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Develop front-end for web and mobile - develop fully functional wordpress theme Develop Fully Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Website - Develop Game For a Android Phones Develop Game For Android - Develop games for Pre-School Kids Develop games for Pre-School Kids on Touch Screen - Develop Google Chrome Extension as per spec Develop google map style controls for a website using opengl and three.js - Develop GSM Modem API Develop guage with Google Visualzation API - Develop Heart Failure Registry database - repost Develop Heart Failure Registry database 2 - develop hospital management system (system analysis and design) develop hospital management system (system analysis and design) -- 2 - Develop HTML apps - G21 Develop HTML emailers (we will provide design and content) - Develop HTML5 tracking module using local sqlite DB Develop HTML5 version of an Iphone app - Develop IIS Website using Password Generator Develop Iliki Website - Develop in-app purchase for our Android app Develop in-page scroll content - Develop InsuranceSqueeze Develop inteface for Samsung HC10 Medical Device - Develop Internet BOT (from Pakistan only) Develop Internet Browser Supporting Multiple Layout Engines - Develop iOS & Android Apps with Ratchet & Phonegap Develop iOS & Android apps with server side and database setup .We need to create a mobile app (including iOS & Android version), and also the server side setup to receive and reply requests from app. - Develop iOS and Android application Develop iOS and Android application (repost) - Develop iOS app based on Android app Develop iOS app for information sharing. - Develop iOS Application that will ptz control Logitech cc3000e connected to Mac with realtime preview option Develop iOS application to work with iOS calendar (EventKit), Document Interaction and generate REST posts for an API - Develop IOS version of Android app Develop ios Virtual Stock Market and Forex App - Develop iPhone & Android App for Ecommerce Website Develop Iphone & Android Application - Develop iPhone and Android Apps for Develop iphone and android apps that will open my site in a Web browser object. BUT it will change interactions of two buttons with user as explained. - develop iphone app Develop iPhone app - Finder+Directory+Calendar - Develop IPhone Application Develop Iphone Application - Develop iphone game Develop iphone game - develop iphone/ipad & android app Develop Iphone/Ipad App - Develop JAVA API fro Sharekhan Tradetiger Develop Java App for Mobile Phones & iOS - Develop javascript pinch zoom Develop javascript slot machine - Develop Joomla module for Stock Ticker Develop Joomla Online Learning Platform Module - Develop just a homepage using a WP theme and psd (who can start now) Develop kamailio custom module - Develop layered navigation in word press Develop layered navigation in word press - repost - Develop LinkedIn page Develop Linux 2.6 System Profiler with Graphing - develop login page Develop login page prototype as per attached image - Develop Logo, card lay out and stationary layout Develop Logo, Corporate Identity, and Brand for Simplify IT - Develop LPDS on CC3200 Develop LV special program - Develop MAGENTO Commerce import/export profiles and cron Develop Magento Extension - Develop Magento2 Recommendation Engine Develop Magneto Extension (Using Existing API) - Develop Marketing Plans Develop Marketing Powerpoint Slides - Develop Matrimony Site Develop Matrimony Site - open to bidding - Develop Media Journal, Upload and Search Website Develop medical bottle scanner - Develop MetaTrader 4 signals alerts indicator for strategy Develop Metatrader MT4 Binary Options Signal Trader - Develop MMORPG app Develop MMS connector with MM7+ protocol and SOAP - develop mobile app (joomla/ijoomer/jomsocial) Develop Mobile App (Web, Android and BlackBerry) - Develop mobile app For Salesboard Develop mobile app for viewing UAV / Drone maps and imagery - Develop mobile application Develop mobile application - develop mobile apps Develop Mobile apps Android and IOS - Develop mobile rich media ads that can be converted into Celtra templates Develop Mobile sites from approved design - Develop module - Prestashop Develop module and plugin for JomSocial and Joomla - Develop Moodle 2.8+ block Develop MOODLE API for SCORM activity creation - Develop MS-Project Plan Develop MS-Word Template and rework tech bulletins - Develop Music and Video player from scratch Develop music download site - Develop my database further Develop my database further - Develop my online brand and sites develop my online shop - DEVELOP MY WEBSITE Develop My Website - Develop my whole website Develop my Word press Websites - Develop Native Mobile App for Online Newspaper Develop native mobile application for iOS and Android - Develop new corporate logo and identity Develop new custom tech support website - Develop New homapage and Apply on website Develop New homapage and Apply on website - Develop New Phone system for Hotel using asterisk or possibly elastix and freepbx Develop New Popup plugin for WP - Develop New Version of WordPress Theme Develop new VPN Service Front-end - Develop New WordPress Theme Develop new wordpress theme and setup in WP admin area - Develop NT-service plus front-end control panel to communicate with a cloud service Develop Nurture Achieve - Develop office 365 SharePoint 2013 online site Develop Office 365 workspace - Develop one or many ecommerce templates within the Direct-Choice CMS Develop one or many templates within the Direct-Choice CMS - develop online 3D application for PC and Mac/ipad Develop Online Accounting Software - Develop online form processing Develop online game - develop online reservation web application project Develop Online RPG Game site similar to Gaia Online. - Develop Online web base application for my university project Develop Online World using Multiverse Platform - Develop OpenERP module Develop Opennebula Sunstone extension for custom VM scheduling - Develop Order form with Stripe gateway Develop Order processing module for our website. We need the procedure of checkout, with payment option and shipping module. using Angular JS , .NET Web API , C#, SQL , Bootstrap. - Develop Our E-Commerce Web Site Develop our e-commerce web site and generate traffic to it - Develop Outlook 2010 Forms Develop Outlook Addin/Plugin - Develop part of a website using Highcharts and Highmaps (or similar) Develop Partiall created IT website. - Develop payroll using access database Develop Payumoney Payment Extension For Abantecart - develop personal website - Personal Marketing - repost 2 Develop PG dot com website - Develop Photoshop CS5 action for Andy Warhol Filter Develop photoshop like software using open source software - develop php function for daily bonus in Codeigniter MVC
Develop PHP function to merge text segments - Develop PHPFox module Develop PHPFox module (1) - Develop plugin for enigma2 Develop plugin for Front Accounting - Develop Podcast Android & iOS App That Pull Content from WordPress Site develop point of sales system - Develop PPC campaign for mobile apps and Mac Store App Develop PPC Tool - Develop Prestashop Module for attributes Develop prestashop site - Develop Product Literature develop product name, description and copywriting - Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner - 23/08/2016 03:05 EDT Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner -- 2 - Develop Proprietary CAPTCHA-Solving System For Us Develop Prototype and Beta version of E commerce site dedicated to mobile phones and related accessories. - Develop Python framework Develop python plugin - Develop Question/Answer website Develop questionair - Develop Rate My Tattoo app for Android Develop rather simple Ruby On Rails application for internal use - Develop recipes for cookies and cakes with long shelves for manufacturing purpose. Develop Recommendation system for Crowdsourced Emergency management. - Develop Report for Oracle/Micros Opera PMS (Hospitality) -- 2 Develop Report in JDEdward - Develop responsive landing page Develop responsive layout of a website in bootstrap based on the layout i made - Develop Restaurent Management system Develop restful api services and cms - Develop Roku Channel--Basic Video--No Live Streaming Develop Roku Package for Channel - develop sales lead database via linkedin -- 2 Develop Sales Leads & Quotations Website - Develop School Search Engine Website Develop School Timetable API - Develop script for uploading ind including posts into WordPress MySQL database Develop script for voice over - develop search option on home page Develop search+autosuggest trough APIs and DB, cache/store data and design database - Develop SEO strategies Develop seo tools website - Develop several small features on a Drupal6 based site Develop Seyacoin cryptocurrency - Develop Shopify product page Develop Shopify simple Application (will be used in Shopify App Store) - Develop simple 4 Page jquery mobile based site to search and display search results (from a backend xml based service) Develop simple 5 page Website - Develop simple banking application Develop simple BPM applications and write an article on possible applications of Business Process Management (BPM) in educational institutes - Develop Simple games develop simple html graph - Develop simple LightSwitch 2013 HTML web application Develop simple LingPipe 'Significant Phrases'' Demo - Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Simple Automatic labelling function only Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Simple Automatic labelling function only (M.E) - Develop Simple User Input Window For DOS Batch Processing Develop simple virtuemart plugin - Develop single page website Develop single page with Google Maps and API interaction - Develop site specification for three sites for travel agent Develop site to support live event broadcast - Develop small facebook app Develop Small Firefox Plugin - Develop SMS (Text Message) PHP web app for Twilio or Nexmo API Develop SMS (Text Message) PHP web app for Twilio or Nexmo API - Develop social media app Develop Social Media Application - Develop social networking site develop social networking site - develop software develop software - Develop software for a keyless entry system Develop software for a remote controlled car - Develop software for restaurant (Sales and Inventory) develop software for smart health card - Develop software screen shots for sales pitch and company strategy documents Develop Software Similar to CustomInk - Develop software to remove folders Develop software to set multiple images in single layout - Develop some functionalitites to our existing website Develop some Hotel Software - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop some software Develop some Software - Develop specific code for a web application Develop specific code for Wordpress (BuddyPress) - Develop Srib like Joomla / Magento Website Develop SSO with openfire spark client - develop stock scanner, analyzer Develop Stock System Using Visual Basic - Develop Supersite 2 theme Develop supplement product label and box design - Develop system similar to Ebay (not so complex) Develop system that allows users to download NNTP (News Server) files and Rapidshare (and similar) files to our server. The user then downloads from our server using HTTP(repost) - Develop team work or clients Project Management Software Develop Teamdesk/DBFlex database applications - Develop Templates Selling Site Develop Temporary Landing Page for Game Website - Develop the AngularJS+Bootstrap Hybrid App Front End of a new App Develop the App - Develop the design concept of 'The 80's ' for a restaurant Develop the designed badges - Develop the log in of my webstie Develop the MapReduce program - Develop the site Imgur Clone Develop the site Imgur Clone. - Develop the wordpress site (end to end) develop the.tpl file for prestasshop -- 2 - Develop TimeCard web and desktop application Develop TimeCard web and desktop application (1964015) - Develop training material for 4 hour workshop on decision making Develop Training Menu in .psd / .pdf - Develop twilio integration app Develop Twitter account Software - Develop two reports with display and printing with blocks / boxes. Develop two Similar Websites from an Existing Drupal Theme - develop understanding of children's interests and developmental needs Develop same web - Develop User Manual for a web application Develop User Manual for a web application - develop vbulltine Develop Vegas Video Plugin -Camera Shake - Develop Video File Organizer Develop Video Game - develop visiting card Develop Vista training material - Develop vxp app for watch faces / clock skins of Smart Watch running on MT2502 chip Develop Wakeup Call App using Twilio API - Develop Web APIs / Web Services for application Develop Web App - Develop web application on java technology Develop Web Application to Manage Customer's Information -- 2 - Develop Web based Payroll System using ASP.NET Develop Web based Payroll System using ASP.NET - Develop Web Platform and Andriod,IOS apps for Cab Service Develop web portal and app - develop web site and vidéo plateform upload ect...... - open to bidding Develop web site back office - Develop Web-based Health Registry Database Develop web-based patient information form - Develop webpage to transfer files from local computer to webserver in Develop Webpages - Develop Website Develop Website - Develop website Develop website - develop website