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Creating a Databae in Access - creating a database with 6 entities Creating a database with all IKEA products - Creating a Directed Graph and longest path in C programming Creating a directive for an object - Creating a Drupal theme form a HTML page Creating a Drupal theme from .psd - Creating a Fancy Email Subscription email to subscribers Creating a Fancy View for my Wordpress Site - Creating a Flash Page Flip Creating a flash player - Creating a Franchise Task Manager Creating a Free report for skin care - creating a game map for browser based game - repost Creating a game map(single page) in HTML - Creating a GUI for PCA classification Creating a GUI for PCA classification -- 2 - Creating a Image Creating a incented points webiste and backend mgmt tool - Creating a Joomla module that searches a database and prints a certificate in PDF Creating a Joomla Online Dictionary - Creating a lead capture form in SugarCRM for our site Creating a Lead Generator Software - Creating a Logic Bomb Creating a login page - View Shopping Cart Page - Registration Page - You are not registered Page) - Creating a logo for a orchard Creating a logo for a project - Creating a Magento App on Android, Apple and Windows Creating a Magento Configurable product via API SOAP v2 - Creating a MediaWiki powered site Creating a medical report to be given to patients. - Creating a mobile application compatible with any mobile platform - URGENT WILL PAY YOU GOOD MONEY NEED IT DONE ASAP Creating a mobile application for android and apple - Creating a multi-usage template site Creating a multi-usage template site - repost - Creating a new Identity to my Brand Creating A New Iphone App & Submitting to Apple Store - Creating a new template for Volume music script Creating a new Tensorflow model (python + tensorflow) - Creating a object editor in c# Creating a Office Management system - creating a payment page Creating a Paypal - Creating a PHP Online Skills Testing System Creating a PHP page for running BASH/PERL program - creating a playlist website - 27/03/2017 14:31 EDT creating a playlist(text based) - creating a power point Creating a Power Point Presentation - Creating a Private Server Creating a Private Server for Any Online Adnroid Game - Creating a Professional Travel Website like, and - Repost Creating a Professional Travel Website like, - creating a profit and loss statement for a trucking company Creating a program - Creating a QA environment Creating a quantitative survey regarding Toxic Leadership and Psychological Outcomes of Suborindates - Creating a registration system for an existing website Creating a remote control panel using java swing - Creating a safety communication protocol in XML Creating a salepage for an Email-Marketing product - creating a script to scrap info from a website Creating a script who can like and share my post of funpage - Creating a short clip to present software solution Creating a short clip to present software solution - Creating a simple app:) Creating a Simple Article Reading Website - Creating a simple registration form Using PHP/ MySQL in XAMPP Environment Creating a simple registration form Using PHP/ MySQL in XAMPP Environment - Creating a Simulink mask for a model Creating a Simulink Model for a Robot Arm - Creating a Small Website for Virtual Tutorial Creating a small Website Part 2 - Creating a Special Website Creating a Specifier Form Page - Creating a Station dashboard chart in SWF format with Laszlo and Fusion Charts (075) Creating a SteamBot - Creating a table out of Strings + Saving as an XML File Creating a Tableau Dashboard with SPSS - Creating a Texas Holdem Poker App on iOS Creating a text area input on deal creation for voucher - Creating a trailer based on the existing video & image material -RPG Game Creating A training Management System usring Drupal Opgino - Creating a user profile with features: add a friend/private message/leave comment on their page. Also users can add music/video into their profile. creating a Users control and permission - creating a video creating a video - creating a video module Creating a Video Sales Letter - Creating a watch need a freelance artist/designer Creating a way to duplicate items in a game on steam - Creating a web resource for Microsoft CRM to track time of employees -- 2 Creating a web scraping program fore data collection - Creating a webservice for an app and website making Creating a webservice for an app and website making - open to bidding - Creating a website Creating a website - Creating a website and a back-end database Creating a website and a dedicated app for Football team - Creating a website for phone repairs. - Repost - open to bidding Creating a website for photography studio.. - Creating a Website Payments Pro Plugin creating a website relating to real estate - Creating a website. ( Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Friday, Maybe Saturday... URGENT!!! - Creating a WHMCS Template matching my WordPress website. Creating a WHMCS Theme from Existing Design - Creating a WordPress Intranet Creating a wordpress landing page theme for a lawyer - Creating a Wordpress theme update notification -1 Creating a Wordpress theme update notification -2 - Creating a Yogiwe Website for articles and postings - updated NEW - Repost - open to bidding Creating a youtube animation group - Creating Accounts(repost) creating accounts. - creating adsvertising website using orbit script software Creating Adult Personal Profiles - Creating an 3rd party application for NYMI BAND for replacing access cards. Creating an Access based spreadsheet for a particular function - Creating an adult oriented website Creating an Advanced Excel Pricing Matrix - Creating an animated GIF Creating an Animated Object in OpenGL 3.0+ - Creating an app Creating an app - creating an application for deliver on disk Creating an application for Facebook - Creating an e-commerce. PSD to JOOMLA creating an e-learning android application - Creating an emoji app for smartphone Creating an engaging PPT - Creating an ExtJS 4 component. Creating an Eye Catching Advertizment - Creating an info Video from provided .png, .jpg and .pptx files Creating an Infographic - Creating an IOS and Android App like F o ur s quare . com - Only Experts programmer(s) Creating an IOS and Android App like F o ur s quare . com - Only Experts programmers - Creating an Online community Creating an online course registration system for students - Creating an oracle stored procedure Creating an oracle stored procedure - Creating analog of existing site (Drupal 7) Creating and activating a custom online form - Creating and development an online store Creating and downloading Beatport Sales - Creating and maintaining successful marketing campaign for website launching in a month. Creating and maintaning Website. - Creating and uploading APis for an android project..!!
Creating and uploading HTML page loader and creating two subdomains - Creating Animated Gif in Adobe Photoshop for Web Banners Creating Animated Gif in Adobe Photoshop for Web Banners - open to bidding - creating app creating App comply with Platform Policy 2.3 - creating architecture or ISA (Instruction Set Architecture). Creating aromas that stick to fabrics. - Creating auto-updating option for extensions in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome creating autoblogs - Creating background images Creating background processing jobs in C and Ruby - Creating banners for advertising (meeting specification requirements) Creating banners for homepage - Creating Blog Posts based on Research Creating Blog+Rss Feed - Creating Bulk Accounts Creating Bulk VoIP Phone Numbers with TextPlus API - Creating Carpool Website to Run on Blogger Creating cartoon illustrations - creating Christian bible verses for my t-shirt and apparel bussiness Creating Chrome Concoction - Creating CMS or admin beckend using my index.html Creating CMS template with requirements of .DOC attached - creating configurator -- 2 creating configurator -- 3 - creating control panel with cakephp/codeigniter and jQuery creating controls at runtime, and they show up on the page, but when the page is submitted, I can't find them. - Creating Crowdsourcing Website creating crypto currency - Creating custom SAP program for system validation with ABAP Creating custom SAP program for system validation with ABAP - Creating dashboard incl. kpi's etc( see assignment) Creating dashboard incl. kpi's etc( see assignment) - Creating Datamart in lieu with preoting needs Creating dataset+model for Caffe+DIGITS - creating desktop application using pharmacy database creating desktop layout/theme for mobile site which is already working perfectly - Creating Drupal 7 theme, and uploading it. creating drupal admin pnl - Creating E-Commerce portal for Selling Plant related products(repost)(repost) Creating e-commerce site, logo, SEO optimization and Facebook ad - Creating eLearning Storyboards creating elegant retail cake website - Creating Entrepreneurs Creating ERD diagram - creating excel form to update data sheet Creating Excel Functions as FMP APIs - Creating Facebook Content ... Creating Facebook Custom Audiences Campaing and implementing Conversion Pixel - Creating few slides on a case study Creating few slides on a case study - Creating Flash Graphics Creating Flash Movie - Creating Forms dynamically based on database configuration Creating forms in excel......lowest bidders wins this project. - Creating Frontpage Slideshow galleries(repost) Creating FTP account in cpanel and DirectAdmin via php - Creating Game Launcher and Updater Creating Game Launcher and Updater - creating grant proposals creating graph via matlab - creating high quality back links Creating high quality graphic images - Creating HTML, CSS, JavaScript to be applied to the SharePoint master page and inner pages Creating HTML-type files that use fields from Mysql DB - Creating Image holder control with extra functions Creating image magic commands to run in AWS Lambda - Creating index plans for my sql database creating indian couple wedding page templates - creating intro movie for new site Creating Introduction Videos for Internet Marketing Services - creating IVR and online appointment scheduling system Creating Jackpot for existing Poker game - Creating keyword phrases from multiple data sets Creating Keyword Tool - Creating layout pattern in WPF with UI screens using MVVM Creating Lead from Linkedin - Creating lists of on-line business directories Creating Litecoins - Creating logo and website from A to Z Creating Logo design for business - Creating Macros in Excel Creating Macros in Excel 2 - Creating maps with HTMl5 Creating Maps: Google Maps API v3.0 - Creating me a forum and one sale page in 3 hours / urgent Creating me a one sale page and in 3 hours - creating mindmap Creating mini profiles X50 - Creating model using R programming creating models - Creating MS Access DB Creating Ms Word Files - Creating Musical Lead Sheets -- 2 Creating My Bussiness Identity on Googlemaps and YELP - Creating new Courses page (B&S Project #3) Creating New Demo Directory Sites Plus Training - Creating new template for PowerPoint Creating new templates on Opencart - Creating Odds Comapre Website Creating of 3 Landingpages for Split-Tests - Creating of simple wordpress pages and grid with avada theme preinstalled Creating of slogan and Flyer for my company. - Creating online casino Live deler card counting software creating online electronics store - Creating our own template system - help required Creating Our Promo Animation - Creating patriotic items pictures using a simple template Creating pattern images of fabric photos - Creating personal flash website having action script Creating Personal folders/client in outlook 2011 mac (rules) - Creating pictures for baby game -- 2 Creating pictures for educational baby game - creating posts in forums creating posts in forums(repost) - Creating Print Files out of our Artwork Creating Print ready files - Creating Products in Magento Creating products on magento - Creating Promotional Cartoon Video Creating Promotional Code Module - Creating questions for QA assessment Creating questions on generic topics - Creating reports using SQL server Reporting Services creating reports---Changes - creating RTL for an existing LTR web site - 2 creating RTL for an existing web site - Creating Scripts with Fedora creating SDK for android - Creating Shopping basket, login, and other touches to work in PHP and MYSQL Creating shopping cart for downloadable products on wp - Creating simple Database in Access or in MySql Creating simple Dial Pad mockup in flash. - Creating Simple WordPress theme Creating simple WP site based on Image - creating slideshow video Creating Small Advertisement Banners for Web site - creating software to download dedicated security reports(repost) Creating software, video conference. For use on website and all mobile devices. Html5 - Creating Spirograph HTML creating spread sheets using macros - Creating Step by Step instruction Guide using Screencast-o-matic or similar creating stick figures to high light work out moves. - creating subforms bound to a main form and being able to create new records in it Creating Sublimina NLP/Brainwave Entrainment mp3s - Creating TASK in MS Outlook from email.. Creating tasks as per priority in PHP MySQL - Creating tech packs for luxury clothing