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I currently run my college class website using Joomla and Moodle. Joomla and Moodle have quiz or test extensions but they don't seem to be as functional as I would like. I came across a website [url removed, login to view] that looks similar to what I'd like to have on my website. Several quizzes are listed in order (I will most likely have 20 or 30 quizzes on each page of my site based on topics) with statistics such as 1. date the last quiz was attempted, last score, average score, times accessed, etc. The attached file also shows stats for each group of tests. Quizzes will pop-up on the screen. Administrator Will access the back end and easily search for a user and see all his scores/stats for each quiz. Will be able to manually grant access to certain quizzes or quiz categories or to modify an existing subscription. Quizzes Question type will include multiple choice, multipla answer, true/fasle and multiple choice based on a presented picture/.jpg file. Immediately after each question, feeedback will be optionally given and displayed for any correct or incorrect answer. User Users will have the abilty to go to a subscribe page and choose sevral different subscription options based on category of quizzes or on a time frame (3months, 1 month, etc) Payment methods will need to be set up , most likely with Paypal or by check. A module or sidebar will show a user all his subscriptions and date of expiration of each subscription. I am not sure if this project requires a completely new website to be created or if I can implement it into a newJoomla installation. Later on, an additional project will be to creat a mobile version for users to accesss on iphone/ipad/android phones.

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Updated job description to mke it more clear:

I have a small business that prepares students to pass their licensing examination in massage therapy. Students enroll in my course which entitles them to live lectures and the use of my website. I use two websites (Joomla nad Moodle) to provide resource material (documents, pdf files, audio files, video files) as well as online quizzes. I am not happy with several ongoing errors with both websites and decided to start over with the creation of a new website and a php/MySQL database for administering quizzes.

I choose Joomla and Moodle because they were easy enough for me to administer myself.

I need a new website with a quiz program that can keep detailed statistics. I will also need some payment system to register students and to control different subscription which will allow them different levels of access.

I am not in a rush to have this project completed. I rather it be done correctly.

This quizzes on this new web site and the modules contained on the pages will be modeled similar to [[url removed, login to view]][1] See their practice tests at: [[url removed, login to view]][2]

My current sites:

1. [[url removed, login to view]][3] (Joomla 1.1)

- Purpose: licensing examination preparation web site

- contains audio/video/document/pdf resources for students to download

- contains 1000s of quiz questions in three different programs

- quizzes presented with Adobe Authorware

- Authorware requires adobe plugin installed on user’s computer

- very difficult for most students to install; causes much frustration

- Authorware is able to connect to a MySQL database to read and write

user’s test scores.

- I am able to monitor their test scores via:

[[url removed, login to view]][4]

2. [[url removed, login to view]][5] (Moodle 1.9)

I also use part of this site to provide quizzes in Moodle format. Another part of this site

provides handouts and resources.

The site contains documents, pdf files and audio and video recordings (on each course

page). Able to administer quizzes but the format enable students to copy and share

questions with each other.

This made me desire a completely new php/MySQL databse application to provide

multiple type quizzes with extensive statistics.

I would like a new website that is visually-appealing.

After this project, I will need another site created that is almost identical to the one created in this project. It will have the same functional and be intended for a different certification exam and attract a different population of students.

The site will allow students to register and leave custom fields information (name, school. Graduation date, etc.) and allow them to pay for different subscriptions.

I am concerned that my students are sharing their password with others and would like to prevent that in my new site by limiting the number of times that they can access the site or by limiting the months of their subscription. A payment system will need to be included for automatic payment and access to the tests.

The site will additional have downloadable documents/pfd and audio and video files, as

well as traditional contact us, FAQ pages, etc.


- php/MySQL database needed that can be used for several different sites

-contains individual quizzes

-contains records of payment type and subscriber

Question Types

-true/false -multiple choice -multiple correct -matching

-picture displayed with multiple choice

? hotspot


-when user enters quiz #time accessed immediately increases by one (in case they quit early)

-presented in pop-up box, one question at a time

-questions and the choice within the question are given in random order

-optional instant feedback given for correct, incorrect answer and/or general feedback given for

whole question

-correct or incorrect graphic displayed next to choices after user makes selection

Display of Questions

pop-up box appears

graphically and visually appealing

feedback button which will email admin with user question and note what question it was

-with each question, display total correct so far, percent correct so far, question number

See image below: Several things are displayed: question number or total eg. Question 3 of 20 number correct, percentage so far (similar to the way tests are presented on [[url removed, login to view]][1])

Additional type of test:

Comprehension final exam test for each category (test of approximately 100 questions)

User has ability to skip to next question

User can click button which shows unanswered questions

Buttons/options: “skip??, “check answer??, “submit feedback?? (pop up box)

Comprehensive test is hidden until user scores 80 on designated other tests.

Inputting Questions

I currently have over 8000 questions on file.

I need an automated way to import these questions and the feedback from an existing text or xml files. I also need a way to manually enter or edit quiz questions/feedback for each choice in backend.


Registers on website with custom fields (first, last name, school, graduation date, who referred them). They can view results of all quizzes (last score, average score, last date attempted, number of attempts. They are shown their subscriptions and expiration dates and average scores for categories on the front page in a sidebar.


can search by username, test name, category of test

can view all users scores

can search by student to see all scores

can grant and limit access to users

can restrict number of times a user uses the site (based on days, number of tests taken, etc)

-can search for a user or a user group and email entire list


automated payment via Paypal or other service

user can choose different subscriptions

admin can manually add or extend subscriptions in backend

subscription can be by date (3 months for example or by number of time quizzes are accessed, example 100)


-quizzes displayed in pop-up window

-can the print screen key be disabled?

-detect IP address that user logs in from

-if user logs in from different IP address then the total amount of times they can access the site becomes limited.

-when user registers on site, ask them a few questions that are presented to them occasionally to prove that they are taking tests.

Other Website Pages

-subscription options


-contact us (?)


- Resources (handouts, audio/video files)


displays all user's subscription with clickable link to test pages they are subscribed to

displays link to a few free trial tests

display expiration date (or times remaining) of subscriptions

Page Display

each quiz page will display a list of test by category (similar to [[url removed, login to view]][1])

show test name (clickable link), last score, last date accessed, times accessed, average score, goal box check (when they achieve a certain score)

- show key at bottom of page explaining goal box, etc.


Consideration for SEO friendly-website

I-Phone/i-Pad app

-ability to create application for mobile devices as a la

Skills: Amazon Web Services, Engineering, MySQL, Project Management, Software Architecture, Software Testing

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