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In Progress Paid on delivery

My Wealth Story dot com

In 2008 my 15 minute a week online money making system made 1504% profit, in fact I banked £55,541.02 in 2008

The online money making system I use is a very simple trading system that I have developed and has been verified and back tested over 26 years to show on average 160% profit a year.

I place a very small number of trades every Monday morning then leave them for the week.

In total I placed 258 trades in 2008 and banked 88,785 pips. I only trade 41 different instruments details will be disclosed on awarding of the project.

Clients can now sign up to receive my weekly trades, which I publish Monday morning and I tend to have between 3 to 5 trades a week.

I charge £147 a month for clients to receive my weekly trades, I offer affiliates a 20% commission on all client they refer, this pays £30 for every client every month.

Currently I have three websites, one is private and for my clients, two are in product research and development stage for lead generation purposes.

I am looking for you to integrate these two sites into professional websites that generate sales.

The first site is MyWealthStory dot com where prospective clients can register to get a copy of my “Making Money Online Guide”.

The second site is MoneyTraderMillionaire dot com where prospective clients can register to get a copy of my “Millionaire Trading Guide For Beginners”.

The new site will need graphic design work to make the site professional, I am looking for ideas for bonus products and bonus product development, plus the “Making Money Online Guide” or the “Millionaire Trading Guide For Beginners” product needs developing into a full product that can be sold rather than a give away product, the sales letter needs writing to generate sales.

I need you to

- Design the website to look professional

- Come up with ideas for good Bonus products for the site.

- Creation of these Bonus products

- Rewrite the sales copy on the website to Sell my guide with the Bonus products at say $49

- I would then like to integrate that site with clickbank

If you have do not have experience of at least two of the items in the list below:

- Graphics design of professional looking websites

- Writing articles of 500 to 700 words with SEO for Forex, Currency, Stock, Futures trading markets.

- Writing Sales Copy for websites that convert into sales.

- Affiliate scheme management and recruitment

Then you probably wasting your time applying, however if you feel you are a specialist in writing sales copy or graphics design then I may consider creating a separate project for you to undertake that element of the project.

You will be required to provide examples of online money online websites with sales copy that has achieved good conversions in order to win this project.

Once the project goes live and starts to bring clients in, and these clients then sign up for my monthly trading signals at £147 a month I will pay you the 20% affiliate commission.

I will also give you a copy of my trades that I placed in 2008 and I will actually give you a free account on my weekly trading website to you can trade the exact same trades that I trade.

In addition I will also give you the opportunity to refer affiliates to me where you will get paid a commission on all the clients they generate.

So for example if an affiliate you introduce brings in 10 clients then you will get paid a commission on all 10 clients, so if you refer an affiliate who refers 100 clients then you get paid on 100 clients every month.

I have been running my trading service now for three years and have nearly 400 clients, in that time I have had less than 1% cancellation.

I very much look forward to receiving your bid.



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