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Design noen ikoner - Design nogle Ikoner Design nogle Ikoner - Design object in illustrator for after effects Design Objects (Top View) - Design of "Metallfox " Design of "Native" Online Advertising Spaces + CSS coding - Design of 15 bit flash ADC using Standard Digital Cells Design of 15 ml bottle - Design of 2 pages of Design of 2 pictures - design of 3 banner Design of 3 banners - design of 3-4 promotional pdf for print. Design of 3-fold flyer - Design of 5 banners to replace those in a template design of 5 different simple templates and integration of existing article management system - Design of 6 web sites Design of 60 easy logos - Design of a 16 pages (8X8) side stiched brochure Design of a 2 bed 2 bath house - Design of a Advertisement for van Design of a affiliate network (website design only) - Design of a brochure for our product design of a building - Design of a centralized key management scheme using Arduino Uno R3 and Rasperry P -- 2 - open to bidding Design of a certification-template - Design of a Cooling Tower Design of a copy - Design of a Evaluation Board for Audio IC Design of a facebook fan page - Design of a formal ms word report and attached excel document- data base with lists of donors Design of a Forum Bookmarking Website - Design of a Ice hockey stick design of a jewelry website - Design of a Logo Design of a Logo - Design of a logo for a new company Design of a Logo for a new driving school - Design of a micro-controller to regulate temperature of a fluid in a container exposed to extreme ambient temperature Design of a microcontroller based three term industrial controller - Design of a new office space - open to bidding Design of a new site offering step-by-step marketing tips - Design of a PCB for hydroponics growing system Design of a PDF Sponsoring Flyer - Design of a propeller Design of a Property Management website - Design of a Retail Kiosk Design of a Retail Kiosk - Design of a simple computer design of a simple jewelry shopping website - design of a small site Design of a small website - design of a submission (approx. 40pages) by mid next week - Indesign - require local designer from Melbourne, AUS Design of a sunglass logo (brand name and symbol) - detailed example given - Design of a very intuitive User Interface Concept for a windows/web application, (No coding required just usability design) design of a villa - Design of a webpage with an embedded interactive map Design of a webshop - Design of a website. Design of a website. - design of admin panel with graphs design of administrative (web) application - Design of an African dating site Design of an air purifier - Design of an Error Detection and Data Recovery Architecture for Motion Estimation Testing Applications design of an existing website - Design of an online shopping platform Design of an operational Amplifire using Pspice - Design of App for Apple/Android Design of app for people with dyslexia. - design of Banner design of banner - Design of bicycle ramps Design of BigCommerce Store - Design of box slim dvd for soft Design of box to scale - design of buck converter using matalab simulink with simulation report Design of Buddyboss Child Theme - Design of Business cards, letterhead and company branded envelopes Design of Business Cards, Powerpoint & Word Templates - Design of Capability Statement Design Of Car Sales website - Design of children sandals Design of children's heated floor mat - design of company Design of company brochure, flyers and other company promo material - design of conrete strutures Design of construction company site for a Spanish company - Design of Custom Power Point Presentation & Graphic Brochure Design of custom tailor web shop - Design of dodi Design of Door hanger - repost - Design of electrical services for projects Design of electrical switching - design of existing logo in high resolution design of existing logo in high resolution - open to bidding - Design of facebook posts for a social networking site. Design of Facebook profile and landing page - Design of flash/gif banners + buttons Design of flat plate collector with solid edge and autocad software - Design of form Design of forms linked to MySQL - Design of Generic Small Business Homepage Design of Geneva Drive - Design of gun in solid works design of hairdresser site - Design of homepage add flash Design of homepage for rental villa in paradise - Design of icons and family shields Design of icons for a portal - DESIGN OF INTEGRATED VOLTAGE-MODE CONTROLLED DC-DC BUCK CONVERTER DESIGN OF INTEGRATED VOLTAGE-MODE CONTROLLED DC-DC BUCK CONVERTER -- 2 - Design of iPhone productivity app Design of iphone/ipad/website pages - Design of landing pages in WordPress website Design of Landingpages in Magento - Design of logo Design of logo - Design of Logo and buttons for a mobile application Design of Logo and Certificate - Design of logo for a eshop Design of Logo for dowilo - Design of logo with letters "T" and "Z" Design of Logo, Banner and Slider for luxury fashion brand - design of machine Design of machine component - Design of Marketing Material, Brochure, Website Graphics Work Design of marketing materials - Design of mezzanine floor in existing shed Design of micro displacement mechanism - Design of MS Charts for .net framework 4 Design of MS WORD template for technical data sheet - Design of new business card Design of new business logo - Design of newsletter template+html Design of Newsletter Templates - Design of online shop Design of Online social community - Design of Pamphlet and Poster Design of pants for outdoor use - Design of PID controller design of piezoelectric cantilever beam in comsol 4.3 version - Design of postcards have templates. Design of poster - design of product Design of product - Design of PTL Based ALU using VLSI Tanner software