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a caricature of four friends - A Cartoon animation A cartoon animation for a children's program - A cartoon illustration A cartoon illustration for the front cover of a book - A cartoon sketch for a podcast A cartoon strip - A CarWash App A case about Procurement and purchasing process within Food and Beverage and catering facility. - A Case Study On The Marketing of Instant Noodles In Geetanagar Bazzar A Case study project on Excel software. - A cat on a hot tin roof A catalog and news letter using Microsoft word - A CD sleeve design for a band from Surrey. A CD Software that Builds an Instant Mobile Web Site Like - A challenge for an illustrator A challenge for you: marketing - / PR - / IT - jobs in Europe - A change in wordpress (shall be made today!) A Change of Heart - A character (logo) A character - concept image - a charcoal drawing on canvas A charcole drawing - A Chat application with feautures similar to Facebook chat A Chat Bot Auto responder - a cheap photographic student A Cheap plain white zip up hoodie - A chef to cook a couple of dishes focused on potatoes A chef to help me host a dinner for about 30 people - A chess game developed with some fundmental changes to the rules A chess game with minimumsdk 14-21 - a children's book Illustraiter A children's book illustrated - a children's illustrator A children's picture book illustrated - A Chinese freelance manage the wordpress and plugins a chinese head chef - a Chinese user/buyer based groupon website a chinese virtual assistant - A Christmas Romance Short Story A Christmas Romance Short Story -LucyGoudie - A Church Multimedia Website A church Software - A city app - repost A City guide - A civil engineer registered in California A civil engineer registered in California - a class of AVfoundation framework A class project in java to be completed - A classified website A classified website - A Classifieds Website with E-Commerce A classy unique logo for our college class. - A clean wordpress website for a health technology group A clean wordpress website for a health technology group -- 2 - A client side map implemented by google map API showing some information A client testimonial document created in Word need to be formatted and cleaned up a bit. Not my speciality. - a clone easyroommate site for south africa a clone for hebrew web site - A clone of -- 2 A clone of 3 - A clone of or similar A CLONE OF MYSPACE.COM - A clone of Website with different Graphics But Same Functionality. a clone of - A clone-Keyword Tool Created (for a Social Network) A clone/copy of a website framework - a clothing website a clothing website where you can custom design your apparels - a club song twerk music video A Club's Web Development for both Online & Offline Clients - A CMS for IPTV solution A CMS for IPTV solution - repost - A Co-Writer for a Sci Project a coach to write a memoir - a code that expresses numbers in english [easy] A code that expresses numbers in English. [easy] - A coder in the Advanced Media Workflow (AAF) protocol A coder is needed - A Coffee Table Book A coffie with a computer enginer - a collection of ancient Greek calligraphy of the letter Zeta A collection of articles by Kh. Atiar Rahman - A college Level Assignment on college writing and arugment A College Moodle and theme need to Install - a colored drawing of a photograph of my father fishing, that i would like to have on a canvas or quality paper that could be framed and given as a gift. 10" x 13" or larger. A colorful logo - A comerce type web page. I also want the pages pushed. A comfortable, environmentally friendly flip flop - A coming soon webpage a command line utility to specify the brightness of pixels of a LCD screen - A commerical with indian public people - open to bidding a commirecial building 3d view - A community newspaper / news / discussion portal in Russian A Community Page on Wordpress - A community/dicussion forum a compamy logo and bussiness cards samples - A Company Logo A Company Logo - A company logo A company logo - a company logo a company logo - A company Logo : Doxa Interactive Studio A company logo deisgn for a company that specilises in pre-purchase house building inspections and small building work & maintenance - A Company Portfolio - open to bidding A company Presentation - A company to create a custom marketplace store a company to fund my project which is based on low cost sewage cleaning system - A company website in Wordpress. - open to bidding A company website in Wordpress. - open to bidding - A comparision website for nigeria A Comparison between parameter estimation techniques of vector controlled induction motor - A competent marijuana writer A competent MLM Blogger, facebook and twitter, linkedin manager - a complete A Complete 2d Video for Kids. - A complete copywriting for a travel website A complete copywriting for a travel website - A complete E-commerce website almost from scrap A complete e-commerce website for my comopany - A complete make over of website A COMPLETE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DATABASE for Service Industry - a complete quidance on how to create a secure vpn server A COMPLETE REAL ESTATE WEB SITE DESIGN + SCRIPT - A complete similar Website Of 99acres A complete similar Website Of 99acres - A Complete web solution A Complete web solution - open to bidding - A Complete Website of Joomla A Complete website of online store on magenta - A completely new website solution based upon a competitors offering, but with enhanced benefits and functionality A complex algorithm created - A complte website A Component for a photographic Joomla website - A comprehensive framework for secure query processing in the cloud A comprehensive literature report - a computer coder A computer consultant who can help install hair-salon software and show us how to use it. - A computer technician need a website. a computerised form - A concrete 5 develloper A Cone Raycaster with heights in each layer - a construction engineering c++ code with a written report A construction logo - a consumer behaviour report a consumer behaviour report - a content writer
a content writer - A continuation of a HTML Editing & Data Processing project A continuation of the SEO project - A controlled assessment A controller and manager with python - a cool animation introduction for you tube channel and cool background music A COOL Business Card - A Copy editor with dynamic range... A copy from - A copy of Freelancer or Odesk is required A copy of - a copy of wallpaper in a lager pattern 12" scale with metalic colors Mockup A Copy of website - A copyright free image I can use in promotional material A Copyright Notice, Legal, Disclaimer for a PDF Ebook. - A copywriter with a wedding industry background A copywriter with a wedding industry background - A corporate identity for a real estate agency A Corporate Identity for an IT managed service provider - A Corporate website A corporate website - A costume representative of the US A costume website - A couple fixes in drupal / uber cart site- very simple A couple for a new social reality show is wanted - A couple of changes on several sites A couple of changes to Emoji shots - A couple of Magento tasks A couple of minutes work, budget over $150 - A couple of website edits a couple of website pages needs sorting out for shopping cart - A couple small fast changes A couple small graphics for Mobile Video Game - A Courier Management A course booking marketplace - A cover letter for a job A cover letter for a job - open to bidding - A crawler or retrieve for Linkedin A Crazy Flash Game for kongragate - A Creative Designer is Needed A creative designer to make a holiday bingo board for hair salon - A creative logo a creative logo - A creative portfolio a creative program writer - a creative writer A Creative Writer - 22116AU - A Credit Card Submission Form A credit card typelike design-For attendance and 3 logos - A CRITICAL ANALYSIS ESSAY WRITTEN A critical analysis of relationship between job performance and satisfaction--A case study in HSBC of Hong Kong - A critical review of one empirical research paper (I will give the empirical paper) A critical review of the journal article - a cronjob script designed in php, connected to mysql A cross browser plugin and corresponding website for major online stores - A Crosswords Solvers Assistant 2 A crowd funding proposal writer - A Cryptographers expert A CS Engineer in NOIDA - A CSS Dropdown Menu A css expert who can add wao factor in my wordpress site - A cultural service website A cumulus cloud. - A custom autonomic nervous system chart A custom banner for my youtube channel - A custom desktop app to implemet markov generator A Custom Drag & Drop online website builder - A custom Facebook Bot to Easily Go Viral! A custom Facebook Project ! (only for advanced programmers) - A custom HTML5 canvas sketchpad A Custom Hybrid Mobile Application, written in Java & HTML5 using VS Cordova & onsen / ionic. - A Custom Made Cosplay Store A custom made logo for my business start up - A custom method Binary Tree Class A custom Minecraft Enjin Navabar and Login - A custom php template that will put my products in order to be shipped out. A custom php template that will put my products in order to be shipped out. -- 2 - A custom project for neozeru A Custom Quantity Field - A custom theme implementing based off a design we have already created A custom timer application - A custom Website, either html or wordpress A custom window in Visual C++ 6.0 - A custom-designed leather belt a custome template for my XfileSharing website (File Sharing - a customised search script + template A customised Windows VPN service from scratch - A customized design,place a form and integrate payment A customized ecommerce website for hosting and selling domain - A custumer recurring billing system A Cut ActiveX Control for avi h264 with smart rendering - A DA ready for council Approval for a small renovation a Daemon or script that run on CentOS background - A dashboard customization a dashboard display - a data driven online service directory website a data encoder, troubleshooter - a data entry job online A data entry job where I can work from home. - A data file is breaking the pop-up script A data file output template creation program (C#) - a data typing work A databage project with multimedia - A Database Error Occurred A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 2013 Lost connection to MySQL server during query - A database project like Clasifield ads A Database Search Script - a dataentry expert needed! a dataentry person for backlinking - A dating site A dating site MVC - A Daydream/Screen Saver App A days editing on either Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro - a decal for my truck A decal for the back of playing cards - A dedicated photographer A Dedicated PHP developer to move a 1.0 version of a SEM proposal builder to 2.0 - a demo app wirh sencha and datatables A demo capability to be offered on our new website - a descriptive profile highlighting experiences and where for a targeted job a descripton of gym ebook - A design built for my blog run through Tumblr A design concept, including logo for a wine bottle label, a website, social media tools design, communications templates, business cards - a design for a cover of a scientific journal A design for a cycling jacket - a design for a t-shirt a design for a t-shirt - A design for my house. I want someone with architectural cad skills to help design a house for me to build. a design for my small music band - A design in fashion A design in Rhino 3D - a design on a beanie A design patent - A Designed Registry Website A Designed tiger Transfered On Transfer Paper - a designer for my urban wear clothing line A designer for the magazine - A designer to produce a new company logo A designer to produce a new company logo - repost - A designer's touch on 4 posters. The initial work is done. A designer(repost) - A DESKTOP PAYMENT VIEWER APP + ADVANCED KEYLOGGER - repost A DESKTOP PAYMENT VIEWER APP + ADVANCED KEYLOGGER with source code - Repost - A detailed and experienced book designer needed ! A detailed artists impression/illustration of our new event space - A detailled document describing a project A Developer - A Developer For Voice Recognition Framework Needed. -- 2