Crush the Castle for iOS

by ChrisBranscome
Crush the Castle for iOS

I wish it to be known that Crush the Castle preceded Angry Birds, and was in fact the inspiration for that game! This is, of course, my opinion, but it it shared by others and frequently discussed online. Crush the Castle is a game that has you using a trebuchet to launch ever upgrading projectiles at castles, smiting your enemies with deadly justice. The original online only version was met with such success that Armor decided to port the game to iOS, and it is for this iOS version that I was called upon to write some tracks in an orchestral / medieval style. (NOTE: the online version features stock music not created by me.)

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About Me

I have had the privilege of scoring several of the larger releases from Armor Games, including the Crush the Castle and Exit Path series, as well as several other titles, such as Coffee Shop, AltShift, and House of Shadows (to be released later this year). This has allowed me to compose a variety of styles, from orchestral / medieval / epic, to jazz, to electronic. My tracks for the Exit Path series were so well liked by players of the game that Armor released the soundtrack for sale in iTunes and Amazon. You can hear all of them on Spotify by searching for "Armor Games." I would love to provide some great music for your game or film, so please contact me!

$120 USD/hr