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Create Static Footer - Create Stationary Design - open to bidding Create Stationary Fit out for Office - Create sticker design Create Sticker Designs for Printing - Create stockphoto marketplace from scratch - open to bidding Create stockphoto marketplace from scratch full responsive - Create Storyboard for 10 minute Web Series Episode Create storyboard for a video - Create Structure Chart from a DFD(repost) Create Structure Chart from DFD - Create stylish logo for high-end audio company Create stylish Text for a T-Shirt - Create Subcategories in MVC Create Subdomain - Create API for flexget entry create subscribe form - Create SugarCRM CE integration with vici dialer and elastix Create SugarCRM Module - Booking Module - Create support desk sytem Create support for service provider - Create SVG Animations from EPS Create SVG Files - create SWF file create swf file - Create system to gather data from multiple websites Create T shirt Designs - Create Tabbed Template in CKEditor Create Tabbed Template in CKEditor - repost - Create Table of Contents in Microsoft Word -- 2 Create Table of Contents using iTextSharp - Create tables in a wordpress website Create tables in admin in cs cart - Create tags sorted by views Create take-out app for iPhone & Android - Create taxi booking android mobile app Create taxi booking app - Long project - Create technical documents Create technical documents -- 2 - Create Template and Generate images on server using template Create Template and Generate images on server using template - Create template for email marketing create template for email marketing campaign - Create template for Volusion from existing site Create template for web links - Create template set for CRE Loaded Create template similar to Elance - Create templates from PHP software Create templates in after effects of 30" - Create Test Ads in to identify bugs/mistakes Create test application - Create testimonial videos Create Testimonials Template Page from Existing Templates - Create text out of colored pixels (div with bg color) Create text sync animation in After Effects - Create textures for a 3D bathroom. Requires a real digital artist to paint on the model. Create textures for a unity3d model - Create the back of a cut sheet brochure from an existing set of documents and a pricelist sheet Create the backend of a Web-based User Interface - Create the coding script in lua for an mmobbg smartphone game Create the Compnay Profile - create the football shoes Create the foundation for a dynamically formatted website (content from SQL Server db) - Create the iPhone / iPad of my Website Create the Kilted Hop Mascot - Create the MVC framework and client side logic for a website using angular JS Create the name and logo of a system - Create the rig and animations for a human character in Blender create the same design as in the attached pic ..... on Photoshop - Create the specs for our Project Create the static Front End Website & ONE Admin control panel using BOOTSTRAP 3 - create the website like Create the website with database, ability to upload images and purchase from - Create theme for Prestashop (copy website theme) Create theme for skadate script - Create these tables using CSS Create Thesis Theme Custom Template With Sidebar 2 located above content. - Create this original gallery + admin upload Create this PHP program... - Create three 270x65 banners Create three 3D Animated Product Installation Videos -- 2 - Create Three Military Science Fiction Illustrations for a Boardgame. Create Three Mock Up Secondary Pages - Create thumbnail and preview snapshot from a site create thumbnail automatically - create thumbnails/featured image for posts wordpress Create thumbs or save from Alexa or thumbshot - create timelines (research & data entry)(repost) Create timer for scraper - Create titles for 1517 listings and check 1140 of them for missing pictures Create titles for images - Create tool that scrapes search engines for Info Create tool that swaps over IP proxy that I can browse the internet through. - Create top 7's video with good voice over Create Top Bar Plugin for WordPress - Create Tourism Membership Site, WP or Joomla Create Tournament Shedule to embed on other sites - Create traffic for a website i will have completed next week - open to bidding Create Traffic for German Webshop - Create Training Schedule - Excel, Access, Analysis Skills Create Training Schedule -- Excel, Access, Analysis Skills - Create translation file to Wordpress Twenty Sixteen Child THeme Create translation website - Create Travel Agent Site Create travel blog - create TRichEdit function Create TriFold Brochure - Create TTF file from a set of outlines (provided) create ttf font from image - Create Tutuorial Video CREATE TV CHANNELS - Create Twitter account for website Create Twitter Accounts - Create Twitter Marketing Accounts Create twitter posts for my retail brands - Create two 3D CAD objects from pictures. Google Sketchup Create two 3D characters | only professional! - Create two bar graphs Create two basic racket programs implementing turing machine - Create two custom wordpress template Create two designs based on another - Create two flags (Mexico and Belgium) the same as the attached example Create two flash objects. Add glimmer effect - Create two images for web use Create two images from examples - Create Two Maps for use in .ppt Presentation Create two maps in Tableau using data from excel - URGENT - Create two pages in PHP, using Ebay and Paypal API Create two pages on an existing site and add content provided by my client - Create two responsive webpages with sliders Create two responsive wordpress page - Create two simple ms word templates Create two simple pages in PHP - Create two trailers for a mobile casino game Create two tutorial Video for a website. You will be provided three videos, to create this new video. - repost - Create two webpage with Bootstrap create two webpages - create txt files with "known" doman names Create typed sheets - create Ubuntu server in vmware Create Ubuntu VM with Kinect Openni Drivers installed - Create UI/UX of Android App create uiscrollview with imageview enable zoom and rotation correctly - Create un css sprite Create un sistema de marketing - lading pages - Create unique content for a new Keratin fibers website Create Unique CS-Cart Theme for Website - Create Unique SWF Tools for Web Creation Create Unique Tables - Create Unity 3d game from existing 2d game
Create Unity 3D humanoid to work with perception enuron - Create University Applications at Zoho Creator Form Builder Similar to the Original Application Create Unix-based Emailing Infrastructure - Create upload / insert to mysql to handle large amount of record Create Upload Addon for editor - Create us a 2 minute explainer animation video in 2D + 3D Isometric style Create us a Blog and bring traffic to our site! Must be expert! - Create Use Cases Create Use Cases - Create user friendly URL create user friendly web sites - Create User Manual for iPhone App create user manual for woocommerce addons - Create User Voting Site for Models Create user with .edu account - Create users on wordpress using an excel sheet (custom fields) Create users pages wordpress / profile builder pro - Create valid AWS (Amazon Web Services) accounts Create Valid HTML and CSS from PSD - Create various artwork & flyer Create Various Banners for Website and Social Media - Create application that displays a grid using an ObjectDataSource. - repost 2 Create application that displays a grid using an ObjectDataSource. - repost 3 - Create VB6 Wrapper DLL for a C/C++ DLL Create VBA Calculation Script in Excel - Create VCC project from makefile Create VCE Exam Simulator Exporter - Create Vector Clip Art for my T-Shirt website Create Vector Clipart - Create vector files from photos Create Vector files from psds - Create Vector Graphic Create vector graphic - Create vector illustrations. Perfect for new artists to get experience and ratings. Create Vector Image - create vector image out of our logo Create Vector Image Same as I provided you .. !! for Shaz123 - Create vector logo based on current logo and design facebook homepage( timelineand avatar) Create vector logo based on current logo and design facebook homepage( timelineand avatar)- repost - Create Vector Outline from Provided Image Create vector path of outline - Create vectors for pre-designed Logo Create vectors for print (coffee mugs) - Create verified account - open to bidding Create Verified Neteller Account with USD - - Create very short Animation in 2D which is situation based Create Very Short Video for Youtube (Edit to Voice Over) - Create very simple PCB layout from schematic and provide electronic file (GERBER compatible) Create Very Simple Photo Sharing/Commenting Site - Create Video Create Video - create video create video - Create Video -- 2 Create Video -- 3 - Create Video Animation of my Logo Create Video Animation stings for an awards ceremony. - Create Video Course Based on Android hacking Create Video Courses for IGCSE Business Studies, Accounting and Economis - Create video for childrens Create video for cloud software - Create Video for Visualization Create video for website - Create Video Illustration Create Video Importer Mods for a PHP Video Script - Create Video Memes Create Video Memes for Us - Create video presenting website page Create Video Preview (120seconds) - Create Video Television advertisement for travel website. Create Video Template - Create Video Tutorial ( How to Use different wordpress theme featuers? ) Create Video Tutorial About Wordpress - create video tuturial Create Video Unit... - Create Videos Create videos - Create videos for our business, and market them Create videos for our business, and market them - Create videos with Adobe After effects templates Create Videos with GoAnimate or Powtoons - Create Viral Marketing Script (PHP/MYSQL) Create Viral Marketing Script (PHP/MYSQL)(repost) - Create Virtual host with Password Create virtual hosts on an EC2 Instance - Create Virtuemart payment module for Create virtuemart theme on my website - Create Vista Style Glass Icon For Website Create Vista-compatible ''Windows Mail'' plugin - Create Visual Studio 2013 project for Outguess and Stegdetect Create Visual Studio Custom Forms for SharePoint 2013 - Create VLC Skin with our Logo ! Produce a .VLT Create VLC Skin with our Logo & Brand - Create VOIP service with messenger / dialler that has unique set up... Create VOIP service with messenger / dialler that has unique set up...2 - Create VPN remotely with cmd Create VPN Server on CentOS - Create w Wordpress Plugin Create W-2 Template - Create watermark Create Watermark application for Images and Video - Create Web 2.0 Logo Create Web 2.0 Mock Up Design - Create Web App that Auto Replies in 1 millisecond to target user's tweets Create Web App that imitates existing Java desktop app for startup - Create web application to manage Shadow Protect backups and virtual boot machines(repost)(repost) Create Web Application to Scrape Forum Threads - Create web based interactive form from excel template(repost) Create web based inventory module for QB Enterprise 8 - create web crawler / bot(repost) Create Web Dashboard and Tablet Views From Existing Graphic - create web fonts from provided files create web form - Create Web Home pages Create web hosting server - Create web page Create web page - Create web page that can be edited (wordpress) Create web page that can be edited (wordpress) - Create web platform create web platform to create images - Create web script and web service in Javascript(?) and PHP and MySQL Create web Security - Create Web Site Create Web Site - Create web site header & buttons Create Web site Header and Footer - create web template Create Web Template - Create web-based music and video app - with $250 bonus! Create Web-based POS System - Create WebApp using Wordpress Similar to HappyTables Create WebApp version of C# .NET Application - Create WebHook(s) Create Webhooks to track Email Bounces and Complaints in Sendy - Create webpage and drop down menus from PSD file Create Webpage and integrate it with Zoho - create webpage templates Create webpage that changes according to data in db - Create webs page Create webs page project - create webside for publisher network CREATE WEBSITE - Create Website Create Website - Create Website Create Website - Create Website