Bash script to restart services

[2016-12-12, 10:01:55] [url removed, login to view]: I have multi instances of EC2 machines … total 4 EC2 machines, and 10+ micro services that need to be restarted every 24h and clean logs inside of them… to start with :)!

[2016-12-12, 10:04:56] Filipe Pina: So what is the usage you want for that? A configuration file with list of IPs for EC2 instances and another file with service list to be restarted?

[2016-12-12, 10:07:59] Filipe Pina: And all machines authenticated with ssh key, no passwords? Different key file per machine or same?

[2016-12-12, 10:11:15] [url removed, login to view]: just a file that goes in in each service and restart them and clean logs in each of them… example there is a script that install all services in a new machine I can show u how it looks :)

[2016-12-12, 10:11:26] [url removed, login to view]: Image

[2016-12-12, 10:17:15] Filipe Pina: yes ok but you want a script that runs from yoru computer and goes to each isntance and runs a "second script" inside each machine right?

[2016-12-12, 10:17:25] Filipe Pina: so I need to know how you connect to each instance

[2016-12-12, 10:17:40] Filipe Pina: I assume SSH keys as it's the default for AWS EC2

[2016-12-12, 10:18:04] Filipe Pina: and I need to know how you restart the services, the command itself

[2016-12-12, 10:18:15] Filipe Pina: and what is "clearing logs" as well

[2016-12-12, 10:18:20] Filipe Pina: are they systemctl services?

[2016-12-12, 10:18:26] [url removed, login to view]: Yes i connect with SSH

[2016-12-12, 10:18:33] Filipe Pina: normal processes? kill them and restart them?

[2016-12-12, 10:20:51] [url removed, login to view]: There are bash scripts in each service to stop and start it again but not for clean logs.. I need a script that trigger those other scripts in each app at a specific time

[2016-12-12, 10:21:33] Filipe Pina: so the script should go to each instance and run scripts there

[2016-12-12, 10:21:50] Filipe Pina: already existing scripts I mean

[2016-12-12, 10:21:52] Filipe Pina: that's it?

[2016-12-12, 10:23:52] Filipe Pina: and by "clear logs" you mean delete existing logs when restarting the services?

[2016-12-12, 10:28:06] [url removed, login to view]: yes correct. and yes just delete all logs inside

[2016-12-12, 10:34:05] Filipe Pina: ok, so what I need: list of IPs, list of scripts to run for each scipt, path to logs that ssould be deleted

[2016-12-12, 10:34:57] Filipe Pina: and a [url removed, login to view] hourly project of $20/hour with a milestone for 1 hour :)

[2016-12-12, 10:46:22] [url removed, login to view]: hehe sure :) let me know when u are ready to start so I can create a milestone

[2016-12-12, 10:49:05] Filipe Pina: this first version that you described I should be able to do it today actually :)

[2016-12-12, 10:56:36] [url removed, login to view]: cool :)

[2016-12-12, 10:57:22] [url removed, login to view]: About the IPs, why do u need them ? doesn’t cd appname works ?

[2016-12-12, 10:57:52] Filipe Pina: I thoought you wanted a script that runs on your computer

[2016-12-12, 10:58:04] Filipe Pina: and goes to each EC2 instance to restart serviecs and clear logs

[2016-12-12, 10:58:25] Filipe Pina: but, from your question, I think you want a script to install in each instance that restarts the services

[2016-12-12, 10:58:28] Filipe Pina: in crontab

[2016-12-12, 10:58:30] Filipe Pina: is that it?

[2016-12-12, 10:58:36] [url removed, login to view]: yes :)

[2016-12-12, 10:58:43] Filipe Pina: ah ok

[2016-12-12, 10:58:48] Filipe Pina: sure

[2016-12-12, 10:58:52] Filipe Pina: no need for IPs :)

[2016-12-12, 10:59:26] [url removed, login to view]: cool, I create the project and milestone now (Y)

Skills: Javascript, Linux, Network Administration, Python, Software Architecture

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