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Add features to my website for a mobile app - Add features to online Card game (repost) Add features to online Card game (repost)(repost) - add features to our mobile app Add features to our Python website - Add features to PHP Textbased RPG add features to PHP tool - Add features to PrestaShop theme Add features to previous app - Add features to shopping cart checkout Add features to simple SolidWorks part file - Add features to the activity page of BuddyPress add features to the already designed templet - add features to web app Add features to web application (C#, AngularJS, SQL) - Add features to website that uses mysql and php to produce and store audits Add features to website via API integrations - Add features to wordpress theme Add features to wordpress theme - Add features/fix bugs (PHP& BOOTSTRAP) Add features/fix up website, update chrome extension/create firefox extension - Add Feeds to 3 Sites Add feeds to twitter account - add few features in directshow windows media streaming application Add few features in my iOS game - add few features to phpsunchat immediately Add few features to vBulletin vBForms plugin - Add few more features to my custom theme. [read below] Add few more markers and routes on this page given - Add fex to mail Add fex to mail -- 2 - Add field to db of custom survey script Add Field to Donation Form - Add field to registration. Add field to responsive form and copy form style to another form - Add fields in a form for a website build in asp. Add fields in already exsisting web site form, convert to csv, character manipulation. text changes - Add fields to booking form Add fields to Check Out page and fix Order Details in admin - Add fields to my Open Source Shopping Cart Add fields to my wordpress registration form (add to simple plugin which is attached) - Add fields to Quote Detail View Add fields to Registration form - add file links from S3 Add file manager (add/upload/list/download/delete) - add file upload in existing form add file upload option to a form - Add File Version to existing exe Add file-sharing feature to existing website - Add filter Add filter -- 2 - Add filter to image Add filter to inventory page - Add filters to an embedded Google Calendar - repost Add filters to certain Images - Add Finishing Touches to Website Draft Add finnancial part in website - Add First Data payment processor to Virtuemart Add first image in post to RSS feed for - Add fixes to new CMS + Data import+ Few bug fixes Add flag icons to the language selection menu - Add flash animation to existing SWF file Add flash background in CubeCart v3 / v4 - Add flash equalizer look to logo add flash file to magento home page - Add flash slider/carousel to zencart website. Add flash slideshow to Joomla site - Add Flash Video to my Audio Add Flash Video to My Website - Add floating comments to a picture Add Floating DHTML Menu Script - Add flux slider to website Add flv audio resample feature - Add followers to my twitter Add following functionality to existing website - Add fontawesome fonts to latex document Add fontawesome icons to a xelatex template - add for a football program add for facebook add campaign - 16/04/2017 17:53 EDT - Add form error messages in an existing wordpress form (html form - not CF7) Add Form Feilds and minor issue fixes to form - Add form to 2 pages of existing responsive site add form to admin and coupons - Add form to select items Add form to select items - repost - add forms and new fields on program build in Delphi without source code - repost Add Forms To 2 Pages W/ MySQL DB Access - Add forms to Wordpress site - Relist add forms, csv download of forms plus avoid repeat form scri - Add forum to exsisting site ADD FORUM TO MY WEBSITE - add fotos toghether, fix light if nide Add four additional pages to existing website - Add Free Shipping Ribbon to product thumbnail photo on a bigcommerce site Add Free Shipping Ribbon to product thumbnail photo on a bigcommerce site - repost - Add friend to Follower system Add Friends - Add friends to a facebook fan page Add friends to a google+ account - Add friends to Myspace profiles Add Friends to MySpace(repost) - Add frontend to Android app Add FTP account - Add full RegEx functionality to a Python script that modifies SQL database values Add FULL to existing Wordpress template - Add funcionality to a custom contact form Add funcionlity in site to get mobile - Add function from 1 app to others and FIX function with node js backend Add Function Gif Animated In My Project Wallpapers Online - Add function to a given gravity forms extension -- 2 Add function to a PHP script and redesign - Add function to excel spreed sheet. Running total which place the players current are. add function to exisiting wordpress coupon site - Add Function To My Website (Restrict Number Of Image Can Upload)! Add function to my wordpress website - Add function which would paste value of selected dom element instead of title. Add function with java in previous project for Procoder898 - add functionalities to current website Add functionalities to custom shopping cart - Add functionality to another website Add functionality + improve website - Add functionality Android webview Add Functionality For Mobile Device - Add functionality to your website Add functionality to a .NET C# program - Add functionality to a web site. (Back end PHP, MySQL and some minor design changes)(repost) Add functionality to a web-based system for collaboration -- 2 - add functionality to add/manage user groups Add functionality to aggregator - Add functionality to an existing script Add Functionality to an Existing Spa Website - Add functionality to Drupal 7 Add functionality to drupal node_import module - Add functionality to existing ASP .Net MVC 5 Project Add functionality to existing website - Add functionality to existing Mobile application Add functionality to existing Opencart Extension - add functionality to existing wordpress website -- 2 Add functionality to existing wp plugin - Add functionality to JPlayer (Drupal) -- 2 Add functionality to JPlayer (Drupal) -- 3 - Add Functionality to my Drupal Website Add functionality to my existing blog via plugin or customization - Add Functionality to PHP Code add functionality to PHP form - Add functionality to spreadsheet Add functionality to stored procedure - Add functionality to website portal Add functionality to website with .Net - Add Functionality to Wordpress Theme
Add functionality to Wordpress website - ADD FUNCTIONNALITIES TO AN EXISTING BILLING SYSTEM CUSTOMIZED PLUGIN -- 2 Add Functionnality to existing Project Under development. - Add functions in Android App Add functions in C program - add functions to a website Add functions to a wordpress plugin - Add Functions to deals portion of website add functions to delphi app - Add functions to html5 editor via jquery Add functions to html5 editor via jquery (1934915) - Add functions to our staff time-reporting system built in codeigniter Add functions to our time reporting system built in codeigniter - add functions to travelo Add functions to update my affiliate products prices by looking into my installed plugin.. - Add Functions to WordPress Website + New Design but you will add Woocommerce section -- 5 Add Functions to WordPress Website + New theme - Add Funtionality to Shopify Website + Some Changes -2 add funtions - Add GA events to PDF documents on website (so we can report on downloads) Add gable boxes and jars to website. - Add Gallery Pages to Web Site Add gallery script to website - Add Game Server files to TCAdmin 2.0 Add Game to Adult Website - Add gateway Paypal plus in phpfox 4.5.1 add gateway to a2billing - add geo information to cvs Add Geo Fencing With Notifications - Add Geolocation Services Add GeoLocation to CakePHP App - Add GET-Parameter In My Form for thank you page Add GET-Parameter In My Form for thankyoupage - Add Gift Certificate to WooCommerce site & Menu Change Add Gift Option & Fix Bugs On Website - Add global background image to wordpress theme Add Global and New Create New Bill Dialog and Functions - add Google (google earth) map of vendor on dynamic page Add google +1 votes button to website code - Add Google Adsense Ads on my website add google adsense ads to 4images gallery script - Add google adsense to my site. Add google adsense to my website 10 dollars pay - add google Analytics Add Google Analytics - Add Google analytics Code in My website Add Google Analytics code in PHP site - Add Google Analytics Javascript code Add google analytics on a simple website - Add Google Analytics to Joomla Add Google Analytics to my iOS App - Add Google Analytics tracking to flash based website Add Google analytics User-ID Feature on log-in page + more - Add Google Certified Shop code to our EKM website. add google check out cart - Add Google Distance Calculator Script to Website - PHP/WordPress Add google docs exporting capability to our iOS app. - Add Google Fusion Tables Add Google HTML Codes & Keywords & Meta-Tags On Webpage of Website - add google map to flash flip book Add Google Map to HTML page - Add Google Materialize CSS to my existing HTML/CSS Project Add Google merchant categories to 800 Shopify products - Add Google play leaderboard to an android game built with coco2d and android studio - open to bidding Add Google Play Services Leaderboard Submit Score (plugin already installed) - Add google Rich Snippets to our ecommerce website Add Google Screenshot to PNG Edit Save - Add Google to Website Add google tracking code to 3 of my websites - Add Google Web masters code/analytics code to web sites Add Google Webmaster & Analytics to wordpress site - Add gps background tracking feature to an ionic phonegap app Add GPS coordinates to the site record for Google Maps - Add graph plotting capability to existing program add graph to BT serial port android application - Add graphical Thank You e-mail to already existing registration script Add Graphical Touch to Document - Add graphics to vBulletien template or skin we have up and running Add graphics to vBulletien template or skin we have up and running - Repost - Add Grid Image - Wordpress Tempalate add grid system to Forex EA - Add group/ungroup features to JavaDrawing Application Add Grouping to Multi-Select drop down boxes - add gujarati language in ionic 1 Add H.264 support to linux/windows openwengo - Add header and background image to myspace band site add Header and Footer onto the Website - Add header to Wordpress blog (PSD to JPG) Add header widget to existing wordpress template - Add Hebrew font to my theme Add Hebrew version to an ENG WP site, do minor customization - Add High Score Tables to Flash Games with MySQL and PHP Add HIGHCHARTS chart in my web system - Add holidays calendar to my app Add holidays calendar to my app - Add to directory's Add Hot Link to Databse - Add Hover Controls to a Slideshow Add Hover Effect on Video Portfolio - add html code for banner and rss feed from to my job site Add HTML Code for Sorting - Add html into Oscommerce Add html like code to a template - spanish - Add HTML Template coding to a website Add html Template to dating software and customize fields - Add HTML/CSS jQuery chat widget to existing template Add html/css pages to OpenCart - add HTTPS/HMAC to an existing app and its back-end add to my website - Add hyperlinks to existing website Add hyperlinks to flash - Add iAds to my app Add iAds to one app and publish three - Add ICMP to Linux Port of Client / Server Code Add ICMPv6 functions to Existing Library - add icon to favourite list Add Icon to IE - Add icons to a website - Repost Add icons to my menu bar - add IDX to real estate site Add IE 10 compatibility to a Contento website - Add IM functionality to iPhone app Add image & video Embed code in our site - Add image display/upload functionality to existing .Net page VB Add image edit - cropping to web page - Add image link to Zencart Edify Theme Add image link to Zencart Edify Theme - add image to header add image to invoice net - Add image to stock photo via photoshop - open to bidding Add image to stock photo via photoshop - open to bidding - Add image upload/resize/crop component to PHP/MySQL site Add Image URL to 552 products in spreadsheet. - add images and description to consumer electronics products Add images and descriptions in webshop - Add Images in Shopping Cart Add images into .aep file - Add images to a web site with captions and alt tags Add images to an Apple Motion Template - Add Images to cover photo Add Images to current Smartphone Apps - Add images to PDF Add Images To Photoshop File - Add images to website and fix Add images to website and fix - Repost - Add imgly-sdk to Ionic project add import export button to unicenta - Add import export to ommla compnent