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add appointment to Outlook Calendar - Add Arabic Language in the Website Add Arabic language support to a small wordpress site - Add archivemod to phpbb forum Add archives - Add around 500 Woocommerce grocery products Add around 75 items to Wordpress Gallery - Add articles to existing joomla website. Add Articles to joomla from a website - Add ASP calendar application to page Add ASP code to enable Sign Up with Facebook and Login with Facebook - Add Attach Documents Functionality 1 add attach function to Frm26RID - Add Attendance-Taking feature to PHP Web App Add attendees numbers to file - Add attributes to approximately 30,000 Products in Zen Cart add attributes to product post in oscommerce - Add Audio Captcha to JSP page and Save in MySQL add audio chat php/jquery chat script using tutorial i provided - Add Audio Sound Effects to 1.5 minute video Add audio stream to iPhone/iPad app - Add Audio using Red5 to our Live Chat Site Add Audio View in my Android Apps - Add authenticated pages to wordpress Add authentication code to dot net project - Add AVS and CVN to Magento's Order Admin Screen Add checkout to Squarespace - Add authors to post + Invite guests on WordPress frontend add auto backup restore to open source web application firewall - Add auto scroll to existing slide show Add auto scroll to quiz - Add autocomplete to a text edit Add autocomplete to an Applescript/cocoa project - add automatic post image javascript to other website Add automatic proxy determination to C++ libcurl dll - Add availability calendar to real estate wordpress theme Add Availability Calendar with different Prices in different Days - Add AWeber Email Form HTML Add Aweber form into Wordpress - repost - Add back Joomla Module positions to my Joomla Template Add back link in Article-Wikipedia for "great"references - add backend to homepage banner, company intro and menu section Add background (stretch) to existing site - Add background image fixed and stable in he screen also for mobile device (Must be added with JS) Add background image in first section for mobile only in wp site - Add background music and watermark for my video Add background music to 8 minute recording - Add background video to my website - Budget $30 Add Background Video to Row using Wordpress/Visual Composer - add balance to panel .. socialmediatemple - open to bidding add balance to panel user socialmediatemple - Add Banner and Video to WP Theme Header Add banner code to webpage, & move Ifram chat window & google analyttics code - add banner to php page Add banner to PHP template site - Add Banners to 9 Wordpress Sites Add banners to an existing website coded with PHP. - Add Barclaycard EPDQ installation for second website by jump page. Add barclays ePDQ to existing website - Add basic authentication to mini webserver Add Basic Chord Accompaniment Notation To Gregorian Chant - Add basic twitter and facebook links to site like Fmylife Add basic UI function to AS3 project. - Add bespoke functions to wordpress instalation Add bespoke functions to Wordpress Template - Add Billing Opennebula add billing to an existing chrome extension - Add Bitcoin Payment Solution Add bitcoin payment to my Wordpress site - Add bleed space to PSD file Add bleed to a Publisher file - Add blog and contact page to site Add blog and product page to Joomla site - Add blog function to existing website add blog function to HTML website - Add blog posts to Optimize Press via HTML Add blog rss feed to site - Add blog to existing wordpress site Add Blog to Existing Wordpress Website - add blog to site Add blog to site - add blogging to phpcow based website Add Blogs and News Section to the Site. - Add Bluetooth to pre-existing chipset. Add Bluetrackmedia In PPD Script - Add Booking Magenot Extension add booking phone number to business cards - Add books to bookshop Add Bootstrap button on existing webpage - Add box Newsletter s.a. Add Box Sizes to THE7 - Add brightness and contrast control to exisiting C#/DirectShow image capture program add BRL currency on Joao Pessoa Property real estate - Add buildings and textures to already existing OpenFlight models Add Bulk Import Feature TO My Mailing List Script - Add business information to my online directory Add business Listing - Add Businesses to websites Add button - Add Button in FlashCart an send total_Price Add Button in Magento - Add button to control box Add Button to existing magento website - Add button; Change ActionScript on flash videos Add buttons for print reports and customer informations in Virtuemart - Add buy & wishlist button to wordpress theme Add buy & wishlist button to wordpress theme - repost - add cache in my iOS app Add cache to a php/javascript game servers query - Add Calendar functionality Add Calendar Output for Codeigniter Script - Add call back to menu web Add call function JS in animation Flash - Add candle close confirmation Add candle close confirmation to existing EA - add captcha add captcha - Add captcha code to insightly web to contact form - Repost - open to bidding Add captcha field - Add captcha Popup to pages Add CAPTCHA protection to WordPress form - Add CAPTCHA to ASP form -- 2 Add Captcha to CGI Form - Add CAPTCHA to existing form / PHP Add CAPTCHA to existing HTML form - Add Captcha to Form, Drupal 6.x Add Captcha to Form, php and cold fusion form - Add captcha to landing pages Add captcha to matukio component Joomla - Add captcha to signup perl form Add Captcha to simple contest site - Add CAPTCHA to wordpress website form Add captcha to Wordpress, menu fixes, etc. - Add Captions to Video Add captions to WP Revolution slider - Add cars from one site into my site Add cart , checkout, automatic email sender to online stores - add cashU to my website add catagories and attributes on my magento webshop - Add categories to a joke app Add categories to CMS for Newsletter - add category for site Add category images and small description of each category of lingerie prestashop - Add Catergories to my Wordpress template add causes via admin and editable cause text and hyperlink - Add Certificate Breakout to SSL Parser
Add certificate to Fiddlercore for injecting JS on HTTPS sites. - add changes to my site add changes to my site - repost - Add Charboost + Admob & Repair Ads Plugin Add Charity icon - 3 areas - Add chat functionality android app + (XMPP server ) add chat and make better design - ADD chat to my website Add chat to my website - add check in jqury to my website Add check on date available for product to existing checkout - add checkboxes to woocommerce. required user to check at least one checkbox. Add Checkered Effect to Image - Very Easy and Simple - Add Chinese Language Pack for CRE Loaded B2B Pro template Add Chinese theme graphics to existing website - Add Chunked Upload Ability to Angular File Uploader (AngularJS Javascript Expert Wanted) Add CIM (save credit card) to existing Checkout - ASP - Add ckeditor functionality Add CKEditor inline editor to save Wordpress Pods post - add classifieds option to my buddypress press site with nice design. Add Classifieds to my Website - Add Click to Call button for Responsive Wordpress site to the Right of Logo for mobile Add Click To Call on web site - Add CLICKS and IMPRESSIONS functionality to AffiliateWP Add clicktag / button to html5 banner - Add client server function Add client side image resizing - Add Cloud Storage to an Android App Add CMS (content management) to 1 FLASH site & 1 Partial FLASH site - Add CMS page on product page Prestashop 1.6 Add CMS to a Web Application - Add code / Convert HTML tp PHP Add code / Convert HTML tp PHP 2 - Add Code Signing Authenticode to VB6 Apps Add Code Signing Authenticode to VB6 Apps - add code to existing site and database Add code to existing website - Add code to my website for Mylivechat & Intouchcrm (linuxfreak1985) Add code to new design - add code to WP Direct blog add code, and modify open source app - Add coinbase in to client website add coinpayments gateway - Add color graphics to jpeg for Facebook profile Add color on Dashboard - Add color to logo Add color to logo - Add colour depth to large banner image asap Add colour function - Add column to excel sheet and enter a number based on the comment Add column to existing wordpress layout - add combinations for existing products add coments to php blog - Add comment box to my website Add comment post to existing Joomla Site - Add comments and facebook-connect login to ecommerce site Add Comments and member registration to my site - add comments to our custom Wordpress theme Add comments to portfolio page on wordpress site - Add Company Details - repost Add Company Details - repost 2 - Add Competition Section to Magento website Add competitive components to website for youth gaming - Add computer deals to website Add concurrency support to JavaScript programming game - Add constraints to almost 100 View Controllers in Xcode 7 Add Constraints to iPhone project Storyboard - Add contact form to an existing page Add Contact form to Bootsrap - Add contact information to spreadsheet provided. -- 2 Add Contact Management into PHP based control panel - Add contact us page on interspire cart webpage Add Contact Us page to my website - Add Content & Optimize WebSite Add content & video to exsiting website - Add Content and Edit Images Add Content and Edit my E-Products with graphics - Add content and style buttons on Add content and update existing plumbing website - Add Content from exisiting site to new Add content from LibreOffice document to Joomla blog - Add content into a pre-built website Add content into our sites from other sites - Add content pages - HTML/PHP/CSS Add Content Pages in Zen Cart - Add content to a website add content to a website - Add content to a WordPress theme Add content to a wordpress website - add content to Build a Website Add content to business directory - Add content to existing mobile and full site Add content to existing site - Add Content to Homepage Add Content To HTML Code - Add Content to joomla site ! Add Content to joomla template. IT's been updated, just need someone to come up with SEO content - Add Content to my Site Add content to my site - Add Content to Original eBook add content to oscommerc ehome page - add content to site and add your personal touch. Add content to site and use styles previously created - Add Content To Web Site From PDF File Add content to webpage - Add content to website, SEO and Redirects Add content to website. - Add content to Wordpress site Add content to Wordpress site - Add content to Wordpress website + CSS3 transitions (Today!) Add content to Wordpress website + CSS3 transitions (Today!) -- 2 - Add content/products to website Add Contents (written words, pictures, videos) to WordPress Site & User Registration. - Add contents to handi dom website Add Contents to my Joomla Nightlife Site - add contribution 689 - customer discount add contribution oscommerce admin - Add controls to custom control for vscrolling Add controls to custom control for vscrolling -- 2 - Add cookie to Facebook share popup locker add cookie to javascript popup - Add Cool New Social Bookmarking Button (Highlighter) to Forums Add coordinate axes in a plotting application - Add correct button links to multilingual website add correct canonical in web site - Add countdown to HTML coming soon page -- 2 Add counter and a links page to my web - add couple lines click to call code to a php script Add couple of features to website - Add coupon on my site Add coupon page for paypal site - Add cradit card payment to groupon script Add Craigslist Clone Software to my site. - Add Credit Card and Bank Wire payment gateway options. add credit card and paypal logos - Add Credit Card to my website payment system Add Credit Card validation to existing PHP reservation form - Add Cron Job to Cpanel Add cron job. - Add CSS & SVG animations to an html site Add CSS 960 grid to previous CSS Design - add css styling to php table Add CSS Tabbed Content in Existing Web Page - add css to extend images -- 2
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