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Design name capture website - Design Necklaces and T-Shirts (Ongoing, Private Project) - Apply Only If Invited Design Necklaces and T-Shirts (Private Project) - Design needed Design needed - design needed for 2 websites design needed for 2 websites - Design Needed for Postcard (Flyer) ASAP Design needed for PreSchool - Design needed html5/responsive design needed project #4 - design never before clothing Design new Sleeping Giants T- Shirt - Design new Banners Design new banners for our business - Design New Company Logo Design new Company Logo - Design New Friv Logo -- 2 Design New Game logo - design new label for the Liquor drink and carton outer design design new label for the Liquor drink and carton outer design - open to bidding - Design new logo Design new logo and banner. - Design new menu layout four 36x48 poster boards Design new Moodle site - Design new print book cover Design new product for commercialization - Design new template for website Design New template in my script - Design New Website Design New Website - Design new website template with MechBunny and integrate billing company Design new website UI - design newpaper articles Design News Blog - Design newsletter (4 pages) Design Newsletter + HTML Programming - design newsletters design newsletters for us - Design Niche website Design Ning Website Template - Design noget mode Design nogle 3d Ikoner - Design Novel Cover and Text Layout - repost Design NOVEL/Book cover - Design of 2 57x57 pixel PNG images and a bit more design of a map - design of 1 sales page (html only) - repost 2 DESIGN OF 1-PAGE MICROSITE - Design of 2 Buttons Design of 2 Characters - Design of 2 Screens for mobile app Design of 2 set of logoes - design of 3 banners Design of 3 Banners and one Cover page - Design of 3 Website Header Graphics design of 3-4 promotional pdf for print. - Design of 40 page A5 booklet plus Covers Design of 40 pictures for website - design of 6 icons for brochure Design of 6 icons for webpage - Design of a 1 degree C accurate temperature control module for 250ml volume Design of a 1/4 page graphics for print - Design of a 3D house walkthrough animation from building plans (AutoCAD) Design of a 4 page brochure - Design of a battery powered BLDC motor for a hand blender Design of a bike chain that remains stiff - design of a business card design of a business card and leaflet design - Design of a Circuit (RLC) DESIGN OF A CITY ADVERTISING - Design of a data sheet and technical schematic - repost Design of a database with different user rights (event organizer, participants, administrator) - Design of a fast radix-4 SRT divider and its VLSI implementation Design of a feature image/ banner for the app store - Design of a front, back and interior page for a coupon style magazine - ongoing work Design of a generic class MAP - design of a jewelry website Design of a JOOMLA (or other) soccer team calendar - Design of a Logo Design of a Logo - Design of a logo for a handmade jewelry maker - Repost Design of a logo for a IT Company/Webdeveloping Studio - Design of a mechanical component Design of a media player GUI for Android devices - Design of a new bottle of rum Design of a New Company Logo - Design of a packing box for a motorcycle helmet brand design of a page - Design of a poster by July 1 Design of a poster or flyer - design of a real piping system : mechanical engineering -- 2 Design of a Real-Time System of Manual Control of the Simulated Truck Motion - Design of a scientifc poster and drawing of 2 graphs Design of a scientific poster (identifier: 11/Nov/2014) - Design of a single JS/AJAX web page(repost) Design of a single page attractive website - Design of a special pico projector with camera in parallel for interactivity Design Of A Sponsorship Proposal Document For An Esports Team - Design of a technical complex website Design of a Template - design of a villa design of a villa - Design of a webshop Design of a Website - Design of a website(repost) Design of a website. - Design of ad banners Design of Admin page and Public page - design of an actuator Design of an Adhesive Label / Sticker for Laptops / Notebooks / PC - Design of an ecommerce site for a garment company Design of an Ecommerce website - design of an invitation card Design of an iOS app that can train apnea - Design of Annual Report for Electric Cable company design of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system - design of avatars Design of Avitars - Design of Banners for a web site and facebook page design Design of basement walls for a new build house & 1 steel calculation - Design of book 80 pages A4 Size using in-design CS3-ME Design of Book cover - Design of brochure design of Brochure - Design of Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope and Folder Design of Business Cards - Design of Cafe Everton Hills Design of Cafe Everton Hills - design of casino promotional emails Design of categorie banners - Design of Clothing brand Design of Clothing brand - Design of company logo Design of company logo - Design of Corporate image for a new company Design of Corporate Logo - Design of Deadbeat control strategy based converter -- for wind farm in MALTAB Design of debt management website and logo - Design of dropdown menu Design of e learning materials - Design of Electronic White Paper Design of Electronic WorkBook For Children - Design of Experiment Design of experiment - Design of fantasy book cover + internal images