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Create a "Personal Team Page" on our website Create a "personal" brand powerpoint Create a "Pixar" quality Animation for a 15 minute cartoon episode Create a "Platform" or "app" for our company Create a "Pool your own swimming pool" program Create a "printer" that prints (pdf) to FIXED email address (windows installer) Create a "Product Build" website for jewelry Create a "Product designer" Mobile app for iOS and Android, HTML 5 Create a "property" template page Create a "Question of the Day" module in Flash Create a "quiz" like Captainquizz Create a "Rate my *" type of Android App Create a "Request a call back" button + form processing Create a "responsive" version of my goolgle calendar and emmebed into a web page Create a "revolution slider" in Wordpress Create a "robin hood" type of hat that looks similar to the one I have already
Create a "Save the Date" and alter photo Create a "Shopping Cart" & "Checkout" system for my Website Create a "slider' for animated gifs that I can put on/insert into website Create a "SOLD OUT" label for product catalogue Create a "spin to Win" application with odd custumization Create a "Store" Page in WooCommerce Create a "swip to delete" from Jquery Mobile listview Create a "Telegram" apps BOT Create a "TELL YOUR FRIENDS WHAT YOU ARE UP TO" Module Create a "Terms of Use" agreement for my social media iPhone app. Create a "test your ingredients" web page Create a "Thank you page" wordpress - same page to be implemented on 2 sites Create a "Top Ten Lists" website for wordpress Create a "Tour" Page for the Avada Template Create a "trouble shooting" ticket Create a "Under Construction" message for a homepage
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