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Add Narrow Search Result's to my website - Add navigation to site Add navigation to slideshow - add new features,images in android app -- 2 Add new page with login functionality - Add new attribute to existing entity Add new attribute to existing entity (1) - Add new clothing to existing 3d character rig Add new column to order list in the prestashop backend - Add new CRM to exiting Connector Add new CSS class for homepage - Add new design to existed site Add new design to my website - Add New Enquiry Form To Venues Webstie Add New entries to fashion/clothing website - add new feature on alacarteachers -- 2 Add New Feature on Android Apps - Add New Feature To Existing Firefox Addon Add new feature to existing iOS Applicatioon - Add new feature to SelfControl Add new feature to site - Add New Features And Fix Crashes In ChromeCast App(Android Version) Add new features and fix issues - Add new features in software (C#/sql server/crystal reports) Add new features into an existing system: Office Workflow / Business Process Management - Add new features to an already developed NodeBB plugin Add new features to an already developed NodeBB plugin. - add new features to blank WordPress theme -- 2 add new features to blank WordPress theme -- 3 - Add new Features to existing iOS App add new features to existing ios app - Add new features to existing wordpress theme Add new features to existing Xamarin forms app - add new features to musicbox(repost) Add new features to my existing plugin - Add new features to Spanish Rental Site Add New Features to SportsFit. - Add new features to WHMCS Affiliate System Add new features to Windows Phone 8 app (C#) - add new field to existing calendar project Add new field to form - Add new files to my VPS! Add new files to pho website and create report for variable - ADD NEW FUNCIONALITY TO USER ACCOUNT AND ADMIN Add new function - Add new function to my website (Wordpress) Add new functional to working website - Add new functionality iOS app Add new functionality to a simple website which uses a combination of java and asp - Add new functionality to the plugin. Add new functionality to the website (ZEND Framework) - Add new functions to an eCommerce Store - MVC, OpenCart, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript required. Add new functions to an existing EA - Add New Furniture Sofa Chair Wordpress Template that is mobile and SEO friendly Add new future on my PHP Software - Add new header to wordpress blog Add new home page and blog page to existing Drupal si - Add new items to webstore, cut pictures Add new javascript functions to existing page - Add new location settings feature to an Android application Add new locations to our website - Add New Module and Modify existing one. Expert Freelancer Needed. (Urgent Task) -- 2 Add New Module and Modify existing one. Expert Freelancer Needed. (Urgent Task) -- 3 - Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone App (only for coders that know PhoneGap).... Add new modules in a existing web site - Add new page in admin side in the code created by PHPMAKER add new page including photo gallery with updates - Add new page to website, and edit header and footer of the remaining pages Add New Page to Website, plus - Add new pages to existing website, mainly typesetting of existing material Add new pages to my PHP website - Add New Payment Gateway to WordPress Plugin (Event Espresso) Add new payment gateway to WPGroupBuy theme - Add new Product Add new Product - open to bidding - Add new products to my website Add new products to my website 2 - add new registered username automatically to 2 parts of my html on profile field like how tokens work but it does not work fusing this :( drupal 7 profile2 modules and other modules i need this so that new users sign up and there username automatically ge Add new reports functionality to preexisting GAE app - add new section - FBML Add new section to Android App - Add new site to indicator system Add new site to pdf download application in java - Add new Tab to website Add new table/fields in Easypopulate.php - Add new theme to Shopify add new theme to wordpress website - Add new url to multiple pages on wordpress Add new user class/group on existing site - Add new web page in my existing flash website add new webpages to my website - add news aggregator and filter to web site Add news and download list system to flash site PHP/MYSQL/Flash --( - Add News page to Joomla website including PayPal payment Add News page to PHPMotion Site - Add newsletter xml to signup forms. Add next, previous and random button - Add Nivo jQuery Image Slider to Wordpress (with some design) add no design boxes - Add Notes section to a Contact App Add notification & request feature to web client of public Github project - add notifications with parse to ios cutter app Add NoVNC support to existing WHMCS module - Add oder operation to an indicator Add OE PART field to CS CART product admin and listing so that it can be searched for - Add old functionality to new website Add old invoices into Freshbooks - Add on assignemnt add on cart for richwaytech - Add on features from an earlier project with PhoenixTech add on features in exsisting iPhone app - ADD ON FOR PHP SITE add on for plugin quiz master next - Add on installs for Zen-Cart Add On Integration - Add On or Tool for Browser Privacy Add on page to existing website - Add on to a Python scrip Add On to a Simple Database Project - Add on to existing Android app Add on to existing application - Add on to Project: Add on to site - add on work add on work for Book site - Add one classiffied to Add One Data Field to HTML Code - add one field to my site form Add one field to the existing website - Add one modul for my website Add one more language into my website - add one page in to another page html asap Add one page to a WordPress site - Add one product return form on current web site Add one product to the web - Add Online Booking into my website Add online booking system to website - Add Online Processing To My Site Add online purchasing to one section of wordpress based site - Add only comment on a poll Add only Top Level Directories in FTP - Add ons to PHP Site - RELISTED Add ons to wordpress site - add open source file to my html site Add open source filters to existing iOS app - Add Opt-In email to existing web site Add opt-in form to sales page - add option to atribute
Add option to change colour of objects in mt4 indicator - add option to upload more picture to a website Add option to use enter key and go key on mobile in js for survey check out. - Add options to my music player app Add options to my Web page + send xml to srever FTP - add or fix csv import into website add or fix csv import into website -- 2 - Add Order History to user account and fix other issues Add Order ID in Label - Magento - Add OsCommerce Modules / Contributions add oscommerce otpion to site - Add our apps to Windows App Store Add our Brand Names to product pages - Add our link in asp, asp .net, software resellers or HR software site in different countries Add our link in websites - Add our logo to the Worldpay payment pages Add our logos and brand name to existing video - Add our widget to WidgetBox Add our WRAP Header and Footer to a video - Add overlay page to homepage - ongoing work Add overlay to contact images - Add Packaging Drop-down List in Oscommerce Add padding to Plug-In - Add page number to a wordpress website Add page number to my document - Add page to existing joomla site to act as landing page ADD page to existing online store - Add Page To Our Wordpress Website. Add page to site - Add page turn effect to PDF. Add page with formular and iframe - Add Pages & Graphs: PHP Add Pages & Graphs: PHP and SMARTY PHP - Add pages and paths to current drupal-based website Add pages and text to Wordpress website - Add pages to a website in the same style Add pages to a WHMCS module - Add pages to existing site Add pages to existing site (dude) - add pages to HTML website plus call to action Add pages to inside of Joomla website - Add pages to our existing web site Add pages to pixel site - Add pages to wordpress Add Pages to Wordpress - Add pagination dots to iOS app Add pagination functionality to an existing Instagram-feed element - Add pagination to Yootheme Widgekit Gallery Add PagSeguro payment gateway for phpFox - add parallax effect to images Add parallax effect to my background. - Add parking lots in Manhattan to my database Add PARSE database to wordpress database - Add password code to page Add Password Field to Wordpress Register Pop-Up Window - Add Password-Protect to PHP project Add Passwords to Simple Script - Add payment api Add payment Api - No pulgin - Add payment function in current website -- 2 Add payment function to webshop - Add Payment Gateway and Adsense to existing site Add payment gateway and payments for existing website - Add payment gateway to classipress Add Payment Gateway to Daloradius - Add Payment Gateway to Wordpress Plugin Add payment gateway to Wordpress plugin / site - Add Payment Method on a SpreeCommerce online store Add Payment Method On My Site - Add payment processor as discussed Add payment processor extension to MAGENTO store - Add payment system to website - ebay like website Add Payment to an existing site - Add paypal direct payment for only one of our website service Add paypal direct payment in only one of our website service - Add paypal and credit card Gateway and fixed all pages to be responsive ...( Expert Codeigniter) Add paypal and credit card payment gateway. - Add PayPal Automatic billing to custom PHP (code ignitor) shopping cart Add Paypal bussines solution for web-service - Add PayPal checkout Add PayPal checkout - Add PayPal Express Checkout to Interspire Shopping Cart Add PayPal Express Checkout to Interspire Shopping Cart - Add PayPal IPN to Application(repost) (303033) add paypal links, credit card link to shopping cart - Add Paypal payment gizmo to existing site Add Paypal payment link on website - add paypal processing to form add Paypal Rest API to my existing chrome extension and website - Add Paypal to an OsCommerce website Add Paypal to Codeigniter - Add Paypal to PHP ADD PAYPAL TO PHP LINK POSTS - Add PaySafeCard to my checkout form add PaysBuy into existing project - add pdf file to static html page add pdf files to a form - Add PDF's and correlated pricing for Suzuki Outboard engines - open to bidding Add PDF's to a site. - Add People on Twitter from Company Account Add people to a photograph - add persistent heap to freeplane mind mapper Add person into pictures - Add Phone Number Add Phone Number and E-Mail Address to the top menu bar of my website - Add phone number to registration options Add phone number to registration options - Add Phone verification using an API to existing C# .NET & Angular JS Website + More future work Add phone, email verification plugins and create payment milestone system - Add photo cms to Add Photo contest on my facebook page - Add photo gallery, fix lightbox & site cleanup add photo gallery,penpal,capture email and send newsletter - Add Photo Upload to Simple PHP system (which is already created) Add Photo Upload to Wordpress Site - add photos to a web page Add photos to AE video template - Add Photoshop effects to pictures add php (code) to Wordpress site - add php code at the beginning of each account on server Add php code on widget of a ranking basketball - Add PHP File/Source to a website Add php for more langauges - Add PHP pages to Wordpress site and link it Add php phot re-sizer mod to forum website - Add PHP to User Interface Script Add PHP to UX Script - Add Physical Mailing Addresses for Employees (18b - IC) Add Physical Mailing Addresses for Employees (18c - IC) - Add picture and emoji ability to comment area on my website Add picture gallery - Add picture to Wikipedia article Add picture to WordPress hosted blog - Add pictures to articles and post them into wordpress. Add Pictures to Elite Website *** for dzinequrus only *** - ADD PICTURES TO SHOPIFY ADD PICTURES TO SHOPIFY - Add pins + photos to google map Add pins + photos to google map - ongoing work - Add Play + Pause button on image slider Add Play / Pause button to slider - Add Plex Channels to a database (Plexopedia) Add Plivo support to our WebApp with User Selection - add plugin in wordpress Add plugin in Wordpress at Flywheelsites - Add plugins to Simple Intranet Install Add plugins to wordpress and customize - Add points to Wordpress(Voyager theme)