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creating software to download dedicated security reports(repost) Creating software, video conference. For use on website and all mobile devices. Html5 Creating some additional features to a PHP upload script. Creating some basic level Computer Graphics like Applying some changes to a 3D house and applying some transformations Creating some camouflage designs 5-10 designs, exact pattern description is available Creating some Cinemagraphs Creating some graphic elements Creating some images for adult website design Creating some Microsoft Word Templates from set PDF designs Creating Some New & Improved Powerpoint Presentation Slides Creating some new graphics creating some pages in adobe business catalyst Creating some PDF-Views in Ruby from an Object creating some popular vehicles sound files Creating Some Software Creating some videos for a youtube channel. Creating some web scrapping programs
Creating some WP custom posts (with CSS design) Creating songs for people let me know and ill send one to you. Creating SoundTags Creating SoundTags - ongoing work Creating SoundTags - ongoing work - repost Creating SoundTags - ongoing work - repost 2 Creating soundtrack for a 2 minutes movie Creating spam Instagram accounts Creating spam proof mailer creating Spanish links Creating Speads Arcade Creating special Access Token Links Creating special font in RTL format Creating special formula Creating specific sounds, to represent different moods. Creating spell check within gmail - NOT spell check as you type Creating SPHERICAL panoramas