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Create customized Firmware Android 6.0 for A95X box - Create Customized Wordpress Template Create customized wordpress template - Create daily backups from Rackspace to Amazon, Google etc.. create daily blog entries in our 3 blogs for 1 month - create dashboard for MT4 indicator Create Dashboard for site - Create Data Entry Template Create data entry using excel VBA with backend control - Create data portal create data product feed - Create Database Create database - Create database and Cron job Create Database And design applications - Create Database export workaround for SendStudio Create database file from website data - Create database from XML file with web front end for data manipulation Create database from XML file; Web Front End for searching and data manipulation - Create database of customers from white pages Create Database of Design Businesses - Create Database Schema Create Database script in spanish - create database, collect data, do various calculations Create Database, Fill Database from Excel - Create Datasheet in Excel with structured Names & Emails - Repost Create Datasheet in Excel with structured Names & Emails - Repost - create db design schema Create DB for Magento 1.x custom module - Create Debian Package Create debian package for FIPS compliant OpenSSL1.0.1g and OpenSSH - Create Demo App Android Wikitude - repost Create Demo App Android Wikitude - repost 2 - Create dependent drop down list using AJAX, PHP and MySQL. Create deployment environment for jboss AS - Create design and functional and technical specification based on an existing project Create Design and Manage Facebook Ads - Create Design for box packaging Create Design for Cell Phone Case & Use as T-Shirt Design - create design for web site Create design for webshop, oscommerce. - Create design template phpvibe Create Design Templates - Create designs/mockups for components of a web application Create designs/patterns for stationary products - Create detailed 3D model of camping tent Create detailed artwork. - Create device similar to shopkick Create device similar to shopkick - Create Diary Image Create Diary PHP App - Create different sizes for a set of logos Create different sizes for a set of logos - repost - Create digital ocean snapshot to that mirrors my local xampp environment Create digital paintings / illustrations to be used for canvas prints - Create directory Create directory and copy files and cell value from excel to excel - Create disk image with Autorun.inf and custom windows/icons for Mac and PC Create Disk Partition on Windows - create dll file in C to be used in VB Create dll for FB Messenger for Monotouch - create dns entries and private nameservers on dedicated server Create DNS Entry and Update Plugins. - Create documentation for a Wordpress theme Create documentation for chupamobile - Create domain authority checker using MOZ free API Create domain hosting shop with functionality like godaddy or hostgator - Create DotNetNuke extension for CopySafe Web create dotnetnuke module by converting an existing user control and code behind - Create Drag and Drop Access Form Create Drag and Drop constructor - Create drawings in AUTOCAD Create drawings in AUTOCAD - Create drop down menu Create Drop Down Menu For Aviation Website - Create Drupal 7 Theme Create Drupal 7 Theme - Create Drupal Template Create drupal template - Create drupal website for my maket Create Drupal website from template then ongoing support - Create duplicate of native Android Add Contact screen Create Duplicate Product Records in our Wordpress Installation - Create Dwg from video walkthrough Create dxf (cad) file from photoshop file - Create Dynamic Flash or outstanding website2 Create Dynamic Form to submit customer info on webpage - Create dynamic payments for my site create dynamic PDF based reports - Create Dynamic Stamp for Adobe Acrobat Create Dynamic Stamp for use in Adobe Pro - CREATE DYNAMIC WEBSITE WITH SEO & ADSENSE 10-20 USD PER DAY Create Dynamic Website With Store And Blogs - Create E-book Template Using Adobe InDesign Create e-BOOKS FOR e-BAY SHOP - Create e-commerce website create e-commerce website - Create e-mail system Create e-mail Template - Create each parts to the music for Only you by Yazoo Create Eagle (PCB design) component of TI LM53601-Q1 - Create easy service selling/reselling site Create easy service selling/reselling sites - Create eBay Listing (Copy/Paste description from product's website) Create eBay Listing / List using SixBit Software - Create eBay product feed from online store catalog Create eBay Sales Letter - Create ebay store template design Create eBay store template from PSD - create ebook Create eBook & Video CD Cover - Create Ebook from Indesign Create EBook From Indesign File - Create eBrochure book from loose PDFs Create EC website in Japanese (no need for translation) - create ecommerce site in Wordpress Create eCommerce site Shipping module modification - Create ecommerce website with magento Create ecommerce website with Magento community - Create Editable Documents from Scanned Documents Create Editable Fla from SWF - Create editable PDF forms Create editable PDF forms that can be saved - Create eDms in campaign monitor create edtitable PDF - Create effective Independent Representative Agreement create effects into a video - Create electron node package with Nicomsoft libraries Create electronic / HTML flyer - Create email account and eyment Bay store for me Create email account and vote my project - Create Email addresses for me- STATBD Create email addresses, Post to Craigslist - Create email for marketing purpose Create Email Form using Dagon Design Script - Create Email List and Mail Them My Template Email Create Email list and mailing - Create Email Newsletter matching Site Create Email Newsletter matching Site -- 2 - Create email system like constant contact or mailchimp create email tempalte - Create email tool for Access Database create email under my domin - Create EML Mailer file for SendBlaster create emoji and emoticon app for iPhone and other ios - Create Encryption Script with Bash Shell - 05/02/2017 06:56 EST Create end to end Android App - Create English Keyword Phrases, Translate, Write headlines + Photoshop
Create English Keyword Phrases, Translate, Write headlines + Photoshop -- 3 - Create EP Files for OS Commerce Create ePassporte Account - Create ERD diagram and Data Dictionary Create ERD from plain text - Create eStore Wordpress page templates for my WP Touch Pro theme Create eSurvey Software Using Wordpress, PHP and MySQL - ongoing work - Create Event Playbook and Powerpoint briefing summary Create Event Promo Video - High AE Skills needed - Create exactly the same video with some minor changes 2 Create exam papers - Create Excel Chart - open to bidding Create Excel Chart - open to bidding - Create Excel Database for 5 industries Create excel database from blogs, then share some songs on SoundCloud - Create excel document from list Create excel document from list - Create excel document with Currency-Conversion + VAT calculation Create Excel document with dynamic graphs - Create Excel For Products Create Excel Form - Create Excel Macro Create Excel Macro - Create excel macro to turn excel file into a formatted .txt file Create excel Macro to validate Coupon Codes for an online retailer - Create excel sheet Create excel sheet - Create Excel spread sheet from text file Create Excel Spread Sheet to truck multiple buyers and projects (with reports) - Create excel spreadsheet from this food menu Create excel spreadsheet from website about speakers and partners - Create Excel spreadsheets to analyse Data Create excel spreedsheet with report sheet - Create Excel VBS Macro Script -- Easy Money!! Create Excel version of web calculator - Create Excel/Vba Macro to rearrange order of product list for proper import format file Create Excel/Word template - Create EXE from Delphi files with small modification Create EXE from Delphi files with small modification (Revised) - Create existing Website from WordPress to HTML / PHP create existing word press genesis theme website - Create Explainer video Create explainer video - Create explanation icons for the page content Create explanation icons for the page content - repost - Create extention for magento that adds functionality to restrict admin permissions by customer group Create extention to ExpressionEngine CMS - Create fabrication drawings from Solidworks CAD models Create fabrication drawings from Solidworks CAD models - Create facebook accounts (not spam+mobile verified) -- 2 Create Facebook Accounts to make Apps (Developer) - Create Facebook Ads (ppc) Create Facebook Ads - must have ACTIVE ads account already - Create Facebook App Create Facebook App - Create Facebook Application Manager Create Facebook application script - Create Facebook connection and sharing platform through site Create Facebook Content Pages - Create Facebook Fan Page, Increase Twitter Presence Create Facebook Fan Pages - Create Facebook Marketing Platform for us Create Facebook Marketing Software - Create Facebook Page Like Application Create Facebook Page Logos and Banners - Create Facebook posts Create facebook posts - Create Facebook XML import application. Create Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter account for - Create Fake FB accounts Create fake forum population - create faq and contact us page Create FAQ document (html) - Create FAVICON for my site create FAVICON for use in website - Create Feature Floodfill, zoom in zoom out in Coloring Book app Create feature to add marker to database and show on Mapbox map - Create feeds for all or most shopping Create feeds for all or most shopping - Create few php pages and add to admin panel create few sec video using after effects - Create File Replication Service (windows) .net Create File Sharing Site - create fillable form *in Adobe Pro!* Create Fillable Form Fields in a PDF - Create fillable PDF Form using existing temple or similar Create fillable PDF form with a button that will send the results to me by email - create filter custom post type with price range slider Create Filter Edit and Display Templates for MSSQL Table using ASP.NET C# - WebAPI - EF6 - JS - create financial records spreadsheet from pdf records create financial spreadsheet for small business - Create Fireplace animation on 3D Holographic Display Create Firewall ACL builder website - Create Five 2-3 minute Videos from articles Create five 3D game monsters, Low-Poly - Create Flappy Bird Game for Iphone and Android Create Flappy Bird Game for Iphone and Android - Create flash app like this one Create flash app to recort and upload video - CREATE FLASH BASE MODULE Create Flash Based Game That tracks users scores - Create flash games for website Create Flash google ad banner(s) - Create flash movie Create Flash movie for our website - Create Flash Site From Flash Template Create Flash Site with Chat Room, Message Board and CMS - create Flash website Create flash website for lubricant company - Create Flex swc Create Flexgrid from existing database - Create Floor plans, Simple from sketches or drawings ASAP! Create floorplan graphics (PNGs) from architectural drawings AND create spreadsheet listing floorplan option restrictions - create flyer / catalog create flyer / poster - Create Flyers for Nightclub Create flyers for restaurant - Create font based on photos of letters create font character from scan document - Create Football Theme Design For Football Video Site -- 2 Create football video compilations - Part time/regular job - Create Forex charts and widgets Create Forex charts and widgets - Create form and pass variable to dynamic tracking pixel Create form and pass variable to dynamic tracking pixel - Create form in Adobe based on 3 input fields. Create Form in Either Excel or PDF - Create form template that can be merged with data files Create Form to auto populate PDF document - Create Formidable Forms on Wordpress Site. Create Forms - Create Forms with embedded video on same page. Register info from User Interaction from video Create forms with excel - Create Forum Posts (with links) Create forum posts, comments in blogs and web-site including - Create Four Forms for me Create four GIF images for a website - Create framework mobile app (Appcelerator Alloy) . Linked to online database to pull down records and images for offline use. Create Framework/CMS/Remake existing php website. - Create freelance marketplace website on Joomla Create freelance profiles and Bid, Chat & Call for us - Create from a PSD 124 seperate pages (Drupal) simlar theme but distinct page Create from a psd file one simple mobile landing page to collect a visitors email - Create Front Label Design Create front page and profile page - Create FTP automatic with CPANEL and WHMCS Create ftp file on digital ocean - Create FTP server on my CentOS server