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(i have the code working) - Create C++ class to calculate entropy and a C++ demo program Create C++ class to calculate entropy and a C++ demo program - repost - Create cacti template plugin Create CAD 3D model of guitar pedalboard - Create CAD shop drawings for a custom sofa from preliminary drawings Create CAD software for house framing - Create Calendar View of events Create calendar with views, cck, panels, and PHP in Drupal - Create Candle Stick Stock Chart Create Candle Stick Stock Chart - Create car rental website - repost create car rental website with admin panel - Create Carpet Cleaning Website! Create Cart from PayPal IPN System in ASP.NET/C# - Create cartoon identity for tv Create cartoon image of 110 animals - Create case material for online business case Create Case studies and success stories - Create Catalogue in Word from Create Catalogue in Word from - Create Category Banner images Create Category Display Plugin for Wordpress - Create CDN for media files on a server separate from Magento installation Create cdr from jpg - Create change on website magento Create changes for a wordpress plugin - Create Characters for a Game - Urgently Needed Create Characters for a web Based Game - Create chat app in symbian,windows & BlackBerry Create chat app with sharing feature - Create checkboxes with submit button and output choices to flat file - repost create checklist for creating successful niche sites - Create child theme in wordpress Create Child theme in Wordpress site. - Create christmas/NY card from photo Create chrome addon that will find subtitles and insert them in video ? - Create chrome v25 in C# visual studio Create Chrome WebApp (Kiosk link, fullscreen, external URL) - Create class and few functions php -- 2 Create Class Collection in Server Control - Create Classipress Child Theme -- 2 Create Classroom Management WPF application (use C#) - Create clickable demo with Sketch and Invision create clickable email signature - Create clients, email, ftp accounts on a plesk 10 server Create Clinical Pathway Graphic/Image - create clone of website in Genesis or Catalyst Create Clone of Wordpress Site - Create Cluster server create CM to existing site in ASP with accessDB - Create CMS Website Create CMS website - create code hijri calander and read arabic excel file Create Code in Coldfusion - Create CodeBlocks Project for compiling curlpp library Create Codeigniter based script [private] - Create College Transcripts Create Color Palette and Some Logo Customization - Create combined data feed for products on multiple websites Create combined file - Create common crawl script Create communication between wordpress and a customized checkout script. - create company letterhead Create company letterhead & business card - Create company logo and choosing font for electrical business create company logo and design company profile - Create Company presentation and a Value Proposition of my Call Center Create Company Profile - Create company web site Create company webapp and our internal database - Create competitive website to Create compilable Visual Studio project and enhance the Lame encoder/decoder - Create complex legal requirements fot international website Create Complex Magento Customizations - create concept and desgin for a suitable game Create concept and design for a suitable game - Create Confluence User Macro - Generic dropdown: page title by label Create connection between .NET website and Tableau server - Create Consumer Credit Website (Themeforest template) - Need Content and Themeforest install Create contact like myspace - Create contact form, fix page formatting wordpress Create contact form, fix page formatting wordpress - Create contact sync for telephone system from Gmail & beyond Create Contact Us Form - Create content for a blog Create content for a company website - create content for website
Create Content for Website & Consistent Branding - Create Content Through Our Joomla Template Create content to add to my consumer review website to monetize affiliate offers - Create cookie in java to be used to track analytics on Ning Create Cookie Notice - Create Copy of the Website Create copy of this webpage - EASY facebook related - Create corporate brochure IN 1 DAY. Create corporate character - Create corporate videos Create corporate videos for software products - Create course content for a digital marketing course Create Course Description Pages - Create Cover/header photo and flyer Create covers for 5 ebooks - Create Crawler that Fetches and Updates Data from 30 eCommerce Websites Create crawler to download everything from site... - Create CRM (Act, Goldmine, Etc) Create CRM backend for existing website. - Create cross mobile platform application Create Cross platform App - create cryptocurrency -- 2 create crypytocurrency - Create CSS Animation of SVG image Create CSS based themes for a exisiting webapplication - Create CSS HTML EMAIL Create CSS HTML page based on PDF file - Create CSS template from PSD file Create CSS template using Less Framework 3 - Create css/html from jpg mockup Create CSS/HTML from PSD file - Create csv file from XML files downloaded from soap web service Create CSV file import and export - Create CSV QSqlDriver using Qt and QSqlDriver class Create CSV Reader to import data into MySQL DB - Create Custom Adobe Muse Mobile Menu Create Custom Ads and Titles - Adult Content - Create custom bigcommerce template, configure site, and more. Create custom BIOS file for American Megatrends - Create Custom Cloud Based Software Create custom CMS - Create custom db with web interface and remote data retrieve Create Custom Debian ISO - Create custom extension for magento 2 Create custom Facebook Comment Plugin - Create Custom Font 201611 Create Custom Font 20161105 - Create custom graphic of digital globe - repost Create custom graphic user interface for SDK - Create custom image placeholder for wordpress page Create custom image wallpaper using my pictures ( Extremely HQ ) - Create custom Joomla template create custom joomla template (545) - Create custom LOOP on Wordpress Create Custom Magento Auto parts store with over 800,000 products. - Create custom module for Mobile App Create custom module for Prestashop - Create custom page for existing wordpress template - repost Create custom page in b2evolution system - create custom php website as per outlined plan create custom php, css, javascript 2 pages - Create custom Power BI Maps and Routes Create Custom Power Point Template - create custom responsive email template Create Custom Responsive Header for wordpress site - Create custom shipping for Zen Cart Create custom SHIPPING module for OSCOMMERCE using AJAX/API - Create Custom Spreadshirt T-Shirt Shop Create Custom Spreadshirt T-Shirt Shop 2 - Create Custom Titles and Ads - - repost Create Custom Titles and Ads - Great English a MUST - Create custom webmail login from reseller server. Create custom website - Create custom wordpress blog Create custom wordpress blog - Create Custom WordPress Site Create Custom Wordpress Template - Create Custom Wowza Module and flash player Create Custom Wp Admin Theme - Create Customer Portal Create Customer Portal - Application - Create customized Christian Social Network Website Create Customized CMS Website - Create Customized Wordpress Template Create customized wordpress template - Create Daily Deal / Group buy Website. Create daily deal on magento website. - Create dashboard to display info from API using OAuth Create Dashboard to track Email sent from Amazon SES - Create data feed create data feed - CREATE DATA RF-ID REDAER create Data scraping BOT for solicitors website - create database create database - Create Database and information import create database and install phpmyadmin - Create Database for existing C# project create database for existing source code on sql server - Create Database Model for MySQL Database Create database models for Ruby on Rails ActiveRecord - Create Database of General Contractors Create database of global courses and universities on Excel spreadsheet - create database tables in sqlserver for about 50 tables Create database tables through queries - Create database/SQL dump file automatic import into database Create Database/Web Site Integration - Create dating mobile iOS application like tinder Create dating mobile iOS application like tinder - Create db to manage and report 'sponsored links' (similar to google's advertising links at top of search results) Not a search project, just a simple DB. Create DB uding Java - Create delivery system based on Google Maps. Create delivery TIME calculator plugin - Create Demo on Audio Equlizer for IPhone Create demo project in VB6 with an activex control - Create descriptions for set of files Create Descriptions of Flash Games - Create Design Decal for Cardboard Ballot Box Create Design Decal for Cardboard Fundraising Box - Create design for Online Store create Design for packaging project - create design only for IT services business Create design page for Google + and Facebook - Create designs for sublimation on tights/leggings create designs in STL format for 3d printer - Create Detailed Sketches or Illustrations For Newbie Clothing Line Create Detailed & Organized List Of Facebook Friends - Create DevExpress Report for DD FORM 1140 Create Devexpress screen - create dialup system for internet Create Dialux report for a few small commericial projects. - Create different sizes for 10 banner designs Create different sizes for 27 banner designs - Create Digital Magazine Using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Create Digital Marketplace (Laravel ADMIN/FRONTEND/CRUD/HTML available) - create directory and copy folders/files Create Directory app for me please. - Create Disk Partition on Windows Create DiskCryptor Windows 7 Setup DVD Live CD - Create dll for FB Messenger for Monotouch Create DLL from C code Phase 2 - create dns entries and private nameservers on dedicated server Create DNS Entry and Update Plugins. - Create documentation for chupamobile Create documentation for Envato product - Create Domain Parking Account Create Domain Searching Website - Create DotA2 banlist application