Samurai Reporter

by aramirez
Samurai Reporter

Samurai Reporter is a desktop application that parses csv file and then display a report or gui of the parsed entries. It also allows exporting the parsed entries into pdf file. This application may look simple but a lot of design considerations and best practices are implemented here. 1) Provide a status if background job is not yet done. 2) Incorporate intelli-sense so that the client doesn't need to specify the format of csv file to be parsed. 3) If there is a need to support new csv format, the previous classes should not be touched. This application is built using Maven, Spring, SWT, IText - for pdf generation, juniversalchardet - encoding detector and ostermiller - csv parser.

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About Me

I have been involved in all aspects of the software life-cycle, from analysis and design using Domain-driven design approach, server-side or backend to front-end development using agile methodologies, testing, installation and deployment of web applications. I have also contributed solutions to opensource projects namely, Eclipse IAM and NPanday for 3 years. I have used a wide range of technologies and tools and my goal is to find interesting work opportunities in web development. I am proficient in enterprise web applications, web security, web services and various opensource technologies.

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