A Hunter's Legend

by Huntingeagle
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When Maverick, a vampire hunter and the son of a God, discovers a vampire hive filled with dead children, he immediately starts searching for a way to help the Hunters stop the impending disaster; soon Maverick realizes that Elijah, his father, and the Gods deliberately created dozens of hives around the world. A Hunter's Legend is a young adult fantasy in a medieval setting. In less the one night the Hunters watch as their world falls apart when thousands of vampires attack dozens of cities and villages. In the ruins of what was once a great empire, a young Hunter and his friends fight the vampires and Gods. Long ago the vampires waged war on the empire and were defeated. Now, after centuries, they are called back by the Gods to destroy all mortals and bring the end of the world. Seventeen year old Maverick and his tiger, Demon, fight to save humanity. It is time for man to be free of the Gods, time for mortals to find their own path. Here is the first two chapters.

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