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Add new features to the Ribosome Wordpress theme - Add new field 'size' in woocommerce product page Add new field and one form only with custom texts - Add New Fields to a Payment Module on Interspire Add New Fields to Barcode Program MySQL - Add New Food Menu To Wordpress Site -- 2 Add new form field , send data via API - Add new function to an Opencart / Bitcoin Extension Add new function to existing EA - Add new functionality for the existing project \"Big Ecommerce\" Add new functionality in existing mobile app - Add new functionality to the existing website Add new functionality to the plugin. - Add new functions to a website Add new functions to an eCommerce Store - MVC, OpenCart, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript required. - add new funntion on my flask website add new funntion on my website - Add new graphic to a christmas mini card add new hdd to linux (another one later) - Add New Inventory to Amazon SellerCentral Add new issue with Redmind Rest API - add new links missing in link market 3 add new links missing in link market 4 - Add New Module and Modify existing one. Expert Freelancer Needed. (Urgent Task) -- 2 Add New Module and Modify existing one. Expert Freelancer Needed. (Urgent Task) -- 3 - Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone App (only for coders that know PhoneGap).... Add new Modules to existing iPhone App - Add new page on exist web site Add New page Oscommerce - Add New Page(Small Task) Add New Pages - add new pages to WordPress adaptive (bootstrap) website Add New Pages To WordPress Site - Add new payment option to my website Add new payment option to my website - repost - Add new product to my website Add new product to the picstore Module - Add new products to web templates add new products to website - Add new scene to existing Instructional Video Add New Scraper To Software - Add new section/content to Flash site Add New Sections To A Video Site - add new status for woocommerce Add New store in CMS site - Add new template to OsCommerce Add new template to rails app - Add New Twitter Followers - Fast & Easy Project Add new type format support in banner ads system - Add new way for a user to submit images on my website using google api images search. Also I will need some changes made to the site. Please read details. Add new web page in Current Web Site. - Add news and download list to flash site PHP/MYSQL/Flash -- add news aggregator and filter to web site - add news script to html site Add News Section To My Site - Add next, previous and random button Add next, previous and random button (Squarespace) - Add Nivo jQuery Image Slider to Wordpress (with some design) add no design boxes - Add notification & request feature to web client of public Github project Add Notification alert - Add numerical images to a top 10 posts widget Add oAUTH 2.0 to existing PHP api-class - Add of SMS capability to IEM (Interspire Emailmarketer) Add of SMS capability to IEM (Interspire Emailmarketer) - repost - Add on 3 New Features to the Existing Quiz Platform- for Prasy8 add on a few features to our wordpress website. - Add On Custom Framing Feature to Existing Site Add on custom tools - Add on for auction site add on for browsers - add on for vbulletin Add on for website - Windows/Mac/iOS/Android version - Add On Module - Taobao - Get product weight and dimension for shipping Part 2 Add On Module - Taobao - Get product weight and dimension for shipping Part 2 - Add On project for Anuj add on sale - open to bidding - Add on to an existing Website and add more features Add on to CodeIgnitor based CMS website - 3 small part project - Add on to existing website Add on to existing website - add on to tools project add on to up load shopping cart item to google shopping - Add on work for Add on work for Social Network of fixing URL issue for Both Mobile and Desktop - add one easy function in my current site Add one effect to our video player - Add one image to website homepage - open to bidding Add One In-App in my Android Phonegap app - Add one new page to an existing wordpress site Add one new PHP page + SEO optimization - Add one payment gateway to plugin Paid Membership Pro add one PHP page - Add one-page custom UI template to Pligg Add social Login apis to site - Add online payment functionality + invoice mgmt to existing php/mysql site - repost add online payment option - Add online store to my website simple one product and update a page on website Add Online Store to Website - Add ons to existing site add ons to indexu database - Add Open Graph tags to my code so LinkedIn pulls correct image Add open predictive search field to form - ADD OPENING PAGE TO WEB SITE Add OPOS printer support(repost) - add option manufacturer for virtuemart search module -- 2 add option to atribute - ADD OPTION TO UPLOAD IMAGES IN CONTACT FORM WORDPRESS add option to upload more picture to a website - Add options to my Web page + send xml to srever FTP add options to my website - add or mirror sample copy site(repost) Add or Modified Liquid coding - Add ordering page Add ordernumber and total price excl. shipping variables (Magento) - add OSM tile to google maps flash api Add osnap functionality to gCADPlus - Add our company to the search engines Add our company to Wikipedia - Add our link in your websites! Add our link in your websites! -- 2 - Add our lyrics to instrumental version of song Add Our Made Wufoo Form To Our GoDaddy Website - Add outline of Atlanta skyline to existing logo Add Outlooks "invites" to existing forms - Add owl carousel Slider 2.0 to my site Add Own Cloud to exisitng Linux Server - Add page and replace logo MBS Add page content to new design - Add page template with sidebar to existing theme. Add page template with sidebar to existing theme. - Add Page to Magento Catalog Add page to my PHP CodeIgnighter site - add page to WordPress Add Page To Wordpress site - Add pages Add pages - Add pages and Images to WordPress site - according to Wynn Theme Add pages and Images to WordPress site - according to Wynn Theme -- 2 - add pages to a flash template Add Pages to a Website - Add Pages to existing English Website and convert it all into a German Website Add pages to existing mobile site using AngularJs and RatchetJs - Add pages to inside of Joomla website Add pages to Joomla property website - Add pages to pixel site
Add pages to Ruby on Rails website - Add Pages to Wordpress Add Pages To Wordpress Site - Add pagination to a CakePHP view Add Pagination to a website - Add PagueSeguro as an alternative payment solution to our CMS Add PagueSeguro as an alternative payment solution to our CMS. - Add parallax to existing webpage in Joomla Add parallax to existing webpage in Joomla -- 3 - Add Parse to my mobile application -- 2 Add Push SDK to Html5 Website to Android Apk code - Add password protection for Admin section in Add password protection option to buddypress group creation - Add Pause Interval To An Existing App Add Pay Pal integration - 2 forms - Add Payment Checkout To Website Add payment feature to school management system - Add Payment gateway - WP ADD payment gateway /FIX some bugs PHP Script - add payment gateway to angular app Add payment gateway to classipress - Add payment gateway to Xfilesharing Pro script Add payment gateway; Login/signup to my website - Add Payment Option for Credit Cards to Allow Store Owner to Receive (Order # + Credit Card #) Safely Using Encryption Add Payment Option To Interpsire Shopping Cart - Add Payment Processors & Wallet System Add Payment Processors To A Website - add paymentprocessor to my option in codeignitor Add payments gateway on opencart website its---/urgent - Add Paypal Adaptive Payments and Facebook and Twitter Login Add PayPal Adaptive Payments to WPMUdev Appointments+ WordPress Plugin again - Add Paypal as a checkout option to a functional OsCommerce Website.... Add Paypal as additional payment option to website. - Add paypal buy now code to my HTML page (easy) ADD PAYPAL CARD PAYMENT PAGE TO A WEBSITE - Add PayPal Express Checkout Add PayPal Express Checkout button - Add PayPal IPN to Application Add PayPal IPN to Application(repost) - add paypal payment to script add paypal payment to simple website - Add paypal subscription payments on PHP login Add PayPal Subscription To Joomla Site - Add PayPal to ordering page Add Paypal to OsCommerce. - Add paypal to website. Add Paypal Website Payment Pro and Product Attributes - Option Type Feature v1.71 into Clean CRE Loaded 6.15 - Add PDF Documents to Website (su)(repost) Add PDF Export functionality to existing project - add pdf to wp Add PDF's to a site. - Add People on Twitter from Company Account Add people to a photograph - Add Person To Picture Add person to Wikipedia-org - Add phone number in menu bar of my wordpress site add phone number module in desktop & mobile - Add phone number verify system (SMS & Voice) in our website Add phone numbers and emails - Add Photo & Video Galleries to my website Add photo & video gallery to a website - Add photo filter in existing iPhone/iPad app Add photo filter in existing iPhone/iPad app - Add Photo Section in my iPhone Apps Add PHOTO SHARE AND FACEBOOK TIMELINE COVER TO SITE - Add photos and captions to site Add photos and copy descriptions to magento products already loaded in store - Add Photos to Gallery Page on HTML Website Add Photos to LightBox - Add php and javascript functionalities to Website Add php and mysql script to html template - Add PHP code(repost) Add PHP contact form to HTML page - add php functions on my landing page Add php functions to existing script to perform database upd - Add php script to my site and update Google links Add PHP Secure Login to Page - Add Php/mySQL in Schockwave Add PHP/MySQL to Flash Site - Add picker fragment values to my project to my calendar project Add picklists to donation paypal php template - add picture rotator to joomla site add picture slide display to website - Add pictures and change some titles in my website Add pictures and edit the layout of training manual - Add pictures to me existing OAuth Twitter implementation Add pictures to me existing OAuth Twitter implementation -- 2 - Add pie chart to the APS Pupil progress Add piece of code to Tumblr theme - Add pip padding to a couple of existing parameters. Add pixelate effect to existing iPhone app - Add playlist to Jplayer Add playlist to Jplayer - repost - add plugin Add plugin "User Creds kit" Unity Game and Configure - Add plugins and fix it some bugs. add plugins and funcionality into existing websites using wordpress - Add points to Wordpress(Voyager theme) Add poker mavens, Roulette software into wordpress site. MyCred integration. Chatbox, live feeds. - Add pop up ad on website -- 2 Add Pop Up Alert to Check Box - Add pop-up form to website Add Pop-Up Window to and Submit a Finished Android application - Add popup to HTML site Add popup to HTML website - ADD position to joomla site Add position to joomla template - Add Post Job add post method to html file - add poster Add poster for - Add posters wanted (mainly from Asian countries, Asia) Add posters wanted for craigslist $1-2 per add - add posting add posting - Add posting backpage ADD POSTING REQUIRED ASAP ON CRAIGLIST - Add Posting expart add posting Expert wanted long term - Add Posting Project Add Posting Project - Add posting@data Entry add postings - Add pre-loader to flash movie Add pre-made accordion code to content box - Add Prestashop Modules to my store Add Prestashop to AWS - add price of website view to catalog scope view ADD PRICE PROMISE button unto items - add pricing table to existing table Add pricing table to WordPress website - Add print marks Add print marks - Add printing support to Xcode project add printing to simplyHTML - Add product # from csv to matching cvs product in 2nd csv file Add Product (catalog) to a Magento store and clean existing data... - add product by csv or manually add product choices for product START NOW - add product for paypal purchase on two pages add product for paypal purchase, on two pages - Add product images to websites Add product images, name and description to ecommerce shopping database - Add product in magento
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