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A simple P2P VoIP voice chat software - A simple personal website a simple personal website - A simple PHP Job a simple php job to convert a line to some other format - A simple PHP Script to enable me to email from MY MSQL DB A simple PHP Script to sell Proxies (with proxy checker and updating database) - A simple php/coding task for the experienced developer/coder A simple PHP/MySQL based system for keeping records - A simple Powershell script A simple presentation/slideshow in flash is required - A simple program (prefer Web Languages) with data base generates a report A simple program for a psychology study - A simple program to read and write to a file in java a simple projct data capture and display application - A simple Project in Pure C. A simple project in Solidwrok - repost - A simple prolog programm(Logical programming) A simple Property website - A Simple Quiz application for iPad 2 A simple quiz game with some background music. - A simple Report generating app. A simple report on how to put on muscle and look good for skinny people - A simple RSS software - Finding Latest Fashion Photos Online A simple Ruby on Rails based code that checks data in DB - A Simple Script to grab Log and send them over the Email A simple script to load images from url on the website odnoklassniki. - A simple shell A simple shell script - a simple sketch, for a tattoo design A simple Slot machine program for unity3D - a simple software creation project A simple software that can Retrieve Vehicle No from a Image - A Simple Stock APP A simple strategy on NinjaScript (based on C#) - A simple task--but you should have a website - 05 A simple task--but you should have a website - 05 - A simple three page countdown timer app and application of the U.I A simple tic-tac-toe game in pyhton - A simple translation spanish to english A simple transport accounting - A simple unity 3D project ( run video playlist ) A simple UNIX assembly ELF Program - a simple vb project A simple VB routine doing data movement - a simple video needed A simple video player in html - a simple way to capture current users' screen a simple weather app for android - A simple web based 'todo' list A simple web based 'todo' list - open to bidding - a simple web page addition A simple web page with drag and drop functionality - A simple web site graphic design (4 HTML pages) A simple web site to list items for sale and facility to receive payment - A Simple website A simple Website - A simple website A simple website - A simple website built that I can upload to my GoDaddy domain A simple website built that I can upload to my GoDaddy domain -- 2 - A Simple Website for a Temporary Campaign A Simple website for adding pictures - a simple WEBSITE LIKE NO OTHER A Simple Website needed -- urgent in active condition - A simple website with paypal A simple website with photo uploading capability and paypal button. - A simple windows phone 8.1 proof of concept a simple windows phone game - A simple wordpress plugin - ongoing work A simple wordpress plugin that uses shortcode - a simple work for an ausralian A simple work for Indian - A simple YouTube API project A simple youtube application to program - a simplified Zen Cart A Simplistic Minimalist Personal Webpage - A Simulation in JAVA Using Cloud Sim Cloud Simulator Tool A Simulation in JAVA Using Cloud Sim Cloud Simulator Tool - A Simulation Using Cloud Sim Tool A Simulator For Fault Diagnosis of Fanout Free Combinational Circuits - A singer website, preferably WordPress (Bid) A Singer Website, WP or Admin Panel - A single full screen illustration A single full screen illustration - open to bidding - A single Lotus to Excel macro conversion a single machine infinite bus system in matlab - A single page web banner design for a gift registry concept a single page website - A single precision floating-point adder (FP ADD) A Single Product Auction - a single webpage with flash A single well-architected html/php page to tally traffic and write results to a database. - a site clone A Site Cloning - A site for Ted A site from Drupal to Wordpress - a site like formetocoupon A site like Groupon - a site like ratemyproffessor on php/mysql A site like redtube - A site made similar to wordtracker, keyword search tool A site made similar to wordtracker, keyword search tools - A site similar to Freelancer A site similar to - A site similar to w3schools A site similar to World Star Hip Hop - A site to allow users A site to be finished - A Site with RapidLeech PlugMod a site with this complexity in another area activity - a sketch artist to design a coat of arms for my family A sketch based off of the Baylor University sailor bear mascot - A sketch/illustration/drawing of 3 pictures. FINAL EDIT MUST BE WITHIN 2 HOURS A sketch/mock up 1 page website and basic logo - A skilled game developer for iOS + Android A skilled graphic designer required for urgent print based design - A skin for my kodi project A Skinnable Clock like ClocX - a slick presentation a slide share format and a combination of photos and videos to build a Nastrac story which we will provide them . 2-3mins max - A slot machine that members can play and be rewarded prizes. A Slow Motion App - A small 2-3 minute speech A small 3 page ios app required - A small adjustment in my wp site A small adjustment of 3D model + pdf drawing - A small angular js fix A small animation of a car hiring model/process - A small application in ZOHO creater that allows anonymous users to upload CVs and pass on a code to another cloudservice (surveymonkey) a small application made for some basic network tests - A small automatic grading program a small basic android app, which should be device based only,using xamarin studio and C# - a small business grant for non-profit organization/retail/sales/service company need a grant of about $500,000 for expansions inventory stocking salary paid positions for employees a small business manager - A small C++ project A small C++ project - A small change on a web site (joomla) A small change on a wordpress site - A small cover graphics for an ebook a small css advice - A small distribution company A small django application - A small elecronic + mechanical machine need to be MADE. A Small Electronics Manufacturer Seeking for Business Partners - A small excel job A small excel job - A small financial statistics assignment
A small firefox plugin - A small Flex project - prototype for a larger project A small fold-out brochure - A small graphic design project A small graphic job - a small HTML responsive design part issue a small HTML responsive design part issue - A small java application - JavaBall Matches A small Java application - open to bidding - a small job a small job - A small letter to be translated from English to Russian a small library database - a small matlab task a small medium enterprise company in logistics and transport is looking at putting in place proper financial models to look for funding. - a small one product and one page e-commerce. ASAP A small Online multiplayer game - A small photo editing job A small photo editing project - A small php script A small PHP site - a small POC using Python A small poster and notice board heading design (urgent !!) - A small program to control AI to export PNG imges A small program to search data. - a small project -- 3 A small Project .net windows application - A small project involving Online web shop a small project need to be processed immediately - A Small Prolog Program A Small Proof-of-Concept Facebook App - A small report in Computer science (big data) A small report in IT - A small scraping project - ongoing work A small script - A SMALL SHOPPING CART WEBSITE.. A small sign up project but need ip change - A Small site like YouTube A small site with even smaller functionalities in PHP - a small speech between 3 to 4 minutes A small spring application - A small team of Unity 3D developers to build a mini-game for Virtual Reality. a small team to sell website subscriptions - A Small Translation Project. A Small Translation Project. English To Japanese - a small video for describing my project's working and its aspects. A small video UGC website - A Small Web Site A small web site - a small website about study tips A small website design - A small website(repost)(repost)(repost) A small WiFi Communication work - A small writing A small Yahoo Finance data mining / scraping program - A smart person is need it to do some copy and paste work for 600 items - repost A smart person is need it to do some copy and paste work for 600 items - repost 2 - A snapchat like app but with more functions A snapchat like app but with more functions - repost - a soccer score app A soccer team logo - A social health based app for android a social hub - A social media expert A social media expert who can engage multiple users. - A social network A social network - a social network inside Facebook application A Social Network Project - A Social Networking App A social networking app - a social networking site a social networking site - A Social Networking website A social networking website - A social project (great project) A Social Quran Reading App - A SocialList A Socially Landscaped Shopping Cart - A software application to operate a mobile USB device for Windows Mobile. A software application using C++ and Qt SDK - A software developer A software developer and IT systems (2 in 1 if possible) in Kirkland WA - A software for MCR200 that write emv cards A software for online test session - a software like rockmelt A software like viber without call (Please avoid sending fake price!) - A software programmer A software programmer who is excellent in Ruby on Rails (Linux Platform) - A Software that talks to website and get data.. A Software That upload a video to all video sites - a software to register the purpulations of poeple on net work clurb, and there payment. A Software To Select Numbers At Random For The State Lottery - a solar wristband a Solaris domains / zones / ldm expert - A solution for tracking a digital marketing campaign that goes into our CRM, WizeHive a solution for ranking better on - A Song for my Wife must be Native English FEMALE Singer (1 Singer) and must have guitar & Drums Togater Music A Song for my Wife must be Native English FEMALE Singer (1 Singer) and must have guitar & Drums Togater Music -- 2 - A sound designer for a short narrative film a sound device - A spanish page like this one. A SPANISH QUIZ 10 MINUTES LONG (10 MINS. TIMED).. FLUENT SPANISH SPEAKER/WRITER - A special designed CS:GO cheat. a special gmail id creation work (8$/k) - A Special Project for Helen#4 A Special Project for ItNewbie - a specialist that will market and prmote the artist I'm managing and be our main specialist throughout his career a specialist with square space. - A speech A speech - A Speedy Virutal Assistant Required! Urgent! A spelling checker using Binary Trees - A sporting sweater A sports application - A Sports Social Networking Design A Sports Social Networking Site Build - a spreadsheet a spreadsheet - a squeeze page to copyproof and fix. a squirrel character. We also would like a background "tree house" setting, for a learning website for kids - A standalone desktop software that gradually highlights text A standalone PC and MAC based app or software for a personalised profiling test - a start-up screen for my iphone app. A Starter Project - A statement letter for a university A statement modified and created as a pdf and email me the results - a static page A static site based on a template we provide - A Statistical Analysis and programming project A statistical analysis of NBA player salaries using multiple regression - A statistician to run data through SPSS for my dissertation A statistician to run data through SPSS for my dissertation. - A Step Ahead Foundation T-Shirt A Step by Step " How-To" Guide - A Stock Market App Development A stock market data viewer - a story about fashion, design, sport & kitchen A story about my mother - A storyboard artist required A storyboard for a prog rock film clip. - A striking but reassuriing identity needed for a health startup A striking Logo for my Tea product - a strong Node.JS + Angular.JS dev is needed for 2 months A strong sex novel - A Student Club Logo A student campus for my online school - a student handbook for study abroad