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Creare una Animazione - Creare una Template per Wordpress Creare una tienda virtual para tu negocio desde $99 usd - Creare/Gestire una campagna PPC Creare/Gestire una campagna PPC - Crearmi un following su Twitter Crearmi un following su Twitter - Creat 2 simple show stage in autocad - open to bidding Creat 2 simple show stage in autocad - open to bidding - Creat a 2 website for our companies - open to bidding Creat a 3-4 page flyer - Creat a cool personal drawing creat a custom and responsive prestashop theme for my e-commerce web site. - Creat a html email template Creat a HTML price calculator for my website. - Creat a logo and for a new fashion ecommerce site Creat a logo for a dental office - Creat a one page site, Simple In Frontpage Creat a one product AMAZON WEB-STORE for a brand - single page website style - Creat a Quiz Creat a Real Estate Website - Creat a two characters to be used as mascots Creat a user interface - Creat a website Creat a website - Creat a world standard logo for me. Creat a XenForo Add-on - Creat an auto approve automation Creat an auto approve automation - Repost - Creat and configure Google App Engine Creat and Design 8x10 Flyer Per Project Brief - Creat Audio Books Using Text To Speech Software creat audiobook for chinese ebook - creat changes and fix smalls on wp sites i have Creat child theme from WPLMS wordpress theme, add custom functionality and layout changes. - Creat detailed amazon listings creat disscount rull for virtumart 2.5 - Creat flyers in PDF and Html for email creat form for multiple input - Creat HeaderGraphis For Pet Site Creat hits to my site - Creat Logo creat logo - Creat Mercuron font of a business name on 3 business cards and 2 artwork. Edit shadow on 1 logo creat metatarder Ea - creat our web site ..... creat own captcha server - Creat script to generate fake traffic to Various Websites Creat Sellable software from open source software - creat SQL db Creat Star Sports addon for XBMC - creat video application works with BMD Decklink SDI Creat video to submit youtube - creat website like airbnb or creat website mockups - Creata an Excel formula to calculate cost and time based on a dynamic table - repost Creata another copy of soccer webshop - Create 3 instances of MYSQL DB's on local machine. (teamviewer) Create 3 MYSQL databases on local machine. (teamviewer) - Create a campaign on Google Adwords for our website. Create a campaign on Google Adwords for our website. -- 2 - Create A Logo For Online Departmental Store create a marketplace - Create a Website create a Website - create Android application -- 2 Create Android application to collect data - Create Directory Listing Create dreamweaver template for existing website - Create Karaoke Create Landing page for WordPress Malware Removal Services - Create Packaging Design & Logo for Video Door Phone Create Packaging Designs - Create simple popup for my website Create site students can solve puzzles and teacher can download puzzles - Create Website For Call Center solutions CREATE WEBSITE LIKE - Create "Flip Charts" with quotes to be added as Pictures to WebSite Create "Google Frienmdly" Facebook Images - Create "vBulletin 5 Connect" theme based on exsisting html5 design (html, css and images will be provided) Create $200 a day adsense website - Create & Design our Corporate eChristmas & New Year card (static or interactive) Create & Design Plumber Referral Website - Create & Install Simple 3 Page Wordpress Website Create & Integrate "Availabilty/ Booking Calendar" into admin panel - Create & promotion FB fanpage - need 100k+ fans Create & promotion FB fanpage - need 100k+ fans - repost - Create & manage 2D mobile phone scanner tag in presentation Create & manage a database on LAMP - Create "Likes" on Facebook Create "photo stories" with music in Adobe Premiere Elements or Album from scanned pictures - Create 'Capture' facility on Wed forms Create 'course' database query in asp - Create (2) Flow Chart + Screenshots + Comments for 2 websites in (2) PPT Create (2) Flow Chart + Screenshots + Comments for 2 websites in (2) PPT - repost - Create (Professional) Simple API Create (Put Your Design Here layer) for existing Tshirt mock-ups - Create - mobile browser only option + other details. Create - Modify Joomla Template for IE6 - Create .dst file for embroidery Create .dst file for embroidery - Create .htaccess file to clean URL's Create .htaccess file to reduce # of Bot Hits - Create .NET application named “Automated AP” Create .net application to FTP files - Create .png Logo Create .psd & .pnd images - Create / Customise a fully responsive Wordpress Template for a UK Estate Agent Create / Customise a fully responsive Wordpress Template for a UK Estate Agent -- 2 - Create / format 8 forms and letters Create / Forward / Deliver Product pictures - Create / pimp screenshots of IOS apps for website presentation Create / produce a news video - Create 1 basic website (for artifex only) Create 1 Bootrap HTML page, with slider - Create 1 high res busts base off photos_4 Create 1 high res busts base off photos_5 - Create 1 Line App Create 1 Logo from (FLA/SWF) to AI - Create 1 nanonillion text files containing numbers, each one sequential from the last file Create 1 new page using current layout/platform - Create 1 page sales slick Create 1 Page Site to sell a Cellphone (Landing page) - Create 1 Template simple html Create 1 Time Management Application - Create 1,000 email address for me Create 1,000 Gmail or Hotmail accounts with forwarding - Create 10 Animated GIF's, optimized for Twitter from the provided Youtube video's. create 10 gmail account.. - Create 10 backlinks pointing to Create 10 Banner Ads (300x250) - Create 10 Ebay Parts Images Create 10 eerie photoshopped images - Create 10 images of five cute girl-cats and five girl-elfs in manga/anime Japanese style. Create 10 images with my product on it - Create 10 one way links to a website Create 10 orignial Articles--Must be high quality - Create 10 second advertisement in Adobe After Effects Create 10 second animation video - Create 10 thought provoking questions to generate kids' interest in Maths Create 10 thought provoking questions to generate kids' interest in Maths -- 2 - Create 10 x DVD COVERS with DISC DESIGN Create 10 x keyword rich articles for websites - Create 100 Amazon Buyer Account Create 100 accounts (email/password) - Create 100 EPN Accounts + Gmails + Paypals Create 100 explainer videos, with average length of 60 seconds. - Create 100 gmail accounts
Create 100 gmail accounts - Create 100 Links to Celebrity Birthday site Create 100 Links to Jennifer Lopez Birthday site - Create 100 quiz/trivia questions about horses (4 answer options each) Create 100 quiz/trivia questions about horses (4 answer options each) - repost hourly - Create 100 tweets based on my web site Create 100 tweets based on my web site(repost) - Create 100 verified .com email addresses using major sites -- 2 Create 100 verified .com email addresses using major sites -- 3 - Create 1000 Clickbank Accounts Create 1000 Clickbank Accounts - Create 1000 Gmail mails - repost 2 create 1000 gmail pva accounts - Create 1000 unique long shadow icons Create 1000 Valid Email ID's fill In Excel - create 11 flow charts in a table Create 11 HTML pages - Create 12 banners of existing logos Create 12 blogs for new business - create 120 email accounts from a spreadsheet Create 120 interview quizz questions about Symfony 2.8 - Create 130 articles in Joomla Create 130 emojis - create 15 different logo ideas for our 2 website Create 15 dog icons. - Create 15 Static Promotional Web Banners (.jpg) Create 15 still-frame illustrations to accompany a video - Create 150 Video scenes/ animations Create 150 web2.0 business and seo icons - Create 17 double-sided InDesign flyers using an existing template Create 17 HTML pages - mainly cut and paste - create 1K twitter accounts Create 1kg of Pure Ostarine aka Endobasarm - CREATE 2 ADSENSE WEBSITE THAT EARN $10 TO $20 A DAY CREATE 2 ADSENSE WEBSITE THAT EARN $10 TO $20 A DAY - Create 2 automatic emails with attachments to be sent weekly Create 2 background illustration (Continued Project) in flat colorful style - Create 2 Catch Site Create 2 CD E-Covers - Create 2 Custom Views (category and detail) In Virtuemart Create 2 custom Wordpress plugins - Create 2 exterior and 4 interior renderings of a mountain house Create 2 Facebook accounts and get 500 REAL PEOPLE friends to each account - Create 2 Forms with PDF generation on submit Create 2 forms with WP GravityForms plugin + integrate google checkout - Create 2 HTML pages with PSD & MPG4 Files create 2 HTML/PHP pages, capture user input and display results based on an XML file - Create 2 Joomla sites including graphics design Create 2 Joomla! registration forms with extra new fields - create 2 logos create 2 logos - Create 2 mobile app with pages for google play/app store and internet sites Create 2 Mobile Landing Pages - Create 2 outline vector illustrations - 27/09/2016 07:28 EDT Create 2 page and update content - Create 2 pamphlets in InDesign Create 2 Parallax website. One for CGE and for Natura. - Create 2 product collages Create 2 product images - Create 2 short guides Create 2 short intro after effects videos (using template) - Create 2 simple pages for TickBucks create 2 simple plugins for joomla & Mediawiki - Create 2 Sub-Logos for Fitness Center Create 2 Sub-Logos for Fitness Center - Create 2 videos + Design flyers & Brochures Create 2 Videos - 1 Video book and 1 Promo Video for the book - Create 2 webpages2 Create 2 website - Create 2 Wordpress Buddy Press sites Create 2 WordPress pages - Create 2 x Email Signatures with graphics and links (logos, links provided) Create 2 x Explainer Videos for my 2 companys that I have in Australia. - Create 2-D work drawings in Inventor Create 2-minute animated birthday video with Dr. Seuss theme - Create 20 Blogs On Blogger,com Create 20 boy + 20 girl new born baby greeting card messages - Create 20 GMail accounts and 10 Yahoo accounts Create 20 gmail accounts and register each account on 25 social media sites - Create 20 Phone Verified Gmail Accounts for Me Create 20 Photoshop images as background photos to be used in Powerpoint - Create 20 Very Simple Blogs with Content/Pictures Create 20 Video Series, of 3 to 5 min each, on Indian Cooking - Create 200 Blog titles Create 200 blogs - Create 200 Products Manually Create 200 questions about daily life - Create 2000 Myspace Accounts create 2000 word content - create 24 ads in different sizes for different branches Create 24 banners - Create 25 Slideshows Create 25 Templates (15 WordPress Templates and 10 Responsive HTML Templates) - Create 26 screenshots of 3D videogame using Unity 3D Create 26 Software Boxes in Illustrator - Create 2D Animation (10 sec.) Create 2D animation 5 to seconds.. (Expert animator will be selected..) - Create 2d character with lamination Create 2D characters for an iPhone game (based on pictures of real people) - Create 2D Sprite-based animations for video game Create 2D spritesheets for a few insects - Create 3 Reference Letters in English for an Agronomist-Agricultural Scientist -- 2 CREATE 3 SQL TRIGGER OF ALREADY CREATED TABLES - create 3 articles Create 3 awasome font starting from my Illustrator graphic - Create 3 column Wordpress footer + add shortcode button to header Create 3 Companion Joomla Modules for Existing Joomla Component - Create 3 Explainer Video Create 3 explainer videos (4 minutes each) - Create 3 graphics Create 3 graphics similar to Homepage - Create 3 Joomla Forms Create 3 Joomla sites and finish the other 5 sites - Create 3 minute sales video Create 3 minute video for our product - Create 3 original caracters in vintage style, close to the victorian syle Create 3 Packaging Design Boxes for Luxury Tour Guide Website - Create 3 PowToon Tutorials. I have the voiceover scripts already CREATE 3 PRESS KITS IDEAS FOR A BEAUTY BRAND - Create 3 short animated corporate promo videos for website Create 3 short press releases - Create 3 STATIC HTML pages using already purchased Bootstrap theme/templates Create 3 step form - Create 3 Videos for our ecommerce website customer service Create 3 Videos for YouTube - Create 3 woocomerce stores Create 3 Wordpress forms - Create 3-4 Videos Create 3-4 xml schemas from exemples - Create 30 designs for a employee whistleblowing hotline campaign create 30 different web pages - Create 30 pages of content from a word document - ongoing work Create 30 Profiles for our Office - Create 30 unique names for my Farm/Pet Supplies Business (Ebay Business) Create 30 unique trellis style fabric patterns - Create 300 google account. Create 300 Google Accounts. - Create 301 redirect for pinnacle based shopping site Create 301 Redirect for Wordpress migration - Create 35 Google Accounts and Signup 350 Google Maps API Keys Create 35 MS Word templates - Create 3D Animated Size Estimator Software for Joomla Website Create 3D Animated Video - Create 3D Animation video -- 2 Create 3D Animation video -- 3 - Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 97987