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A photographer to take pictures of marriage. - A Photography Business Needs Unique Logo, Business Card etc a photography firm to cover a graduation ceremony - A photoshoot of a couple expecting a baby A photoshoot of a couple expecting a baby - A photoshop image converted to a 2D Autocad Drawing A photoshop image converted to a 2D Autocad Drawing - A PHP Ajax script A PHP and MYSQL website clinic system - A PHP Class to Retrieve Customers from CS-Cart A PHP Class to Retrieve Orders from Pinnacle Cart - a php developer a php developer - A PHP Encoder Utility A PHP Expert Wanted - A PHP instagram like photo/image function. a PHP library to interact with Whatsapp - A php programmer A PHP programmer (cake php) - A php script for a blog/articles website A PHP script for blog/articles website - A PHP script to open IMAP account and forward new mails, mark read a php script to receive mail and re-send it - A php social website -- 2 a php telnet class to interact with a quescom GW - A PHP+MySQL website and an (hybrid) app for IOS and Android A PHp, AJAX & jQuery for CharlieSchwa - A phrase A phrase writing in Arabic (calligraphic) - A picture A picture - A picture for an iOS app A picture for my band or band logo - A picture of an edited shipping container being used as a mini shop outlet A picture of an imaginary family all together - A picture to be cartoonised. A picture to cartoony drawing - A piece of code to be read and explained A piece of software that i want somebody to make for me - A pirate named Sue A pirate themed card game illustrated - A Place For Subscribers To Search Through and Download Leads A place of significance - A plastic pallet that folds up A plastic pallet that folds up - repost - a platform similar to Twago or Freelancer a platform that can link service provider and people in need of the service together - A player system built A Players needed! Make a difference in people's lives. Build backend of web application prototype using php - A plugin for a game. A plugin for Atlassian JIRA - A plugin that creates Auto posts for uploaded media (pictures), A Plugin to Copy Outlook Emails to SharePoint Online Library - A poem writer A Poet - A Poker Software A Poker website - A POOL OF FRESH WRITERS/COPYWRITERS/SCRIPTWRITERS/GRAPHIC DESIGNERS IN ENGLISH OR HINDI OR BOTH A pop culture writer/blogger - a porno actor A pornographic website constructed with a prescription add-on - A portal with website templates for people to buy A Portfolio & social networking website - A portrait/scene sketch drawing done quickly. A pose detection system using in-depth camera - A post graduate civil engineer looking for opportunities in structural engineering and design. - repost a post production company - A poster designed to advertise a sporting event A poster designer - a poster or drawing A Poster Ready for Printing - a power point presentation on a book report -- 2 A power point template with custom design - A powerpoint pitch deck. A powerpoint practitioner in Oxford - A powerpoint presentation of my work A powerpoint presentation on a sales team - a pproposal A PPT done on Gaza Project - A Pre Listing Package A pre listing package that needs help - A presentation A presentation - a presentation on an a scenario A Presentation On Cloud Computing - A press release for teachers and schools in Herald Sun & equivalent papers A press release for the newspaper for the new exciting product - A pretty simple but nice webpage! A pretty simple iphone app - A Price Comparison Website A Price Comparison website - a printable / design to go onto clothing A printer to print objects for me - A Private job for Russ A Private post for qvalpro - A Private Project for Globleinfosol2 A Private Project for Hoang Dinh Duc - A private project for Safal A private project for Shamim - A private writing project for carombeke!! A Private Writing Project for krisdejong1 - A problem about connection to database A problem in Haskell, Java, C, Prolog - A Producer A producer - A product design must be perfected A Product Design Partner - A product prototype manufactured, involves electronics. A product prototype manufactured, involves electronics. - open to bidding - A professional 3D logo for my company V A professional 60 sec animation video - A professional business facebook page and Linked In page a professional business proposal - A professional drawer to alter a portrait or a professional photoshop - ongoing work A professional English > Chinese freelance translator, very interested in your project - A professional investment presentation A professional investment presentation - open to bidding - A professional logo for my company A professional logo for my company II - A Professional needed to do Medline search and extraction of data - repost A professional NEWS Website on Wordpress with SEO & Google Adsense - a professional programmer has expierence with API FACEBOOK A professional proofreader for my 15 Chapters Self-help book - A professional translation from English to German A professional translation from English to Hungarian - A Professional website -- 2 a professional website -- 2 - A professional with knowledge in kamailio to add a new form of authentication the current platform (Kamailio + Elastix MT). A professional wordpress layout that I can use to blog and add my portfolio - a professional, salesletter A professional, well-laid out powerpoint presentation - A proficient writer at $3 for 500 words required urgently. Topic: Food and Beverages -- 2 A Proficient Writer is Needed - A progarm to encode to new codec just for video viewing protection A program - a program for an online browser game a program for clash of clans - A program in matlab (GUI) A program in matlab (GUI) - open to bidding - A program that archives a file you select and sends it to an ip address - repost A program that automatically add-to-cart Nike products - A program that can reset/remove the windows 8 or 10 password for a computer with no recovery disk -- 2 A Program that Check Email And Copy Certain Part of Email Based On The Email Title - A Program that Installs a selected list of programs from file (auto-completes Installation for you) A program that keeps track of websites and gives updates when new material arrives - A program that will construct a residual MEWMA control chart using SVR
A program that will convert integers to words - a program that will test the teperature equalities under set conditions A program that will use Raspberry pi3 to drive a laser. - A program to convert WMF / EMF to SW A program to convert WMF / EMF to SWF - a program to get results count for a query with web search api a program to illustrate the client- server communication - A program to play the game Gobble - open to bidding A program to plot serial data and print a report - A program to view files with highlighted text A program using structures and Linked Lists to maintain a small student database - A program/software - repost 2 A program/spider to collect US Business Email Adresses - A programmer A programmer - A programmer experienced in Random Number Generating (RNG) software specifically linked to those used on online casinos. A programmer expert ASP.NET - a programmer to build an online store A PROGRAMMER TO CREAT A SOFTWARE TO RETRIEVE MY PASSWORD - A programmer who is familiar with ViciDial A programmer who is familiar with ViciDial - repost - A Progress Tracker Site (Runs of Network LAN, Hard disk) a progrmmer - a Project and writing report A Project Anyone Can Do! - a Project for "fastwork" provider A project for 1,5 month development - A project for anamoody! A project for andreipoznak only - A project for brjorgemc only A project for bruno21st only - A project for data entry. - open to bidding A project for dataentry4all - A project for dumb ppl who are not reading project details before they bid. A project for duskyapex only! - A project for Gamit (again) A project for gary888 only - A project for Igor Kovacic only A Project for IldIedIna - A project for John a project for johnrocker ONLY*** - A project for lexpertduweb a project for LiaqatAlikhan786 - A project for mayalogic A project for mdrahmotali77 - A project for Nanoras A project for nehasb only - A project for Piyush A project for Ponnarasi - A project for Response a project for RichardKibs only - A project for shellywagar - 2 A project for shellywagar - 3 - a project for sparkingboy2010 A project for staszewski only - a project for to kerrynleigh A project for tomydeveloper only - A project for VyRDesigns only A project for w3bmaster - A project for you A project for you - a project HTML CSS / and i need money a project HTML CSS / and i need money - open to bidding - A Project involving LAMP server, Webclient, Android and iOS client A project involving linear inequality solver in Matlab with many constrains -- many solutions - A project manager or engineering manger or construction manager or maintenance manager jobjob A project manager with experience of setting up an insurance underwriting agency in the UK - A Project on Embedded Systems A project on Facebook - A PROJECT ON RISK MANAGEMENT A project on selenium webdriver framework ? - a project relate to arts a project relate to ITN - A project that is a multi store but simple A project that is based on Advertisement Design, Covers and Packaging and Photoshop - A PROJECT TO LOOK FOR IN FUTURE A project to make your Mother Proud! - Group cooking website - A project written in or to send sms through Whatsapp application A project you are working on by buffbloom, will not pay you. - A promo video for holidays in Catalonia A promo video for my agency - a promotional film about my project (2/ 3mn) A promotional film for islam - A Proofreader for a monthly Australian industry magazine and also a NZ industry magazine a proofreader for a poetry book about to be published - a proposal A Proposal and PM Plan for Version of 2 of Web App - A proposal to provide manpower to oil companies A proposal to redesign a website - a proto type of a train -- 2 a protocol for exchanging data between, potentially heterogeneous computer systems in a distributed environment. - A Prototype of Applcation A prototype of modular design in maven, spring, hibernate, webwork velocity - a prromoter a PSA on anorexia - a psd wont open on photoshop 6 A psychic site homepage - a publisher needed a publisher to publish ny book - A Python (ArcPy) script to copy values from one table to another. a python assginment - a python program read excel file and insert mysql db A Python Program that Combines MP3 files - A Python Web Console (shell) for teaching programming A Q&A website setup only a little different - best example - Quora - A QUALITATIVE CUM QUANTITATIVE DATA ANALYSIS A Qualitative Research Proposal - a quality smtp server with dkin /spf record and 100% inbox a quality smtp server with for 1 million emails - A question a question - right answer gets 30 and a review - A question before we start :-) a question for a pro - A quick 213 word voice over A quick 3-5 second video intro clip with some music and my logo - a quick app in C# to simulate browswer actions A quick appraisal and quotation - A quick contact form fix A quick creloaded project $30 - A quick fix for Parse private message system A quick fix in virtuemart - A Quick Job A quick job - A quick logo needed for a freelancer portfolio - $6 work A quick Magento Fix - A quick recording of a video A quick report in Computer Crime and Digital Forensics - A quick Task - Need Quality Guy a quick template edit required - A quick work A quick writing task - Business writing- - A Quiz Game App for Android, Iphone, IPad A Quiz Game Application for Android, Iphone, IPad - A Quote for Getting MS Access Runtime w/Wizard Software on Terminal Server with Multiple A Quote for Getting MS Access Runtime w/Wizard Software on Terminal Server with Multiple - repost - A RadTreeView control APS.NET C# Project to show, Add, Edit and remove a member A raffle site - A range of marketing collateral A range of menswear clothing photographed. - A Raspery PI Tkinter Python project A Rate This Website - A re-writer needed a reach around - A ready made Audit Templates in MS Access to generate, store, search, & print
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