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Add Sizes to osCommerce - Add SKU code to all pages based on login Add SKU search feature to wp ecommerce - Add Slider and Browser Compatability HTML Add slider and install headroom.js - Add Slider to product page on OpenCart Add Slider to Static Home Page of Wordpress Site - add SlideShow to my Rss projetc Add slideshow to my website - Add small amount of Czech language translations to magento site add small banner to wordpress plugin - Add small features for iPhone application Add small features for Joomla Module - Add small jquery button to display/hide links Add small logo to top of website. - Add smooch-cordova plugin to Ionic2 App Add smooth scroll and flipping image effect to Wordpress page - Add sms to my website (Easy) Add sms to woocommernce in WordPress (api / webservice) code will be provided. - Add snow / "Christmas feeling" to logo... Add snow effect and make animated png files - Add Social Features to iOS App + Gamification add social icon - Add Social Login to existing website using openID Add social login to newspaper theme - Add social media buttons to my website :-) ADD SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTONS TO TICTAIL SITE - Add social media icons to magento site template homepage Add social media icons to my website - Add social media share icons to mobile responsive website. Add Social Media Share Plugin and Fix Form - Add Social Network Feeds into HTML5 based site. Add Social Network Icons and Fix Footer for Wordpress Site - add social share icon code to website Add social sharing ability to android application - Add software to my File Hippo clone site - easy! Add sold out banner to sold out products on website - add some advertising on Add some adverts to our website and improve color choices - Add some bleed to a PDF design Add some Booking & Reservation system to exist website!! - Add some code in ASP.NET Web Pages with Razor syntax add some code on it - Add some codes Add some coding from script to yii framework - Add some content to existing vector image add some content to HTML website - Add some Custom HTML Code to a Joomla Site Add some custom jobs in my shopify website - Add some design to a website wireframe Add some design to my blog - Add some extra features to an exsiting app Add some extra features to an exsiting app. - Add some feature on my social network add some feature to a script - Add some features in a Drupal module Add some features in an existing Online Store - Add some features on existing web site add some features on Iphone game - Add some features to a website Add some features to a website - Add some features to an existing dreamweaver built webpage Add some features to an existing iPhone app. - Add some features to Flash paint app Add some features to form - add some features to my joomla website like facebook Add some features to my Joomla website....................01 - Add some features to our VB.NET software Add some features to our web app - Add some features to Wordpress theme Add some features to Wordpress theme (2) - Add some flash to website. Urgent Add some force to our current Email Marketing Campaign - Add some function to my Project add some function to my script - add some functionality in web application for employee reimburesement Add Some Functionality in Website - Add some functionality to existing website Add some functionality to me website - Add some functions to a livescore Add some functions to already existing website - Add some functions/script and kill some bugs on a WP website. Add some funtctional buttons to an already existing web page - Add some images to my website Add some images to some PDF spec sheets - Add some Javascript effects on a page and create a small integration with WooCommerce Add some Javascript effects on a page and create a small integration with WooCommerce -- 2 - Add some links, text and menus to website built with Wix - open to bidding add some listing to my website - add some mods to MS SQL server SSAS OLAP cube Add some module website in ASP.NET (VB.NET Class) - Add Some New Features including Bug Fix and Layout Change on PHP Site Add some new features to a Php Matrimonial Script - Add some option in my script Add some option to my script - Add some pages/tweak design for my wordpress website/theme Add some Parameters on Ctrader Robot Martingale - add some pictures to the existing website Add some PL/SQL features to an existing Java Application - Add some references to the bottom of an infographic Add some Regex validation into program - Add some simple functionalities to a website Add some simple functionality to existing PHP website - Add some stuff to N-layer website app C# & MS SQL add some stuff to website - Add some text to a photo Add some text to a pic i already have - add some user stories to a program with java FX Add Some Validation and Custom Fields to OpenDocMan - Add some works Add some WOW factor - Add something to my existing project Add something to my magneto website - Add Soomla IAP to Unity project Add Soomla IAP to Unity project -- 2 - Add sorting en search fields to existing PHP table - repost 2 Add sorting features to existing code - Add sound play cabability to dynamic website - repost Add sound play cabability to dynamic website and handle midi to audio file conversion - Add SoundCloud widget to homepage of our website Add sounds and "extra punch" to existing Aftereffects animation - repost - Add sparkle effect to image Add sparkle to the - Add Specific Fields To Drupal Search Result Listings add specific functionality to my site - Add spf record from DNS host Add SPF/DKIM Info for our Exchange Email Server - Add spotify and custom artwork for shoutcast Add spotify mini music player to Ruby app - Add SSL and logo to shopping cart page Add SSL capabilites to winsock to be able to download from https:// sites - Add SSL Logo to cart pages + button to toggle support chat on/off Add SSL on my NGINX load balancer - Add SSL to wordpress Add SSL Wildcard to Website and Gaming Control Panels - Add STATE pages to website Add static banner on Magento Website - Add status bar to a Windoes GUI Add status bar to a Windows GUI Application - Add stock-Page on u/c site Add stocks to preexisting spreadsheet - Add Store Locator to Order From Function to Wordpress Site Add Store Locator to Wordpress website - Add stripe as a payment gateway to website
Add Stripe CC Payment to FloreantPOS (JAVA) - Add Stripe payment to existing website Add Stripe payment to PHP signup form - Add Style Sheets (CSS) to existing website Add style to a website using css and html - Add Sub-Categories and attributes similiar to to my site. Add Sub-Categories and attributes similiar to to my site.. - Add submenu functionality to a Wordpress site Add Submenu functionality to xml menu - Add subscribers to Mailchimp from a Google Sheet spreadsheet Add Subscribers to Mautic via Script - API - Add subtitle (srt file) to video (mp4 file) Add Subtitle Captions to a Video File - Add subtitles to a Brazilian video add subtitles to a music video - Add successful mouse wheel scroll to a slider plugin. Add Suffix to website urls - add support for flv for vc++ application Add support for geolocalization and a search box for a store locator map js - Add Survey Plugin to an existing Website Add Survey To Joomla Website - Add Switch statement for code Add Symfony 2 Security and OAuth2 to a webapp - Add Tab on My Website for Blog, make ready for Postings Add tab review to facebook page - ADD TABLE TO CREATE RELATED CATEGORY GROUPS Add table to DB, and update web page forms and reports. - Add TABS functionality to our WYSWYG editor Add TABS functionality to the editor - Add tag on the header of a specific page in CS Cart Add Tag to HTML5 Page - Add Target 3,500+ AUSTRALIAN FEMALE Facebook Fans Add Target 3,500+ Facebook Fans &amp; 3,500+ Twitter Followers! - Add TCP/IP encryption to a VB program Add TCP/IP interface to C++ software - Add template &amp; 4 Contributions to osCommerce site add template handling in current php code - Add templete to HTML page Add Terms & Conditions page and address change - Add Testimonials to Client Logos add testimonials to the home page - Add Text and Images to Wordpress Site - Simple Job Add text and images to wordpress table - Add text banner to the attached pdf. add text box - Add text in header or footer of Office files Add text in header/footer of PDF file - Add text rendering script to IE (Proof of concept) Add text resizer feature to website - Add text to a logo Add text to a logo and create proof graphic - add text to big cat fever text Add text to Business Cards << DEADLINE 7 Oct 1pm EST (New York)>> - Add text to Header and Footer on WP Add text to header/footer of Office/OpenOffice format using Office and OpenOffice object model - Add text to logo Add text to logo - Add text to picture Add text to pictures ( Buttons) - Add text to video footage Add text to website - Add textbox into PDF doc Add textbox to filter grid - Add texture coordinate (vt) processing and other features to existing OpenGL GLUT C++ code for Wavefront OBJ ( repost ) add texture mapping (Textile) to the custom software - Add the ''.com'' to logo from .ai file - EASY MONEY - You need to have the font. Add the 150 products on my website - add the capability to libavformat libav project for packet-loss concealment into libav's RTP stack Add the Captcha in login&registration front page of wordpress theme. - Add the finishing touches to the book project... Add The Flavor Website - Add the InAppbrowser to Phonegap application so that users can navigate back to home screen Add the language selector to the home page or ad some tap for the language see the attachment. - Add the products from the website to my facebook page Add the products to 3d cart - Add the submenu avaible on the website Add the submenu avaible on the website - Add Theme to Wordpress add theme to wordpress website - Add things to my wordpress site Add Third Column to Sample Page - add this plugin Add this script into my site. - Add threading to desktop app (c#) Add Threading with mutex to C source **READ CAREFULLY** - Add thumbnail functionality to store item detail page Add thumbnail functionality to store items - Add ticket selling functionality to my website Add Ticket URL Field To Event Submission Form, That Shows On Event Profile And Event Page - Add timeout to javascript code Add timer and cURL to existing C++ project - Add Tint Plugin to Wordpress Site. Modify Site Elements, Easy Job Add Tiny Bit of PHP - Add Titles and Increase Sound in Video Add Titles, Description and Keywords - Add to a Simple XML Object Add to a web site, a video area - Add To An Existing App Native Android and iPhone App Add To An Existing Application - add to budget Add to c# program - web server/service - complete activation system - Add to cart + auto checkout software Add to Cart - Nike - Add To Cart Bot for Art Prints - open to bidding Add To Cart Bot for Art Prints - open to bidding -- 2 - Add to cart button missing Add to cart button missing for attributes for Wordpress - Add to cart fly effect Opencart Add To Cart for Art Prints - open to bidding - Add to Cart Overlay Add to cart php oscommerce - Add to cart/auto checkout bot for art websites Add to cart/auto checkout bot for art websites - Add to exisiting online store Add to exisiting site. - Add to existing site Add to existing site a Forum - Add to Firefox search box script Add To Friends - add to logo Add to logo design - Add to my mailer website add to my map geotagging - Add to MySpace and Facebook option add to mysql and connect to php front end. - Add to playlist plugin for wordpress Add to plugin and stlying - Add to site list Add to social network - Add to website articles, test contract Add to wikipedia - add tongfang CA into oscam - Repost add tongfang CA into oscam - Repost - open to bidding - add total weight and change box size if needed in magento website. add total weight and change box size if needed in magento website. - repost - Add tracking code to website fooer Add Tracking Code to Websites - Add trading time settings to 2 EAs as it was done for a previous EA Add traffic and user registrations to site - Add translated text Add translation - Add Travel to company calendar Add travello theme to dropinn - Add trip planner to my word-press website !