by iievaj

"Boycott Plus"" Boycott Plus was created to enable people to easily create and share boycotts. A boycott campaign can be created and shared by anyone.This website allow people to tell their browser what their values are. For example, a vegetarian may subscribe to some campaigns that list companies that don't have a good record with animal rights. If that user then visited a website that is owned by one of these companies, a message would appear on the screen and inform them that they may want to not spend money with these people. So the website allows people to create these campaigns for any reason to share with others. Doing these banners I wanted to create something fun and catching the idea.

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About Me

Independent, responsible, creative and hard working designer, who knows about the importance of proffesional, fast and effective communication as well as great flexibility. Combine natural as well strong understanding of interection between colours and forms, contrast and balance and rendering of impression.

$12 USD/hr