Linux is an open-source and free operating system, which runs on many computers, servers and device. A Linux Developer is any tech professional who specializes in developing programs and applications that run on the Linux operating system. They also help install, troubleshoot and fix any issues related to the Linux OS, allowing their clients to use it effectively.

Linux Developers are highly knowledgeable in this field and can provide their clients with various services ranging from installation, selection and acquisition of Linux-based applications, to helping set up a computer or server infrastructure. Their expertise would be beneficial for any business that wants to employ the use of both Linux-based applications and environments.

Here's some projects that our expert Linux Developers made real:

  • Designing creative solutions for GUI elements for user interactions
  • Optimizing server performance and reliability
  • Developing solutions for deploying software within a scalable environment
  • Deploying robust backups and security measures
  • Enhancing the structure of web applications under the Linux system
  • Writing code mapping APIs between multiple operating systems
  • Building desktop applications to execute specific commands

Our expert linux developers can achieve all this, as well as any other custom tasks that may be required. At you’ll find highly skilled professionals ready make your idea reality. If you have a project you need help with or just want an experienced developer to lend a helping hand with technology needs, post your project today!

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    I'm seeking a proficient server administrator with experience in Linux systems and cPanel to help me restore my SaaS backup to a new server. The task will involve migrating an array of data types, including website files, databases, email accounts, and application data. Key requirements include: - Proficiency in Linux server administration - Experience with cPanel for server management - Expertise in data migration, especially website files and databases - Capability to handle email account and message migration - Understanding of application data migration - Previous experience with SaaS backup restoration is a plus If you're confident in your ability to handle this task efficiently, please get in touch.

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    I'm seeking a Senior Level Machine Learning Engineer with at least 5 years of experience to design and develop machine learning models and systems. The main aim of this role is to enhance our product capabilities. Key Responsibilities: - Design and develop machine learning models and systems. - Work on various machine learning tasks including Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing, and Recommender Systems. The preferred programming languages and frameworks that the engineer should be proficient in are Python, TensorFlow, Java, SQL, Lanchain, and Generative AI. ● Design and develop machine learning models and systems to enhance product capabilities. ● Collaborate with a diverse team of engineers to drive innovation and solve complex problems. ● Implement and optimize prompt...

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    Expert Needed to Move SaaS 6 days left

    I'm in a bit of a bind with my OVH server - the hardware is failing and the power supply is unstable, resulting in frequent downtime. I need someone who can help me move my SaaS (Software as a Service) application from my current OVH server into a Hetzner server. My current database size is over 180GB. In addition to the migration, I also need the expert to optimize the server performance. Key tasks include: - Migrating the database: The database is quite large, so the migration process will need to be handled with care to avoid data loss or corruption. - Transferring the SaaS application: All components of the SaaS application, including the front-end and back-end, need to be moved over. - Optimizing server performance: The expert will need to ensure that the server is set up to han...

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    Python Code URL Redirect Fix 6 days left

    I'm in need of a Python expert to look into an issue with my existing code. - The problem is with the URL redirection - it's currently not going to the expected destination. - The code is hosted on a web hosting service like GoDaddy or Bluehost. - The issue does not appear to be related to the web framework as it was not mentioned during setup of this job. - The right freelancer for this task should have a strong understanding of Python and URL redirections. Note: it's a single python file, but we have 5 of the same python files.

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    I'm in need of a comprehensive email server with advanced features, capable of handling 100-500 email accounts. The project needs to be completed ASAP. Key Features: - Spam Filtering: Efficient spam filtering to keep the inbox clean and secure. - Encryption: Top-notch encryption to ensure data protection and privacy. - Auto-responder: Automatic email response functionality for better customer communication. The server should be: - Scalable: Capable of supporting 100-500 email accounts and accommodating future growth. - High-Performance: Ensuring fast and reliable email delivery. - Secure: With robust encryption methods to safeguard data. Experience in deploying email servers and specific expertise in the latest email technology are critical for this project. The ability to work s...

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    I need a freelancer who can install cPanel on my Linux server with a focus on DDoS protection. Key Requirements: - Installing cPanel on a Linux server - Implementing DDoS protection measures: Cloudflare, iptables, dns amplification, reflection attack Timeframe: This project is urgent and needs to be completed ASAP. Ideal Freelancer: - Proven experience with Linux server administration - Proficient in cPanel installation - Expertise in implementing DDoS protection measures, specifically Cloudflare, iptables, dns amplification, and reflection attack Please provide a clear timeline for completion in your bid.

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    Fleetbase Setup on VPS Server 6 days left

    I need someone experienced in deploying and setting up Fleetbase on a Virtual Private Server (VPS), ensuring it is live and accessible on the web. Key deliverables: - Deploy Fleetbase on a VPS server - Set up Fleetbase to be accessible on the web - Ensure Fleetbase is fully functional Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in setting up applications on a VPS server - Experience with Fleetbase or similar fleet management systems - Strong understanding of web accessibility and security protocols Your support in this project will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    I've recently set up a new dedicated Linux server, however, it's been facing persistent connectivity issues due to frequent and robust DDoS attacks. These attacks render the server unreachable, hampering both incoming and outgoing data flow. Even after rescue mode is enabled, the server continues to be vulnerable once it goes back online. I'm looking for a skilled professional who can effectively address this problem. Your primary goal will be to fortify the server's security against DDoS attacks, stabilizing its connectivity and ensuring its continuous performance. Key Responsibilities: - Set up robust Firewall configurations to prevent unauthorized access and malicious activities. - Implement DDoS protection services to withstand and mitigate heavy attacks. - Insta...

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    I am seeking a Python developer skilled in network programming, data extraction, and automation. The central objectives for this project are as follows: - Develop a Python script that identifies network devices as soon as they connect to a Local Area Network (LAN) - The system should automatically record essential details including the device name, MAC address, and IP address. This information will primarily be used for inventory management. Therefore, the system needs to have data analysis capabilities to neatly organize and present the collected data. Experience in cybersecurity would also be an advantage, as the project revolves around networking protocols. Understanding of network security, network management and monitoring would help to ensure the robustness of the solution. it mu...

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    I have multiple ubuntu servers and I would like to manage them all from one master machine. I want to be able to run scripts, commands and installations on the member machines remotely from the master machine.

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    I am looking for a skilled Elastic Search engineer to help with a project involving a dataset that's sized between 1TB to 10TB. Key Responsibilities: - Indexing and querying data - Optimizing search performance - Designing data models The ideal candidate for this project should be well-versed in Java, as the project relies heavily on this programming language. A background or understanding of Python and Ruby would be a plus, but not essential. The dataset is sized between 1TB to 10TB, so experience working with data of this scale is required. I look forward to working with someone who can optimize search performance and design effective data models that can handle the size of the dataset.

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    Full Mesh VPN Setup in Azure 6 days left

    I'm looking for an Azure expert to aid me in configuring a Full Mesh VPN (active-active)between my Azure Virtual Network and my on-premise Linux Boxes. Key Responsibilities: - Assist in setting up 4 Site-to-Site VPN tunnels (Full Mesh) - Help in figuring out dynamic NAT , routing in active-active VPN GW. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Azure Virtual Network setup, particularly with VPN configurations - Experienced with setting up Full Mesh VPNs - Knowledgeable in NAT and BGP. Please note that I'm primarily seeking to expand my network with these VPN setups, so experience in network expansion projects is a plus.

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    My sound card, an Everest ES8336, is failing to produce sound on my Ubuntu 22.04 LTS system. I've checked the sound settings and everything appears to be in order, but the issue persists. I'm in need of an experienced systems administrator or IT professional who can help me troubleshoot and resolve this problem. Key requirements: - Troubleshoot sound card issues on Ubuntu - Resolve lack of audio output - Experience with Everest ES8336 is a plus - Knowledge of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Your bid should include details about your experience with Ubuntu systems, in particular with sound card troubleshooting. Please provide an overview of similar projects you've worked on in the past, particularly those involving the Everest ES8336 sound card or similar models.

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    o Developed a real-time tracking software to monitor and compare IP addresses connecting to the network against an authorized list. o Implemented features to track details such as username, hostname, and MAC ID of devices connecting to the network. o Configured the software to send email notifications to the system administrator for any unauthorized IP addresses, including details about the port and switch used. o Ensured the system tracks new IP assignments and connections, enhancing network security by preventing unauthorised devices from accessing the network. o Utilized technologies such as Python, Scapy for network packet processing, and SMTP for email notifications.

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    I have a number of AWS accounts within Control Tower, but I'm not certain if VPC Flow Logs are enabled in any of them. I'm looking for an expert who can help me by enabling VPC Flow Logs in all current and future AWS accounts under Control Tower without manual intervention. Key Requirements: - Enable VPC Flow Logs in all existing AWS accounts within AWS Control Tower. - Implement an automated solution using AWS CloudFormation to ensure all future accounts created under Control Tower have VPC Flow Logs enabled by default. - I'm not certain if the automation needs to integrate with any specific AWS services apart from VPC and CloudFormation. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong AWS experience, specifically in AWS Control Tower and VPC Flow Logs. - Proficiency in AWS CloudF...

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    IP address blocked, so I am unable to connect to my website. My DNS zone is with Sucuri.

    $25 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of professional support for my business website's VPS hosting. The ideal candidate should have a comprehensive understanding of server setup and configuration, as well as troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance. site : Key Requirements: - VPS Hosting: My business website is currently hosted on a VPS platform. The ideal candidate should have experience working specifically with VPS systems. - Linux: The VPS hosting uses Linux as its operating system. A deep understanding of Linux server management is crucial for this project. - Server Setup & Configuration: I require assistance with setting up the VPS server to ensure optimal performance for my business website. - Troubleshooting & Maintenance: Ongoing support for identifying and resolving any issues that m...

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    I'm facing trouble connecting my MAC OS to a remote MySQL server. The error 2059(hy000): authentication plugin 'dialog' cannot be loaded keeps popping up. Key Points: - The remote MySQL server is on macOS. - I have MySQL 8 installed. Could you help me resolve this issue? It seems to be related to the authentication plugin. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in MySQL and its authentication mechanism - Experience with MySQL on macOS - Troubleshooting network connection issues - Strong understanding of authentication plugins - Previous experience in resolving error 2059 specifically

    $14 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I NEED TO 1. Upload Game in server (Server has issue,some time it's stopping) 2. Fix server issue and all bugs in the game including the slot machines logic 3. Activate my admin panel and ( secure the game from hackers) me set up and Upload game in playstore MY BUTGET ITS WHAT YOU SEE PLEASE DONT TEXT ME AND AFTER YOU REQUESTING MUCH MORE TO FIX IT

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    I am looking for a developer who can create a custom search field for my WordPress page (website) that will allow users to search linked Google Drive content. - integrated into a WordPress page. - The search should be performed on my Google Drive, which will need to be OAuthed. - Search results should be displayed on the webpage in a detailed list format, including file names and parent folders up to root. Dev tools: Python or php or something(could be discussed). If some free product already does this it is ok (just to adopt it). Site is running on fully own platform (DO vm, nginx, php, installed , full root access) Plz end-developers bids only, no manager bids (a lot of tech details to discuss in real time).Plz don't waste your time if you are not dev or don't understand h...

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional to configure SMS forwarding to Email on my existing Messenger Bird () account. This is an urgent task and I need someone who can complete it as quickly as possible. Key requirements: - Prior experience with Messenger Bird and knowledge of its SMS to Email capabilities - Ability to seamlessly set up SMS forwarding to my Email - Demonstrated expertise in configuring and troubleshooting similar systems I am looking for someone with a proven track record of success in this type of project. Your prompt response and efficient execution will be highly valued.

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    Ollama Speed Optimization 5 days left

    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to focus on enhancing Ollama's speed by optimizing the existing Python code. Currently, the system is consuming 23% of the CPU, and with 92 CPUs, it's crucial to reduce this consumption and improve the overall performance. Key Tasks: - Your main task will be to optimize the Python codebase to make it more efficient and lessen the CPU usage. - Along with optimizing the code, you may need to review the database calls to ensure that they aren't being made unnecessarily. Monitoring: - I currently use custom scripts to monitor Ollama's performance. You should be comfortable working with this setup. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python is a must, as you'll be working extensively in the existing codebase. - Prio...

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    36 bids

    I'm seeking a skilled professional to assist me with getting the HANA XSA access portal for my project. I have already installed the XSA with XSA_ADMIN user ID and its password. Now I just need help in getting the access portal from where I can access the XSA. Key Requirements: - Your application should showcase your strong experience in working with HANA XSA. - You should be able to provide valuable insights and guidance on how to enable new functionalities through the configuration.

    $50 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm urgently seeking a freelancer who specializes in Windows Server 2022/2016 Active Directory, specifically to troubleshoot some existing group policy issues I'm experiencing. Key Responsibilities: - Provide an in-depth diagnosis of current group policy setup. - Implement solutions to troubleshoot and resolve existing policy issues. Ideal Candidate: - Extensive, hands-on experience with Windows Server 2022/2016 Active Directory in a multi-site, single-domain environment. - Proven track record of troubleshooting and resolving group policy issues. - Ability to work efficiently and effectively, with the flexibility to meet project timelines. This is a time-sensitive project and I'm looking for someone who can get the job done quickly and accurately.

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    I need a java library to edit PDF files to be setup on the Ubuntu server i'm using - the lib should be able to crop/cut pdf - add anotation, text, drawing,... to the pdf // tell me if you've already worked with such a library and provide a demo url if possible so there will be no confusion

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    11 bids

    I am seeking a skilled professional to update the version of OpenVPN on my Edgerouter to support TLS 1.3. Currently running on OpenVPN version 2.4.7 and EdgeOS, I require an update with keen attention to preserving the current settings and functionalities: Requirements: - Expert knowledge in OpenVPN and EdgeOS. - Experience in configuring and managing network devices, routers specifically. - Proficiency in software updating while maintaining integrity of existing system configurations. - Ability to troubleshoot and solve issues that may arise during the update process. Please Note: I skipped the question about specific configurations in my OpenVPN setup because they are standard. However, I want reassurance that they will remain undisturbed post-upgrade. Looking forward to your bids ...

    $527 (Avg Bid)
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    12 bids

    I'm seeking a skilled professional to use Ansible to deploy around five web applications on a Debian or Ubuntu server. These are most common apps like seafile, etc. You will be provided the domains for each of the applications and the server IP and access credentials. The task will require setting up high availability, ensuring the application is always accessible to users. DeBops roles would be preferred for the deployment if you know it well. Once it's done, I should be able to access each app using the domain provided. Key responsibilities include: - Using Ansible to deploy a web application on a Debian or Ubuntu server. It's preferable that you have: - Proficiency with Ansible. - Experience with deploying web applications. - Knowledge of setting up high availability c...

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    I'm looking for an experienced .NET Core developer focusing on web and API development. The specific tasks for this project are: - Developing a secure web application using .NET Core. - Implementing API development with data encryption. - Incorporating user authentication into both the web application and API. - Ensuring integration with third-party services. - The developed solution must be compatible with Linux. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in .NET Core, specifically in web development and API development. - Experienced in data encryption and user authentication. - Familiar with integrating third-party services. - Knowledgeable on Linux systems. Understanding of best practices for secure web and API development is a must. Prior experience with similar projects will be highly valu...

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer to set up a SCIM connector from OKTA to an Agent and pass user profile data to my Spring Boot application. Key requirements: - Set up a SCIM connector (Agent connector) - Pass user profile data to the Spring Boot application - Pass password from OKTA to Agent and then to Spring boot service - I already did set up the configuration in OKTA and agent and as well as spring boot application all this are ready, but the request and local testing help is required - Ensure a smooth integration between OKTA, the Agent, and my Spring Boot application - Need help in local set up of the process Documentation for reference: Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in SCIM standard and working with SCIM connectors - Experience with OKTA and Spring Boot - Strong und...

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    I'm in need of a server specialist to suggest and to assist in setting up and managing a low-cost server for my digital marketing company. The server will be used to resell hosting services with a primary focus on ensuring optimal SEO performance for the hosted websites. Key Requirements: - The server operating system can be either Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), Linux (CentOS), or any thing you might suggest. - I plan on hosting between 11-50 websites on this server. - I need assistance with: - Initial server setup and configuration. - Ongoing server maintenance and updates. - Security monitoring and protection. - Setup a resell system so clients can login, pay and manage their websites. Ideal candidates should have experience in: - Setting up and managing servers for reselling...

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    88 bids

    I need a Ceph expert to help me with importing an OSD from an old Ceph cluster to a new cluster, with a new cluster fsid. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in Ceph, particularly with Bluestore OSDs - Proficiency with Ceph version Reef 18.2.2 - Familiarity with Proxmox 8.2.4 Key Project Details: - The source OSD is on the old Ceph cluster and is of Bluestore type. - The destination OSD will be in the new Ceph cluster with a new cluster fsid. - You should have access only to the new Ceph cluster, as I don't have access to the old one. - The new Ceph cluster currently has no data, so you will be starting with an empty cluster. Please only apply if you have experience with this specific type of Ceph migration. Your expertise will be crucial in ensuring a smooth transit...

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    3 bids

    We are on the hunt for a talented DevOps Engineer, with a good background in Docker, SSL configurations, and Hostinger utilization. Key Responsibilities: - Playing a pivotal role in managing our infrastructure - Automated deployment processes - Increasing our system's scalability What we require: - Profound knowledge in administering Docker and Kubernetes (K8S) tools - Solid expertise in generating SSL certificates, configuring SSL on web servers, and implementing SSL security policies. - Experience in managing cloud infrastructure on Hostinger If you are a solution-driven individual with a proactive approach to problem-solving, we would love for you to apply.

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    10 bids

    I am seeking someone to develop a simple Raspberry Pi video/audio stream server application. The reqs are the following: 1. Application shall run on Raspberry Pi Zero W2 or higher 2. Application shall be installed and configured by running a single bash script 3. Application shall be self-contained and not depend on internet content or calls 4. Application shall be accompanied by a configuration text file that can be modified by the user 5. Application configuration file shall have the following settings at a minimum: port number, stream url, image width and height, framerate, logfile name 6. Application configuration file shall have the following default values: port number (8080), stream url(ip:8080/stream), image width and height(640x480), framerate (30), logfile name () 7. Application...

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    I'm currently struggling with my Ubuntu sound card; there is no sound output whatsoever. To combat this, I've already checked all settings and rebooted the system numerous times, but it remains silent. I haven't added any new software or made changes to the system before this issue arose. I'm in need of an expert who has: - a deep understanding of Ubuntu and its sound card configuration. - the ability to diagnose and resolve hardware issues. - the expertise to know if the issue lies deeper than the software itself. Prior experience in resolving similar issues would be an advantage.

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    23 bids

    I'm looking for a skilled AWS professional to set up a load balancer for my Ubuntu server. The main aim is to manage increased traffic efficiently. Key points: - The type of load balancer I need is an Application Load Balancer. This is non-negotiable, as it's the most suitable for my server's needs. - I want the load balancer to be configured to support HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP protocols. This will ensure that it can effectively handle increased traffic without sacrificing security or performance. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven track record of configuring AWS load balancers, particularly Application Load Balancers. - Deep understanding of HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP protocols and how they relate to load balancing. - Strong familiarity with Ubuntu servers and their specific req...

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    35 bids

    I'm in need of an experienced professional who can help optimize my Linux server. Specifically, I require assistance with Plesk configuration, Nginx optimization, and PHP performance. Key Points: - Plesk Configuration: I need someone who can fine-tune the Plesk configuration to ensure optimal performance. - Nginx Optimization: The server is currently facing high server load issues. I need an expert who can optimize Nginx to resolve this. - PHP Performance: Additionally, I'm experiencing error messages in the PHP environment. The ideal candidate should be able to troubleshoot and address these issues. The professional I'm looking for should have substantial experience in Linux server optimization, particularly with Plesk, Nginx, and PHP configurations. A proven track record...

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    urgent AWS developer needed 4 days left

    I'm in need of an AWS developer who specializes in MySQL RDS database management. The project is time-sensitive and requires immediate action. Key Responsibilities: - Ensuring the MySQL RDS database is well-maintained. - Implementing necessary updates and patches. - Monitoring and optimizing database performance. - Troubleshooting any database-related issues. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in AWS, especially RDS. - Strong experience with MySQL. - Proven track record in database maintenance. - Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. Your prompt assistance in managing our database will be greatly valued. Please highlight your relevant experience when you apply.

    $13 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    68 bids

    I'm in need of a skilled professional with a solid background in Apache and Linux web server management and PHP. - The task is to migrate my current Apache web server, which is running on a Linux platform, to a new and faster server. - You should have strong experience in Linux systems, Apache servers and PHP. - Experience in server migration is highly desirable. - Knowledge of best practices for optimizing web server performance is a must. There are any business Domains and any Email Accounts running on it. All this must Work again 1 to 1. Also setup cpanel with New Webserver

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    I'm seeking an expert Python developer experienced with the NLTK and spaCy libraries for an urgent debugging task. My data cleaning file has 25 test cases, each representing a unique text cleaning operation. Your job will be to: Ideal skills and experience for this job include: This is a very small project potentially can be completed in less than 2 hours. 7 test cases are failing, just need to investigate if they are actually failing and if they are, making sure the code is correct.

    $179 (Avg Bid)
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    57 bids

    I'm currently engaged in a project that requires customization of an existing program: ArduPilot. The aspect that needs particular alteration is the flight modes. Here's what I need from an ideal applicant: - Proven experience with ArduPilot - Proficiency in feature change and optimization - Strong background in manipulating flight modes Apply if you have these in your Quiver. This is a unique opportunity to bring my project to life by altering the standard flight modes. I envision your skills and my idea working towards a successful rendition of this ArduPilot project. Thank you for considering closely.

    $157 (Avg Bid)
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    10 bids

    I'm looking for a skilled Linux Admin who has solid experience with Kubernetes along with proficient Python coding skills.

    $53 (Avg Bid)
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    27 bids

    Hi There, I do have a business which especially has a big chunk of revenue from ISP Proxies. Right now, I'm working as a reseller but want to know more about ISP Proxies and create my own subnet sort of thing. Anyone here to help is appreciated. Once everything is clear, we'll proceed towards the project.

    $320 (Avg Bid)
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    4 bids

    I'm looking for a skilled professional to configure my Raspberry Pi with specific software and integrations. This involves setting up the necessary dockers to integrate with chtgpt and Gemini. Ideal Requirements: - Proven experience with Raspberry Pi configuration - Expertise in setting up and managing Docker - Familiarity with integrating chtgpt and Gemini - Experience in automating tasks with chtgpt - Knowledge of visual analysis and OCR - Excellent communication skills in English or Spanish.

    $524 (Avg Bid)
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    26 bids

    I need a seasoned Node.js developer to help me fix a specific configuration issue. I installed a new project using yarn run install:clean and it is working fine But if I do pm2 restart all and old not used project comes to life and breaks the new working one.

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    Apache Node Specialist 4 days left

    I need a freelancer for 2 tasks: one small for now, to start immediately, one larger to be done next few days. I am also looking for long term relationship for support and updates. Tasks for now 1) small task, install a react template that requires node. Currently my server is pointing port 3000 to old app is not used anymore. 2) larger task, install the API below in a new VPS server I will order. I already have an older version fully working in another vps.

    $14 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    94 bids

    I'm currently struggling with getting cron jobs to work on my Magento 2.3 store hosted on a Plesk server. Key Details: - I need assistance in setting up 3 specific cron jobs: 1. Order notifications 2. Catalog price rules update 3. Customer reminder emails 4. Automated emails including Review Follow ups - These cron jobs should run every 5 minutes. - We also notice when the abandoned cart email does send, the template appears broken. Current Situation: - There are no specific errors occurring, the cron jobs are just not functioning as expected. Required Skills: - Proficiency with Magento 2.3 and Plesk server configurations. - Deep understanding of cron jobs and their setup. - Problem-solving skills to identify why the current setup is not working and resolve it. ...

    $14 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $14 / hr Avg Bid
    68 bids

    I need a skilled Freeswitch developer to enhance the functionality of the eavesdrop feature The current function of eavesdrop is: - Admin calls a feature code that contains the extension number of the user they want to monitor - Admin can listen to the phone call - When the remote extension hangs up the call, the admin is also hung up on - I read across forums that you can somehow attach the eavesdrop function to a conference bridge in order for the admin to be able to stay on the eavesdrop feature code for several hours. The conference bridge will then "activate" itself whenever the monitored user places or receives a phone call Key Details: - **Current Problem:** Admin gets hung up on randomly while eavesdropping. - **Desired Change:** Admin should be able to eavesdrop with...

    $524 (Avg Bid)
    $524 Avg Bid
    26 bids

    I'm in need of an expert who can help with configuring my storage server that currently runs on Truenas to Proxmox. This job will involve configuring Proxmox server, setting up Truenas container, and configuring VMs. Key Tasks: - Configuring Proxmox Server: You will be responsible for setting up Proxmox on the storage server. - Setting up Truenas Container: Creating a container running Truenas within the Proxmox environment. - Configuring VMs: Setting up and configuring virtual machines on the storage server. Server Specifications: - Processor Type and Speed: I'll provide you with the specific details. - RAM Capacity: You'll need to work within the constraints of the server's RAM. - Storage Capacity: Utilize the available storage efficiently. - Network Interface: Ens...

    $497 (Avg Bid)
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    email filter systems 4 days left

    Hey there, I’m looking for someone to work on this brief. Let me know if it looks like something you can help with. ? Requirements: Development of a web application featuring a username and password. The application should include a filter system which will enable users who input their gmail addresses to only view messages filtered according to predetermined criteria, specifically subject line. This is to ensure users do not view all messages, only those meeting our filter criteria. The application can be developed using either PHP or Python. Example I have a gmail and I have a filter activated and it only shows me the filtered emails that's all, I have several emails with sub domain example aturo atur or etc the idea is that when the user enters the interface and pomga S...

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    I'm seeking a talented Python expert to help me with a Raspberry Pi project. The details are still in the works, but the main purpose is likely to be around home automation or IoT. I'm looking for someone with experience in this domain and who can help me achieve the following: - Develop Python scripts for controlling devices and/or collecting data - Potentially create a user-friendly interface - Implement necessary algorithms to make the project efficient and effective Given that the specifics are still being ironed out, I need someone who can be flexible and adapt to the changing needs of the project. The ideal freelancer would have experience with Raspberry Pi projects, Python programming, and potentially some familiarity with home automation or IoT.

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