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Adding a description form to a free image host - Adding a feature to a website development URGENT Adding a feature to a website development URGENT - adding a field to Magento Payment module Adding a fifth language to the administrator of a modified OSCommerce shop - Adding a function FAQ's section to the client and admin area H2O Adding A function on open source software - adding a home page and about us to an existing script Adding a homepage to my HTML/Javascript/XML website store - Adding a link to Magento navigation bar Adding a link to site - Adding a menu to an ASP website adding a message box to mobile website - Adding a new paymeng gateway to WPMU DEV Membership Adding a new payment gateway for CS Cart - Adding a one-to-one webcam to my dating website Adding a page to a website - adding a paypal donation button Adding a Paypal shopping card to an existing website - adding a preloader Adding a print file option to a Microsoft access database program - Adding a scroll bar to an existing slide show Adding a scrolling banner to homepage - Adding a signature via an app to an adobe pdf Adding a simple Adobe CC extension - Adding a small db to a joomla website adding a small feature to an existing .Net/Microsoft SQL webapp - Adding a text container with scrolling bar in jquizzy adding a text in software - adding a vb skin Adding a video clip - Adding Ad on Cocos2d adding adcodes in wordpress blogs - Adding additional Field Values on CodeIgniter Custom Search Database. Adding Additional Fields To Opencart DB and display of field - Adding Additional User section. Adding Additional Webpages - Adding AdMob into Source Code Adding Admob to .apk file - Adding Advertising Boxes and Doing Logo Adding Advertising Boxes To Templates - Adding AJAX to existing UI Adding AJAX to web application - Adding an Also of Interest Section on Wordpress Adding an Anti Email Spam Script to Website - Adding an extra page to flash template Adding an extra step to XFS download process - Adding an optional time delay to an existing ea - ongoing work Adding an overlay box to my website - Adding and modfiy a php/html5 code into web page Adding and modifying some plugin in the Collabtive - Open Source Collaboration project. - Adding api to my website Adding API to my Website - repost - Adding Archives Page to Photo & Website Adding area where members can view statements online - Adding audio bar to Wordpress Adding Audio clip to a JSP page - adding auto bid function adding auto bid function - Adding Badge icon when receive the push in Xamarin android Adding Bank EMI Options to Existing Payment Gateway of ecommerce website - Adding Basket Page to ASP.NET MVC 3 Framework Adding Basket Profit - Adding blogs Adding Blogs in website - Adding Bullet icons for unordered lists -Wordpress Website - Urgent Adding button - Adding Captcha to external form Adding Captcha to HTML contact page - Adding categories to a chord diagram in D3.js (version 2) Adding categories to iOS App - Adding changes to pre-built Web service adding character set to flash file - Adding Chinese subtitles to 10 short English videos Adding Chinese WeChat and Weibo share and feeds to a website - Chinese Speaking a must - adding cms block to magento, ADDING CMS to existing site - adding codes and databases for a website Adding codes for google adwords - Adding comments/links to (open) Norwegian websites adding commercials - Adding contact details to an existing website Adding contact details to list of 3,200 schools - Adding Content To A eCommerce Website Products / Wordpress Management Skills Needed. Adding content to a Joomla website - Adding content to my blog (The interesting items) Adding content to my blog (The interesting items) - Part 2 - Adding content to travel website adding content to website - must be aware of html - Adding Continuous streaming component to music blog. Adding contrib to osCommerce shop - Adding Creative Commons logo to my homepage adding creativity to a logo - adding custom features adding custom features to a penny auction script - Adding custom meta data to codeigniter page Adding Custom Multiselects to a wordpress plugin "WP Job Manager" - Adding Dashboard graph page for php mysql site adding data from a layout to mysql and CMS - Adding DataTables Editor to my project a couple forms and some minor updates Adding Date Range to Existing Word Macro - adding designs to existing single page php script adding designs to my 3d model - Adding Discount Code to Website Adding discount offers and promotions in Excel file (Indonesia) - Adding domain names to fatcow Adding domain names to fatcow - Adding Drop-Down style for Country/Regions/States/Cities selector to Magento plus UI to add/mod/del Country/Regions/Cities Adding Drop-Down style for Country/Regions/States/Cities/ZipCode selector to Magento plus UI to add/mod/del Country/Regions/Cities/ZipCode - Repost - Adding e-commerce and interactive forms to my current website Adding e-commerce functionality to existing web site - Adding effects to video recording app Adding Electronics products to my shopping website from Focalprice - Adding Embedded Video to my FB App - Urgent Adding embossing to HTML text via CSS - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 6 Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 6566 - Adding Event Management functionality to a Joomla! website Adding Event on a .NET User Control - Adding external site xml content into Joomla Adding External SMTP server details to existing scripts - Adding extra function on Restaurant App Adding extra functions on a pp - adding Facebook comments on Toogles Adding Facebook connect to login module - adding facebook like button to wordpress plugin: nextgen gallery adding facebook likes - Adding Fans to a Facebook Page - repost Adding Fans To Facebook Page - Highly Targeted Project - adding feature to existing site: avatar / signature Adding Feature to Joomla Component - Adding features and fixing a few bugs with a PHP/MySQL travel application Adding features and improving performance of python scripts - Adding features to a home page in php adding features to a meteor programmed site - Adding features to an Android app Adding features to an Excel application - Adding Features to Drop Box Kind Website Adding features to Error Correcting Code - Adding features to Flowplayer Adding Features To Home Page Design - Adding features to my website Adding features to mybloggie - Adding features to the applicatione Adding features to the design - adding few modules to Duraple site Adding few options on a PPD sript like ShareCash. - Adding fields to General Ledger PL Movement report - open to bidding
Adding Fields to Magento - Adding Flash Banner to WordPress theme (reposting) Adding flash gallery in flash website - Adding form & editing contact form on Ultimo Magento template -- 5 Adding form & editing contact form on Ultimo Magento template -- 6 - Adding Formulas to PDF Adding Forum on Brilliant Directories platform website - Adding front facing camera support for iPhone/iPad QR reader app - repost Adding ftp section to website - adding function to VC++ app Adding function to Woocommerce - Adding functionality to a script adding functionality to a Select2 list - Adding functionality to MVC application Adding functionality to play video instead of a still image in Existing WebGl app - adding functions to a website! Adding functions to an existing Access Database - Adding Games to My Sites Adding GCM push notification - Adding google adsense to my website(repost) Adding google adsense to my wordpress website - Adding Google Checkout OsCommerce Website(repost) adding google checkout to - Adding graphics to ebook Adding Graphics to Ebooks - Adding history log about payment phplemon AdQuick script. Adding hits to my youtube videos - Adding HTTP Headers to HTML files using PHP HEADER Function Adding Http live streaming and text messaging to existing java Spring web system. - Adding image in Alpha User Points Invite email Adding image question and answers for a trivia game - Adding images and links to the header of open cart template. Adding images and text to a wordpress website - Adding images to tool bar buttons in WxWidgets - 5 min job for an expert Adding images to website - adding information on index Adding information to existing joomla site - Adding internet hyperlinks to an excel file Adding Internet Radio to Soundboard App - adding irc protocol into ajax chat software adding irc protocol into ajax chat software - repost - adding items in turbo lister foe ebay adding items in turbo lister foe ebay - repost - Adding Items to product database Adding jabber event triggers - Adding JournalĀ“s pluggins Adding jQuery effects in a new page - Adding keywords in header or footer for Office documents Adding Keywords Titles And Descriptions To Images - Proj 007 - Adding Large Binary Files Adding large image + a video and text section to a section on my Wordpress Site - adding likes to the FB pages. - open to bidding Adding LinkedIn Referral - Adding little changes to ios app! Adding little features to my project? - Adding logbook feature to iOS app that be made in use Swift language. Adding logic to form - Adding logos and words to photos for advertising use Adding logos for header nav - Adding Mailchimp Optin Adding Maildir Support to Openwebmail - Adding Media Player To Website Adding media to Wordpress via PHP script - Adding meta tags to wikipedia site and fixing javascript error. adding methods to a c++ component - Adding Modul on our web, expert ADOBE AIR needed adding module and modifications to current module for x-cart - Adding Monthly Installments Under Price Value In Product Page CS CART v3 Adding monthly subscription module to an existing ASP.NET website - Adding more functionalities to a Voip App, mainly Top up functionality Adding More functionality - adding multi vender plugin to wordpress Adding Multi-Language Ability to Joomla Website - Adding Multisite Network to a Wordpress Site adding multiuser support to an existing C# code - Adding names and email addresses to a database - searching the internet adding narration to a movie - adding new feature to Adding new feature to the site - Adding new features to an exisisting php project Adding new features to existing Chrome Extension application - Adding new field to registration form Adding new fileds to open cart - Adding new graph search method to pre-existing software package (in C/C++) Adding new hashing algorithms for MPOS mining pool - Adding new pages to existing site adding new payment gateway for CS Cart - Adding new theme to the PHP application Adding new view in Joomla Weblinks component for the backend - Adding of Ajax Popup to zencart website adding of backup files to delux hosting - Adding old content to a blog Adding Old Sales Data from BigCartel to Wordpress/WooCommerce - Adding online reservation on restaurant website Adding Online Store and an extra page to existing website - Adding options to check out basket p adding options to classifieds - Adding Oversell Button On Shopping Cart Adding page - Adding pages to Website Adding Pages with Flash Header - Adding payment buttons to our site Adding payment gateway - Adding Paypal API Features to my site Adding paypal buttons and order form to wordpress - adding pdf magazine and video gallery to website Adding PDO search functions php into my database including page numbers, pages by cat - Adding Phone verification and E-mail verification plugin to website Adding Phone Verification to field - Fix SMS Bug (Twilio) - Adding PHP(form submission) and cleaning up code of existing website adding PHPizabi modules - adding pixels to a shopify website Adding Places in Google Map - Adding polynomials Adding pool to pictures - Adding Prefix Adding Prefix(repost) - Adding Product Data to An Online BigCommerce Store Adding Product Descriptions/Images to Magento Products from Excel/Live Websites - adding product to magento Adding product to oscommerce - Adding Products & Program Volusion Online Store adding products (125) to osComerce store - Adding Products for MMO Shop E-Commerce - Remote Job From Home (version 2.3) -- 3 Adding Products for MMO Shop E-Commerce - Remote Job From Home (version 2.3) -- 4 - Adding Products in a E-Commerce WebSite Adding Products in a E-Commerce WebSite - Changed! - Adding products in Tecdoc - repost Adding Products in Website - adding products on an installed Magento script Adding products on ecommerce site - Adding products to already existing E-Commerce store (Backoffice) Adding products to amazon in bulk from other sellers account to mine - Adding Products to Magento Adding Products to Magento - Adding products to magento. Adding Products to Magneto Site - Adding Products to our website and making website modifications Adding products to our WooCommerce webstore - Adding products to web, images & Making new descriptions Adding products to webpage. - adding products variations Adding Products, and data entry Magento E-commerce Site - Adding promotion offers for Thailand online stores (THAI NATIVES ONLY) Adding promotions to a page + css improvement - Adding Push notification to android application adding push notifications for our apps - Adding Ready Arabic Content to a ready design