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Convert PHP/Flash Website to Joomla convert php/html code for multilingual use Convert PHP/HTML Code to Raw PHP Convert PHP/HTML home page to Div/xhtml Convert PHP/HTML site to Wordpress - May 06 2013 03:11:20 Convert PHP/HTML Website to Joomla convert PHP/Javascript Joomla module to WordPress plugin Convert PHP/Javascript Program to Different Style Convert PHP/Joomla to Convert PHP/Joomla website to Convert PHP/MySQL app to Amazon EC2/S3 Convert PHP/MYSQL based onepage to PHP/PSQL Convert PHP/MySQL database into XML Feed for Google product reviews Convert php/mysql functions to use Mysql_PDO Convert php/mysql landing page to fully working Wordpress theme Convert PHP/MySQL script into Wordpress Plugin Convert PHP/MySQL script into Wordpress Plugin Convert PHP/MySQL Site to VB .NET and SQL Server (KMP)
Convert PHP/MySQL Sortable Table with Image Map to Wordpress Page Convert PHP/MySQL Web App to ASP /SQL or ASP.NET/SQL Convert php/mysql website into android & ios app Convert PHP/Mysql Website to Symphony PHP framework - URGENT WORK Convert PHP/Mysql Website to Symphony/Mongo/Elastic framework - URGENT JOB Convert PHP/Oracle website to Mysql Convert PHP/Oracle website to Mysql(repost) Convert PHP/static Folder Tree to Coldfusion/Ajax convert PHP/Symphony website to a WP Convert PHP/TPL to only PHP files Convert PHP/WP to Convert PHP/XML Script convert php3 and mysql3 to php5 and mysql5 Convert PHP4 Crawler to PHP5 Crawler convert PHP4 database to PHP 5.4 Convert php4 to 5, debugging fixing errors Convert PHP4 to PHP5