Projects Directory : Create a PHP website with mysql database to track orders - Create a simple desktop automator with GUI.

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Create a PHP website with mysql database to track orders - Create a picture create a picture - Create a Pinterest Like platform with Node.JS or Django CREATE A PINTEREST LIKE WEBSITE WITH MORE FEATURES - Create a plain HTML document from an Arabic word document Create a plan for a meeting - Create a PLAYLIST mix FROM DEEZER, SOUNDCLOUD AND YOUTUBE playlists Create a playsms plugin for dinstar gateway DWG2000D - Create a plugin between Magento and Xero Create a plugin Extension - Create a Plugin for OSCLASS Create a plugin for phpMelody to verify users with a tick - Create a plugin for wordpress to display 3rd party data on a page. Create a plugin for wordpress, woocommerce. FIXED cost $25 - Create a plugin to attach to Goodbarber Framewort that compares products create a plugin to built to manage advertisement - Create a plumber responsive website Create A Plumbing Website In Prestashop - Create a policy procedure document on hotelbsales Create a poll / survey so I can send it to clients via e-mail - Create a Pop Up On Magento Site When Item Added To Cart & Cart Review Before Purchase. Create a pop up on website. - Create a popup css panel with fields. Create a Popup Dialoge to add Links to a Bookmark list and a display feature - create a portal in php Create a portal of forms that connects to Oracle database in the backend - Create a pose for an existing 3d model. create a poser-- - Create a poster Create a poster - create a poster for a concert CREATE A POSTER FOR A NEW APP - NEED CREATIVE PERSON - create a poster from a list of words------- create a poster from a list of words------- - repost - create a poster with arabic text ---- create a poster with Arabic text---- - Create A Power Point Presentation Create a Power Point Presentation - Create a PowerPoint presentation Create a PowerPoint presentation - Create a Powerpoint presentation Create a Powerpoint presentation - Create a PowerPoint presentation from hand drawn slides Create a PowerPoint presentation from hand drawn slides - Create a Powerpoint template for a TED-x talk Create a Powerpoint Template for Family Tree - Create a ppc campaign in Google Adwords Create a PPC Campaign, Sales Page - - Create a Premium Streaming site video downloading software. Create a premium template all in one wordpress - Create a presentation in Prezi Create a presentation like power point or other from data on excel sheet. - Create a Press Release for a Mobile App Create a Press Release for my website - Create a Prestashop Template Create a Prestashop Template - Create a prezi presentation from an academic research report (essay) Create a prezi presentation from out PPT content - create a print advertisement for sport clothes (using photoshop) Create a Print and Packaging Designs - Create a printer & cartridge compatibility database Create a Printer Driver > Re-Router Print Job > Extract Item# > Send to another Printer - Create a private wordpress plugin Create a private Zapier App - Create a product carousel to an existing project Create a product catalog - create a product feed for google shopping and google merchant center in woo commerce using existing plugin Create a Product feed from Magento website - Create a product licensing program to view and alter program licensing. Create a product manual - Create a product teaser video using after effect templates Create a product template - Create a production chart MACRO create a production management system - Create a professional Animation Create a professional application portfolio (HR expert preferred) - Create a Professional Forum website Create a professional Framework in Xcode Swift for iOS and OSX (for distribution) - Create a Professional Marketing Video for Financial Business Create a Professional Marketing Video with Voiceover - Create a professional resume Create a professional resume and cover letter - Create a Professional Website Create a Professional Website - Create a Profile & Ask Questions iPhone Application Create a Profile at a Dating Site - Create a program Create a program - Create a program launcher in C++ Create a program like hstart to hide Command Prompt - Create a Program that prevents access to our main login page Create A Program That Pulls Social Media Analytics And Displays It On A Website - Create a program to genre tag and add album art to MP3s Create a program to help the people to learn English watching movies and will process the subtitles. - create a programme for a football fantasy league Create a programme to scrape blog RSS feeds and create a tag cloud - create a project to design windows doors and structures from DXF. Create a project to design windows doors and structurs from DXF - Create a Promo Video Create a Promo Video - Create a Promoting Video for smart phone application Create a promotion video - Create a Promotional Video Create a Promotional video - Create a promotional Video Create a promotional Video - create a promotional video for my business with real actors Create a Promotional Video for my business/website - Create a proof of concept sample project nodejs/ on many servers Create a proof of concept using Amazon Elastic Beanstalk - Create a proposal and email to potential model agencies Create a proposal and qouation on ideas of how to convert a shipping container into an epic audio-visual studio - Create a prototype to use Google API Create a prototype website + app based on our detailled requirements including visuals - Create a psd (high quality) of logo ready done Create a PSD - convert in HTML - integrate in PHP script - Create a PSD template based on 960 grid Create a PSD template for a 20 page 8x8 inch book - Create a Puppet in Adobe Character Animator Create a puppet of a person controlling traffic - Create a Python Dictionary Create a python function to multi- plot a CSV data - Create a QR automatically & email it after completing a form Create a QR code - Create a Query/Search form from TXT File. Create a question & answer script - Create a quick portfolio website in html Create a quick script for online game - Create a quiz on Operation and Supply Chain Management for a National Event Create a Quiz section for my website - Create A Radio APP. Create a radio for my website with mp3 playlist (real radio broadcasting experience) - Create a Rate me application for facebook Create a rate my doctor website - Create a Real Estate Feature Sheet for Listing Create a Real Estate Feature Sheet for Listing - Repost - Create a Real Social Buzz around Start-up - repost Create a real state website using a worpress theme - Create A Really Scary Zombie/Monster Face Create a really simple and flat website / landing page - Create a recruitment application form Create a Recruitment Campaign Presentation - Create a Referral Program by Following The Given Instructions Create a referral program extension for gamemaker - Create a registration Page Create a Registration Page for Website - Create a rendering Create a rendering library to display databases + Add Dependencies to project - create a report
Create a report about car/motorbike rental software - Create a Report: Marketing Program, Online Exposure - Insurance Website - repost create a reporting dashboard for our property management system - Create a responsibe Web Site - old Web Site already works Create a responsible - create a responsive design from our wireframe Create a responsive design from the attached design - Create a responsive html Create a Responsive Html / CSS from PSD - Create a Responsive Joomla Template website for a cattery Create a responsive Joomla3.5 Template from mockup - create a responsive one page website Create a Responsive One Page Wordpress Website - Create a responsive underconstruction page Create a Responsive User Interface in Angular 2 based on mockups and webservices that have been completed in web api 2 - Create a responsive website in HTML5/CSS3 for a wedding Create a responsive website portal so people can create own profile - Create a RESPONSIVE Wordpress Template Create a Responsive Wordpress Template - Create a Responsive Wordpress Theme Create a responsive WordPress theme - Create a responsiveness payment page from psd mockup files Create a REST API call on an already functioning server written in Ruby with the Sinatra web framework. - Create a restore script for the backup plugin -- 2 Create a Restuarant android app - Create a retro gaming intro and ending Create a Retweet Cleaner - Create a rich iphone app. Need skilled ios developer Create a rich iphone app. Need Very skilled ios developer - create a robust multi thread php script to mass email validation create a robust multi thread php script to mass email validation - open to bidding - Create a Roulette script for a website Create a roulette website promo HD video - Create a Rule to block IP Addresses in CSF Firewall for Brute Force attemps - Apache Create a Run Sheet Generator - Create a sales funnel for my SAT prep materials Create a sales goal feature on shopify - Create a sales thread design Create a Sales Video - Create a sample animation of 2-3 seconds Create a sample app to send message using laravel, angularjs and bower. - Create a sample website using master page create a sample with my radio show - create a schedule info page in php or similar language. Create a schedule interface - Create a Scout Badge Create a scrape - Create a scrapper for: Google map -- 3 - open to bidding Create a scrapper scrape all businesses from - Create a screencast video using software like screenflow Create a ScreenConnect support application -- 2 - Create a script for accessing a MySQL database. Create a script for Adobe InDesign to Automate certain functions - Create a script for selection of options for custom fashion Create a script for seting up VNC and Sikuli on a remote server - create a script or software create a script or software to search for duplicate files on cloud accounts plus local hard drives. - Create a script that puts photographs onto these products Create a script that runs like - Create a script to bulk delete fake followers from a date Create a script to bulk delete fake followers from a date - Create a Script to Make Windows 7, 8, or 10 into 'Embedded' version Create a script to map a field in Zoho - Create a script to transfer Data from a DAT-File into MySQL Database Create a Script to transfer items from one Big Commerce site to Another Big Commerce Site using the Big Commerce API - create a script/prog (win) to extract data from a saved html file Create a script/program to create 3D turning ebooks - Create a search bar like in freelancer, facebook, etc. Create a search bar where I can search the data - Create a search function for my website Create a search function for website - Create a second add to card button like in woocommerce Create a second Amazon seller account for us - Create a secure word processor Create a secure WP Template like: - Create a send email PHP script Create a Senior Executive Services Resume from Linked In and Current Resume - Create a Series of Animated Actions Create a series of animated ads, YouTube, homepage video - Create a series of PowerPoint slides following my template and add in some notes. Create a series of raspberry pi picture frames that are centrally controlled - Create a server ip address on my laptop so that an IP phone can get config files Create a Server Optimized Clone of Sendy Email Software - Create a set of 2d / 3d characters capable to be animated in subsequent production Create a set of 3 Animated Video's - Create a set of Holiday and Seasonal images / illustrations Create a set of html/xml screens - Create a Seven Page Corporate Website Create a Several Wordpress Templates - Create a SharePoint Workflow process Create a Sharp Favicon from the existing logo - create a shop in 3d to represent corporate image Create a shop online using wordpress and woocommerce - Create a shopify plugin Create a Shopify plugin to remove taxes if the user has a valid VAT number - Create a shopping app create a shopping app - Create a Shopstyle API for Wordpress create a data feed - Create a short 3D video/animation like example in description create a short 5 minutes videos (content provided) - Create a short animated video explaining a business concept. The video should be around 1 minute to 2 minutes, with english voice over. Create a Short Animated Video Introduction - Create a short cartoon video for a new business Create a short catoon clip - Create a short how to Video similar to the video on Create a short html page - Create a Short Promotional Video for a New Brand 3 Create a short promotional video for PyCon US Sprints - Create a short Video Create a short video - Create a short video for instagram Create a short video for Kickstarter project - Create a shortcode on a Wordpress plugin (WC Vendors) Create a shortcode that is dynamic in Wordpress - Create a Sign Up and Log In Page on a Wordpress Music Website - repost 2 Create a sign up form with ajax & php - Create a similar app as of Get Likes - of Instagram Create A Similar APP To Instagram - Create a similar site Create a similar site - Create a similar website Create a similar website - Create a similar Website to the Example Provided Create a similar website using Drupal 7 - Create a simple Blackberry App - Test Files must be ready by 23/12 Create a simple Business Plan - Create a Simple 2D Character Vector Graphic Drawing in Flash with NO Animation Create a simple 2D class in Unity - create a simple a 3 poster --d create a simple a3 poster from my design - Create A Simple And Small Android APP Create a simple and uber cool website for VINCO STUDENTS. - Create a simple Android Game Create a simple Android game with scoreboard. - Create a simple animation for babies Create a Simple animation Project - Create a Simple Apple Watch Game (watchOS2) Create a simple application Android and IPhone version - Create a simple banner and make some alternations on my logo create a simple banner design--- - Create a simple bot net Create a simple Bot Program - Create a simple catalogue/brochure with images Create a simple Chat Application - Create a simple Control Panel for a CDN Create a simple Cordova Plugin to detect changes in iOS & Android Address book - Create a simple database Create a simple database - Create a simple desktop automator with GUI.