WordPress Community Website for dB Diabetes

by imediasouce
WordPress Community Website for dB Diabetes

CMS (WordPress custom designed theme) community sponsored website within eBroadcast Media Groups Wordpress website. i-Media Source was brought on board to assist with the implementation of the diabetes community site. Including, assistance with the media kits, graphics, and other presentations which involved building a business model sponsorship community that involves those who have diabetes. Importantly, this sponsor community portal is utilized for investor capital funding. i-Media Source was involved with the investor approach, the visual presentation, and the formatting of content for the business model presentation to investors.

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My name William, I am the owner of i-Media Source(TM), located in San Diego, CA. Since the start-up of i-Media Source(TM) in 2006, we have assisted over 95 clients in a variety of design and technical mediums and web projects locally in San Diego and throughout domestic U.S. The types of services we provide to our clients are simple to custom brand collateral design, branding and marketing on all medium types offline and online, website design, CMS website development and architecture, SEO and SMM strategy, and moving forward, eBusiness Solutions such as Cloud hosting, Cloud services, app development and mobile technology to name a few. You may ask, why so many services under one agency? It's simple to put in three word..."competitive", "loyal", "Service". Our target market and client is the small to mid-range businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to start-up a business or improve their own existing business through new brand campaigns on all fronts, and the leverage of products and services through different medium vehicles. Getting your business and your product and service offerings in front of your target customer or audience is our goal. That goal is to drive sales, improve CRM, and drive identity. In other words, take a unknown product and make it a Coke bottle. Technically, we have everything under the hood within our business model to support our clients. From industry leading software applications and state-of-the art hardware to support the type of projects we do. Our network of professionals who have years of knowledgeable and technical know how and experience is our support system which we utilize as an extension to what we do which brings more value to the table. If you are seeking these type of service for your business, and are our type of client we service, please feel free to contact us. We may not provide you a quote right there and then, but we are more than eager to listen to your goals, identify the need, and produce a plan that works for your business or company, and is within your budget.

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