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A CD Software that Builds an Instant Mobile Web Site Like - A challenging Automation task in powerpoint/excel a challenging job. i am able to do multiple tasks - A Change to a PDF(repost) a change to the logo for Sunrise Plumbing please - a character design of cloud to realize a plush A CHARACTER DEVELOPED - a chart a chart - ongoing work - A chatroom app a chatroom support 10,000 user online - A cheerful blue skybox for use in a video game A cheery female voice - A Chemist A chemist to formulate hard acrylic coating with superhydrophobic effect. - A children's accessories shop setup on business catalyst A children's book - A children's book to be illustrated A children's curriculum series to sell on Scribd - a chinese article writer for my travel blog a chinese article writer for my travel blog - repost 写中文文章的 - A Chinese Typing a Chinese user/buyer based groupon website - A Christmas Romance Short Story -LucyGoudie A Christmas Romance Short Story -lydiairis - a church website for our company A church Youth Group logo - A City guide A City Portal - A civil engineer to help sometimes with my groundwork project A civil engineer to help sometimes with my groundwork project - A class to change settings in Outlook A Class with an Array: A stack - A classified website for a rural community in Zambia (Africa) A Classified website like (in Arabisch and Engelisch) - A clean attractive light weight CMS Website A clean busylamp patch - a click for lifetime memories & brand name should be daymaker A Click-Triggered Script to Check for a Value in a DB & Return Output. - A clinic needs a 3d modeling and some design a clinical note program for a physiotherapy practice - A clone of a website with some features A clone of adultwork - A clone of - with all the same functionality a clone of or - a clone of UnityMail 5.1 A Clone of a classified site - a clone software call bookthatapp - open to bidding A clone website - metacafe - a clothing website a clothing website where you can custom design your apparels - A cluster of mini projects A Clustering Based Scalable Hybrid Approach for Web Page Recommendation. - A CMS site setup and content A CMS to be built and Install templates - A Coat.. A Cobol programming job I can do from home. - A code to be written using c++ a code to like/unlike all profiles in - A coder to edit my php script A coder to fix a website. - a collaboration with my company providing research services 2 a collaboration with my company providing research services 2 - open to bidding - A Collection of Tattoo Images Required to Illustrate a Book. A Collection of WordPress sites as starter to permanent part-time role (updates and basic site creation) - A Colloidal Silver Primer A color chart and a revision to my php file - A combination of Search Engine and News feed A combination of website design, management, and writing - A comic style cartoon made into a short video A comic-style ''BAM!'' image - A commercial guide of companies A commercial text for my website - A Community Newspaper A community newspaper / news / discussion portal in Russian - a compamy logo and bussiness cards samples A COMPANY - A Company Logo A Company Logo - A company logo A company logo - a company logo a company logo - a company logo for 4 product line A company logo for an electrical company. - A Company Profile need to be designed A company profile of East End Foods - A company web site A Company Website - A Company with strong design and cms development skills A company's profile report based in UAE - A compartive analysis in one web page A compatriot in need of some answers - a complaint web site A Comple Clone of Website .. ? - a complete automated marketing s system A Complete Autopilot Traffic Progam/Generator - A complete design of a personal residence - ongoing work a complete design of kids slippers and shoes - A complete implementation of a program - repost A Complete Job Portal in PHP - A complete PAID VPN service. A complete PHP Project - A complete SEO Package - repost 2 A complete SEO package back linking white hat on page off page seo - A Complete Web Site A complete web site for a small service business. WP based - A complete website loaded with Q&A functionalities. A Complete Website of Joomla - A complex algorithm created A complex calculator - A component to be made for photo upload A componet for Mambo CMS - A comprehensive marketting compaign A comprehensive scalable program - A computer game A computer game - A Concept Artist A concept Artist - a configuration guide for webmin and virtualmin A configurator in Adobe Flash - A consultant in ISO9001 documentation A Consultant Needed who can find me leads - A contemporary fiction book translated A content article with minimum 1000 words about surfing and airport transfer - a content writer/blogger A content writing for a company - A Contract Project/Process Manager - Help with Service Management process control and implementation A contract retyped - a cooking pot a cooking pot - open to bidding - A cool website for my small VFX studio A copied - A COPY OF BLUENILE.CO.UK - but a little different - must have all the features found on a copy of with wordpress - A copy of is needed written in ruby on rails a copy of wallpaper in a lager pattern 12" scale with metalic colors Mockup - A Copyright Notice, Legal, Disclaimer for a PDF Ebook. A copyscape pass articles write/rewreite 4 - A Copywriter With Marketing Experience a copywriter with Photography knowledge - A corporate logo A corporate logo design - A corporate wordpress little website
A correct email added to my songs - A countdown script a counter process for squid required - A couple mmorpg games A couple more articles - A couple of forms required a couple of hours a week typist - A couple of small tasks A couple of software packages: a batch-oriented recipe system with interface and parametrisation on local HMIs and a data logging system into a SQL database with custom visualisation. - A couple sets of Images need to be changed **EASY** a couple short java programs - A Courier company website A courier eCommerce website. Similar to - A cover for my Wattpad book A cover letter for a job - A crawler or retrieve for Linkedin A Crazy Flash Game for kongragate - A creative design idea is required A Creative Designer is Needed - a creative logo A CREATIVE LOGO FOR A NEW BUSINESS - A creative science project A Creative Screenwriter - A creative writer is needed . Are you ? A creative writer needed for a dog owners guide project. - A Crest designed for an Elite Fraternity A crest logo - A critical comparison of different global perspectives to enterprise. A critical Conclusion section Needs to be written - A Critique of the Research A critique, and everything else essential needed when writing an eBook - A Cross Platform game for iOS & Android. A cross platform gaming event management system - A Crowdfunding Website a crowdsourcing based images/vids blog from Twitter - A csgo betting site A CSGO Gambling Website - A CSS Professional is Needed - IMMEDIATELY must be online now A CSS project for Predrag - A Custom (No CMS) E-Commerce Website A custom adult, single page, mobile optimized, pre lander. - A custom client VPN Application for Windows A Custom Coded Minecraft Server Control Panel That Can Be Used In WHMCS - a custom embedded system. A custom excel spreadsheet - A Custom Gumroad Form needed! A custom HD Collage to be used as a website background. - A custom made minions script A Custom made CMS from scratch - A custom method Binary Tree Class A custom Minecraft Enjin Navabar and Login - A custom php template that will put my products in order to be shipped out. A custom php template that will put my products in order to be shipped out. -- 2 - A custom s/w A custom Script to check the product availability on Manufacturer's Sites - A Custom Version of the EduExpression CakePHP Online Exam Solution A custom video and audio recorder. - A custom WordPress plugin - mortgage calculator affordability A Custom wordpress search box - a customised bodywarmer waistcoat with lots of specific pockets A customised CMS - A Customized 5-Level MLM Website on Wordpress A customized calendar wordpress plugin - A customized text editor A CUSTOMIZED TIMER FOR A CYBER CAFE - A cycler program A cylindrical container, with my design and logo on it, to put the tote bags in. - A dark and malicious forest A Darts Inspired Logo - a data collection script and view site A data communications/networking/structured cabling website - a data entry job for aprox 40 hours A data entry job on or offline - A data file is breaking the pop-up script A data file output template creation program (C#) - A Database A Database - a database for certain users A database for my business - A database system with SQL and develop an application by C#. - open to bidding A database template which I can update myself with the details, but is ‘ready to go’. - A dating app for iPhone and Android - open to bidding A dating app project - A dating website A dating website inspired by Tinder - A Deal a Day website A Deal of the Day website w/ Magento - A decision support system for TB prevalence for HIV/AIDS patients in South Africa A decision support system for TB prevalence for HIV/AIDS patients in South Africa - open to bidding - A Delphi 7 program that can post articles in WordPress A Delphi program for VPN dial SSTP and L2TP - A description for a RTS/tower defense game A description of a person - A design and prototype for Mens Jeans/Business pants A Design Banner - a design for a cover of a scientific journal A design for a cycling jacket - a design for a tattoo a design for a tshirt - A design for new dog food plastic bag - repost A DESIGN FOR OUR NETWORKING EVENT. - A design made a design of 2 crossed baseball bats - A design suitable to be printed on T-shirts A design that can maximize the space in our house. - a designer A designer - A designer to customize a Life Coaching website from coachingwebsites A designer to design a pitch presentation - A Designer with CAD/CAM knowledge A designer with excellent idea of bootstrap 3 - A desktop facilitator app that converts videos A desktop key-binding tool for linux and windows - a detail engineer report on my building. A detail picture drawing - A detailed work plan on "OFF SITE SEO" A detailed, web site creation project planning Gantt chart - A developer that can update my Joomla and Hikashop to the most current versions A developer that has knowledge in MapBox - a developer to take on and redesign my escorting/dating directory site and also maintain it. -- 2 A developer to train me to write (basic) Plug-ins for MS CRM Dynamics - A developer with shopify knowlege, commercesciences knowlege, mail chimp knowlege -- 3 A developer with shopify knowlege, commercesciences knowlege, mail chimp knowlege -- 4 - A device for automatically switching of and on the lighting of a room. - open to bidding a device found or built to - A Diablo II Clientless bot. A diagram - A Diet article a diet ebook - A digital and social version of the Texas hold'em poker. A digital animation artist to do artwork for project - A digital marketing website - open to bidding A digital newspaper and magazine service built using the Issuu platform - A Direct Sourcing Model A directory and planner website - A DISABLED VETERANS DISABILITY CLAIM A discounts-finder, map based app - phonegap friendly (and preferrably written in meteor, if not - html/css/js) - a dissertation for the Oil and Gas A dissertation from scratch - A DJ logo A dj logo - A DL designed for a letterbox distribution A DL flyer designed and EDM coded - A DLL for an ASP script