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Convert an existing logo to a bigger size - Convert an existing SPRING/Hibernate web application to PhoneGap Convert an existing SPRING/Hibernate web application to PhoneGap -- 2 - Convert an existing website into a one landing page website using Wordpress Convert an existing Website into a Wordpress Responsive Webiste - CONVERT an existing website to Wordpress Convert an existing website to WordPress - Convert an heavily used spreadsheet into a multi-user platform application Convert an HTML & PHP website into a Wordpress site - Convert an HTML table to CSS Convert an HTML Template from version 2.0.1 to latest 3.x - Convert an html website to a wordpress template convert an html website to drupal - Convert an ilustrator to magento theme convert an image (png) to a logo - Convert an image to an accurate Corel Draw drawing Convert an image to an actual html page with an image slider - Convert an InDesign proposal to Microsoft Word template Convert an Indesign Template (serial letter) to a PDF, variables must be fillable via PHP/MySQL - Convert an IOS to Android application Convert an ipad app to universal app (support iphone and ipad - Convert an Objective C tutorial to Swift Convert an obsolete Joomla 1.5 module - Convert an OpenCart extension to OpenCart 2.1 Convert an opencart extension to standalone and post products to magento - convert an xcodes project to android Convert an XLS sheet into a webapp (art insurance) - Convert and display BASE64 (MIME format) files convert and display music notes in flash - Convert and IOS App to Android application Convert and iOS music app to Android using Eclipse - Convert and Refactor an HTML Template for Orchad CMS Convert and Refactor HTML Template for Orchad CMS - Convert Andoird app to IOS -- 2 Convert Andriod App to run on Debian Web Interface - Convert Android App in Mono for Android Convert Android app in Xamarin platform - Convert android app to ios Convert android app to ios - Convert android app to iphone Convert android app to iphone - convert android app to website Convert Android app to Windows - Convert android code to ios Convert Android code to iOS app - Convert Android phone gap project to native Java code Convert Android Piano app to iPhone - convert animated gif to one of avi, mpg or mov file format Convert Animated GIFs to Flash - Convert APA research paper to MLA, proof read and add in text citation. Convert APA style references into Harvard - convert app from android to iphone Convert app from android/windows to iOS (iphone/ipad) - Convert Apple IOS app to Android Convert Apple Pages Document to MailChimp - Convert approx 1gb of XML data into CSV data Convert approx 20 page Indesign document to editable Powerpoint - Convert Arduino Project from USB->Bluetooth Convert Arduino Sketch to C programming - Convert Articulate Studio e-learning course to Articulate Storyline Convert Articulate Studio e-learning course to Articulate Storyline - Convert As2 to Html5 canvas Convert AS2.0 Flash audio player to AS3.0 - Convert ASP classic site to .NET Convert ASP classic site to .NET - Convert ASP project in PHP Project Convert ASP quiz app to PHP quiz app. - Convert ASP site using MS Access Database to MSSQL Convert ASP Site With ODBC Access DB - into PHP - Using 80% - convert asp to php convert asp to php - Convert ".ashx" to php Convert ".ashx" to php - repost - Convert ASP.NET or PHP script to Perl Convert ASP.NET or PHP script to Ruby on Rails - convert asp/access database application to PhP/MySql convert asp/access database to PhP/MySql and add addition functions & features - Convert ASTA2 DBISAM Server to ElevateDB Convert Astrology Website to Joomla - Convert attachment_doc plug-in to oscommerce convert audio (speech or lecture) to text - Convert audio to ACCURATE text (no auto-transcribing!) Convert audio to images - Convert Autocad 3D to Inventor Convert Autocad Arcitectural Drawing to 3D image Revit - Convert autocad house design into revit Convert AutoCAD model to technical drawing - Convert AVI to Flash Video (FLV) convert AVI to MP3 or MP3 to AVI - Convert Bamboo Script to Jmail Convert Bangla PDF to Word doc - Convert basic HTML into responsive iContact Template convert basic html site to cms made simple site - Convert Baudot to/from Text Convert BB/Android App To J2ME/Nokia - Convert bitmap image to Vector IA convert bitmap images to vector - Convert blog posts to Markdown -- 2 Convert blog site with shopping cart - Convert blogger to WordPress Convert Blogger Website into a Wordpress site - Convert Book INDesign to Epub and Ibook Format convert book into android application - convert Books into MP3 audio books Convert Books on PDF to EBook Formate - Convert bootstrap template to wordpress theme Convert Bootstrap Theme (themforest) to Concrete5... - Convert Btrieve Table to SQL Server Convert Buddy import script from PHP script to ASP - Convert Business Filemaker Pro Application to VB Convert business from Cashflow Manager to Xero - Convert C code to MATLAB Convert C code to MATLAB - Convert C Sharp Class to C Convert C Socket Program from Windows to Linux - Convert C# ASP.Net 1.1 to ASP.NET 3.5 Convert C# ASP.NET 2 to PHP 5 - Convert C# Desktop Forex App to Web App Convert C# DLL for use on a mac - Convert C# RSA code to PHP(repost) Convert C# RSA code to PHP(repost) (1127768) - Convert C# to VB .Net 2010 Convert C# to VB 2012 - Urgent - Convert C++ Builder Project to Visual Studio C++ convert c++ builder project to vs2005 or c# - Convert C++ commandline to a .dll Convert C++ console app to windows service - Convert C++ program to Delphi Convert C++ program to Delphi - Convert C++ to C# convert C++ to C# - Convert c++ video encoding/decoding SDK to dll library for use with VB.NET application Convert C++ WinAPI code to MFC -VC++ - Convert Cad Files to PDF Convert CAD to 3D CAD - Convert Camscript 2.1 FMS files to work in Red 5 server Convert Camscript 2.1 from FMS to RED5 - Convert catalog photohop files to Indesign Convert Catalog to Adobe InDesign CS3 - Convert CF & .MDB App to PHP/MySQL Convert CF .NET to Desktop .NET application. - convert checkout page to usd shopify convert checkout page to usd shopify - repost - Convert Chrome extension to Safari Extension Convert chrome extension to safari extension - Convert Classic ASP + Access Database to Classic ASP + MYSQL Convert Classic ASP + Access Database to Classic ASP + MYSQL - convert clippr app to object app Convert Clipshare site to hwdMediaShare - convert Cocos2d-Spritebuilder iOS game to tvOS Spritekit
Convert Cocos2d-x 3.2 project from Eclipse to Android Studio Gradle - convert code from matlab to java - open to bidding Convert code from mikroPascal to mikroC - Convert code---Python to JAVAscript Convert coded template into website - convert coldfusion site to php Convert coldfusion to python 3 - Convert complete project into complete wordpress plugin Convert Complete Resume to Academic CV - Convert construction issue floor plans to simplified version Convert construction website to php - Convert Convert access database to standalone apllication Convert Cookbook To Kindle Format. - Convert Corporate Design to Word templates .dotx Convert correct nav bar to a fixed navigation bar - Convert Crypto Delphi Unit to C++ Convert Crystal Report for better csv export - Convert CSS layout Convert CSS Panel to Collapse panel. - Convert CSS XHTML Designs to WordPress Themes Convert CSS-Image-Gallery for eBay-use - Convert CSV File into Ebay Selling Manager Pro CSV Template format Convert CSV file into HTML or PDF table - Convert CSV tick data to HST (MT4) Script Convert CSV to Adwords Editor File Format - Convert CSV to SQL ASAP Convert CSV to sqlite3 for iPhone - Convert Current CMS to Joomla Convert current CSS and HTML into JSPs - Convert current layout to Frontpage 2003 dynamic web template Convert Current Layout To Smarty PHP for Elevated X - Convert current site to Genesis Framework Theme Convert current site to Joomla - Convert current website cms to a wordpress cms Convert current website design to responsive design - wordpress - Convert current website to new updated theme - 14/10/2016 11:58 EDT Convert current website to new WP theme - Convert currently built Website to A Responsive Wordpress Site Convert cursor to set based update - convert custom indicator to EA (expert advisor) convert custom indicator to EA (expert advisor) - Convert Custom MT4 Indicator to EA Convert Custom PayPal button to Google Checkout Button/Cart - Convert CV from Photoshop to Doc convert CV in word doc into InDesign - Convert data collected from JavaScript to a CSV file Convert data extracted to csv for bulk import - Convert data from scanned bank statements to excel file Convert data from simply accounting (2009) Quickbooks - Convert Data into Correct Format Convert data into hot infographics - Convert database .bak file to .xls Convert database .bak file to .xls - Convert Database in Website into Excel Spreadsheet (or Access DB) convert database info to ebay format - Convert DB of video script to another Convert db opencart - Convert Delphi 7 customer database app to a VB.NET app. Convert Delphi 7 HTTP & SMTP services (Indy 10) to Lazarus/FPC compatible. - Convert Delphi multi-threaded service to use INDY 10 TCP server instead of ICS TWSocket.(repost) Convert Delphi Pascal to C# - Convert demo Software to full version Convert DEMO template to Joomla template and fixing bugs - convert design into HTML(repost) Convert design into HTML/CSS/Includes - Convert design to 3 CSS/XHTML templates Convert design to 5 page responsive HTML5 layout. - Convert design to HTML Convert design to html for newsletter - Convert design to landing page convert design to mac pages template - Convert design to x-cart Convert Design to xHtml / css 10 pages - Convert designed website in ( illustrator) to Ebay listing page and shop Convert Designs (3 Pages) to HTML. - Convert Desktop C# App to Razor Web App Convert desktop client to web (aspx) - Convert Diagram to 3D Models graphic representation Convert dictation file into a word doc. - Convert DLL to source code - Repost Convert DLL to source code - Repost - repost - Convert document into Kindle format Convert document into PPT - Convert DOCX Files to PDF with phpWord/phpOffice Convert docx into xml ccording to NLM Tagging Guidelines - Convert DOS Ventura Documents and Manuals to Word or other current program Convert DOS-based Program to Windows Based Application - Convert Drawing to AutoCAD for 3D Printing Convert Drawing to CAD - Convert drawings in CAL/TAF format to editable Autocad Convert drawings in to 3D illustrations - Convert drulap webform submissions to a table Convert Drupal 5 custom template into Drupal 6 template - Convert Drupal site theme to Moodle Convert drupal site to html - Convert drupal website into Wordpress Convert Drupal Website Template to HTML CSS - Convert DWF 3D Siteplan to U3D Full Function 3D PDF Today! Convert DWF file to PDF and Google Earth - convert dwg to stl convert dwt template to css/html - Convert E-Mails to files (i.e., PDF) in which can easily be transfered back to the original E-Mail format (i.e., HTML) Convert e-signal efs script to metatrader 4 - Convert easylanguage Tradestation indicators into C# DLLs. Convert easylanguage Tradestation indicators into Ninascript for Ninjatrader - Convert ebook from indesign files (6) Convert ebook from PDF or wiki to modern toolset - Convert Eclipse Android Apps to Android Studio Convert Eclipse based Android source code to Android Studio 1.1.0 format - Convert elements in Fireworks PNG for developer Convert elements of a drupal template to my Website -- 2 - CONVERT EMAIL WEBFORM 2 .CSV FILE Convert Emails .eml to pst for gmail conversion - Convert English to Aribic On Photoshop Files Convert English to Russian in ios app - Convert Entire Website to Paypal Convert entire website from ASPX to Django Python Format - Convert EPS to JPG via Window Explorer Convert EPS to PNG with transparent background - Convert Eudora Mailboxes to Gmail - ongoing work Convert Event sales - PPC management and landing page design - Convert Excel (xlsx) file to OpenOffice (ods) format Convert Excel .xls (with VBA macros) to open office .ods file - convert excel calculators into web forms Convert Excel calculators to Flash calculators - Convert Excel datable into several tables Convert excel design sheets to visual basic application - Convert Excel File into standalone software2 Convert Excel file to .sie format. - Convert Excel Form and VBA into Access Database with Form for Ongoing Input Convert Excel Form to Database - Convert Excel into Wordpress Plugin and Windows Application Convert Excel Library Data to MARC for KOHA Library System - Convert Excel reports using database queries to Microsoft PowerBI convert excel sales tracking workbook with pivot tables to google sheets - Convert Excel Speadsheet to Google Sheets convert excel speadsheet to java script for internet - Convert excel spreadsheet to a PDF catalog Convert excel spreadsheet to a php mysql page - Convert Excel Spreadsheet to IOS AND Android App -- 2 Convert Excel Spreadsheet to IOS AND Android App -- 3 - Convert Excel spreadsheet with Macros into HTML Convert Excel spreadsheet with Macros to Google Docs Spreadsheet with similar functionality - Convert Excel to Database convert excel to different data format excel programmatically - convert excel to xml Convert Excel to XML layout - Convert Excel VBA to OpenOffice Calc Basic - RELISTED