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Create MT4 EA/Indicators for backtesting strats and publishing results - Create Multi Level User Management System in CakePHP3 -- 2 Create Multi Niche Website - Create Multilangauge wp website create multilanguage on same project - Create Multiple Affiliate Funnels, Pages, Opt Ins, Lists etc and Manage Them create multiple and standard templates for estate agencies - create multiple Facebook Accounts Create Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts - Create multiple linux users Create multiple listing on an auction site for my products. - Create Multiple Storefronts for affiliates marketing Create Multiple Stores - Create Multiservice Design for 3 Zones Create MultiSim circuit AM modulator - Create music for dressage (horse) freestyle Create Music for Film/Video - Create music video spot from the given video clips and pics Create Music video that already has existing footage - create my auto Expert Advisor Create my bakeshop a simple but artistic website. - Create my Dating Website (everything except landing page) Create my design in Solidworks - Create My Logo Create my Logo - create my online Store web-site create my online Store web-site - repost - Create my project create my promotion video for my website - Create my ultimate website for my business Create my Video - Create My Website in Vistaprint CREATE MY WEBSITE JSON API FOR MOBILE - Create MySpace accounts, add friends, send messages Create MySpace ebook cover - Create MySQL Database and Intuitive PHP/JS/HTML5 Interface Create MySQL Database and Intuitive PHP/JS/HTML5 Interface - create mysql db/ php form / online web scraper/ mobile Create MySQL dump of Joomla 1.0 website for importing into Joomla 2.5 db - Create name and logo for company Create Name Badges (6 x 3 cm) --> 22 different Names - Create Native iOS/Android App from a Mobile Web Project Create native iphone app: map, location, photo, and sharing - Create nested Menu/Navigation from XML - repost Create Net Worth By Age Data Layer at the Census Block Group Level - Create new acc 4 Create New Account - Create New API from current wordpress to New Wordpress Create New API from current wordpress to New Wordpress theme - Create new business entity and identity graphics Create new Business name - Create new content in an existing PERCH website Create new Content Management System to my website - Create New CryptoCurrency Alt-Coin (Bitcoin alternative) & blockchain developer Create new cryptocurrency based on blockchain - Create new design for website and build with php/mysql Create new design from my JPG - create new empty pages for php website Create new eshop (with magento) - Create new features within an MLM Script Create new feed sources for Ignitewoo WooCommerce Precious Metals - Create new functions in existing Mobile App Create new functions of existing Project - Create new header/logo for existing poker website Create new Home Page - Create new Image Filter Create new images and modify existing - Create new Joomla! articles from another non-Joomla! site Create New JOURNAL theme for Opencart 2 - Create New Logo Create New Logo - Create new logo for us Create new logo for website - Create New Mixtape Website System Create New Mobile Accessories Design Template for JTL Shop 3 - Create NEW One Page Checkout to look like example, to our theme and fonts etc Create new online community website based on existing website - create new pages for exist web application create new pages for LIVE site - CREATE NEW PLUGIN TO EXTEND FUNCTIONALITY OF "PREMISE" PLUGIN Create new plugin/feature for wordpress using easy digital downloads - create new psds for design blocks Create new queries for my two small scripts - Create new service provider for package Create new shipping service for my drupal ecommerce online shop - Create new software boxes based on existing PSD files of old boxes Create new software program for website - Create New template for my website Create new template for our current website - Create new URL link structure, sitemap, and fix W3C and site bugs Create new URL's for SEO purpose - Create new Web site plus SEO Create new Web site plus SEO work! - Create new website Create new website - Create new website everlight studios Create new website for a headhunting firm - Create New Website In WordPress Create new website in Wordpress - Create new website with wordpress Create new website! - Create new Wordpress plugin, or expand WooCommerce Smart Coupons functionality Create new Wordpress Site - Create new XML with available XML by XSL create new zen cart & install template on my server - Create newsletter Design Create Newsletter for eCommerce Buisness - ongoing work - create newsletters(repost) create newspage with question2answer - Create Nice Looking Graphs Create Nice Looking Shopify Webstore - create NLP academic course development create NLP academic course development - Create non-custodial bitcoin wallet application for Android and iphone Create Non-Disclosure Agreement Template - Create Numeracy (Mathematics) practice tests for children - Repost Create Numeracy (Mathematics) practice tests for children - Repost - open to bidding - create odoo modul Create odoo Module For cattle Managment - create on fly tempalte for wordpress create on line catalog for customer download from webstore - Create one adult dot-to-dot design on the theme of Christmas (250-850 dots) Create one adult dot-to-dot design on the theme of Sea Life (250-850 dots) - Create one form, (+MySQL table), and edit another form Create one game in an hour - Create one logo extra fast Create One lOGO For Me - Create one page checkout with three tabs for zen cart create one page design - Create one page screen-scrapped portal of info.. Create One Page Scroll Mouse Horizontal - Create one post and display in 4 website create one promotional image showing two products - Create One Simple Web Page Create one simple web page form - create one webpage design Create one webpage in HTML5 - Create onepage responsive template for holiday rental object Create ongoing GIF Animations for our Emails - Create online Booking And Dispatch Software for Plumbing Company Create online bookkeeping curriculum - Create Online Course Using Wordpress Or Moodle Create online courses for Process Control website - Create Online Exam PHP/Android based application Create online exposure on my cafe - Create ONLINE GAME - Treasure hunt etc Create Online Game At Budget of USD200 and below - Create Online payment portal and customer information collection link
Create Online PDF Form to Email Submit - Create online Recipe Collection create online recruitment system - Create online spreadsheet similar to google's -- 2 Create Online Spreadsheet With Detailed Financial Accounts - Create online store to match existing site Create Online Store using Checkout by Amazon - Create online website to protect css and js Create online yachts catalogue from XML in Yii - Create Open project reminder plugin Create Open Realty template from Photoshop file - Create Opencart Template Create Opencart template - Create OPENGL Application Create OpenGTS responsive theme - Create optimized SSAS cube from data warehouse. (SSAS 2016) Create optimized website for mobile device based on desktop version - Create or clone a Music Store Application - Ios Create or Clone An Auction Website - Create or find new images for Website Create or Finish trade system - Create or modify css/php to look better/work properly Create or modify CSV export module for Jigoshop on Wordpress - Create or upgrade "Thank You" page and create 301 redirect. Create or Upgrade existing Wordpress Template - Create Order Forms Create Order Forms / API (1101974) - Create original article Create original article - 118022 - Create Original Website with Original back end Database Create oringial humorous gags/meme/rage - Create our company website - website designer needed Create our company's logo - CREATE OUR OWN BRAND MOBILE PHONE Create our own live and pre-recorded internet television station. - Create Outlook 2007 macros Create Outlook 2013 Macro to save all attachments from one sender into a folder on computer... - Create overwrite protection module for appointment book create own secure block cipher - practical course - Create Packaging artwork Create Packaging Box Designs - Create packaging design for Skincare product line. Create packaging design for spice/granule products. - Create Packaging Designs Create Packaging Designs - Create Packaging Designs for Consumer Product Cartons Create Packaging Designs for dhirajjha200 - Create Packaging, Label Design Create packaging/design for chargers - Create page like Create page like homepage. Parallax with fading logo. Hand coded. Clean. - Create page with levels users friends in elgg open source ... Create page with minitest games - Create pages for website Create pages for Wordpress Site - Create Pagination For Custom Post Type on WordPress Site Create pagination for hardcoded text/PHP with ACF fields - Create parameters in Jasper Report Create parasolid file from 2D AutoCAD drawings - 13/09/2016 18:10 EDT - Create passport photos from vacation photos. Create password access for a web page - Create Pay Day Loan Website - Must Show Portfolio Work Create Pay Day Loan Website - Wordpress - Custom - Create payment gateway plugin for WordPress WPMU Pro Site Create payment gateway script for Magento ecommerce site - Create paymentgateway for Wordpress Theme Create PaymentWall module in PHP for HostBill - Create PC and Server Quotes for our clients in a template Create PC Desktop tool to grab and store Line Messenger Conversations - Create PDF - Fillable Forms Create PDF - Fillable Forms - Create PDF Document create PDF Document - Create PDF Files from Existing Content Create pdf files from jpg images - Create PDF Form - 2 pages - repost 2 Create PDF Form - Require Acrobobat Javascript - Create PDF Forms from Database Data. create pdf forms from existing word or excel - create pdf from vb6 create pdf from vb6 - Create PDF on-the-fly with any PHP library, based on our des Create PDF one-page design for hiring new employees - Create PDF to download and send to e-mail in C# MVC 5 Create PDF to editable Google Doc - Create PDF-File with simple Text Editor Create PDF: Exchange of Information - Create Perfect Match for the Fashion Clothing & Accessories create perfect model for 3d printing and manufacturing - Create Personal Search program Create personal social network links for their Company page (Groups) "Turn key job" - Create Pharm. Databases(repost) Create Pharmaceutical Labels - create phonegap application that acquire credit cards Create PhoneGap Application to load mobile site - Create Photo Gallery Create photo Gallery - Create photo-album templates Create Photo-Realistic Gradient Mesh Of Me In Illustrator - Create Photorealistic Renderings of an addition to a Temple Create Photorealistic Renderings of Pool from 3ds Max and Sketchup - create photoshop image Create photoshop image! - Create PHP API inventory add/delete/update for Shopify Create PHP Restful, connect to MYSQL database, get data, and put data - Create PHP based Site into Joomla create php bitpay payment gateway (for bitcoins) - Create PHP cron job to read file and update product stock Create PHP Decrypt function - Create PHP front-end to Windows CLI application (Visual CUT) Create PHP FTP transfer script - create php msql recipe site Create php mysql ajax registration app with payment gateway - Create PHP script and modifying existing database, for new website functionality Create php script converts that html to pdf - Create php script to display pages using info from mySQL database create php script to extract links in a private ipboard foru - Create php section for a given javascript image viewer Create PHP security script - Create PHP website from SQL database Create PHP website to show images from Transbase database (BMW ETK parts catalogus) - Create PHP/MySQL Table/s needed for just basic login script/and Proxy auto Connect Create phpBB Forum Mod/Style - Create Picture Submission Page Create Picture Video & Upload to Youtube - Create pivot tables from data entered into other sheets within same document Create PivotTable Form in Access - Create Plastic Business Card Design Create Plastic Enclosure Design - create plots in matlab Create Plug & Play Plugin for vBulletin 4 - Create plugin for create plugin for moodle - Create Plugin to edit all images of one folder with GIMP Filter Colors - Automatic - Normal Create plugin to integrate Google calendar to reservation form. - Create PNG Graphics from Pictures for T-Shirt Prints create png icons(repost)(repost) (1239733) - Create Poker Forum Create Poker Forum(repost) - Create Pop Up for our magento based website create pop up in html website after timer - Create Popup Notification for Inbound Call Queues in Vicidial Contact Center Suite Create Popup Photo - Create Portrait iPhone only Demo App with 1 button Create POS ( Point of Sale ) Accounting Software - Create postback for SponsorPay, Paymentwall, Matomy, trailpa Create Postback/API file for Script - Create Poster