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add content to my web - Add content to our website Add content to our website - open to bidding - add content to social profiles Add content to stock theme - Add content to Website Add content to website - Add Content To Wordpress Conditionally Based On URL Add Content To WordPress Site - Add Content to Wordpress Site NOW Add content to Wordpress site(repost) - Add Content To WP Theme Add content to Wunderkind - Add contents from old site into admin panel for new site(repost) Add contents from old site into admin panel for new site(repost)(repost) - Add contest system to bigcommerce Add Context menu in treeview node with delete/rename/add options. - Add Contributions to new osC2.3.1 site add contributions to OScommerce - Add conversion tracking to landing page for adwords and adcenter Add conversion tracking to website - Add cookies to an android app Add cookies to Go scripts. - Add copy protection to PDF on linux server Add Copy to 12 Images - SIMPLE & QUICK Project - Add count layer Add count number beside new comment image - Add Countries, States, Cities Dropdown to "Contact Form 7" Plugin in Wordpress Add Country / Dot on Entry Map - Add coupon code to Magento Checkout (Vigento Commerce) Add Coupon Code to osCommerce (GMI) - Add Course Manager component to Joomla! 2.5.9 website with PayPal facility Add Course/FAQ/Links PHP module to site - Add CRE Loaded Contributions and Mirror Configuration add create online training courses - add credit card for instant payment at filehost with XFS script add credit card for instant payment at filehost with XFS script - Add Credit Payment Feature To Mobile App Add credit system to an auction php script - Add crop marks and bleed lines to pdf! Add crop marks and bleed lines to pdf, 2 hr turn around! - Add CSS and AJAX to a contact form in PHP add css and images to current template. - add css styling to html5 form add css styling to php table - Add CSS to PHP email Output Add CSS to RSS - Add csv list of records to a database table Add CSV live feeds, CSV Products, Live Stock Feed CSV top Opencart Store - Add CURL to php code. - 12/03/2017 18:58 EDT Add currency - Add cusotmisation to swatches Add cusotmisation to swatches on woocommerce page - Add custom code to bookly appointment Add custom code to bookly appointment 2-- - Add Custom Discount Options Add custom editable RSVP form and fonts on a Weebly site - Add Custom Featured Video/Image Slider on React JS Homepage -- 3 Add Custom Featured Video/Image Slider on React JS Homepage -- 4 - Add Custom Field to Joomla RS Events Pro Component Add Custom field to Mantis Bug Tracker - Add custom fields Add Custom Fields and Custom Post Template to existing site - Add custom fields to Open Cart Site Add Custom Fields to OrangeHRM - add custom font to wordpress theme add custom font to wordpress theme - Add Custom Header Add custom header and footer to themeforest template. Also add 20 plugins and configure. - add custom lists on our Prestashop's product pages.1 add custom lists on our Prestashop's product pages.1 - open to bidding - Add custom option Add custom option "Sizes" to all products in Magento store - Add Custom Photos to a Javascript App add custom pictureupload function - Add custom Reporting to Joomla Auction Site Add Custom Search and Bot - Add custom table in Magento backend (LI) Add custom taxonomy category in my Wordpress Theme - add custom widget wordpress Add Custom Wordpress Search Functionality to Existing Site - Add Customer Service Priority Warranty to Prestashop Store Add customer shipping calculator & third party API to shipping website - Add Customized Field groups to Woocommerce site and link to products Add customized forums to drupal site - Add D3.js relationship diagram to Rails 4 project Add daily content to my games website - Add data for .001 per listings -- 5 Add data for .001 per listings -- 6 - Add Data Input & Import function Add Data Input & Import function(repost) - Add data into our database server via typing Add data into our website from Reference website - Add Data To A Website Today add data to an existing extension - Add data to my web directory Add data to onliine database. - Add Data to Wordpress site & a few modifications Add data to wordpress website - Add Database Functionality to my Java App Add Database Modify existing site (PHP/MySQL) [ActnFac] - Add Date Arithmetic output field to Excel Macro Add Date Arithmetic output field to Excel Macro(repost) - Add date to scrolling text bar on website Add date/description upload to existing open-source Flickr Uploader project - Add debit details to Nochex and Resize product page image Add debugging info to a .NET service - Add Delete Functionality to Photo Gallery script Add Delete Update of Contact Documents - Add description for content on our Title management system Add Description function in Our WordPress Website - Add design and admin skin to php application Add design and color work to PDF documents - Add design to HTML game -- 2 Add design to HTML game -- 3 - Add design to Wordpress - realty_assoc Add design to wordpress site - add detail to current logo Add details / Update current website with new pages + information - add didot font type to wordpress website Add diff consoles - Add digital downloads feature to existing OScommerce site Add Digital Downloads to e-commerce system - Add Directory into open source community site Add Directory to excisting script - Add discount codes to 2-areas Add discount coupon on one page checkout - Add DISQUS comment functionality to PHP website+other Add Disqus Comment wall to Wordpress Page - Add DNS Record to CPanel Add DNS records for a single domain on DYN.COM - add domain to vps Add Donation amount to the checkout page - Add download and news section to joomla website Add download button for youtube supplied video - Add Drag And Drop Ordering to "Jquery Chosen Multi Select box" Add drag sorting to XML Editor in PHP - Rehire - Add drop down menu Add drop down menu - Add drop down menu to template and remove flash menu Add drop down menu to top bar of wordpress site - Add Drop-down Menu Add Drop-Down Menu to Joomla 1.5 Website - Add dropdown menu using pure CSS to Wordpress site Add dropdown menus to a joomla website - Add DTV to an Android box Add Dual Slider and some CMS setting - Add dynamic field to Gravity Forms on Wordpress
Add dynamic fields to event espresso plugin - Add dynamic news to flash site - PHP/MYSQL/Flash Add dynamic page headers to WordPress site - Add E-commerce functionality to my blog Add E-Commerce functionality to Premium Wordpress Theme - Add E-Mail Feature to Member/User Dashboard Add e-mail on VPS (Webmin) - Add Ebay Products to 3dCart Store Add Ebay Products to Wordpress Site(use woocommerce) - Add eCommerce Capabilities Add eCommerce Capability to Wordpress Site - add ecommerce to an existing site Add ecommerce to classified website - Add ecommerce, appointment booking and user account creation on existing website Add edit / delete to admin section - Add efects to video with After Effects Add effect to logo - Add Electonic Signature Function Add electrical elements to an existing Architect drawing - AutoCAD - Add elements to list (PHP and Ajax) Add elements to MS Access Database - Add Email Autoresponder Delay add email button to android app - Add email importing functionality into existing project Add email in subjects for email regnition - Add email open & link tracking to 1 email Add Email Opt-in to Landing Page - Add Email template to my WooCommerce site. Add Email template to my WooCommerce site. -- 2 - Add Emails Sent Per Minute Controls to Mailer Script Add emails to a list of web sites - Add EMI payment Facility on EBS Payment Gateway with Magento Add EMI payment Facility on EBS Payment Gateway with Magento - Repost - Add encryption to sqlite Add end date to wordpress tribe events calendar for wordpress - Add enhancements to Christian website using MURA CMS Add enhancements to existing website - Add Episode listing/control in WordPress frontend/backend Add epoch payment gateway to premiumpress video theme - Add Event Function in my App Add Event Function in my App -- 2 - add events for an application Add events from websites - Add Excel Data to Datazen Publisher Add Excel data to existing .pdf file - Add Existing Header and Footer to Site Forum Add existing HTML5 player to the bottom, create now playing shoutcast widget and create child theme - add existing text to existing website Add existing video player to wordpress site - Add explicit request setting to Python urllib2 add explosion on a video - Add extension on Opencart add extension on zent cart - Add extra features on the Medi App Add Extra $5 To Magento Shipping on All Orders - Add extra features add extra features in existing java software. - add extra field to checkout page for wordpress jigoshop Add extra field to the (WP)woocommerce\'s Customer Profile - Add extra flag icon on my html page ADD extra form field & fix the zip code + insert form value into a link - Add extra functionality to Modded Oscommerce Platform add extra functionality to my existing app - Add extra menu to OpenEmr with User levels - repost Add extra menu to OpenEmr with User levels - repost 2 - Add extra shortcode to existing one Add extra sky at top of an existing image - Add Facebook & Instagram Upload facility Add Facebook & Twitter Login to CakePHP Site - Add Facebook and Twitter links to footer Add Facebook and Twitter Links to WebSite + Remove Linkedin Share - add facebook button and payment icon on my website Add Facebook Button and Twitter Followme to Launch Page - Add FACEBOOK CONNECT to my site Add Facebook connect to website (Ruby) - Add facebook fans+send msg Add Facebook feature to cocos2dx game - Add Facebook friends. Bid per 1000 friends accepted! Add Facebook friends. Bid per 1000 friends accepted!! - Add Facebook Interface to Add facebook intersitial and banner to a simple iOS App - Add facebook like button to app within few hours Add Facebook Like Button to Nextgen Gallery in Wordpress - Add Facebook Likes & Twitter Follows for Social Media Pages Add Facebook likes - open to bidding - Add Facebook Login API and javascript to website Add facebook login button - Add Facebook login to website add facebook login to website - Add Facebook Pixel Code for tracking of Facebook Ads - For Website Conversions Add Facebook Pixel Code for tracking of Facebook Ads - Website Conversions - Add Facebook SDK to an existing iPad App Add Facebook SDK to iOS/Android App - add facebook type chat popup box in my php chat site add facebook type chatbox in my site - Add Facebook/Twitter/Google login on my ClipBucket 2.8.1 page Add Facebook/Twitter/Google login on my ClipBucket 2.8.1 site - add family tree design to my bootstrap template Add Fan Club/membership section to a WooCommerce Store - Add Fans to Facebook Page Add fans to facebook page - add fatures to url redirection checker and proxy solutions Add Favicon - Add FB link as agreed to order checkout page Add FB link, fix meta tag descritpion, add ROBOT files for SEO - Add FCKeditor to a PHP application Add feathering effect to collage of images - Add Feature for Codename One App Add Feature for Community - add feature in website add feature make sub admin in admin panel with limited powers - Add feature This is for stephhw01 Add Feature to a Complex WordPress Plugin - Add feature to an existing plugin add feature to an existing web site - Add feature to current map tool project using C++ and Qt framework Add feature to custom jomla component - Add feature to existing magento extension Add feature to existing site - Add Feature to Javascript Timeline Script Add feature to Jmap - add feature to my php script add feature to my PHP/Mysql blog - very easy job - Add feature to PHP script Add feature to php script to deliver serials - Add Feature To Squarespace add feature to startftp and make it working - add feature to wordpress site - quick hiring add feature to wordpress site - quick hiring -- 2 - Add featured images to wordpress post Add featured images to Wordpress posts - Add features Add features to existing ASP.NET project mentioned in description - Add features / fix bugs (Bootstrap & PHP ) Add Features / Form to PHP Admin Panel - Add Features and Fix Bugs in PHP Chat Application add features and fix bugs on my B2B scripts #3 - Add features existing website Add features for a small application in Xamarin (forms) that targets Android / Iphone - add features in demo examples Add features in existing Django project - Add features of exiting Sencha 4 ExtJS dashbaord Add features on an already working export module for Magento 1.9 - Add features to a built application Add features to a cart for me - add features to a existing Website