EPIC Grants and Finance System

by aramirez
EPIC Grants and Finance System

AJAX based application that manages customer projects and partners. It is built from scratch using Spring, Spring MVC, Spring-Security, Hibernate, JPA, JQuery, Maven, Tomcat, C3PO, SQL Server and SQL Server Reporting technologies. My biggest contributions are: 1) Ported the project from just eclipse project to maven project to solve dependency conflicts and give way to automation. 2) With the help of maven and batch scripts, I automated the deployment process. 3) Again with the help of maven, I automated the creation of fresh db. Fresh db meaning db that contains tables that contains reference data only, views, functions and procedures. 4) Introduced connection pooling using C3P0 5) Implemented security using spring-security. 6) Solved complex problems and suggested best practices to the entire team. I own the payment module and I also do bug fixing and feature enhancements and optimization in other modules like project and grants module, donor and donor awards module a

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About Me

I have been involved in all aspects of the software life-cycle, from analysis and design using Domain-driven design approach, server-side or backend to front-end development using agile methodologies, testing, installation and deployment of web applications. I have also contributed solutions to opensource projects namely, Eclipse IAM and NPanday for 3 years. I have used a wide range of technologies and tools and my goal is to find interesting work opportunities in web development. I am proficient in enterprise web applications, web security, web services and various opensource technologies.

$20 USD/hr