite device. Ideally you should use IAR and have knowledge of Subversion. We will use a Nuvoton NUC220 or NUC240. We cannot use a different micro-controller as it requires 5V IO .

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    ...the footprint of a facility access system. I would prefer a system that COULD use a 2d/3d scanner for barcodes/qr codes, but I would also like to use NFC and/or potential HID prox cards. I would like to use raspberry pi or asus tinkerboards. My idea is to have a web dashboard with granted access to manage door systems for facilities and doors

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    ... For one of our projects for the railway industry customer we are looking for a talented programmer. He/she will have to develop a cross platform HMI communicating on USB HID with the electronic hardware. Development will be in C++ and graphical library is up to the developer (GTK, qt, …). The interface must be able to be generated on Windows10. The

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    ...requires bluetooth integration of the hardware with the smartphone application. We require a bluetooth HID that minimizes cost of components, and is really small. It should be able to stream audio, that is play music on a headset attached to the HID, and send and receive text data from the smartphone application. It should also be able to serially communicate

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    ...file o Sample file will be provided - THICKNESS MEASUREMENT o This would just involve a measurement taken by a micrometer o Micrometer is connected via USB and acts as a HID device (keyboard input device) System will just need an interface to capture and store the results. o The tolerance for the measurement (Upper Limit / Lower Limit) will be based

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    ...application must read samples from the onboard MEMS microphone and run FFT. It will then report the frequency,magnitude values over USB. The existing code has USB running as custom HID and the actual microphone sample acquisition and transmission must be implemented. Existing code uses gcc and STM Cube HAL drivers and such it would be great to continue with

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    I need software re-engineered from a exe to a saas application. The software will use a .net application and get data from a HID. The data must generate reports from the dll that you need to copy/engineer Below is the software and please respond only if you are capable to access dll infromation

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    ...turns Uno with buttons / sticks into a GameCube gamepad that you can use for reference to make the dongle. Requirements: - Good knowledge of Arduino and Bluetooth modules (HID); - Basic understanding of game controllers; - Ability to efficiently communicate in English. A functional diagram is attached. I’m also attaching the existent wired gamepad

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    ...PID and two different DLL availlable, which can be used for this I Need the working AutoIT Script for further extensions by myself, since I have no experience in reading from HID USB. I have sample code in C# and also for the [login to view URL] a doc describing how toi Access the devices. As I know an Byte Array has to be sent and another Byte Array to be

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    Architectural design for 1 story house 3 bedroom 2 bath with garage , the design must be according to California residential Code and must be in Revit to generate 3D views with rendering.1180 square feet

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    I want to read contactless payment cards with HID reader connected to arduino and save it to sd card, to later duplicate / emulate. I need someone who can write or put some code together capable of doing this.

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    HID control (Virtual Keyboard & Mouse) for games

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    Finish the coding development of the firmware, and develop final revision of PCB using DFm principal, ensuring electronics will pass Safety and regional Certifications. Product involves: i) communication between multiple MCUs using I2C ii) Implementing Power Management methods provided by RTOS supplier iii) Ensure database has been setup correctly iv) communicating with PC via USB using standard...

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    I want to creat...etc. This will be a client facing dashboard so needs to be a custom URL e.g. not a Tableau link etc, i'm open to using a third party service like this, if its possible to hid the URL and white label it. The dashboard will need to show roughly 6-10 charts, which will need to update when the excel/spreadsheet data is updated.

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    ...color,(Just modify my code to make the selected icons on datalist to appear with its color) 4. Hid image and video controls that are not in database, instead of seeing empty image and video control on post hided them, if video or image in table doesn't exist hid. 5. I have a problem on signup form, when a user signs up confirmation email is sent to the

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    We wish to emulate an existing USB HID mouse. We need someone to write the Microcontroller, almost certainly an STM32 MCU to do this.

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    ...Daulat. He was credited with supernatural powers and was supposed to purify himself from sin by bringing out his intestines to wash in the river. His wife, out of curiosity, hid herself and watched him do this one day. Sher Daulat found her spying on him and, in a fit of rage, killed her and all his family. His eccentricities and tyranny grew so great

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    Looking for an expert who has de...experts. We have the TI kits up and running. We need to answer several architectural questions w.r.t any limitations on the stack. Specific expertise areas are ANS, HFP, A2DP, HID, BLE parallel connection support [login to view URL]'s_Bluetooth_Stack#Profiles.2C_Protocols_and_Services

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    Hi there. I'm after something very simple but bulletproof (not crash). I need some code that can talk to a USB HID Device - Send commands - receive the responses (i can do the formatting, etc) - Loop I been playing around with code but problem is after a while the code will stop (not receive anymore command) and then my code will crash

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    Hello, I need a low level programmer capable of creating a kernel HID driver that emulates mouse movement & keyboard strokes. The driver has to be kernel and not usermode, preferably written in either C/C++. I need to integrate the driver into an existing project that's written in C++. My current project uses mouse_event and SendInput() which

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    Hello, In woocommerce checkout page, there is usually a checkbox to choose a different shipping address. We hid this checkbox and created two radio buttons "Ship to my billing address" or "Ship to a different address", where the option "Ship to my billing address" is selected by default. What we have developed seems to work well but... it does

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    ...[login to view URL] to see the code and the open issues. You’re expected to: * have a good understanding of ARM programming in general and USB HID in particular * be self-motivated and able to resolve issues on your own without extensive management * write clean code and follow our coding standards Experience with

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    You must be able to access a Raspberry PI Zero to complete this project. I want to use my Raspberry PI Zero as a HID Device (Joystick). When I connect my Raspberry PI Zero USB port to my Desktop Computer I want it to show up as a joystick and I will be able to use the Joystick Test utility on the desktop operating system (without installing any

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    ı need ASAP video capture driver sample for windows ce 6.0 and barcode reader on HID driver

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    Need assistance from a Proxmark3 professional to provide remote assistance to copy. Mifare 1K S50 Card ...assistance from a Proxmark3 professional to provide remote assistance to copy. Mifare 1K S50 Card Mifare UID Writeable Magic Card Mifare UID Writeable Magic Fobs HID iClass Card HID Prox Card T5577 Cards T5577 Clamshell Card T5577 Fob

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    ...graphic talent and am looking for someone to assist in the design of these ID Cards which are going to be printed and used with HID Global Software. The Card/Fields must be able to be imported and then used as data fields on the HID Azure Express Software. Size of ID Card: CR-80 or Standard Credit Card Size Orientation: - Landscape (preferred)

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    You MUST have knowledge of security, APIs, 2FA, C/C++, HID, Cryptography I have source code that is tailored to a USB-HID. The current set of software: * There is a cross-platform client interface (code available) * Two-factor authentication (2FA) using a mobile app (code available) * All USB communication needs to remain password encrypted

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    I need to build HID iclass card reader based on PN532 module and STM32F103C8T6 module blue PCB. You also can use another rfid/nfc module if possible, but rfid/nfc module price should not be higher than $35. The rfid reader should be able read 13.56 MHZ card with different protocol, such as 14443A, 14443B and 15693. I do not need 125Khz old reader.

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    ...somebody making a confession post on reddit about how he killed someone, another confession could be somebody posting his confession on reddit about how he kidnapped someone and hid his body...they all need to be posts that are on reddit only. Anything else will be disqualified...and you need to post all your resources or else you will be disqualified.

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    i only need a function which the devices can read smartcard ID throught browser, i will paste the function into my CI apps. please reply me with your proposal , what method are you going to use and how are you delivery the testing?

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    Reading Smartcard throught Browser (Mingtech-MRF35 , ACR120U, HID-OMNIKEY) Using PHP

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    We are looking someone who can help to make a PHP code for ACR120u, Mingtech (MRF-35) and HID OMNIKEY to read the smartcard on our webapps throught browser.

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    Build an application for video tagging with hid and show questions techniques using HTML, JavaScript and bootstrap.

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    I need to emulate an USB keyboard with Orange Pi device (model Zero or One) So you need to recompile a Linux kernel (version doesn't metter; Armbian based is better) with HID gadget support and configure it (somehow) to emulate USB keyboard. You need to write (or to use existing) small app which will send a keyboard keys sequence (like pressing DEL

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    3 bids my booking engine for the hotel in the case of oxygen hotel it directs you to their booking engine : who is this one : [login to view URL]

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    ...Thomas Illustrated by Brian Martin Zeus was a moose who got loose, While the zookeeper was chasing a goose. When it started to rain, Zeus boarded a train, And hid in the bright red caboose. When the train arrived at the next station, Zeus heard unexpected elation. With the circus onboard, The crowd outside roared! It was quite

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    I need the programmer who will be good in PIC programming. Following skills are highly required. HID and CDC implementation on USB interface of new 32 bit PIC MCU. IR protocol for PIC MCU. You will get more similar projects if done this quickly. Budget is fixed and cannot entertain the freelancers who ask for more fee. Need to be done in 7 days

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    4 bids HID USB keyboard capability as well as basic overall control of the board is provided by the ST32 and its firmware which is the topic of this job. MISSION GOALS The MCU firmware has to provide the following functions : 1) Process keypresses from the keypad switches (24 pins, row/columns) and transmit them to Host over USB using HID, providing

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    ...type="submit" name="trans_sub" value="SUBMIT" /> <div id="fal" class="hid-fal">There has been an error. Please re-check your input and try again.</div> <div id="suc" class="hid-suc">Please check your email to authorise request.</div> <div id="proc" class=&q...

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    Make a good sales script for a landing page, if it's possible, make a hypnotic writing if they subscribing us by putting their email to get that. ** For the reference : [login to view URL]

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    ...using Leadshine. 7. 4 SPI MOSI and CLK Group. Part 1 Job to Complete 1. Build a medium to transfer a hex file from PC(Windows10) -> HS/USB -> STM32F767 -> RAM -> SPI 2. Windows 10 recognize the STM32F767 as a device for bulk data transfer. 3. High speed bulk data will be buffer into IS42S16400J-7TLI 4. There are 4 SPI MOSI output Groups, clocked

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    ...RFID card reader: [login to view URL] There is an API and examples for C# and VB.NET. I am looking for a developer, that will write me simple software with the ability to read UID from a card and emulate it as a HID keyboard input (or use alternative option to deliver the number to web browser). I can

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    PIC32 Ethernet DM320004 & USB Stack HID Device & Visual Studio C++ PC Software 1) Start with the "PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit DM320004" 2) Add the USB Stack HID Device 3) Create the PC to USB lin ker and Visual Studio C++ PC Software to set the LEDs and retrivce the switches state. External memory is available via a SPI bus if needed. Additional

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    I have a gamepad that is split in...hand of the gamepad must send a 2.4GHz signal to the left side of the gamepad (the signal is just button presses joystick action etc) the left side of the gamepad must send a HID signal to a Bluetooth receiver (Android PC etc) What Bluetooth module do I need? / where can I find a system house to make a prototype?

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    ...his time machine to help me discover the true facts in black history and the hidden black figures over the last 5000 years. We uncover who hid them and why. The answer to that question is the Europeans have hid many black accomplishments. Why? Because certain black accomplishments have out shined their accomplishments. Example: A Black Islamic Group

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    ...a C project(in the link below) that I'm trying to understand, working on Windows 10, VS2015, with all the required WDK and Windows SDK installed. [login to view URL] (If the link expired, and interested in the job, please contact me.) It's supposed to recognize two HID devices(one being a bluetooth enabled portable EEG device and the other

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    ...8am PST time. The 2 page add will have a crease in the center where the pages flip. Please make sure important info is spaced way from the middle so the magazine doesnt hid that in the crease. Just added some icons i want somewhere on the page. Be sure the golden goose, Kushy Kick, Bomb Extracts and cannabis prime logos are clear on the

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