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Complete 6 CI -PHP Tasks Complete 6 tasks. May take 2 - 3 hours. Complete 6 undergraduate statistics textbook problems within a week. (6 more sets of work available) Complete 60 Topic-Relevant Forum Posts w/ Link Complete 7 ACCA Practice Certificate record forms Complete 7 interior pages css html html2drupal Today Complete 7 months Book Keeping for Small Business Complete 7 surveys(1 Assignments) - daily 5 Assignments Complete 7 surveys(1 Assignments) - daily 6 Assignments Complete 7-Zip Batch Program Complete 7-Zip support from Delphi Complete 70 Offers (USA UK and INDAI only) Complete 70% finished Joomla/Virtuemart project Complete 75 Percent Done Website Complete 75 web templates with our CMS Complete 8 K dissertation Complete 80% done application. Complete 800 Tasks
Complete 9 C++ Challenge sheets. Complete 9 changes to existing Wordpress Site/Code Complete 9 changes to existing Wordpress Site/Code - 01/12/2016 15:33 EST Complete 9 x 9 Grid Randomly Complete 90% done website as per my requirements Complete 90% iPad Video Based Application Complete 90% ready PHP/MySQL website. Complete 900 rounds of (enter content for 300 new sentences) COMPLETE “VIDEO iPHONE APP” DEVELOPMENT Complete a Web and Android Mobile App Project which is half done Complete a Web Application Complete a Website Complete a "Design and Analysis of Algorithm" assignment Complete a "How to use WordPress + WooCommerce + Theme Manual" Complete a 'turnkey' TurboActivate security system that is near completion. Complete a (wordpress ) Website Site Design complete a .net website