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Create/Manage Facebook Ad - Create/Manage PPC Campaigns Create/Manage PPC Campaigns - Create/modify a Wordpress Template for photograher Create/Modify a Wordpress Template/ - Create/Optimize Social Media Accounts Create/Optimize Social Media Accounts - Create/Submit Article in Blogs about a Website Create/Submit Data Product Feed - Create: Learn English Course Create: Learn English Course, - Created a Marketing Video Clip Created a PDF Form - Created graphics for an app Created html code - Created Web Based Application for Managing Backup Reports created website - CreateProcessAsUser CreateProcessAsUser - Createspace Book Designer Needed to Format whole manuscript Createspace Book Interior Design & Cover - creatin android odoo9 contact sync Creatin website - Creating tags within our website Creating tech specs for a clothing brand - Creating , modifying and finishing an e-commerce website. Debugging hidden faults etc. CREATING .AWD FILE - Creating 100 myspace profiles, add friends, sending messages Creating 100 twitter accounts and adding 1000 followings - Creating 2 PCBs for a consumer product. Creating 2 sets of 3 banners - Creating 2D Game Engines Creating 2d vector spritesheets - creating 3d design and video for architech plans Creating 3D designs for housing projects - Creating 3D-Application with Unreal Engine 4 Video Tutorial Creating 3Wikipedia Page and approved by wikipedia - Creating 60 back links and 1 SEO “Wheel” Creating 60 collages to illustrate different jobs/careers - Creating a 15s video Creating a 1min video to promote an online membership platform. - Creating a 3d model in 2 different formats from photo in STL and 3dmax Creating a 3D model of a hand with a glove. - Creating a app Creating a APP to load and unload files from the phone to ftp folders - Creating a basic character animation/lip sync for around 8 seconds creating a basic hosted database - creating a blog for a existing site Creating a Blog for a Volusion Template - Creating a BOT for A Mobile APP Creating A BOT For An App - Creating A business Profile Creating a business website - Creating a check list. Creating a checklist website - Creating a Collaborative Learning Environment Creating a Color Visualizer in Flash - Creating a complete website Creating a complete Website (Web 2.0 Standards) includes Xhtml /Css/ Drop Down Menus Web 2.0 DIV Base - Creating a csgo betting website Creating a CSGO Gambling Website - Creating a custom plugin to fix dashboard buttons dropping a line Creating a custom plugin to hide post date and category on s - Creating a Data Driven Web Site using PHP5 and MySQL Creating a Data Driven Web Site using PHP5 and MySQL(repost) - Creating a Database through Amazon API so as to Run Asins Creating a database using a specific website and work method - Creating a Design marketplace like creating a desktop application to calculate safety factor on the basis of a formula - Creating a Dreambox plugin - Online archive tv Creating a Dreamweaver template from existing website - Creating a facebook page creating a facebook page with landing page and ready for marketting - Creating a Flash animation Creating a Flash API - Creating a Forex Strategy Selling website Creating a Form - Creating a game Creating a Game - creating a google web designer example Creating a gpt site - Creating a House Rules for Shared Multiple Occupancy Homes Creating a House Rules for Shared Multiple Occupancy Houses - Creating a Job posting module for DNN Creating a Job posting module for DNN - Creating a Landingpage on Social Engine Creating a Landingpage on Social Engine -- 2 - Creating a list of telephone resellers Creating a Listing Site - Creating a logo for a book series Creating a Logo for a fitness center. - Creating a lovely looking and functional blog Creating a luxury magazine - Creating a Matrimonial Web Site 'Site for Marriage' Creating a Maze Solving bot using AI and FPGA - Creating a Mobile App wich interacts with our Website Creating a Mobile Appfro my Website - Creating a Monte Carlo simulator in excel based on the Poisson distribution Creating a movie - Creating a new fresh responsive website for business creating a new graphic - Creating a new template for Volume music script Creating a new Tensorflow model (python + tensorflow) - Creating a object editor in c# Creating a Office Management system - Creating a Payment Method for WooCommerce 2.1 creating a payment page - Creating a PHP script to send and receive whatsapp messages Creating a PHP script to send and receive whatsapp messages. Possibilities to use the receive messages to make searches. - creating a playlist(text based) Creating a Pligg-based video-sharing portal. - Creating a powerpoint presentation Creating a powerpoint presentation and writing it. @Bitcoin - Creating a product creator as discussed Creating a Product Data Sheet in Illustrator - Creating a Professional Travel Website like, Creating a Professional Travel Website like, - Creating a promotional code feature on music site Creating a promotional video - Creating a ray trace enhanced view of a ring (using a 3D library) Creating a read / write function (dll) to a USB Smartcard device for MiFare Contactless cards - Creating a responsive template for Jom Classifieds Creating a responsive website - Creating a scraping tool for a poker site Creating a scrapper and analytical tool - Creating a Setup for my c#.NET/WPF application Creating a shape in google maps. - Creating a similiar website creating a simple 1-2 page website - Creating a simple Mobile Role Playing Game (RPG) Creating a simple MYSQL database and write queries to retrieve data from the database - Creating a simple WordPress template Creating a simple wordpress Theme - creating a small intro to the software and using camtasia Creating a Small layout for a Xamarin iPhone application - Creating a Software or Script to Copy Data From Server A to a Web Form on Server B Creating a software that can help me secure limited products online. - Creating a Stage6 Alternative(repost) Creating a standalone desktop application programmed from an Excel workbook sample - Creating a system - VB creating a system for object oriented developing java assignment - Creating a template for Prestashop's latest version 1.6.1 Creating a template for the squeeze/ landing page - creating a tracking device Creating a trading EA 2 - Creating a University Management System website using HTML Creating a upload progress bar for my current project - Creating a very simple scheduler
Creating a very unique landing page for a few offers. - creating a video game Creating a video game mod - Creating a VPN via sonicwall TZ215 Creating a vst worth over 200k in profit - Creating a Web Page with one page Creating a web platform based on OpenNebula for cloud services - Creating a Webpage with Web-API implementation Creating a Webseite for Bitcoin-Crowdfunding - Creating a website Creating a website - Creating a website - sharing economy Creating a Website - using a drupal cms - Creating a Website for our new Fooding Agency Creating a website for phone repairs. - Creating a website like mailchimp,weber ( Email Sending Service ) Creating a website logo - Creating a Website with Steam API creating a website(repost) - Creating a webview app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Creating a Welcome Sign to Greet our Clients for our marque sign. - Creating a Word document from a PDF Creating a word press blog to look identical to a website - Creating a Wordpress Template Creating a Wordpress Template - Creating a WP website for phone repairs based on a mock-up. Creating a Wrapper DLL for an existing DLL - Creating Accounts Creating Accounts - Creating Adaptive Web site on Wordpress or other CMS | Cоздание адаптивного веб сайта на Wordpress или другой CMS Creating add-on for phpfox script + a proposal - Creating Aimbot + anti-cheat detection bypass C++ / login form application to website sql creating ajax mysql forms with php - Creating an active table of contents (TOC) for Kindle from a Word file provided, so that the file meets Amazon Kindle’s specifications. Creating An activeX to Disable the Sound Card In WIndows vista/7 - creating an android ap Creating an android app - Creating an apache log analyzer dashboard tool Creating an API documentation in Swagger using YAML - creating an app to read columns from pdf and print Creating an app using WPF - Creating an Doc template (Tech Tickets) Creating an e-book - Creating an Email List creating an email notifiaction for django project - creating an executive brief and training manual Creating an expert adviser for mt4 platform - Creating an image from a selection of fonts. Creating an image in Illustrator - from architect plans - Creating an inventory to link with current access database Creating an investment website PHP - Creating an MS SQL sync solution (C# .net 3.5) using MS sync framework and MS CCR Port based (XcoAppSpace) technique for communication. creating an ODBC Mysql Connection for a asp .net real time application - creating an online store for selling mobile subscriptions Creating an online store from and site from main supplier site - creating an social networking and instant messaging app creating an social networking iphone app - Creating and Design a web/video -- Creating and Design a web/video -- 2 - Creating and Integrating a Time-Off Application Creating and integrating psd files and developpement of a search engine - creating and posting posts in Social media about upcoming marathon events Creating and posting work. - Creating Android App with ListView - repost 2 Creating Android apps, and porting iOS apps to Android. - Creating Anime ONLY characters creating another filter - Creating appointment website Creating Apps for FB Page - Creating assistance. Creating AT Command responds Application - Creating Awesome Travel Guides - India Creating Awesome Travel Guides - India - Creating Bank statement Creating Banner - Creating between 150 to 250 Course outline HTML documents Creating bidding module for existing site and integrate. - Creating Brand Identity for a University's Science and Art Faculty Conferences Creating Brand New Back-end of Website - Creating C# wrapper for C++ DLL Exporting 20 C++ classes Creating C# wrapper for C++ DLL Exporting 20 C++ classes - repost - Creating CBV or PGN File Creating CCK extension with advanced search - Creating Clickable Links in roundcube webmail Creating clickable mockup plus photoshop design of website - creating company Brochure Creating company databases - Creating content and rewriting content for our company website creating content for a divorce mediation website - Creating coverage catalog / Création couverture catalogue Creating coverage catalog / Création couverture catalogue - Creating Custom and Dynamic site menu for sharepoint foundation 2010 Creating Custom API for iOS - Creating custom websites Creating Custom Wordpress Lists - Creating DATABASE Creating Database - Creating design + HTML for an Online ERP Website Creating design + HTML for an Online ERP Website - repost - Creating DNS Server for Hosting Company Creating DNS server forwarder - Creating Dynamic CSS Creating Dynamic Forms and presenting to client. - Creating Ebay HTML Template Creating eBay Listing frame design - Creating emailers and microsites on wordpress for our marketing campaigns Creating emails - Creating Excel database, data entry Creating Excel database, data entry - Creating Facebook 7 Albums with the link to the product page Creating Facebook Account and add people to 5k friends. - creating fake pokemon creating fake pokemon - open to bidding - Creating Financial Portfolio for Educational Purposes - open to bidding creating financial reports - Creating flv gallery for my website Creating Flyer - Creating Formulas in Excel Creating Forum - Creating function in Rstudio Creating Functionality on Website - Magento - Creating Gif of Texts Messages Creating Gigs of Fiverr - Creating grapic,s for social work promotions Creating Grocery Store using magento or prestashop - Creating HTML banner for Auto Insurance submit Creating HTML boxes design - Creating Icons for Iphone App Creating icons for iPhone App - Creating Images into 3D model Creating images to introduce a product - Creating Instructional Videos Creating Instrumental Versions - Creating iPhone APP in Titanium Creating Iphone,ipod,ipad app[Long time partnership] - Creating Joy Daily Creating JPEG images for signs models - Creating landing pages for exisitng website Creating Landing Pages For Website - Creating Linkedin profiles creating links and earn cash - Creating Logo Creating Logo - Creating Logos and Designs Creating Logos Co - Creating mailing lists Creating mailing lists - repost - Creating marketplace like etsy and ebay
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