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Add iFrame to Squarespace site - Add Image background to a Wordpress Template Add image background to my WP and center logo and menu - Add Image Gallery to Website Add image in the header file - magento - add image to animated GIF add image to another pic - Add image to stock photo via photoshop - open to bidding Add image to stock photo via photoshop - open to bidding - Add Image URL to 552 products in spreadsheet. Add Image Verification to Form - Add Images and Descriptions to Products in new eCommerce site. Add Images and move Box - add images into my website into the correct listings - Repost - open to bidding add images into my website into the correct listings -- 2 - Add Images to ASP print out Add images to asp site - Add Images To Magento Products Add Images to Magento Slider - add images to template Add Images to Template, Then add to PHPList - Add Images with a short description add images, inventory and product descriptions manually using script to online store - Add in - c# project Add in 2 lines of code into existing APK file for $5. Code and instruction given - Add in app purchase to app add in app purchase to iPhone App - add in feature for existing website Add in features to existing code - Add in page simple ecommerce product module Add in Photo/Video Lightbox display in Wordpress Template - PHP Expert - Add in-app billing to an existing Android App Add In-App in my Android Phonegap app - Add in-app purchase to my iPad app Add In-App Purchase to working iOS app - Add inactivity disable to Google Chrome and FireFox Extension. Add inapp and Facebook share in Android application - Add indicator (filter) to buy sell condition in Amibroker AFL Add indicator (filter) to buy sell condition in Amibroker AFL - Add Infinite Scroll to Ajax Loaded (Wordpress) Category Query Add Infinite Scroll to Ajax Loaded (Wordpress) Category Query -- 2 - Add info from spreadsheet1 to spreadsheet2 Add info from spreadsheet1 to spreadsheet2 (2) - Add information from 100 properties info from old sites into new sites Add Information from 220 Business Cards to Google Address Book - ADD INFORMATION TO WEBSITE AMA Add information, customize wordpress template. - Add Inset Border to the thumbnails generated Add Inset Border to thumbnails - Add installment payment method and custom payment gateway in joomla virtuemart -- 2. Short deadline, must start asap. Add installment payment system in joomla virtuemart - Add interactive image pinboard page to website add interactive infografic (java script) to my web site - Add internal pages to website Add Internal Search Feature to My Site - Add intersteller ad into my ap with chartboost or applovin Add Intersticial add to Android application (Admob) - Add inventory photos and descriptions to new website Add inventory to Magento store from eBay - add invoice print functionality to existing windows forms application c# add invoice print functionality to existing windows forms application c# - Add IP address to Squid server Add IP authentication to PERL simple socks 5 server script - Add iPad TouchScreen swipe function to prettyPhoto image gallery Add iPad Universal to existing iOS iPhone (4/5) app - Add IPTC info from database Add IPTC info to Images From Database - Add item detail block into project module in vtiger 6.4.0 add item on market place - Add items to a picture and make it look real (Easy job for a pro) Add items to a picture and make it look real (Easy job for a pro) - Add items to online store Add items to online store - Add items to Website based on apurchased wordpress theme Add items to website using Opencart Admin - Add Java algotithm into a php website Add Java algotithm into a php website -- 2 - Add javascript code into custom wordpress theme Add javascript code to my Prestashop all web pages - Add JavaScript Play/Stop to our simple Flash player Add Javascript program and more customisation to an existing website - Add javascript to simple html form add javascript to site - Add Job Listing Page with admin panel on a Swish Site Add job listings to my website - Add Joomla Community Builder fields to integrated phpBB Add Joomla Content to website - Add jpg file to gif files Add jpg picture to phpbb forum and remove widget - Add jquery cropper to my php upload file form Add JQuery cursor trail blur effect on a Wordpress page - Add Jquery Order Form to a Template and some customizations Add jquery paging on a list - add jquery swip event to wordpress plugin Add jQuery to a BuddyPress Widget - Add JS and PHP validations to AjaxCRUD add js animation after that upload to wordpress (good comments) - Add just 1 Page for me to site. Bids should be no more then $30 Add just 2 custom Features On TinyMCE - Add keyword tags to 393 posts of a Wordpress blog Add keyword to product titles & descriptions - Add Kinect Features into Existing Flash Game Add KineticsJS to a Magento PHP page - add landing page (already created) coded to my website Add landing page ahead of wordpress install and duplicate existing install into subdirectory - Add language in magento add language on websites - Add Languages Script for Site Add Languages Switcher Flags in Navbar - add latest blog posts + images to frontpage of magento site Add latest news module to joomla website homepage - 2 languages - Add layer toggle functionalty to web map Add Layer Which Darkens Photoshop Image - Add leader to block Add leader-board to a Game and fix a bug - Add lettering to existing logo Add Lettering to the Previous Badges you made for me. - add light box for video in wordpress Add Light box Pop Up "Opti-in" form to WordPress Site - Add lightbox pop up functionality to my wordpress site Add Lightbox to .asp pages - Add like at my Facebook page Add Like Box to Facebook Fanpage - Add Limit to Crawler add limitation to ip on email subscription field (; ruby on rails - add link exchange to sites add link fields give name to field when add products and show that fields in invoice - Add link to Links bar in IE Add Link to Merchant Account - add linkbucks to a page on my site Add linked buttons to slider images of wordpress website - Add links (image maps) to jQuery image slider Add links (with clickTAG) to flash ad. - Add Links to Current Wiki Entries add links to existing webpage - Add links to page add links to page - Add Links To Webiste (Very Easy) add links to wikipedia - wikipedia links project - Add listing import and mobile app API (PHP) Add listing to multiple categories! - Add listings to Etsy Shop. add listings to google maps without using a postcard verification - Add Live Audio/Video to PCPIN Chat Application
Add Live chat application to website - Add live radio streaming to wordpress website Add Live streaming and web conferencing in current site - add liveperson infobox to oscmax website add livestreaming to mobile app and connect app to website - Add Local Notification Script to iOS/Android App Add Local Pickup Shipping Option - Add Locations page to Website Add locations to my wordpress custom type page taxonomies - Add logic to a script -- 4 Add logic to a script -- 5 - Add Login and Network Status Monitoring To Existing App(repost) Add Login and Sign up Functionality to Mongo, Node & React Site - Add login on wordpress, but should login to external site. Add login only by mobile no and add sms gateway in woo commerce - Add login via LinkedIn to existing PHP / MySQL based site Add Login Widget to WordPress theme - Add login/sign up functionality in a pop up integrated to salesforce. -- 2 Add logins to an existing website, allow messaging between users and integrate e-Lecta virtual classroom into website - Add Logo Display Plugin Add Logo Feature to Magento Site - Add Logo to AfterEffects Template Add Logo to Clothing Pictures - Add logo to JPEG image add logo to jw player - Add logo to single landing page. Add logo to spinning record - Add logo tye to Vault logo Add logo watermarks and some dynamic text to images for website - Add long path support to existing c++ programm Add Long Shadows inside this logo - Add macros to extend spreadsheet Add macros/vba/formulas to spreadsheet and tweak the design. - add magento products Add Magento products to google shopping - Add Mailchimp code into wordpress 1 minute job (5$ MAX) Add Mailchimp Form to Header - Add Mailto: link with picture to my joomla based website Add MailUp subscription in a custom made subscription form - Add manufacturer table to homepage of Magento site Add manufacturer table to homepage of Magento site(repost) - add maps to wordpress site Add Mapsolute-Map to our Google-Map-WEB-Application - Add Martingale System and a News Filter into my EA Add Martingale System into my EA - ADD MATERIALS TO AN EXISTING RESPONSIVE TEMPLATE TO MODIFY THE CONTENTS Add Math based security question to two generic sites - Add me 300 facebook fans (from UK) every day for 10 days! Add me 450 facebook fans every day for 2 weeks - add me fast 20K points add me fast 20K points - repost - add me on skype: jujju1170 Add me over s.k.y.p.e: superburki_ank - Add Megamenu to Joomla site without it Add Megaupload cgi script to current upload form - add members to our myspace profile add members to site - Add membership plugin to Joomla Website Add membership privilages to selected linkbuttons - Add menu and search to wordpress theme Add Menu and Toolbar to Acrobat - Add Menu items to existing Web site - For ITSERVICE add menu on homepage and add link page - Add merchant processing to existing website Add Merchant Solutions Account - Add meta tag to site for flippa listing add meta tags - Add metallic/foil print to a logo in Photoshop Add metatags in the thema of a website to share articles on FB and Google - Add Microdata Add Microdata - Google Rich Snippets to my whole Website - Add Misc contributions to OScommerce Add missing "Discount Amount" into Admin "Add new order" - Add mixpanel tracking event into my Django project template Add MLM code to existing website - Add Mobile Menu and Fix two box website no mobile responsive, simple and fast Add Mobile Menu in my website - Add Mobile Specifications Add Mobile Specifications (On going work) - Add Modal Pop-Up login to Joomla website Add Modal Video Players to Site - Add modifications to the current websites and some other edits Add Modifications To Unity Game Project - Add Module Positions Add module positions - Add modules and improve Joomla template Add Modules and Modify existing Software - Add modules, correct bug with IE, and maybe more? add modules/extension to a opencart Template - Add Mopub SDK into existing Eclipse Project Add ad display code into iOS app (Xode) - Add more colour and a better look to the home page and adds page on my site Add more columns to "Email Campaign Statistics" page of Interspire Email Marketeer 6.1.4 - Add more effects to existing flash slideshow Add more facebook features to my PHPfox social networkk script - Add more Features on my Site Add more features to a completed Android application - Add more features/functionality to a WordPress website. Add more fields from database on editproduct page - Add more Functionality into my Android application Add more functionality to a project - Add More HD Space and Fix Sql Error Add more ID of a program - Add more pages to exsisting website Add more payment methods to 2 websites - add more storage to aws website Add More Stuff To My Exam - add more websites to multiscraper for opencart Add more words to an essay - Add mouseover title for smilies and images in FF on Forum Add Movable Lines SL & TP to EA for Directman - Add mp3 player to filesharing script (Not xfilesharing pro) Add MP3 Player to my webpage. - Add MT4 code to EA Add MT4 EA trading logic around an existing indicator - Add Multi Processing to an existing Python Script for Data scraping from unique URLs Add multi products with one button - add multi-lingual function for admin panel Add multi-player plugin to my Game (I have plugins ) - Add multiline support to lxformtool add multilinguage feature for my existing ASP.Net site - Add Multiplayer to a Unity Chess Game Add Multiplayer To Existing Game - Add Multiple Dates to a MySQL database add multiple domains into webmin - Add Multiple Prices Options in Cart Add multiple product inquiry function - add multipule graphs and feed options in php emoncms system Add Multistore in backend Laravel - Add Music on two sites add music play and share file option and fragment view to my mp3 downloader - add music to my site Add music to my video - Add Mute Button to Bingo App - 02/02/2017 13:23 EST Add MUTE button to Flash with embedded videos - Add my banner to my site Add my branding/logo into the banner of my Squarespace website - Add my design to Cre Loaded Oscommerce Add my direct deposit to my bank statement - Add my logo in the website, add the map and recreate a poicture Add my logo to a contractor / plumber image - Add my personalized email to outlook Add My Posts to Wordpress - Add my product to room photo