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Add Email Script to Header Image And Fix Some Items - Add Email to Sales Order Magento API Add email type handler to CF application - Add Emails to My Autoresponder Add Emails to My Autoresponder - ongoing work - Add Employees to Business Module - PHP Add employment page to website. - Add Energy Prices Add English and Czech "language pack" to Magento store ("Mega Mall" theme) - Add Entries to Online Directory Add entries to tourism website - Add estimated earnings in my website Add Estimated Shipping to OsCommerce - add event tracking Add event tracking to a PayPal "buy now" button - Add eWay online payment system to existing Xero file Add EWAY payment app to woocommerce word press cart store - Add exchange to NOMP multipool. 100$ Budget Add Exempt MAgneto URLS To Varnish Cache - Add Existing Logo to a Tent Add existing logo to image of Christmas ornament - add expanding/contrating text area to web page Add Expedia Engine To Existing Website - Add Export To PDF & Excel Button To ASP.NET Website Add Export To PDF Functionality To ASP.NET Website - Add exterior lighting to a picture of a house Add external EEPROM flash to existing MCU (CC2541) and update PCB - Add extra events to timeline project Add Extra expenses and Refunds in Products and Reports - add extra field into registration page on my website i am using chameleon dating script add extra field to checkout page for wordpress jigoshop - Add Extra Filter to WooCommerce, Fix a Page, Update Add extra flag icon on my html page - add extra functionality to my existing app Add extra functionality to my flash quiz - Add extra module in php probid ADD EXTRA Modules to Home Page of existing JOOMLA site+ Some minor Modifications to Home Page, then Convert Site to RESPONSIVE - Add extra template to software Add extra user level ! - Add Facebook 'Like Button' and Addthis Functionality Add facebook 'like button' to xcart productpages, and to main page. - Add Facebook and Twitter Register and Sign In to my site Add Facebook and Twitter tracking code to an App - Add Facebook Comments & Likes to WP Theme Add Facebook Comments & Likes to WP Theme - repost - Add Facebook Fan Page Likes Add Facebook Fan page on my facebook - Add Facebook friends add facebook friends - Add Facebook Gamers Add Facebook Gamers 2 - add Facebook life in unity game Add facebook like & follow to WP site - Add Facebook Like Buttons to website add facebook like feature (remove old content in it's place on the page) - Add facebook likes and credit card payment to existing webshop - ongoing work Add Facebook likes and friends Get Traffic to my Website Business page - Add Facebook Login image same as other page.. Add Facebook login support to my Cytube server (NodeJS) - Add Facebook login to WWW and REST api Add Facebook login/GeoLocation - Add Facebook Pixel to Woocommerce Add facebook pixels and adword tracking code to shopify store - Add facebook share/comment box to site and related stuff Add Facebook Sharing and Comments to a Site - Add facebook, instagram, google plus follow, youtube subscribe button to app Add Facebook, Pinterest and other bookmark sites to website - Add Fade Effect to Text and Enable Touch / Swipe on Supersized Slider -- 2 add fade to image - Add Fans on my facebook Add Fans to a FB page. - Add fans to my Add Fans to New Facebook Fan Page - Add FB and Twitter Feed to home page Add FB Autopublish/Have it Post as user (Classipress) - Add FB.CommentClient.add_onComment script to php template page Add FB.Twitter etc - add feature and make new desgin for add feature and make new design for food ecommence - Add feature in existing app Add Feature In java App - Add feature OpenVPN with Obfsproxy on connection Add feature OpenVPN with Obfsproxy on connection -- 2 - Add Feature to a WordPress Plugin Add Feature to Affiliate Software - Add feature to current map tool project using C++ and Qt framework Add feature to custom jomla component - Add feature to existing magento extension Add feature to existing site - Add feature to Joomla 1 Add feature to JPEXS - Add feature to my site Add feature to my site - Add Feature to Poker-Network Poker3d (repost) Add Feature to Poker-Network Poker3d (repost)(repost) - Add feature to web tool Add feature to Webbrowser control - Add feature to WP Plugin Add feature using location in backround for iphone and android app - Add Featured Section To My Social Exchange Site Add featured to my Android App - Add Features & Set up Images Hosting Site Add features & Create Report for Excel Balance Generator - Add features and fix bigs for great IOS App Add features and fix bugs for PHP reverse auction script - add features and some pages to an existing webapp developed in PHP (MAX: 70-80euro) add features and update an existing iphone app - add features in demo examples Add features in existing Django project - Add features on an existing app Add Features On an Opensource Project - Add features to a custom drupal system Add features to a custom ecommerce framework - Add Features to a Macro Enabled Spreadsheet Add Features to a made plugin in .NET - Add features to a Python/Django application Add Features to a Re-skinned app (Slot Game) - add features to a website #3 _ jam87 Add Features to a Website - open to bidding - add features to ajax chat room(repost)(repost) Add Features to Alarm - Add features to an existing account registration/subscription process in a Rails application Add Features To An Existing Android Application - Add features to an existing iPad application and examine existing code for bugs Add Features to an existing iPhone & Android ecommerce app in beta - Add features to an existing Wordpress site add features to an invoice program (CP 2006-3-22) - Add features to app add features to app - Add Features to CE website Add features to Chameleon Social - Add features to current WordPress theme Add features to custom CMS 2 - Add features to existing 2D sprite kit Game Add features to existing Android and iPhone app - Add features to existing ios 8 iPhone app - Part 2 Add features to existing iOS app and PHP backend - Add features to existing proejct Add features to existing program - Add features to existing Symfony2 project Add features to existing Symfony2 project (2) - Add Features to Filemaker Database Add Features to Finished Wordpress Plugin - Add Features to Inventory Management Website add features to ionic app - add features to javascript website; Arabic knowledge of advantage Add Features To Job Website - Add features to music manager
Add Features to Music Sharing App - Add Features to my Existing PHP Website Add Features to my Existing PHP Website - repost - Add features to my web site Add features to my web site and fix few bugs - add Features to Add features to new website - Add Features to oscommerce Website Add Features to our BSP - Add Features to PHP invoice Script Add features to PHP MYSQL Dog Pedigree Database - Add features to phpBB.(repost) Add features to Phpfox-Portal - Add features to script Add features to script. - Add features to Sweet Home 3D Add features to task management app. - Add features to video player Add features to Video Streaming Player in QT - Add Features to Website Template Add features to website that uses mysql and php to produce and store audits - Add Features To Wordpress Theme Website Add Features to WordPress Website - Add Featurs to Wordpress Template &amp; CMS Add feautes to magento webshop - Add fetures to my apps add few banner to my website - add few features PHP site hosted on Linux Add few features to chat app. - Add few functions to program Add few functions to the linked list - add few paypal buttons Add Few Plug ins to my Wordpress Blogs - Add field Joomla registration Add Field Names to Checkout page - Add Field to Joomla Registration Add field to mysql database - add field, cron, more and ensure affiliate program works on new URL Add fields 2 one page checkout in Opencart - Add fields on Opencart live search bar Add fields to a php page - Add fields to excel import for OSC Add fields to existing MS-SQL 2005 database table - Add Fields to PDF Timesheet Add Fields to PDF Timesheet so it automatocaly fills out - Add file association by double click to existent MFC application Add File Attachment Functionality to OSCommerce checkout process - Add FILE UPLOAD feature to webview to my app for android < 4.4 Add File Upload Field Into Registration Page - Add file version control system Add File Version to existing exe - Add filter Add filter -- 2 - Add filter to Mini Search Add filter to MS Excel file - Add filters to last project Add filters to MQ4 indicator - Add fire special effects to video Add Firebase & Google Analytics to Mobile App Android Studio - Add fixed header to responsive Drupal website - ongoing work Add fixed header to responsive Drupal website - repost - add flash action script 2 add flash action to website header - Add flash contact form to a complicated template with auto nitification Add flash customer designer interface to Volusion site - Add Flash Menu &amp; Flash Portfolio to Html site Add Flash Music Player to Website - Add flash to our website and give it a facelift Add flash to site - Add flip book, twitter, facebook as a tab on side of wordpress site Add flip transition effect in advanced post slider wordpress plugin - add Flowplayer to a wordpress theme add flowplayer(HTML5) at phpmelody, DRM hls stream and other - add follow us on twitteer and like us on facebook to site Add follow/unfollow user relationships to YII PHP Script - Add font to an image Add FONT to an OCR scanning software - Add footer area to Wordpress website. Add footer area to Wordpress website. -- 2 - Add Form and Macro to Excel Spreadsheet Add form and thank you page to a landing page - Add form on responsive mode wordpress Add form page to existing website - Add form to page and generate excel file - (Yii Framework) Add form to page(repost) - Add formfield to (2) 1 page PDF documents. Add formfield to (2) 1 PDF documents. - Add forms to Wordpress site Add forms to wordpress site - Add Forum to an existing osCommerce Site Add forum to existiing website - Add forums with auth/intergration 2 Add Fotolia images import process in an already done configurator of customization module - Add Free Shipping Ribbon to product thumbnail photo on a bigcommerce site Add Free Shipping Ribbon to product thumbnail photo on a bigcommerce site - repost - Add Friends Add Friends - Add Friends to a MySpace Account Add Friends To Communtiy - Add Friends to MySpace(repost) Add friends to mySpace-Account - add ftp file uploads to existing file manager/file upload program - david Add FTP functionality to VB program - Add full screen option to video player. Add full screen video background to existing wordpress theme - Add function add function - add function in web app Add function key to existing Sharepoint application. - Add function to C++ dll to Display Text Box VS 2008/2010 Add function to Cartodb.js map - add function to my plugin Add function to my shopping card - add function to wordpress plugin Add Function To Wordpress Site - Add functionalities to custom shopping cart Add functionalities to excisting app - Add functionality + improve website Add functionality + some graphical improvement - Add Functionality For Mobile Device Add functionality for posting and bidding on projects to my website - add functionality to a custom Zoho Creator application Add functionality to a Django Python Application - Add functionality to a website theme Add functionality to a website, then convert it into a Wordpress template. - Add functionality to an exhisting flash project(repost) Add functionality to an exhisting flash project(repost)(repost) - Add Functionality to Bookly Wordpress Plugin Add functionality to C# Windows Form - Add functionality to existing Android/iPhone app add functionality to existing app - Add functionality to existing iPhone User Interface - Comparison App Add functionality to existing jquery interface - Add functionality to existing website Add functionality to existing website - Add functionality to Joomla website Add functionality to JPlayer (Drupal) - add functionality to my android app Add functionality to my C#/.NET visualisation application - add functionality to PHP form Add Functionality to PHP web application - Add functionality to stored procedure Add functionality to the calculator - Add functionality to website with .Net Add Functionality to Website, HTML/CSS is Already Completed. Must be able to compare distance between two postal codes as part of it(See description) - Add functionality to Wordpress Plugin