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Change Drupal S3 storage structure - Change ebay tempalte Change EC2 Instance - Change Email Signature from image to HTML Change email signature in html x 5 - change excisting website Change exe To Pdf - Change Existing image To Look Better! change existing images - Change Existing Site from a Left Justified to a Centered Site change existing site from HTML to DRUPAL - Change existing WordPress footer to a 3 column footer Change existing Wordpress template - change face change face - ongoing work - Change Facebook Page name with more than 200 Likes Change facebook page name with more than 200 likes - Change Fees structure based on Payments from Stripe and Paypal Change few banners, update colors, fix mobile version on magento wesite - Change fields in existing database Change fields in existing database(repost) - Change filename and update PHP web form Change files MySQL at MySQLi - Change Flash Banner and create static page Change flash banner to banner rotator on OSCommerce site - Change Flash Picture Images on a Theme In Prestashop change flash player - Change font change font - Change font in 4 x Ai files change font in dompdf module - change font size in header and google map resize Change font size in plugin Woocommerce pages of wordpress site. - Change Fonts in CSS & Add a Button change fonts in css file - Change for eCommerce Change for SuiteCRM add-on module - Change format of a theatre script Change format of book from Indesign to Epub - Change from a non-responsive Drupal 7 theme to a responsive Drupal theme Change from an Ebay Store toa Shopify Store - CHANGE FRONT PAGE LAYOUT ON MY WEBSITE Change Front page of a probid template script - Change functionality of Wordpress Plugin Change functionality of Youtube Video search for EDU videos only - change Google API Change Google api URL to local url - Change graphic design of the site Change Graphic Header - Change graphics on WordPress Template Home Page Change gravity forms plugin layout - Change head on a body - photoshop Change head on a body - photoshop -- 2 - Change header for wordpress website change header graphic - great way to get a quick 10 rating - Change header, cart and other stuff in MAGENTO Change header, cart and other stuff in MAGENTO Ultimo theme - Change homepage Change homepage - Change Hosting for 2 sites Change Hosting of my site. - Change HTML code in our site. - 30/08/2016 23:40 EDT change html code into a video file - Change HTML to PHP Change html to responsive, and make design changes - Change icon from past project Change Icon Image on Wordpress theme - change image change image - Change Image for Company and save in CorelDraw X7 Change image format - Change image quality magento products -- 2 Change Image Size - change image to vector Change image to vector - Change images and text on IOS APP -- 2 Change Images and Text on Pdf or CDR file - Change Images on Severl Websites, and Change Some of the Text Change images on website - change in android apk, no source code Change in Application and Setup - change in jquery Change in JS code click event to hover - change in post method of php file Change in poster. - Change in websites Change in wordpress plugin - Change interactions of two buttons in my ASP.NET website for mobile phones as described: -- 2 Change interactions of two buttons in my ASP.NET website for mobile phones as explained: - Change IOS Template / Upload to Itunes Change iOS/Android app name and small tweaks - Change Jamoola site over to new site Change Japanese name into Englsih - Change Joomla Admin Password through FTP Change Joomla Api and Android Source can Do it Now - Change Joomla template to resemble the demo on a website Change Joomla Theme - Change JSP Login form layout - The complete code will be delivered Change JSP to use REGEXP engine that works in Java 1.3 - Change Language of website according to Flag Change language on woocommerce - I can translate but not integrate and change a little on design - CHANGE LAYOUT CODE MAGENTO STORE Change layout css - Change layout of exsiting Wordpress site into new layout Change layout of flash player nuevoplayer - Change layout of wordpress website Change Layout on a few sections of Website - Change letterhead. Change Licenced To, Copying and Printing Settings for ePub Book - Change Link On Our Website Change link to 4 apps - change listActivity to listFragment change listActivity to listFragment - Change login for Opencart 2.0 Change login from StackMob to Parse on an Android app - change logo change logo - Change Logo and upload IOS and Android Apps to Stores for us! change logo and words on logo - change logo elements and create borders for labels Change logo file from Indesign to illustrator - Change Logo of Wordpress theme Change Logo On 10 GIF Images - Change Logo to HD Change logo to say .com instead of .net - Change logo/design so we can print them (long time collaboration) -- 2 Change logo/design so we can print them (long time collaboration) -- 3 - Change look and feel of my website and some development Change look and feel of old site - Change made to a Joomla 3 bootstrap template to accomodate an image slider Change made to current program - Change magento plugin change magento product page CSS - Change magneto custom theme header background colour Change Magneto SKU Field so it isn't limited to 64 characters - change management - repost change management 2 - Change manager Change managment - Change membership system on website Change menu - change menu look in wordpress woocommerce theme Change Menu Look/Feel - Change Messages from 2 sites Change Meta Description For web site - Change module position in a template Change module Wordpress Gallery Masonry - change msn password (python) Change MSN Today URL - Change my app design to fit Honeycomb
Change my app game into 64-bit support. - Change my database WordPress Prefix for better security change my design from PS to AI. - Change my FB Page name (With 7000+ likes) Change my flash existing website into simple HTML / PHP EASY JOB i need it finished in1 hour - Change my https settings Change my image to nighttime and ad light on a lantern - change my logo and details for my social media sites change my logo color to rainbow - change my password to my site Change my payment method on my website - Change My Scripts Design/Template Change My Scripts Template/Design. - Change my software's sending amount change my spider script - Change my website Change my website - change my website look and layout change my website repost - Change my wordpres to mobile friendly CHANGE MY WORDPRESS ACCOUND PW TO UNLOCK - change MySQL code change mySQL data results on page - Change Name iOS App - Android App - Windows app Change name of app, and upload to store - Change Nav Bar Into Flash change nav bar looks - Change new template for existing web site CHANGE NEW WEBSITE NAME OVER AND UPDATE ROOT FILES - Change obd2 readiness monitors on a car from not readi or incomplete to n/a change odoo 8 home page - Change of design and visualizations Change of diecut for a bottle box / quick work - change of layout of order form. change of left panel box in php - Change of template Change of Template colour - Change on a table on our drupal website change on a web site - change one function in member reg. and find out email Change one icon in CSS - change one word in a exisitng design- 1 hour turn around Change one word in picture - change opencart theme and some editing change opencart theme and some editing - change order number in xcart Change order numbers for Magento Order migration - Change OsDate signup.php to hide fields Change OSdate to set up a similar UI site - Change our oscommerce design (VERY EASY) Change our oscommerce design- URGENT - change output format of sqlite data Change Output from dompdf to 300dpi - Change page in OS commerce template Change Page Layout - Change part of website and add 1 page Change partners for contracting - CPC - Change Payment gateway - API Change Payment Gateway from to Paypal Direct Payment - Change payment script from old credit card (ctpe) to wirecard -- 3 Change Payment System From Paymill to Brain Tree - Change PDF document to MS Word CHANGE PDF Document with Updated Form Fields and text - Change People Shirts Change Peoples Positions in file - change phone number Change Phone Number & copy entire site files to sub directory for landing page. - Change photo on homepage of Wordpress website change photo on typo3 (KGYM) - Change PHP / SQL Queries in Hikashop Change PHP and CSS of WordPress Plugin - Change PHP forms to work on new website Change php GD to ImageMagick in WordPress plugin - Change PHP settings to allow file sizes to 10 mgs Change php Shopdesign into pure html - Change PHPfox Design, Structur and Functionality change phplist into oempro - Change pictures in our website gallery change pictures in shop - Change PNG image into a scaleable vector Change png images color (orange to green) in some icons - Change POST URL in Gravity Forms. change post view on wordpress - Change Price Table on Wordpress Website Change prices for me on a platform on daily basis - Change Product Category Based on Keywords - CSV File Change product color - change product picture CHANGE PRODUCT PICTURE TO WHITE BACKGROUND FOR LAZADA USE - change psd to html and css change PSD to Joomla template - Change Ranking Articles in Google Search Change rating appearance system and fix margins - Change Refine Search in Property Portal Change regex to inline code - Change Request Management System Change Request No 447 - Change results of first 3 pages in google Change Return-Path in my postfix - Change Scanned Documents into Word or Excel documents. Change Scanned Images and put them in a Word Document - Change script to client side extraction change script to give only two decimal places, append file name - change search results output(repost) Change Search Results to Search Engine Friendly - Change settings for mod_fcgid Change settings of javascript accordion - Change Shopping Cart Templates Change Shopping Cart Templates(repost) - change single language site into multilange site Change single page - Opencart - Change Site from Mambo 4.5.2 to Joomla Change site from Modx to Wordpress - Change site to Word Press Change site to wordpress - Change size of postcard from 4x6 to 5.5 x 8.5 Change size of ready made file pdf - change slide show Change slide show to JQuery and remove Google-unfriendly software elements - change small modules on opencart Change small thing into opencart module - change som of my pictures Change som options in PHP - Change some colors of menu links on a Joomla website Change some colors, add life to logo, simple stuff - change some details in a website Change some details in an image - Change some images change some images - Change some pages on our website (based on template) change some part of my code of my android app - CHANGE SOME SOFTWARE SETTINGS Change some strings and compile a Delphi project - Change some things in my software Change some things in PSD (Approximately 5 Changes, text and effect changes, small things) - change something in one of the pages of my website Change something in the picture - Change Sprites In HTML5 Game Change SQL designer to add more web2py validators - Change stock quantity for all products on magento Change stock value in woocommerce from excel. - Change style of a completed results page Change style of Contact Form 7 - Change Superior Business Template for Change Support Layout - Change Tax and view in shopping cart, checkout page, etc Change tax calculations in a PHP tax calculator - Change template and display of group product