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add appointment to Outlook Calendar - Add Appsfyler Custom Event Tracking in My APP Add Appsfyler Event Tracking in My APP - Add Arabic version for a wordpress website -No indians! Add Arabic voice over on my app promotional video - Add around 16 products to prestashop shop Add around 170 listings - add article to top of virtumart cat page ADD ARTICLE/NEWS SECTION TO WEB SITE - Add as Friend and Likes on facebook album Add as Friend and Likes on facebook album for us - Add Assist Gateway for JoomBri Freelance (CMS Joomla, last version) Add Associated Product In Magento - Add attachment form to group email Add attachment forwarding to msgcatcher project - Add Attribute to Magento API -- 2 Add Attribute to Product Page - add auctions to my auction website add auctions to my website - Add Audio Icon To Image And Fix Autoplay Issue for Ipad add audio on answered call - Add audio to a Video Add Audio to AVI File - Add australia post shipping table to magento installation Add Australian Business Listings to Hot Mice Directory - Add authentication to RSS template add authentication to web site - Add payment gateway to my platform Add payment to membership site - Add auto instant auto delivery to my website Add Auto Live Price Update to Open Cart. - Add auto-refresh to a specific tree view (Odoo 9) Add Auto-Resume to Cocoa FTP App - Add automaitic email response to wordpress eshop direct bank checkout Add automated process to a contact or account in Microsoft Business Contact Manager - Add automation function to MT4 Indicators Add automation function to MT4 Indicators. - Add Aviary Photo Editing Feature to An Existing Image Creator JS Browser App Add Aviary Photo Editing Feature to An Existing Image Creator JS Browser App - repost - Add aweber pop over form to homepage Add Aweber script to existing website - add back/fw menu to gravity forms Add backbutton, remove black screen, add admob full screen ad - add background color Add background color to logo - ADD BACKGROUND IMAGE TO WORD DOCUMENT AND OUTPUT TO PDF Add Background image with JS and FIX stable the contact form button - Add Background to images Add background to my floating UIView - add backround color to a joomla top menu. Add backup feature to Order Tracking CP - Add banner / Check operation - PLIGG required Add Banner / Clean up SIte / SEO - Add banner positions in Joomla template Add banner script to 404 page. - Add banner under header Add banner with button to web - Add banners to my app add banners to my website - Add barcode functionality and printability to a zebra printer label in PHP add barcode scanner support to an excel file - add basic cms functionality to funeral home website Add basic contact forms to a basic html website - Add basketball courts to Illustrator map Add Bay Area Unified Schools to System - Add Best Value to large boxes Add beta to logo - Add Bing ads coupon tp my account Add bing map web page to existing web site - Add bitcoin payment to my Wordpress site add bitcoin payment to our cms website - Add bleed space to PSD file Add bleed to a Publisher file - Add blog and other edits to my Magento E-Commerce Site - ongoing work Add blog and contact page to site - Add Blog Function To Custom Wordpress Theme NOW Add blog function to existing website - Add blog pages to HTML websites add blog pages to woocomerce site - Add blog to existing website Add Blog to Existing Website - Add Blog to phpbb3 Forum - Mod Add blog to Shopify Website - Add blog-style page within an existing web design Add blogging features to our social network - Add bluetooth midi out and soundfont to existing android APP Add bluetooth printing to existing Xamarin.forms Application - Add bonus offers into platform Add bonus payment feature to affiliate site - Add Bookly to section of website add bookmark and search functionality to existing soundboard app - Add BootStrap to MVC site using Telerik Kendo Controls add border and background to a block for videos - add braintreepayments to my website Add brand to magento theme - Add Brute Force Protection, Spam Killer and User Spam plugin to 87 wordpress sites Add Buddy press features to an existing website - Add bulletin board to a osCommerce site Add Bullhorn API functionality to website - Add Business on Google Add Business on Google # Hourly - Add Button and underlying script to Google Docs Spreadsheet Add button cart (multiple items) Prestashop - Add Button On Site Simple 5 Min Job Add button on Umbraco cms - Add button to my classifieds site. Add Button to our website Header - Add buttons to add/subtract rows -- 2 Add Buttons To Adult Website - Add Buyer info codes --Same as seen Add Buying features to the existing website (PHP) - Add caching to the existing video library and set it up as for requirements - 2 Add caching-solution to existing PHP-Web-App - add calendar system and functions to wordpress site add calendar to column in excel book - Add call to action button onto every page on joomla built website Add call to action button to header of WP Avada Theme powered website - Add candle close confirmation to existing EA - open to bidding Add Cannons to Logo - Add captcha (nice one) to our booking form to stop the spam. Add captcha (nice one) to our booking form to stop the spam. - Add captcha for html contact form for website Add Captcha for login in wordpress - Add captcha Popup to pages Add CAPTCHA protection to WordPress form - Add Captcha to CGI Form Add Captcha to CGI Form - repost - Add CAPTCHA to existing form / PHP Add CAPTCHA to existing HTML form - add captcha to form, start now Add Captcha to Formmail - add captcha to my site Add Captcha to my web-to-support-system-form - repost - Add captcha to static forms in magento, subject, reply to email, Add captcha to this form - Add captcha to Wordpress, menu fixes, etc. Add Captcha to Yahoo Store Contact Page - Add captions to WP Revolution slider Add car brands into website - Add cars from one site into my site Add cart , checkout, automatic email sender to online stores - add catagories and attributes on my magento webshop add catagories and product and set the theme with images - Add Categories to existing shopify shop Add categories to FAQ system - Add category images and small description of each category of lingerie prestashop Add category on Magento store - add causes via admin and editable cause text and hyperlink
Add CC to youtube videos based on existing text - Add Certificate Breakout to SSL Parser Add certificate to Fiddlercore for injecting JS on HTTPS sites. - Add changes to existing PHP site add changes to my site - Add Character to poster. Add name titles underneath all characters. Add characteristics to my website - Add charts and crud functionality to a dashboard Add charts to ASPX page - Add chat SDK to our hybrid app add chat setting and chat - Add check all / uncheck all buttons to application - repost Add Check Box and Fields to a Shopify Web Page, and send data to email. - Add checkbox to web signup form and email confirmation Add checkbox to website - Add Checkouts to my Zen Cart Website Add checks for spam on outgoing mail - Add Christmas Hat to the TideWater Logo - ongoing work Add Christmas lights to our Free Shipping banner above the header. - Add cities to escort directory Add cities to escort directory script - Add clam coin(Bitcoin like Crytocurrency) payment option to a poker website. Add clam coin(Bitcoin like Crytocurrency) payment option to a website. - Add CLEditor with a math formula editor to a "myBB Forum" Add click and earn more than 25$+ - Add clickable text and image on top of slider on homepage Add ClickBank and Payment Module to existing Wordpress Plugin - Add Client Certificate support to OkHttp Add Client Data to our Online Metrics Platform - Add closed captions to a video file Add closing dates to listing - Add CMS fo web template + adding some functionality (PHP) Add CMS functionality to my wordpress site. - add cms to HTML Add CMS to HTML site - add code for drop down search box & category location dropdown menu Add code for Google Tag Manager to all pages on a Wordpress site - Add code to Amazon MWS PHP API code for Parallel Requests Add code to app - Add code to my database Add code to my html page to make it fit to any mobile screen size - add code to signup box on checkout page Add code to site - add codes and cache mechanism Add Codes for remarketing and also google analytics to website - Add Collapsable DIV to HTML Add Collection in Shop Facility to webside - Add color graphics to jpeg for Facebook profile Add COLOR GROUP to Photoshop file - Add color to illustrations Add Color to JPEG's for Online Cartoon Book - Add Color/Size Option in Opencart Site Add Colors to each Row depending on outcome #. - Add Colour versions of the bore cover images you made for me. Add colour, texture and furniture - Add column to website and cms admin Add columns and data in Excel sheet - Add command on Linux server /etc/ Add CommandBar to Office AddIn Project SharpDeveloper - Add commenting to Movable Type 3.2 website Add Commenting to my website with contact form - Add comments section to lyrics site Add comments section to my existing htlm5 adult website - Add Community Builder features like facebook to joomla Add community forum to my website. - add company logo to project ADD company logo to video ! - Add complex features to app. Awarded coins for registration, push notification etc. Add complex Woocommerce functionality to a Wordpress page template - Add conditional logic to Plugin form Add conditional/IF statements to Gravity Forms number formula - Add Contact and pay link on email Add Contact Data to a Database of Locations - Add Contact form to Bootsrap Add Contact form to FLA file - Add contact information to spreadsheet provided. -- 2 Add Contact Management into PHP based control panel - Add contact us page to my website with captcha Add contact us page to our website - Add content (from a file) to a file (html file) based on user selection of radiobuttons/checkboxes Add content (provided) to already formatted WordPress Template - Add content and expand on a template for a WordPress site... add content and images & coupons - Add content and Virtuemart to Joomla template already loaded on server Add Content Areas To Wordpress Site - Add Content From Old Website To Wordpress Add Content From Old Website To Wordpress - Add content management dashboard and landing page for research Add content more content to my site - Add Content Slider/Rotater to HTML Website Add content to & finish our medical BLOG website - Add content to a website using a CMS Add content to a website. - Add content to a wordpress website add content to actionscript flash template - Add content to Blog add content to Build a Website - Add content to existing Drupal site Add Content to Existing iPhone App (1669590) - Add content to home page on Wordpress from another site Add Content to Homepage - Add content to joomla site Add Content to joomla site ! - Add Content to my Site Add content to my site - Add Content to one Page in Wordpress Add Content to Original eBook - Add content to site add content to site and add your personal touch. - Add content to webpage Add Content To Website - Add content to word-press website and minor template changes Add Content To Wordpress - Add content to Wordpress site Add content to wordpress site - Add content to Wordpress website + CSS3 transitions (Today!) -- 2 Add content to Wordpress website and expand capability - Add Contents (written, pictures, videos) to WordPress Site & Registration. Add Contents (written, pictures, videos) to WordPress Site & Registration. - add contents to new whmcs themes and udapt colors shema add contents to our website - Add Contribution to OsCommerce Site add contribution to OScommerce site - Add Conversion tracker script to existing website Add Conversion Tracking Code - add cookie to javascript popup add cookie to javascript popup - add coppermine gallery to phpnuke website Add copun system to OScommerce site - Add correct Path (link) Add correct Topic Name - Add counter to listings add counter to products - Add Coupon box in OsCommerce Add coupon code feature to PayPal Checkout Page - Add coupon support to current shopping cart add coupon to shopping cart - Add Craigslist posting feature to Joomla RD Autos component Add Craigslist screen scrape to Joomla component - add credit card and paypal logos Add credit card billing to an existing website - Add Credit card simbol close to the paypal button to make visible the credit car optio Add Credit Card to my website payment system - add cron add cron for run each 2 sec - Add CRUD to a NodeJS API add crystal 8.5 support for VB program - Add CSS design to my Stripe payment system