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by freires
Loading Selected Item via AJAX

This is part of a website I've developed most of the front-end. The selector on the top right displays a list of options and, by clicking it, products names and photos are fetched assynchronously from another HTML page. Sample code: http://tinypaste.com/901bfa6f

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About Me

My main field of expertise is web front-end development using technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. I have solid knowledges in those languages, a basic one in design and am starting to delve into HTML5, advanced JavaScript techniques and patterns and mobile development. I like what I do and aim to enroll a computer science college by the end of the year. Currently, I'm working for Pukis developing the front-end of e-commerce web sites. Ask me about my hourly rates! The info on the left is just a quick estimative. :)

$15 USD/hr