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ca.10 minutes spanish movie to transkript into spanish and to translate into german ca.com02 Ca.kePHP, PHP, MySQL expert CA/CPA/Accounting Expert required - Part 1 CA: we have a nice bd webzone CSS for the homepage. we also need the resultspage and detailpage made in HTML CSS please. see files and screeny. Use and expand the already made style.css so we have 1 big style file and not 3 or 4! CA: we need this PDF/AI file in a nice tabbed HTML CSS project please.Note that the PDF needs to be viewed at 66.7%!! The lines between the top images we may vary but lets say 2 px between them first. CA:make this webshop. needs to be a basic webshop. make with WP Commerce the Wordpress system or in my own custom made shop see: vint age-je spaces from URL). Cały etat: Specjalista ds kluczowych klientów z językiem obcym CA_1210385_P3 ca_card_design CA_Header CA_INFO_EN CAA Letterhead & With Comps CAA Mobile Application caad projects CAALING APP VOIP Caap CID designs